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MMZ- Mr Stalker and his blushing girl 5 shots (Introduction)

Hey guys kavya here this is my first try on mmz… I am a big crazy fan of aham sharma….! This is introduction on 5 shots…! I don’t anything about mmz because I don’t watch too many serials but I watch brahmarakshas serial in which aham sharma is hero ( rishab and raina) Now I will stop my bak-bak sorry but what to do I am a talkative girl…!
Mr Stalker and his blushing girl

Introduction: –
Arjun mehra: a womaniser uses girls like toys he is a big Stalker ….presently he and radhika are in relationship
Radhika mishra: arjun’s blushing girl whenever he comes close to her she blushes like a red tomato…!
******Rest of the characters are same as serial*****


Introduction ends..!
So guys did you liked it or not??….! stay tuned guys to Mr Stalker and his blushing girl five shots…..! hope you guys sit back and enjoy..! so it’s a bye from kavya..! Love u all…! Take care..!
#Be happy and #Stay blessed…!
Question: do u like aham in mmz or brahmarakshas serial???…!

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