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MMZ – Neil Ki Deewani OS

Hello guys…am back with the OS again and this time it is about one and only Neil and his deewani girl…Any guesses who is that lucky girl? Well..i must say about

her a little..a kind of introduction.


She is the girl who believe in herself first than anything else…Who loves to be imperfect at times and lives her life perfectly with little imperfections.

She is the girl who always makes her surroundings happy and She is the girl who loves her friends and beloved ones unconditionally.

She is the girl who motivates everyone in their effort and be as a strong moral support in their tough times.

She is the girl who never did anything special to impress others but the people automatically gets impressed by her nature and work.

She is the girl who helps and guides others when they are in need of her and she is the girl who cares for others happiness and their wishes.

Just in one word…She is the girl who is “A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED”.

She is none other than our dearmost Gauri aka Abha. I think i missed a lot more about her…i couldn’t express more what i am actually feel about her. She is not well

now and i pray god to make you well soon … Get well soon dear ? Your jabra fans are waiting for you…LOVE YOU ?

Gauri..this one is for you and i hope u like it…it’s just a small return gift from me…Don’t know how it will be.

Now will go to the OS..


A beautiful day has started with sun’s bright rays. It starts its day by spreading the positive shades of happiness to its loved ones. It brings this day with lot of

hopes, excitement, joy, smile and wonderful expectation. Our heroine wakes up with a cute smile on her face, she rubs her palms and opens her eyes to look at it. It is

her everyday habit of seeing her palms first and then only she will get up from her bed. She adjusts her hair and is putting bun…but stops hearing the sound outside

her house…it’s like something broke. She immediately runs outside her house and looks at the broken flower pot and sees the cricket ball nearby it.

She gets furious and takes the broken pot in her hand and looks at it sadly…it is her favourite one and she herself chose this and brought it. She gets disturbed by

a voice and lifts her eyes to look at it. A guy stands on the otherside of the wall and starring with a cute dimple smile on his face. He in his track suite and a

normal loose v-neck shaped shirt…he extending his hands saying, “Hi…ball pls”

Our heroine looks at him with so much of hatred and anger..she looks at him in a disgusting way and says, “How dare you broke my pot? Is this the place to play

cricket? What do you think about yourself…Sachin or Dhoni?”

Guy, “Hello madam…pls give some break…why r u shouting like this…just for this pot? I think you are new here..coz till yesterday we used to play here only and

nothing broken till now”

She gets angry, “Oh so you are doing experiment with my pots is it? Actually Mr. you know what…you don’t even know the courtesy of asking sorry for breaking my

flower pot. Looks like you don’t have any work other than playing in the road with the kids…You are asking for this ball right? You will never get this from me”
by saying this she takes the ball with her and goes inside her house. He stands there by giving a shocking expression and stares the locked door.

After an hour, she comes out from her house dressing beautifully in a White churidar and wraps her neck with multi color dupatta with a cute copper plated Jumkhi on

her ears. She leaves free hair and often adjusting it…she walks out towards her Scooty and stops finding him again…he is still playing with the kids.

He too looks at her and gives a cute smile seeing her but she stares him angrily and says, “IDIOT”…she takes her scooty and drives from there.

He gets shocked hearing the word IDIOT from and keeps on looking at her back.


@ NM Infotech Pvt. Ltd

The receptionist checks the people who comes for an interview by their names and collects their resumes. She calls, “Gauri?”

And yes our heroine responds to her and gives her resume and sits back at her place. The receptionist informs them that the interview will start exactly at 10 AM and

they will calling each as per the order. Gauri sits tensed and looks at others who is ready to compete with her. She gives a glance to everyone and pressing her

fingers with lots of tension. She gets up and goes to have water..after that she calls her friend who referred her for this interview.

Gauri, “Hey Satz”

Satz, “Hey Gauri…you reached the venue correctly right?”

Gauri, “Yeah…but i am so tensed yar. I don’t know how am gonna do this and it is already late till they did not call anyone for interview”

Satz, “Gauri…don’t worry. At what time the interview is?”

Gauri, “They told at 10 AM”

Satz, “Its just 9:50…be cool and don’t be so nervous. Do well and rock the interview”

Gauri smiles and replies, “Thank you” and before she says something…she hears the receptionist wishes someone, “Good Morning Sir”. Gauri turns back to see and gets

shocked, speechless seeing the person walking infront of her. He did not notice her and wishes his staffs with his trademark smile and goes to his cabin. Gauri

murmurs, “IDIOT”. She immediately goes to the receptionist and asks, “Excuse me…Who is he?”

Receptionist, “He is our company’s CEO Mr.Neil Malhotra and he is the one gonna take your interview”

Gauri becomes statue hearing that and an unknown fear appears on her face. She goes and sits back at her place and waits for her turn. Soon her turn comes and she

walks towards his cabin. She knocks it and gets a response, “Come in”. She hesitatingly enters his cabin and stands infront of his desk. He did not look at her and

signs her to sit down and she too does it.

He extends his hands to get the file from her but he did not get anything and lifts his head to look at her but gets surprise to see the girl who fought with him is

sitting infront of her. Gauri did not notice him and bows her head down and bites her nails in so much of tension. He smiles seeing her worried face and tension…he

thinks to tease her and says, “Oh..so you came here also to scold me is it?”

Gauri jerks off and looks at him..she did not know what to say but simply blinks at him. He continues, “Hello Miss…i am asking you something”

Gauri with lot of hesitaton, “Actually..am…am…”

Neil interrupts, “I am sorry” and she blinks at him without saying anything, he continues, “For breaking your pot..it happened by mistake”

Gauri still stares him and says with low voice, “It’s ok”

Neil smiles and asks for her file and checks her education details and other qualifications. He starts her interview and shoots so many questions but she cracked

everything by her knowledge.

Neil, “So Miss.Gauri, I am done with my interview and i am happy about your performance. I will tell the result soon ..yu please wait outside”

Gauri nods and waits outside to know her results. After an hour, she has been called by him again, she goes and takes her seat.

Neil, “Miss.Gauri, you are selected and we are happy to recruit you in our company. Hope you will put your 100% efforts and show your committment towards your work”

Gauri gets happy and says, “Thank you so much sir”

Neil, “Well..before that you have two conditions to join in our company”

Gauri, “What’s that sir? Any bond?”

Neil nods no and says, “First condition, You should call me Neil..just Neil and the second condition is…” and he pause seeing her reaction.

Gauri looks at him seriously and he continues, “Second condition is you should give me my ball back”

Gauri is taken aback and soon smiles at him and he laughs seeing her expression. He wishes her all the best for new journey in her life.

Gauri joins her work and soon learn everything about the project they are handling and she starts talking to Neil very friendly and he too reciprocates the same.

It’s been around 6 months now, Gauri and Neil becomes a good friends outside the company and Gauri becomes the Best perfomer in her project coz of her dedication and

committment towards her work.

One day, she is walking towards her office and gets a call from Neil, she attends it and he gives her the details of a new project.

Neil is driving his car, “Gauri, you reached office?”

Gauri, “No Neil…withing 15 mins i will be there? Anything important?”

Neil, “Yes..very important. You please take a pen and paper and note down what i am saying. It is about our new project name”

Gauri takes the paper and pen and starts noting it down.

Neil starts saying, “Gauri note it carefully, W for water, I for India, L for Lotus, L for Lotus, Y for Yak, O for Orange, U for Umbrella, M for Money, A for Apple,
R for Rock, R for Rock, Y for Yak, M for Money and E for Elephant. So Gauri you noted it?”

Gauri simply listen his words and write the letters in her notepad and says, “Yes sir..i noted it and it is…” she is about to ready that but stops seeing the letters

she written on the pad. She murmurs, “WILL YOU MARRY ME”

Neil smiles and says, “Gauri…You noted it right? And this is the new project which i was talking about?”

Gauri is speechless and keeps silent, Neil continues, “Are you interested in this project Gauri?”

Gauri don’t know what to say..she is in shock now and stammers, “Actually…woh…woh”

Neil smiles hearing her and says, “I will be waiting for you in office. Come soon” he disconnects the call.

Gauri looks at the phone and walking to her office..all the way she remembers her first fight with him, her interview with him and her friendship with him…an unknown

smiles appears on her face and blush too.

She enters her bay and everyone finds her blushing and starts teasing her. Neil watches all this from his glass door and he too smiles seeing her blushing. He waits

for her answer but she did not say anything and avoids face to face meeting.

It’s been two days now he proposed to her but still she did not say anything. That day he called her team to the conference and discuss about the currently running

projects and its progress. The discussion gets over and he opens the forum for their questions and doubts.

Gauri looks at him with a cute smile and says, “Neil…you were talking to me about some new project right? What is the status for that?”

ANd it is time for Neil to get shocked and one of his team asks, “What was the new project Neil…we don’t know about that? Can you please explain to us also?”

Gauri laughs seeing his shocked face and tries hardly to control her laugh, Neil glares her and says, “It’s still in pending…decision is not yet taken. I will tell

you all once it is officially confirmed” he finishes it staring Gauri all the while. Everyone then starts leaving and Gauri also smirks at him and leaves from there.

Neil stares her and starts smiling to himself thinking her teasing. He sits on the chair where she sat and lost in her thoughts. He gets disturbed by a sound and he

turns and finds Gauri standing there starring him. He walks towards her and says, “So…what is the status of the new project?”

Gauri smiles and gives something in his hand…it is nothing but the ball he asked for. Neil did not understand and looks at her with confusion.

Gauri is about to go but he blocks her way and pins her to the wall asking, “What is the meaning for this?”

Gauri gets tensed having his closeness and gets shy to looks at his eyes…but somehow she managed and looks at him saying, “It’s not a big deal to give this ball back

…when i am ready to give myself to you”

Neil smiles widely listening her answer and moves close to her, but she stops him and pushes him back saying, “It is office” she is about to go but she stops her

holding her wrist asking, “When can we marry? I cannot hold myself more be away from you”

Gauri becomes crimson red and blushes more and says, “Anytime…as you wish” she releases herself and runs from there.

Neil smiles and leans on the closed door by starring her with lots of love.


One fine day, Neil’s parents approached Gauri’s parents asking Gauri’s hand for Neil. Gauri gives approval and they also happy for this proposal. Everything goes on

well and the beautiful day also comes. The Marriage day…it becomes the best thing which happend for them in their life. They steps into their new phase of their life

with lots of love and hopes. Finally the dream of their beautiful life walks infront of them and welcomes them to start with full of love.

————————–The End———————————-

Hi buddies….how is it? Gauri…hope you like this. Guys..pls let me know your comments for this OS. No proof reading at all

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