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MMZ – That one thing (SS )-Epilogue

Salaam everyone. How are you all?? I thought to post this epilogue way before but unable to do that because one thing or the other kept distracting me. So no more blabber of mine. Get ready for the last instalment of ‘That One Thing’.

I actually got my counselling dates this week but were cancelled due to some issues in a university, so will be free for a month or so. That means I’m gonna post ‘Misconceptions’ first chappy real soon. ?


As usual please ignore typos and grammatical errors. Happy reading. ?

Neil is pacing up and down outside an operation theatre. But wait, it’s not Sam that’s inside the theatre. Because she’s sitting on one of the hospital chairs holding her one year old cute chubby cheeks son Ayaan. So who is in the operation theatre? And where is Arjun and Radhika?
Arjun came out of the operation theatre hurling curses to the doctor.
What happened Avocado? Why are you cursing the doctor?’ asked confused Neil.
Why am I cursing the doctor!!! Because she kicked me out of the operation theatre stating I was creating a nuisance in the room.’

Teek se bol, what did you do?’ asked Sam this time.
I didn’t do anything yaar. The doctor was not doing anything. She’s standing there watching when my Sweetheart is twisting and turning due to pains. I tried to pacify her but none worked. So I shouted on doctor to do something and she pushed me out of the room.’ Said Arjun with a pout.
Arjun!! Brother!! Do you know things more than doctor? Why did you interfere in doctor’s matters?’ Sam.
(In disbelief)Why did I interfere!! The person who is suffering the pain is none other than my Sweetheart. I accept I should get only one-fourth credit for what’s happening. But what is the problem of that doctor, how dare she spank me and push me out of the door!!’
Now all the people who stood outside the room were in shock. What is he talking? One-fourth credit? Doctor spanked him?? Pushed him out of the door??? Oh!! Why????

This time it’s Dilip turn to ask what does Arjun mean by one-fourth credit.
Haa papa!! See, I agree I’m the one who laid the foundation of our baby, but all the remaining work was done by Sweetheart only, right? So I’m taking only one-fourth credit.’ Said Arjun innocently.
All the people turned red in embarrassment now. Leela Mehra covered her eyes with her hand to hide from the embarrassment that her son is causing without any idea of what he is blabbering. Dilip in disbelief sat on a seat with a thud. And all the others that are Neil and Sam’s parents were trying their best to control their laughter. In the last all gave up and started laughing keeping aside the seriousness that is there a moment earlier because of Radhika’s delivery.

Sam gave her son Ayaan to her mother and took Arjun aside along with Neil.
Yaar!! What are you blabbering in front of our parents??’
Now what did I do?? See Neil!! Your Radish is also scolding me. All are scolding me today.’ Said Arjun with a cry baby face.
Neil laughed out loud earning angry glares from the hospital staff there. So he kept quiet and made Arjun understand that it is normal to have anxiety at this time.
See Avocado!! It is normal to have anxiety this time. But feel happy that your Sweetheart is out of all the complications in delivery. She’s gonna have a normal delivery and you will be blessed with your twins in a while. So cheer up mera Sher.’

Those words actually brought down some anxiety levels of Arjun. And he sat there reminiscing his moments with his babies. How he and his Sweetheart got to know about the news, how he had happy tears listening to this news from Rads, how he twirled her but put her down remembering his babies’ existence in her womb, how they first heard the heart beat of their babies- Yeah!! Babies!! Doctor confirmed it that they were going to have twins. His happiness knew no bound that day due to this news. How his mother took extra care of Rads more than she took care of him.
He formed an unbreakable bond with his father-in-law. Even though he had differences with him at the start, but the relation is such that he cannot hold grudges for a long time. He smiled remembering how he and Dilip played pranks on his mother and Radhika. They became partners in teasing Leela and Radhika. Neil and Sam were always his unconditional support in any matter. Now his family extended with NeSam’s parents, their son Ayaan and last but never the least his father-in-law.

Arjun came out of his thoughts by nurse’s voice, who came out of the theatre congratulating everyone saying Radhika delivered twin girls. Arjun was the first one to run into the room and have a look at the angels of his life. All congratulated him a while later when he calmed down his emotions. Radhika is still unconscious because of the sedatives.
All gathered in another room allotted to Radhika after some time. Neil and Sam were playing with the babies. Ayaan came to his parents with his baby steps and caught hold of both his new friends’ little fingers. The girls tightened their fists around Ayaan’s fingers who squealed in joy because of the girls’ smile. Ardhika and NeSam were happy to see their children’s joy. That’s a picture perfect family with all the people that hold dear to Ardhika and Nesam standing in the room with a content smile on their faces.

It is the rule of life to have ups and downs in its every path. If we have only ups or only downs, we will not be able to understand the importance of the other. We have to take everything that comes to our life in a positive way and move on to have a blissful journey.

This is how Arjun, Radhika, Neil and Sam did come out of their insecurities and fears and started their blissful journey.
Finally!!! The end to the beginning of their new lives. Hope you enjoyed the journey. Oh!! How I wish to continue this story forever without any villains. But cannot do that. ?

The ONE thing that I wanted to show through this journey is life and it’s never ending lessons. Every single moment of our life is a lesson. We should be thankful that we are breathing our lives this moment. Because we don’t know what the future holds. ?

The things that parents enjoy while having their baby were some I got to know from my parents and some from books. If you feel anything amiss, I’m really sorry for that. I know no one is allowed inside operation theatre in India, but I can make anything happen in my fiction you see. ?

Do let me know how you liked this part and I’m really sorry if it’s not to your expectations. ?

Have a great weekend everyone. ?

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