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MMZ – MUST BE LOVE (Few shots – Part 2)

Sorry being late in this and yes as you said..this is one of the sensitive topic where in the girls are getting rejected by the guys and their family just because they are fat or dark. They won’t even understand how that girl will feel after their rejection stating this as a reason. It is a serious topic but i just wanna convey this but not in a serious way. So as usual my story will have all the essence which i used to give like Humor, romance, guilty, ignorance… Hope you all like it.

Let’s get into the chapter


Radhika and the kids reaches their society and she drops them in their home which is just opposite to her villa. Their house is situated in a gated community and Radhika shifted there with her family recently and within a day, she got friendship with the kids Akhil and Sahana who are twins. And the kids too got attached with her so easily coz of her bubbly nature and innocent character and her cute smile made the go kids go behind her. Once they back from their school to their home, the next thing they do is running to Rads home to meet her but she will not be available coz of her work but still they will and chat with Mala who is equally became naughty being with the kids. Once Radhika comes from her work, these three will make mala mad.

After she drops them, she gets in her home and sits in the sofa with a thud. She looks dull and it is noticed by Mala and Dilip. Dilip sits beside her and asks, “Choti…what happen? You look so upset today? Any problem?”

Rads leans on his chest and says, “Papa…he came back again”

Dilip looks at Mala once and says, “Who?”

Rads, “Arjun…who rejected me saying i am fat”

Dilip and Mala shares their worries through their eyes and dilip pats her head saying, “So what choti…he is among the people you met daily…y u want to worry about him”

Rads, “I know papa..but the thing is he is following me..and i don’t know the reason why he is following me and for what? He already rejected me 2 years back and what he wants now?”

Dilip gets worried seeing her face dull face and looks at Mala who wipes her tear drop and goes inside kitchen. Dilip to lighten her mood says, “Ok..leave that topic now tell me how is ur new office and colleagues n all…all ok?”

Rads also smiles and says, “Yes papa…it is very good and yes my colleagues are so good and they are helping me a lot in my work” she looks at the clock and shouts, “oh no..i got late…papa i ll go to get ready for office”

Dilip sends her in and lost in deep thinking. He takes his mobile and dials to some one says, “Namaste Prerna ji….how are you?”

Dilip, “Yes…i called you to talk about our children’s marriage which we discussed sometime back”


Dilip, “Oh that’s good. Will wait for you. Thank you”

He disconnects the call and goes to kitchen and tells mala, “I spoke to Prerna ji…she is happy about the alliance and her son is arriving india next week. So will convince radhika first for this”

Mala nodes happily and continues her work. Rads getting ready for her work and comes down to hall and sits for breakfast. Mala comes happily and by seeing her radhika feels something strange and asks, “Maa…are you ok?”

Mala confused by her questions, “Why choti?”

Rads, “Actually…you are abnormal..simply smiling and running from kitchen to dining table…did papa propose you again?” she winks at dilip who coughs hearing her sentence and blinks at Mala. Mala gets shy and goes to kitchen hiding her face.

The trio shares a cute moment and she leaves to her office. Outside she waves bye to Akhil and Sahana who is sitting in their school van and waving her bye.


@ Ken Systems infotech Pvt ltd

Radhika parks her DIO in her slot and reaches her cabin and greets her colleagues. She already understood some work from them already and now she started doing it alone. After an hour, everyone’s inbox receives a mail from their boss telling them to assemble in the conference room around 11:00 AM. Soon the people starts discussing about what it should be…Radhika looks blank since she doesn’t have any idea what it should be and she kept quiet by listening them. Soon they aall gathered in the conference room and their boss also reaches on time.

Radhika stands at the last line and thus she couldn’t look at her boss’s face clearly and just listen his voice.

Boss, “Hello my dear fellow employees….so how are you all? Hope all are doing well and yes all your efforts reflects in our projects..Thank you so much for all your hard work. And yes do anyone has any idea why we all are gathered here?”

All are nodded no and looks at him to get the answer curiously.

Boss, “Well..we are here to welcome the new chair person for this company Mr. Arjun Mehra”

All starts clapping to welcome him except one person who stands shocked hearing the name and just peeps out her head in the gap and tries to look at his face to check whether her assumption is correct or not. She somehow gets the gap and looks at the person standing beside her boss and widens her eyes in shock..yes he is the same arjun..whom she don’t want to meet again.

She gets tensed and worries thinking about her fate and cursing too. Soon they stops clapping and starts listening his speech.

Arjun, “Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I am so happy to be a part of this venture and i promise you that you can reach me at anytime for any issues and i will be really glad to help you all”

Boss, “So guys..he bought the share of this company recently and he is the highest share holder now and he is going to take over the charge from today itself and i will be moving to our client place to look after the deliveries from there. So Mr. Arjun, All the best for your new role and i know you will make this also reach heights as like your others ventures.” he shakes hands with him and everyone gets dispersed.

Radhika goes out along with the crowds by hiding herself and sits in her chair with a thud and curses her fate thinking about why the hell he is here and why god is playing with her feelings.

Arjun who starts looking at the list of projects handling here, he starts talking to the respective teams about their work, progress and concerns everything. Radhika sits in her place with full tension and gets disturbed by her team mate calling for the meeting with new boss. Rads blinking at her saying, “Why i should come? Anyway..what i will know if you all r start discussing about this project…i m just reading everything now only..please you carry on na”

The girl whose name is Siya, “What happen to you? Yesterday you were in full enthusiastic and now saying not coming…its ok you just come and stand with me..no need to say anything”. she pulls radhika with her to the conference with Arjun.

Arjun is busy in looking at the files and does not see anyone’s face and tells them to have a seat. He gets to know about the team members individually and gets doubt and asks the lead, “So you would be having 8 members in your team right but i m seeing only 7 here in the list…what happen to the 8th one?”

Lead, “Sir…we have got the resource and she joined only yesterday. here she is Radhika Misra”

Arjun drops a pen from his hand and for a sec he couldn’t believe his ears and lifts his sight to scan the people and stops at seeing radhika sitting with full rage infront of him. She bows her head down and avoids his gaze but he gets shocked seeing her infront of him. Actually even he did not aware that he will meet her here”

Soon he composes himself and a small cute smile appears on his face and he continues discussing about the project details and sends them out after finishing it.


@ Canteen area

Radhika comes running to canteen area and gets her favourite strawberry milk shake and drinks it in one gulp and starts talking to herself by cursing her fate.

Rads to herself, “Oh god…what sin i have done to you? Why u r not allowing me to live in peace? I reacted and felt bad seeing him at the orphanage after 2 years..i controlled a lot to hide my pain but again he came running behind me like my past is chasing me now which i don’t want at any cost. What should i do now?”

She thinks for sometime..and decides to behave professionally and avoids unnecessary talk with him. She goes back to her cabin and unlocks her system but gets shocked seeing the mail from Arjun asking her to meet him. She holds her head for a min and gets up with a determination and walks towards his cabin.


Arjun works on his laptop and hears a knock in his cabin, “Come in”

Radhika enters in his cabin with full attitude and says, “Sir…you called me?”

Just by hearing her voice arjun looks at her saying, “Hi Radhika…how are you?”

Rads get irritated and replies, “Sir…you called me for some work? If not, then i ll go to my cabin…i have lot of work”

Arjun senses her anger and says, “I am your boss Radhika…who will assign you work if i hold you here”

Rads looks at his eyes and replies, “I remember you are my boss and that’s the reason i am still standing and talking to you..otherwise i would have left this place long back. Sir please..if there is nothing important..shall i go?”

Arjun looks her for a while and nods yes…immediately radhika storms out from his cabin. Arjun feels upset coz of her ignorance and decides to talk to nandini about this.


@ Mehra Mansion,

Arjun goes inside and confronts by Nandini who is waiting for his arrival to go out. Arjun rubs his forehead and says, “Nandu..u please carry on…i am not coming anywhere” he goes and sits in the couch

Nandu stares him and sits beside him saying, “Ajju…what happen? Head ache is it? Tell me something”

Ajju puts his head on her lap and she rubs his hair, he continues, “Nandu…i saw radhika today”

Nandu’s face brights up and eagerly asks, “Wow..that’s so cool..where you met her? You spoke to her”

Arjun, “No…i met her in my new office…she is working there only”

Nandu smiles widely again saying, “That’s really nice Ajju…it will be easy for you to talk to her na”

Arjun, “No nandu…everything is opposite…even i did not expect her to be there and i thought to talk to her so i called her in my cabin….” and he explains her what happened and how radhika reacted.

Nandini gets shocked and gets into thinking saying, “So you are upset because of her rude behaviour”

Arjun did not say anything but keeps silence.

Nandini continues, “SO Ajju tell me why u want to talk to her and what you wanna talk?”

Arjun, “What are you asking? I hurted her few years ago coz of my foolishness…i thought atleast to rectify my mistake.. i can befriend with her..but she is avoiding me and that’s irks me”

Nandini smiles seeing his reaction and asks, “Ajju..tell me the truth..do you develop some feelings for radhika?”

Arjun immediately gets up from her lap and stares her saying, “How come you are thinking like…and that’s y i told you to stop watching serials. You got spoiled”

Nandu, “Hey shut up..first answer my question”

Arjun, “No feelings..i just want to say sorry that’s it…nothing much as you think” he goes to his room leaving her.

Nandini smirks and to herself, “I know you very well arjun…if you are thinking about something…then i am sure you started liking it…now you started liking radhika and even you did not realise it…hmmm i am waiting for that golden day”

Precap: Misra family and Malhotra family get together. A guy extens his hand to radhika and says, “I am Neil…Neil Malhotra”

That’s it for today and how is this chappy…let me know you like it or not and do tell me how u wanna see radhika here….to forgive arjun or let him suffer the ignorance for some more time….pls do tell me

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