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MMZ – Misconceptions – Chapter 3

Salaam everyone… How are you all? Sorry for the late update, was not keeping well lately… Below is the next chapter of Misconceptions…
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After a long day and hectic schedule, Radhika is heading to her home. That may be a single room flat, but her home gives her all the comforts of the world. Her journey to her home was halted by an accident. She being a reporter with humanity in her nerves cannot leave the person who’s met with an accident. So she got down from her scooty to help the person. Instead she met with a syringe injected into her blood by none other than Pawan. She is losing her consciousness, only then she knew what serum they injected into her blood stream. She slumped down and before she can hit the road, she was held by Pawan, who threw her body on his back as if she’s a sack of potatoes to be transported to some other place.


The next time when she was trying to open her eyes; she heard some feeble voices stating they were talking in a very low voice or from other side of the room. The voices are of none other than the new found CM of the state Mr. Arjun Mehra and his loyal confidante Mr. Pawan Agarwal. The last words of the politician drained all the blood from her body.
Good you brought her here, she should have known her status before taking any drastic step against me, and how dare she mock me in front of all?’
Yes Sir. That is true; she didn’t leave any stone unturned to make you a laughing stock in front of all. It is our luck, that we won the elections. Or else the opposition parties would have haunted us to hell by these remarks.’

Let her settle for some time and drop her home later.’
Their discussion was interrupted by Radhika informing them that she doesn’t need any help from either the politician or his follower.

Saying this she was about to step out from the main door of his apartment, when she was surrounded by cameras taking in her photos and lights flashing in front of her to get a clear view.

What the hell is happening in here? Is this is all the plan of this Mr. Politician? How can she underestimate this fellow, who not only won the hearts of all the people of the state but also became the youngest politician the country has ever seen with this tactics? Now there is nowhere to go, she was struck in hell. She is doomed for all the eternity. She will become a laughing stock in front of her colleagues. She didn’t let any guy’s advantages take any step forward because she didn’t want any pain in her life by involving herself in a relationship. And now she was caught in the house of politician in a dishevelled state. The only conclusion people draw from this encounter is that she is having an affair with the politician. Why should be her life so cruel? Why can’t she live a simple life like many others? Professional pressures are another subject alright. Personal pressures are the ones she cannot handle without her mother. What was she supposed to do now?

Breaking her thoughts, she heard a grim voice from beside her. When this idiot did take a place beside her? And why in the name of heaven he is holding her waist so possessively as if she is his property? She tried to break free from his grip, but he didn’t let her. The next words of him drained the life out of her.

We are seeing each other from that fateful day of conference. We kept this affair hidden because we didn’t want any unnecessary attention on our relationship when we all are very focused on elections. We are working for the welfare of the people, so our personal life should not interfere our professional life, right? And so we kept this relationship under covers. We are about to reveal our relationship status, and you intelligent guys found us even before that.’
Like seriously, is he saying all these things? When only moments before, she heard how much he despise her. And here he is preaching his love life like stories to all people. How low can he stoop now? Doesn’t he have any ethics? How can he compromise her in this way?
In the meanwhile, what she saw in front of her sucked out the remaining life of her. The guy who is supposed to have met with an accident and for whom she got down from her scooty is standing in front of her with a sly smirk on his face.

Oh No!! Now she has absolutely no way to run; hide her face and cry until these things wipe off from her head. Why was she targeted this way? Is it because she laughed in his conference or she beat his guys black and blue in his office? Whatever may be reason, she thought he has some ethics. But no, he has to come out as a total contrast personality. What was she supposed to do now? The media will not leave her. They will hunt her down anywhere she goes; they will watch her like hawks. Now when she is going deep down in the pit, she will never let herself go down alone. The person who is responsible for all this should go down with her as well. Masking her emotions, in which she is absolutely expert of, she confronted the questions of various media houses with only one answer.

Now you all got to know our relationship status, so there will be no hiding from now on. I’m so happy to declare this news in front of you all that is (shyly) Arjun and me are going to get married in a while. And all of you are invited for that.’

After her not-so-little answer, she heard loud gasps that included Mr. Politician’s too. Now the life of his face is sucked out. He came out of the shock in a little while and stared at her face with so much rage that she thought his rage is going to drills holes on her face. She gave him an innocent and shy smile and an unseen smirk that only he is aware of. He wanted to wipe off that smirk on her face. How dare she announce the wedding without even consulting him? Alright he knew he didn’t leave her a choice by compromising her, but that doesn’t mean she take such drastic decisions in the blink of an eye. He is doomed for his life now. How can he ever take back those remarks from her? If he did say anything against her now, his image that he so carefully constructed will be shackled. He can’t let that happen. He can’t let his ancestors pride turn into ashes. For that he needs to follow her on this road. Let the marriage happen, he can anyway break the marriage after 6 months stating that they are not compatible. Alright then Ms. Reporter welcome to the living hell of Arjun. He smirked at his thoughts and let the media questions pour in; he took her away from his apartment. She was snatched away from his grip by Hitesh. He saw him burning in anger and ready to attack him at any moment now. But the firm grip of Radhika on his hands let the situation subside. He took her far away from Arjun and asked her the only question that is bugging him for a long time.

Why? What brother?’
Why did you make that statement of marrying him?’
Oh that, I thought you were going to ask why am I with him? Anyways answer to your question- it is said that we need to keep our friends close and our enemies closer. In this the only enemy I’ve right now is Mr. Prince. I can’t let him go after he made me a part of scandal, will I? (Devilish smile) No, obviously not. So he will go down with me.’ Finished Radhika.
Aren’t you spoiling your life in this choti? Marriage is a decision that alters your life completely.’

I know that. But I can’t live my life with taunts right. So I took this decision. But we can get separated after 6 months of marriage stating that we are not compatible. That is another reason I came up with this idea. Now no more discussions on this matter. Let’s get back to work.’
Their discussion was disturbed by the commotion at the other end where Mr. Prince is warning a lady reporter not to lose her tongue unnecessarily. When they asked the others what the matter is, she was told that the lady reporter bad mouthed Radhika and so Mr. Prince jumped in to save her dignity. Wah!! Now the person who is responsible for this position is saving her dignity. This is the least she can expect from him. And why doesn’t he save her dignity? As of now she is going to be his wife, so he will definitely do that, isn’t it?
After all the reporters left the premises, Arjun came to Radhika who is about to hop on her scooty, held her by her shoulders and dragged her aside.

We need to talk.’ Said Arjun.
Sure.’ Said Radhika sarcastically.
End of third chapter. I’m trying to hold up mystery in every chapter for now, and all the questions will be answered as the story progresses. From now on, these two people are going to have collisions in their professional fronts. As media is always considered as opposition in political arena, we should see how these two people will keep up their professional and personal facades.

***Welcome to Arjun and Radhika wedding*** ? In the next chapter their marriage vows will be taken. This is the lamest invitation you can ever get… Haha, and the credit goes to me… ?

I’ve written this chapter at different parts of the day because of my health constraints, so if you find any loopholes or any mistakes please do inform me so that I can edit them in wattpad version.

Please feel free to give any kind of suggestions regarding the plot or the writing style or the theme of the story. As I said earlier this genre is really new for me and I’m hanging on the articles from the web to take this story forward.

Do let me know your views on this chapter and I’m really sorry if it’s not to your expectations.

Love you all and have a great day ahead. ?

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