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MMZ – Made for each other (2 Shots – Part 3)

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Recap: Arjun decides to give a chance to his marriage life and Radhika gets hit by a car while crossing the road


Arjun moves the crowd aside and looks at radhika worriedly, who lies in the road and tries to get up. Arjun rushes to her and helps her to get up and finds her hand is injured. Tears oozing from her eyes coz of the pain, Arjun worries seeing her and takes her to his car. The traffic police comes for his help and clears the crowd and traffic.

Arjun makes her sit in the passenger seat and drives it to the nearby hospital. The doctors treating her hands and puts the bandages over the wounds and instructs her not to strain much. Ardhika drives back to their home, once they enters inside Arjun stops her saying, “I am sorry Radhika”

Rads gets confused, “For what?”

Arjun, “Actually…” he couldn’t continue further and thinks how to tell.

Rads looks at him for a while and says, “So you are the reason for my accident? and that’s y you told me to be inside the shop till u come there right?”

Arjun is speechless and looks at her blankly, she continues, “Being the daughter and wife of a Police officer…i should be able to guess this when you said sorry to me. That’s y i said i don’t want to be victim for your investigations” she storms into the room and locks the door.

Arjun remembers the accident and her words, he gets more angry on the goons and murmurs, “If i get you, then that will be the last day of your life”

Arjun boils the milk and goes to her with the tablets in his hand. He finds her leaning on the dashboard on the bed by closing her eyes. He goes near her and adjusts his throat to grab her attention. She opens her eyes and looks at him..he gives her the milk and tablets to her. She takes it from his hand and looks at him..Arjun smiles saying, “Till you swallow it, i will not go anywhere. Dadaji already told me that you don’t like to take tablets and often cheats him”

Rads just nods head by giving a heavy breathe and have the tablets. He informs her that he is going to his duty again and will be coming late. She did not say anything and turns her face otherside as he expected. He just smiles and leaves from there. After sometime..radhika feels something and opens her door but gets shocked seeing two constables standing infront of the door and guarding her. She rolls her eyes and goes inside again.


@ Commissioner office,

Arjun meets the commissioner and Dilip DIG of Police also joined in their discussion..after all his daughter got attacked by the culprits. Arjun tells them what he spoke with the caller and how they traced Radhika and her work place. They gets tensed and decides to increase the security around her.

Arjun and Dilip comes out after the discussion..he holds arjun’s hand and says, “I lost my wife due to my carelessness and coz of that i lost my daugher and her love towards me..but you please make sure that nothing should happen to radhika. Her safety is more important than anything else”

Arjun looks at him keenly and Dilip notices his sight and smiles slightly saying, “Now i am not DIG…i am requesting the ACP to save my daughter from the culprits…I am asking my Son in law to save his wife from the danger. I am sure he will fulfill the duties of both as a husband and as a ACP.”

Arjun smiles at him and goes from there.

He sits in his cabin and falls into deep thinking about the phone calls and the accident they made on radhika. He gather all the information about the kidnappers…he goes to Commissioner room. They both get into a discussion for half an hour and comes with the conclusion.

Commissioner, “So what’s the conclusion?”

Arjun, “Day after Tomorrow is the hearing and we have to take that girl to court safely…she is the main witness against them. I should be more careful than before and i am ready for the negative result also..if something is wrong then..i am going for an encounter” he completed with a smirk.

Commissioner too smiles and they both shakes their hands and he says, “All the best Arjun and yes pls be careful…do take special care of Radhika”

Arjun nods and leaves from there. He goes to the NGO center and meets the girl again. He informs the incharge of that center to be careful and he puts some more police around the center for security reasons.

Before he leaves from there, the girl holds his hand and he kneels down infront of her and asks, “What happened? You need anything?”

Girl nods her head as no and says, “I getting scared now…i know you will save me but still am afraid now. Will they kill me?”

Arjun is able to see the fear clearly on her eyes, he holds her hands and says, “Till i am alive…i wont let anything happen to you. It’s my promise”

She smiles and says, “Radhika akka also said the same thing to me”

Arjun gets curious hearing rads name and asks, “What she said?”

Girl, “You are there to protect us”

Arjun smiles himself and pats her cheeks and leaves from there. He checks the security in and around the center and goes from there.


Arjun reaches his apartment and talks to the constables outside..enters inside the house. He finds Radhika sitting and watching TV..she glared him once and turns to watch TV again. He understand her angry and silently goes to his room to change. He comes after refreshing and goes to kitchen to prepare something..but stops hearing radhika’s voice, “Only 2 constables or more to come?”

Arjun turns and finds her still watching TV..he raised his eyebrows and goes to prepare coffee for him and answers her, “3 more in the entrance of the apartment, 5 in the basement”.

Rads turns to look at him in shock and he too looks at her saying, “My wife is more important than anything else for me…i should be more careful right.”

Rads turns her face back to TV but her concentration is not on TV and thinking about his words…she remembers how he asks a chance for their marriage life, how he was running to her on the road, his worries..everything comes to her mind but it got disturbed by a voice which is so close..it is none but Arjun. He gives her a milk and takes his seat beside her and grabs the remote from her…he changes the TV to Sports channel…which makes her irritate more. Rads looks at him with angry look, “Pls change the channel”

Arjun, “From morning..you are only watching it right…give some freedom for me also”

Rads, “ok fine..but atleast put some other channel na..i hate this sports”

Arjun, “You never played sports in your life?”

Rads nods no and drinks milk. Arjun smiles saying, “That’s y u r looking fat and unshape. If you would have played any kind of sports..you would be fit and structure”

Rads spits the milk and looks at him with her eyes open widely, she turns completely to his side and says, “Mr. Mehra…How dare you call me fat & unshape?”

A smirk appears at his corner of his lips and he says, “I am saying the truth only…then y i should dare about it”

Rads, “You know what Mr. Mehra…guys used to run behind me in my college days. I have got n number of proposals u know…and you are calling me FAT…MY FOOT”

Arjun shrinks his eyes and looks at her by thinking, “Proposals? I did not know this”. he turns to her and says, “If you want me to say you that you are slim..then fine i will say for your sake..but just for that don’t lie saying guys proposed you…i will never believe that”

Rads is in full hyper mode and is about to get up, unknowingly she pressed her injured hands to balance and screams in pain. Arjun gets panic seeing her screaming…immediately he holds her hand and shouts at her, “Who asks you to get up now? You could have ask me na…if u need anything?”

Rads winces in pain but says, “I thought of proving you something”

Arjun is rubbing her hands and asks, “What you want to prove?”

Rads looks at their room, “I need to take a pouch from my bag”

Arjun goes and get it after getting the details from her. He gives the pouch to her and she gives it back to him asking him to open.

Arjun opens the pouch and finds some greeting cards..cute gift items. He looks at her with confusion and she replies saying, “These are from the guys who proposed me and look at the cards and read it”

Arjun in shock slowly opens the card and starts reading it…he gets hyper reading the words about her as Angel…Darling…Love U. He is about to crunch the car but Rads grabs it from his hands saying, “Now u r believing it right. And these are all my memories…so from now on don’t try to say that i am fat and unshape” she some how gets up and goes to inside the room to keep the things in its place leaving arjun in shock.

Inside the room, she keeps the pouch back into her bag and is about to come out but stops infront of the mirror and looks at her once. She turns to everyside and looks at her figure in the mirror saying, “Am i looking fat or wat? And he told that i am unshape? Am i really unshape now? God…he is really one jerk”

She comes out and finds him in kitchen chopping the veggies for dinner. She comes to him and offers for help. He looks at her and her hands saying, “Do you really think you can help me?”.

Rads looks at him and her hands once and laughs seeing his wierd look on her and goes back to the hall. He prepared the dinner and they both had small talks while having it…after sometime he makes her sleep on the bed properly and he goes to couch and arranges it neatly. He falls on the couch and immediately falls into deep sleep..rads stares him continuously and soon she too dozes off.


Next Morning, Arjun wakes up first and finds radhika is still sleeping and cuddling herself inside the pillow coz of the sun rays falling on her face. He smiles and puts the screen to stop the rays coming inside their room. He takes his towel and goes to washroom to get ready to leave. After 10 mins, he comes by draping his towel…he drapes only towel and exactly at the same time radhika wakes up and looks at him. That’s it..she becomes breathless and stares him without blinking her eyes. She looks at him from top to bottom…she looks at bare chest with water droplets on his cleanly shaved chest…she is dumbstruck seeing him like for the first time…she forgets what she is doing and keep on watching him and her follows wherever he goes.

Arjun notices it and suddenly turns to her…Radhika jerks and moves her sight here and there and hides her shy from him. Before she does this..arjun also notices her gaze on him and he smiles seeing her hiding her shy. Rads immediately goes inside the washroom to avoid meeting him and leans on the locked door breathing heavily. She moves to the mirror and stares her face.

Rads to her self, “What is happening to me? Y i am getting attracted to him nowadays. No…i hate this marriage and ofcourse this police…i should move out from this unwanted relation first…i should not lose myself to him…it will give only pain…i don’t want that pain in my life again..i can’t handle him close to me anymore. God pls help me”

She comes out and does not find Arjun there, she comes to hall and finds him having the bread toast…she feels seeing him having not good food…he looks at her and says, “Today i have to go early and i did not prepare anything…i arranged for a lady servant till you get fine..and she will be here at anytime..so don’t cook anythng urself…i have kept milk in the flask..have it and wait for her. I will try to come early today”

She just nods her head and sends him off…she feels happy inside thinking about this caring on her..soon her thoughts gets disturbed hearing a knock on the door…she opens the door and finds a lady standing infront of her with a smiling face.

Arjun drives to the Commissioner office and on d way he gets a call from anonymous number. He gets suspicious seeing the number and parks the car aside and attends it.

Arjun, “Hello”

Caller, “What Arjun sir…i warned you not to withdraw this case and now you are ready for tomorrow’s hearing…so you are not taking my words seriously right. You thought i missed hitting your wife and it went only with her hand…No i purposely did that..just to show that i can do anything. But you are not serious and i can sense it”

Arjun, “Hey shut up…if i get you then…you will not be alive only…it’s good that you will be punished by the court and not from my hands..otherwise your punishment will be more cruel”

Caller, “Oh is it…ok let me see that how u punish me? Arjun sir…you are so careless sir…you just kept only 2 constables infront of your home…very bad and they were not enough to tackle my men…”

Arjun gets shocked, “What did you do ?”

Caller starts laughing and Arjun shouts, “Tell me you Bastard”

Caller, “And finally my men found where you kept that girl who is the only eye witness…if you doubt me..you can go to that NGO and check it” he cuts the phone leaving arjun appalled.

Arjun takes a U-turn and goes to his apartment but gets shocked seeing the constables are unconscious..he enters inside but did not find radhika there. The things are scattered everywhere and he gets worried about her. He immediately drives to NGO center and finds the Cops are injured…he rushes inside and finds the incharge is shivering in fear..he enquires her about the incident taken place and she told that some goons came there suddenly…attacked the cops and taken the girl with them.

Arjun is boggled thinking about the happenings around him.

He gets a message to his mobile stating him to get the case files related to them and tells him to come to some lonely place. Arjun goes to Commissioner office, and tells all this to Commissioner and he gets worried thinking about Radhika and the girl.

He goes to his place and takes all the case files related to them and goes from there. Commissioner looks at him going and calls to some number saying, “Be ready”


Arjun reaches the place where they mentioned, the goons standing outside, takes the pistol and let him in. Arjun enters inside the gowdown and looks around there…his body gets stiffen hearing a voice, “Welcome ACP sir…”

Arjun looks at him with lot of anger and shouts, “I got what you want…now leave both of them”

The gang leader says, “How come so early sir…pls be patience” then he signs to his goon and he gets Radhika and the small girl with him. Radhika gets scared seeing them and that girl also crying now. She consoling the girl and looks at Arjun who stands there helplessly. She remembers the incident which happened for her and her mom and looks at him emotionally. Arjun understand what she is trying to say through her eyes and he stares her confidently by giving courage to her.

Arjun, “I got the file and leave them now immediately”

They all smiles seeing him and the gang leader says, “First give the file to me and i will send them”

He sends one of his goons to him to get the file and Arjun demands, “I will give the file to you and at the same time..you send them to me”

He agrees and signs them to go…Arjun also gives him the file to him and waits for Radhika and the girl to come to him. They reached safely to him and the goon gives the file to his leader and he says, “ACP sir…i am sorry to say this…but it will be danger for me anytime if i leave you alive…”

He signs his person to shoot them….but Arjun smiles and says, “Do you think i am fool to give you the file to you and die like a coward”

Everyone gets shocked and he continues, “If am not alive also…you will be hanged for sure…i already submitted the file in the court and you will be punished for sure…and one more thing…this place already surrounded by police…now you can’t escape”

The goons gets furious and starts attacking him..soon the other police forces comes in and starts attacking them. Arjun hides radhika and the girl and he too starts fight with the goons. Almost everyone got killed by the police and One goon finds Radhika and the girl and points gun at them and threatens Arjun…he makes Arjun kneel down and is pointing the gun at him and is about to trigger the shot…radhika gets worried for arjun and closes her eyes due to the fear and hears a bullet shot sound…she screams as Arjun and cries without opening her eyes. Soon she felt a known touch on her and opens her eyes to find Arjun standing infront of him…she gets confused seeing the gun in his hand and the goon got head shot and died. Arjun smiles ad says, “I always have a spare gun in my shocks” he winks at her and his looks got changed seeing something behind her and is about to push her…but…

The police team comes and gets shocked hearing the gun sound and the girl screams and cries.

Precap: Any guesses? pls wait till next episode.

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