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MMZ – Misconceptions – Chapter 2

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Here comes the next chapter of misconceptions, I didn’t want to add any jargon in the story, so the details of Kalaripayattu will be given in the footnotes section, please do check that out if you are interested…


So now as usual please ignore typos and grammatical errors… Happy reading… ?
Hitesh is standing in the door frame shocked for a moment by seeing all the guns pointed to Radhika. But his expression is changed to smiling face after a while, now the smug smile on manager’s face is vanished and he’s confused as to know why Hitesh is smiling so wide. The next moment his expression changes from frown to shock to see the capable bodyguards of Mr. Prince on the floor groaning in pain. Before his mind can register anything, Radhika is charging towards him. So to know what happened exactly we need to move back some minutes earlier and watch the show in a slow motion.
Radhika and Hitesh reached the party office. Both watched the banner hanging in front of the office stating they arrived at the correct place. JAN SHAKTHI YOUNGISTAAN PARTY OFFICE was written on the banner [Thank you so much Sammy and Ritu for these names, I just kinda mixed the names given by you both]. Radhika gave clear instructions to Hitesh that he should enter the room of Mr. Politician if she’s unable to make out of the office in 10 minutes. He accepted for the same and stood outside the building.
When Radhika entered the office, the hustle and bustle of the people was paused and everyone was looking at her as she is some kind of porcelain doll that was kept on display. When she entered the room of Arjun, the first voice she heard is of the Manager. His name is Pavan, he ordered Radhika to apologise to Arjun or else she’s going to face grave troubles in her life.
What if I don’t?’ asked Radhika with a bored expression on her face.
What??’ asked Pavan.

Do you by any means come under specially-abled criteria? I asked you a simple question “What if I don’t apologise to your Mr. Boss?” And what are those grave troubles you were talking about? I’ve come far from all the grave troubles in my life, so I think I can dodge your threats too. Now now!! Please explain to me what are the grave troubles you are going to introduce in my life if I don’t apologise?’
You are a minx and how dare you talk to me like that?’ asked Pawan fuming in anger on listening the word specially-abled from Radhika.
I can talk to you like that and I talked to you in the same manner. Now please don’t my waste my time, unlike you I’ve many works on my back that needs to be taken care of by only ME.’
I’ll turn your office into ashes.’
Try me and you will definitely see the power of fourth estate. I’ll telecast the same on our channel and we will see how you are going to win the elections.’
Now stop it both of you.’ Shouted Arjun.
See Ms. Reporter, you just need to apologise to me and you will leave this office without any problem. See only ONE sorry and you will be free.’
And what makes you think I’m going to apologise to you Mr. Politician?’
Damn it woman!! Say it or else you will not leave the office.’ Screamed Arjun
NO.’ Said Radhika in a strong voice matching Arjun’s.

The next moment the guns were pointed to Radhika on the order of Pawan. Hitesh who noticed that the given 10 minutes are over opened the door to get shock of his life that turned to funniest moment only minutes later.
Radhika held the hands of both the bodyguards and twisted them on their backs and gave two hard kicks on their stomach; that’s it both the bodyguards are on the floor. She charged towards Pawan and gave him one strong kick on his left leg and when he bent down to hold his leg she gave another kick on his face.
Now Mr. Politician!! Do you want me to apologise or you want the same treatment?’ asked Radhika and was amused to see the fear in Arjun’s eyes.
Good. Take them to the hospital at the earliest. (pointing her left hand forefinger to Arjun’s face)And don’t you ever think I’m going to apologise to you. Sayonara Mr. Politician and do take care of your health. It is very important in this election time, isn’t it?’
Before Arjun can answer to her question Radhika stormed out of the office like a breeze. He sat in his chair and sank deeper and deeper thinking about Radhika. He ordered other employees to take the manager and bodyguards to the hospital. He kept thinking about this breeze like lady. How he thought he will meet a reporter who will be terrified to see him; apologise him for the mishap she had created in the conference and he being very kind fellow will leave her after the apologies. Instead what did he get? A warning and a wish? Do all the screws of her mind fixed tightly or she has a loose screw that is to be taken care of? How can she beat all his men and storm out of his den like a lioness? NO!! He cannot take this insult. The reporter shall have to pay for trying to spoil his conference and now this beating session. He cooked up a plan but he knew he has to wait till the elections are over, or else he’s going to make a very bad impression on the minds of his constituency people. So Ms. Reporter!! Do wait for my revenge too.
Radhika stormed out of the party office followed by Hitesh. Hitesh is jumping in happiness to see his little sister in action. He missed her action sequences every time but heard from his colleagues about how she is proficient in Kalaripayattu, an ancient Indian martial art.
Radhu!! You did an amazing action sequence. I’m so happy to finally see you in action. The face of the manager is worth watching when you are moving towards him. I was barely able to control my laugh. You are so cool dear, you gave warning to Mr. Prince, wow, I think this is the best day of my life.’ Said Hitesh excitedly.
Radhika just smiled listening to Hitesh’s words.
Brother, you only got to see one side of these politicians. Every coin has two sides, but for these politicians there are various sides. You said you saw fear in the eyes of manager but I got to see the fire to burn me to ashes in Mr. Prince’s eyes. I just hope he doesn’t plan anything silly to bring me down.’ Said Radhika as a word of thought.
Hitesh too gave a thought to her words and accepted her words can come true, and she should be very careful when Arjun is concerned in the picture. She just nodded to his every word as she was in deep thoughts of some other incident.

The election mania is going on a full swing, every politician is literally begging for votes from the voters. And this election season, it is considered many youngsters will join the league of voting, so many silly acts and government orders were promised to lure the youngsters. They were promised jobs when there is inflation in the economy. How can every youngster who completed his graduation get a job in the phase of inflation? Only the people who promised the jobs can know that.
After all the maniacs left the ground, it was the people who gave them the scores. To everyone’s surprise or shock, it was Janshakthi Youngistaan party that won the election. It is a shock to all the existing parties and the independent ones because the party that was considered to be extinct has come back to a full form and swept away the ground beneath their legs with a majority of thousands of votes. The people of the party already nominated Arjun to Chief Minister Post, so Arjun became the favourite and the youngest CM of the state. The other portfolios were given as per the previous discussions and also some people got the same portfolios which they enjoyed in the previous cabinet.
Now it’s time for Arjun to take his revenge on his Ms. Reporter. He called his manager Pawan and informed to fix up a private meeting with the reporter in his house. Pawan agreed to the same and started his work. Arjun stood with a devilish smile on his face and his back was facing the manager.
* Kalaripayattu is a martial art that is originated as a style in Southern India. The word ‘Kalari’ first appears in Sangam literature to describe both a battlefield and combat arena. The word ‘Kalari tatt’ denoted a martial feat, while ‘Kalari kozhai’ means a coward in war. Every warrior in Sangam era received regular military training. It is considered as one of the oldest fighting techniques in existence, its roots run back to 1500 years. This is even before Kung fu or any martial art got their existence. Every martial art has their roots from Kalaripayattu. It is originally practiced in northern and central parts of Kerala and Tulunadu region of Karnataka. The stages of training are chuvatu (solo forms), Jodi (partner training/sparring), kurunthadi (short stick), neduvadi (long stick), katthi (Knife), katar (dagger), valum parichayam (sword and shield), chuttuval (flexible sword), double sword, kalari grappling and marma (pressure points). Zarrilli refers to southern kalaripayattu as Varma ati (the law of hitting), marma ati (hitting the vital spots) or varma kalai (art of Varma). The preliminary empty handed techniques of varma ati are known as adithada (hit/defend). Marma ati refers specifically to the application of these techniques to vital spots and human body has 108 vital points.
*It is also considered that the person who learns Kalaripayattu can defend themselves even in the sleep. The defensive instincts are always on alert after learning this technique and finishing it till the last stage. Marma Vidya training is given to only few people to avoid the misuse of the technique. Marma if used in improper way can lead to the death of the people on whom it was used.

End of second chapter. What is the revenge that Arjun is planning against Radhika? How did you like Radhika’s new avatar? How will Radhika dodge the danger that’s gonna hit her in the form of Arjun’s revenge?

Arjun had a MISCONCEPTION that Radhika will turn out to be a submissive girl, who will apologise to him and leave his office. But he got a shock in the form of not only a strong girl but also a fighter who doesn’t take any insults thrown at her or her profession. So the first misconception made its place in the misconception world. ?

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