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MMZ – Made for each other (2 Shots – Part 2)

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments…You know what…you people are making me go crazy in everything…i thought of writing this as an OS but i made it as two shots coz of so much detailed content i have written. But i still thought to finish it in second shot only and your requests and love made me to extend this for some more episodes…don’t laugh ok…enjoy reading it…and don’t leave it just by reading it…put ur comments also…afterall i am doing this for u .. ? ? ?

Hope you all enjoyed the first part of this two shots and here is your second part.


Recap: Ardhika’s marriage and Rads hate towards police job.

Arjun sleeps with heavy heart by looking at Radhika who is sleeping peacefully now after pouring her heart out to him but now he is the one who looks empty and dumb after hearing her request too.

He don’t know when that Nithra devi hugs him..soon he too sleeps by forgetting everything.

Next Morning, Arjun gets disturbed by some sound and opens his eyes to look at it and finds radhika is searching for something. He gets up from the bed and comes to her asking, “What are you searching?”

Rads did not answer him and continues her search by messing the room. He also sees here and there but he don’t know what he has to search…simply he too search it under the table and all. But luckily he got something under the bed and it is her ID card. He grabs it and shows, “Is this the one you are searching for?”

Radhika gives a sigh relief seeing it and takes it from his hand and is about to leave for her work but Arjun stops her saying, “Why don’t you think to give a chance for our relation?”

Radhika is shocked hearing him but soon composes herself and says, “I think you are still in your dream…You already woke up and come to sense. Don’t waste your life being with me.” she moves his hand and leaves from there.

Arjun wonders seeing her stubborn nature and hatred which makes him more curious to think, “Why don’t i take a chance?”

He goes to balcony and looks at her going in auto. He smiles saying, “I decided to try once…without trying i won’t back out from anything”

He gets ready and goes to CO and prepares the report he got it from the informer regarding the kidnappers and feels somebody is watching him. He comes out from his room and looks the people around there. He finds something fishy and thinks to be more careful.

He sends the other case file reports to his senior and gets some free time. He gets coffee at his table and he stares at it where in he remembers his first day when radhika prepares coffee only for her. He smiles and takes a sip and decides to go to NGO to meet her.


@ Mother Teresa NGO,

Radhika is been informed that a visitor has come to meet her. She goes to waiting hall and gets surprised seeing Arjun there. She goes to him and asks, “Do u want to meet that girl again?”

Arjun nods no and says, “I came here to meet you”

Rads is little shocked and asks, “Why?”

Arjun, “Just like that…thought of spending some time with my wife”

Rads gets angry, “What’s this new drama?”

Arjun, “Yeah..till yesterday even i felt like our marriage was like a drama…but now i think to make it real”

Rads looks at him without any expression and says, “I told you everything very clearly y i hate this marriage. Then y u want to take a chance of it”

Arjun, “Without even trying…how can you decide it? See…i understand your emotions and i value it but situations are not same as before and even the people . I am saying just a try..y can’t we try once?”

Rads gets irritated and says, “Listen..i don’t have time to hear all your lectures. Please go from here..i have lot of work”

Arjun stares her and she turns to go but he stops her saying, “I want to meet that girl”

Rads turns to him and gives him an unbelievable look and goes to get that girl. Arjun smiles and says, “I will try..till i reach the dead point”

Radhika brings that girl to him and Arjun did some formal enquiries and finally asks the girl, “Do you believe me?”

Girl smiles and says, “I completely believe on you…i am sure you wont let anything harm me”

Arjun gives one cold look to Radhika and pats the girl’s head and leaves from there.

Radhika is confused and speechless hearing that girl’s statement and looks at the way he is going.


Arjun goes back to CO and goes to his cabin..but he smells something different in his cabin and doubts whether anyone came. He immediately checks all his files and the things he kept..everything looks as it is but he is sure that someone from this office itself came to his room and tried to take something.

He looks around and finds a cigratte piece near the window and comes out to look around the people…everybody seems so busy and talking with one or othe other people.

He gets confused and comes back to his cabin. He gets a call from his senior officer and immediately he rushes to his cabin.

Comm, “Mr. Arjun, What is happening?”

Arjun does not understand and says, “Excuse me sir…what happened?”

Comm, “Don’t you know anything?”

Arjun still in confusion, “No”

Comm, “I just got a call from unknown number and threatening me to stop our secret mission against them”

Arjun is shocked, “WHAT? How come it is possible? How they get to know our mission planning? Till now it is only with us right? All the details and files are with me only? Then how come it will leak out?”

Comm, “I am asking you Mr.Arjun?”

Arjun starts thinking and understands somebody is spying him and now he is sure that someone came to his room and follows him too.

Comm, “I am asking you something Mr. Arjun?”

Arjun, “Sir…if you don’t mind..can you please tell me anything else they told?”

Comm gives him one stern look and says, “They are asking us to withdraw the case and they are demanding to handover the girl also”

Arjun, “Sir..i am sure somebody from this office they are passing the information to the kidnappers and i am sure they kept a spy on me to follow my activities. Coz till now no one knows where that girl has kept and even you did not see that girl. How come they know it?”

Comm sighs saying, “I really don’t know what is happening in our department. Mr. Arjun, i have a faith on you and that’s y i given this big responsibility to you and you are doing a great job. I don’t have any doubt on that but now the culprits are smelling us on what we are doing on this mission. If they get to know any other important information regarding this..it might risk all our lives too. So be careful in your every step. And soon plan for the mission…according to the current situation..it is not good to delay further”

Arjun nods positively and leaves from there. His mind is thinking about this conversation and halts at one point where Comm mentioned that it might risk all our lives.

Suddenly he gets a call from unknown number saying, “Hello Mr.Arjun…by now you would have got to know that something is secretive is leaked…and I want you to withdraw from the case and stop all the investigations against us…otherwise the consequences will be very bad”

Arjun, “What you will do?”

Caller, “Mmmm…Well your wife used to go to office by Auto only right…and do you know what…the drivers are nothing but my spy and bechari ladki..she did not even senses it that she is also being monitored by us. Now i know where your wife is working and now currently where she is? Do you know that? If u want to check …just call her and asks where she is? ”

He gets tensed and immediately and he takes his mobile to dial radhika’s number and bangs his head of not having her number too. He picks up his keys and locks the door and takes all the files related to this case and leaves from there.


He stops his vehicle infront of the NGO and rushes inside to search for Radhika and the girl. Some other lady gets the girl and he gets relaxed seeing her but soon gets tensed thinking about Radhika. The lady informs him that she left home 1/2 an hr back itself since she feels sick.

Arjun dials Dilip and dials to Radhika’s number. Dilip worries hearing his tensed voice but thinks to ask him later and gives him her number. Arjun soon dials to radhika and it gets connected.

Rads, “Hello”

Arjun, “Radhika..were are you?”

Rads, “But who is this?”

Arjun bangs his head and says, “I am Arjun…your husband…first tell me..where are you damn it?”

Rads finds the tension in his voice and says, “I am on d way to home but currently in the Nilgris supermarket which is on the way”

Arjun, “Ok…you don’t come out..till i come there. Remember DON”T STEP OUT”

Rads gets panicked and looks everywhere..she senses something is wrong but she did not show it in her face after all she is the daughter and wife of the police officer right.

She hides her tension and acting to be busy in buying the things. She stands at the vegetables section and feels someone is watching her. She slowly turns and finds none except an old man looking for the veggies.

She moves from there and waits for him to come soon..she gets irritated but still thinks to obey him.

After few mins, She gets a call from Arjun tells her that he is waiting in the signal just opposite to the supermarket.

Radhika gets relaxed somewhat and thinks to go there at the signal corner, anyway they have to go to home by that way. She walks on the road carefully by looking at the signal. Arjun waits in the signal and finds her crossing the road…he bangs the steering wheel and calls her again murmuring “Why she came out?”. She has bags in one hand and mobile in another hand. She looks at the number and is about to pick it up, but suddenly a black scorpio drives fastly on her path and she gets hit by that and falls down on the road. The bags which she has scattered on the road and the crowd gathers around her.

Arjun who is watching all this from the car in the signal…rushes to her fastly and moves the crowd aside and looks at her worriedly.

Precap: Have to decide yet…

Thanks for reading it…Please let me know your comments about this chappy..waiting eagerly.

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