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mmz love for eternity (Part 16)

Chappy dedicated to gianna. Birthday girl. wish you a very happy, prosperous, joyful birthday. All the best for your future. May it give you loads of sweetness and happiness.

Mansi my dear lovely friend. Happy birthday to you my dear. Lots and lots of love. Wish you reach heights and all your aims fulfilled.


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After the little fight and the invitation from victor; all went to their designated classes. Sam and sanju met radhika in the middle of the hallway. They were going to marketing class. It was one of the few subjects they shared classes with. Radhika was walking beside naina, clutching her books tight in her hands. Naina was a transfer student. She joined college in middle term but as her credentials were good. It was easy for her without wasting any time. She coped up well with the environment here in short span of time. Rumors were she was going to be engaged with the biggest Casanova of the university, amrit jaiswal. But they couldn’t understand how it was going to happen.

Sam and sanju greeted radhika. They knew radz from their childhood days. She used to play with them. But now it was different scenario. She wouldn’t even look at them, talk to them. She was behaving like a stranger to everyone. She most probably like to be aloof. Naina only tagged along with her as nick was friends with amrit. Radhika mumbled hi and entered the class.

Both the friends shrugged their shoulders and ignored the distant nature of radhika. They took their seats. Lecturer soon arrived and the class started. It was an interesting chapter they were discussing today and mrs. Anna james made it more interesting with her teaching. But the only problem was no student was interested in it. The soccer games, preparations everything was taking making them feel exhausted and not to forget the late night party. They were listening to the class with half eyes closed. Some were busy with their mobiles, chatting, buried themselves in social engines.

Soon the silent atmosphere was disturbed by a loud bang followed by drum rolls. Everyone jumped from their seats and ran out of the lecture halls. Students were scattered on the hallway, and they were running to the back side of the uni. Everything turned into chaos and music surrounded the whole air.

Students started a flash mob. Victor and his band members were on the front row. Soon others joined. Students were cheering, clapping and in no time the entire garden area was filled with students. Dean and his associates came to the place to inspect what was the chaos all about. They were followed by the staff. The flash mob was a hit with all the songs, Hindi, English, pop, rock. Dean was baffled with all the things taking place. But he soon realized it was all about the band. He huffed mumbling curses went inside. As soon as the mob ended after an hour the students scattered and ran out of the college.

Arjun , sid and victor stood on one side of the door. And the girls stood other side. They were waiting for neil outside the dean’s office who had called neil for some important discussion. They were going frantic.

Neil stood infront of dean who was angry with the actions, stunts pulled out by the students creating chaos in the college premises. As the student body president neil was answerable. It was a dreadful situation for neil as he knew who was responsible for all this but couldn’t take their names. He tried convincing dean that it has nothing do with them. After a lot of convincing and pleading dean left him giving permission for the event which was to be held next month by victor and his band.

Neil released a deep sigh and made his way out of dean room’s only to be greeted by his idiotic friends who were clearly feigning innocence. Where in real they were anything but innocent. Everyone had participated in the mob and enjoyed their time but neil was the one to suffer. As soon as they saw neil at the door, they dragged him out and barked questions on him. He shook his head at them and gave the good news as he knew they won’t leave him.

Victor hugged all of them tight mumbling thanks and soon all scattered from there to their houses.

The gang entered Agarwal residence only to come face to face with an angry and fuming nandini. Anil, her husband was sitting on the recliner in the living room with his covered with newspaper. They didn’t understand the reason for the sudden anger. Nandini moved aside for the gang to enter the house.

Moving inside they all looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. They moved into living room and started conversing anil with eyes. Anil who was enjoying the sight shrugged his shoulders. But when sam pleaded him with her puppy eyes, he sighed and whispered in a low voice. “ dean called her and gave a brief explanation of your little stunt. She was already upset with sanju and it just adding fuel to her already angry mood.”

All went silent after listening. Now no one can save them from her wrath. Neil knew prerna would have personally called nandini to teach him a best lesson , so he sat there waiting. Sid and sam moved in the kitchen clearly avoiding any other consequences. Now only arjun and sanju were remaining. But before moving into the kitchen sam gave sanju a wicked smile which told now bear the consequences of troubling me this morning.

Sanju pushed arjun knowing nandu will only listen to him now. Arjun sighed knowing all his friends were traitors when come to point like this and they wouldn’t even hesitate to ditch him.

Nandini was seated on the chair adjacent to the dining table. Arjun sat on his knees infront of her, taking her hands in his mumbled sorry. She exhaled a deep sigh. It was all needed, she couldn’t be angry with him for a long time.

Nandini” its alright arjun . But lease stay out of troubles. “ she turned to sanju and threw her an accussing stare. Sanju gulped hard. She put her hands at the corner of her ears like akid and said “ sorry aunty. It will not happen again.”

Sam and sid came out of the kitchen with plates filled with food in their hands. They were whispering to each other. Neil stood up moving to sam tried to take the plate from her hand. But sam turned around in instant and saved her plate form getting stolen.

Neil stared at sam. Sam raised her eyebrows and asked” what ?? go and get your own plate.”

Neil gave a sweet smile which caused his dimples deepen and said” common Sammy. Sharing and caring my dear. And you should start to take care of your soon to be husband.”

All rolled their eyes at neil when they heard his words. Sam pulled a sweet saccharine grin and said” don’t you think it should be other way around. If you really want to get married you should start preparing from mow on.”

Neil” what? Really”

Sam nodded her head and gazed at anil. turned to anil. Neil turned to the direction and saw anil was giving a knowing smile to him.
Anil” well sam is right. How much you try in the end we should be slaves to them. So my dear son start preparing for it. No wonder she would be like your aunty.”

Sam n sanju giggled at his words. Nandini scowled and said” oh really. How sweet of you. So prepare yourself to sleep on the couch tonight.”

All laughed. Nandini turned to sid and said” ambica called upon me to check on you. She said your dad was angry when he heard the news. I think you should go home sid.”

Sid chuckled dryly and said” don’t worry aunty. I can handle them. And if I see in other way it is gud. Atleast I can meet mom and dad today.”

Arjun sighed. Neil moved to sid and both moved out of the living room. Nandini turned to arjun “ don’t know when he will understand. It is always not good to rebel against his parents.”

Arjun rubbed her arm and said” it will be alright aunty. I assure you he is not doing anything wrong. We are there for him. He is angry with them. “

Nandini “ I know we are there for him. But his outrageous acts around his parents are making me worried. What if he will never change.”

Anil “ he is just angry. It will take time but eventually everything will be fine. So stop worrying.” And smiled at her.

Nandini “ I just hope you are right and everything will be fine.”
arjun was going crazy with all the thought that were invading his mind. He was getting some weird dreams. It was their last year in the uni. After this they will be going on different paths and don’t know what will happen. He wanted to speak to radz. To confess his love and to make her love him. But it seemed like a distant dream now. With her being aloof and barely noticing him. It was impossible for him make any approach. And added to that there was nick who won’t leave her for single minute.

He was sleeping in bed but was wide awake with all these things going on in his brain. He was staring at the ceiling. He was so deep in his thoughts he didn’t notice aarav entering his room.

Aarav” Earth to Arjun. Son what are thinking so deeply.”

Just as he heard his fathers voice, arjun startled and saw that his father was standing at the edge of the bed. He had crossed his arms in the front and was staring at him.

Arjun sat on his bed, hanging his legs down. Aarav sat beside him. They sat there in silence. After sometime aarav said” come lets go for a ride. I’m suffocating in this closed walls.”

Arjun nodded his head knowing his dad was trying to make him feel good. They both sat in the red sports car. The car roared to life and arjun drove it on the clear road. they drove a long distance and reached the lake which was looking so pleasant in the night. The moon glow casted on the fresh water and cool breezes surrounded the air. Aarav took two diet cokes and placed one in arjun’s hand.

“ how is radhika? “ aarav asked him directly without beating around bush.

Arjun sighed” she is good. “ aarav knows everything about arjun. He was his friend more than father. His guide, his mentor.

“ good.” Aarav chuckled at his son’s answer.

“ then what is the problem my boy.” Aarav asked.

“ nothing dad. i was thinking about the future. “ arjun mumbled lowly.

“ don’t ignore the topic arjun. You know I was talking about your love life not about your future. And son don’t worry about the future. Your father has already secured your future long back. So just focus on radhika.” Aarav clipped in a serious tone.

“ I know dad. but what can I do? She wouldn’t even see me. Talking is way farther now. Then how can I say anything to her.” Arjun spoke restless.

“ if she is not seeing you, talking to you. Then do something where she will be only watching you and no one else.” He continued” ok answer me. Do you think she has someone else.”

Arjun immediately answered” there is no way dad. I would have known if that was the case. But here everything is different.”

Aarav said calmly” so what is the problem now. Just approach her. Confess her.”

Arjun chuckled” it is not that easy dad. there is something she is hiding. And without knowing that I cannot take a step.”

Aarav” Then find out what she is hiding. But my advice is to approach her first. If you stand afar and watch her. You wouldn’t find out anything. Enter her life. Show your love to her. May be when she trust you completely, she will speak her heart.“

Arjun stood there trying to understand his father’s words. He was correct. It was his only chance now. If he leaves this chance may be she will be forever leave him. The thought ruffled deep inside and a fear crossed him. Arjun nodded his head, hugged his father tight thanking him.

“ so when will I be meeting her?” aarav questioned with joyous voice .

Arjun said sincerely “ soon dad. soon. You will meet her. And as your daughter-in-law.”

Aarav smiled and patted his back “ that’s my boy. Come now lets move. I have an important meeting tomorrow morning.”


It was a bright sunny day. The campus was filled with students. They were waiting for the weekend to arrive fast. To enjoy their weekend with parties and friends.

When sam and neil entered the canteen encircling their arms, they noticed arjun was already there. Sanju was busy with her designing class. It was the most toughest class as Mrs. Nevidita Bose, the head of department has returned and she has ordered students to be prepared as there would be a surprise. The fashion design major students were very worried about this surprise as the head would make sure the students will suffer hell. Most of the students has applied for another major, so it was taking toil on them with all the hectic work pressure.

Neil” hey bro. why are you so early?”

Arjun who was busy savoring his coffee, turned to the couple who sat across the table. He shook his head and mumbled nothing.

Sam moved to the food counter to bring coffee for her and sandwich for Neil. Sid entered the canteen. By seeing the scowl on his face it was easy to say he had another fight with his parents. It was an week since dean called his parents and they come back from their business meetings. From then sid was snapping on all.

Sam came and sat between neil and arjun. sid was opposite to her. She asked” what’s the matter. Why are so grumpy early in the morning?”

Sid just sat quiet without giving an answer. Sam shook her head and continue drinking coffee. After sometime amrit came along with naina. Alex and victor were walking behind them. Naina waved her hand to sam while entering the canteen. Sam waved back seeing this. Arjun, Neil and Sid glanced and saw the group but nick and radhika were absent.

They just continued doing their work. But alex and amrit were in a very good mood. So when they sanju coming into canteen and making her way to the table where her friends were seated. Alex moved around and started irritating her. That was enough for sid to lash out his anger. Arjun and Neil went to the spot and tried to tackle the issue. But the verbal fight was getting more dangerous and now it turned into fist fight. A fist launched at alex from sid. And hell bound loose. They were cursing, beating, punching each other. Nick arrived at the same time and he noticed the fight.

He pushed alex aside grumbling and asked him what was that all about. Amrit who was now standing aside moved to arjun and tried hard to make him agree on a fight. But he had no such luck. But sid agreed for it. Nick and Arjun were against this. Neil was trying to drag Sid out but it was impossible. Atlast after a lot of shouting and cursing they agreed for a race.

Amrit” ok. But not you sid. We all know that you are a racer and it would be unfair to us.”

Sid growled at him and tried to jump. But neil was holding him tight. Radhika entered and now stood beside nick who was busy in making alex calm.

Sam” so what do you want?” clipped in an angry tone. She was fuming,” first they started fight and now they had the nerve to talk about fair decisions.“ she thought to herself.

Sanju was trying to distract arjun because she knew what amrit was trying to do. He hold a strong grudge on arjun for long time. And this time he was turning the small fight into his benefit. But she couldn’t let that happen.

Sid” so what do you want? Ask directly and be fast.”

Amrit smirked “ so it would be a race between alex and arjun.”

Sanju “ I knew it. That idiot was trying to do something like this.” She mumble dto herself. Sam agreed with her and screamed NO. But amrit was not letting go this opportunity. And tried to irritate more” ohh. The great arjun mehra is now afraid and want girls support.”

That’s it. Sid and Neil agreed in an instant. Arjun was contemplating on the issue. He was not used to all these silly fights. But now it was completely different. He can say no and move out without any problem. But he gazed at radhika one more time and said yes.

Amrit and alex smirked at themselves knowing it was a great opportunity. Arjun spoke again “ but I have a condition. When I win I can ask anything and you have no say in it and cannot back off then.”

Amrit” when. Wow. So confident are we? Fine. Whatever you wish it is all yours.” in a teasing and mocking tone.

Arjun shook his head and said” not you amrit. I want word from nick, The Nikhil Sharma.”

Nick narrowed his eyes at arjun. He could see something flash in arjun’s eyes. He was so confident and nick has a feeling whatever he was going to ask would be something very big. He immediately asked to cancel the race and deal. Victor who arrived sometime before was with nick. He too opposed the race. But amrit and alex were determined. They convinced nick and the race was set.

Amrit “ but what will we get if we win. Its ok if you don’t want to tell your winning prize but I want to know our winning price.”smirking at him.

“And please let it be something worth of. Something expensive.”amrit continued and alex chuckled.

Arjun sighed “ fine then. Your winning price would be my latest car. Aventador.”

Gasps filled the room. Sid and Neil grunted listening to it and shouted” what ?”

They couldn’t believe what they heard. It was a gift from aarav and he didn’t even give it to sid and neil. But here he was betting on it. That was impossible for them to hear and believe.

Amrit with a shocked look asked” are you sure? And you wouldn’t backoff .”

Arjun chuckled at their state and said “ yes. I’m very sure. Well come out of your shocked state for now. There will be more surprises after the race.”

He turned to nick “ be ready my friend. Sharp 7. Park street beside our uni” Smirking he moved out of the canteen.

Neil and sid were completely baffled by the news. They couldn’t digest it. They were now seated in sobha mansion. Sam and sanju stood at the window watching outside. They were sitting straight opposite to neil and sid who were now on sofa in deep thoughts. They wore identical frowns and time and again they would watch arjun who was busy playing games in his mobile who sat on the recliner.

Sam and sanju found it so childish. They were behaving like kids. Aarav entered the house and soon was tackled by neil and sid.

“ uncle did you hear what arjun did?”
“ he had gone insane”
“ please make him understand.”

Aarav couldn’t understand what they were rambling. He turned his gaze to his son who was chuckling with out raising his head from his phone. Sam and sanju came and filled him with the details.

“ so what. It is great.” Aarav enthusiastically said.

“ what? Uncle are you really supporting him in this.” Neil asked.

Aarav just nooded his head. Saying all the best to his son walked to the stairs.

Sam had enough of their tantrums. They were behaving like kids whose candy was about to be stolen. “ what is the problem with you two. You were screaming with joy when arjun said yes to race.”

Sid” yes. We were happy because we know he will win that. The loosers don’t know about him.”

Sanju” but what happened now?” in a irritated voice.

Neil” But Aventador. I was planning a lond drive with sam in it this weekend.”

Sid” and that idiot didn’t give the car once for a single test drive to me.”

Arjun laughed hard after listening to them. Neil took a pillow from the couch and threw it over him which arjun easily caught.

Sam “ so what? He didn’t loose the race. It has not even started. And neil we can take any other car.” In a sweet voice and gave neil a sweet smile.

But her smile soon vanished when she saw neil scowling at her. Neil “ No way. I had planned the whole trip and you are saying other car. “

Sanju “ ok fine. Lets go to the spot now. It is time. We have to move now. “

Neil and sid mumbled” no way we are coming. And no way the car is going with you.” They turned to arjun and said in a serious voice.

Sam and sanju sighed. Sam “ do whatever you want. Sanju and I are going now. Arjun come fast.”

Arjun nodded his head. Sam and sanju got out of the mansion and drove in sam’s car. Arjun turned to neil and sid and said“ so my dear brothers. Come fast. I need you there to support me.”in a soft tone. He turned around.

Neil shouted” this is emotional blackmail.” Moving to the front door they saw the car parked on the drive way and arjun was leaning on it with keys in his hand.

He threw the keys to them. Sid caught and they both jumped into the car and drove away while arjun drove his racing bike.
Radhika and Naina were standing in the parking lot. Naina was waiting for amrit and asked radz to give her company. They were waiting for him for sometime. Neil and sid arrived in the aventador and all eyes were glued to it. It was a shiny red car. They were drooling over the car. Boys were happy to get a little sight of it. Alex was standing confidently staring at the car. Sid parked the car and both moved out of the car when the spotted sam and sanju. Both the girls came towards the car knowing the idiots were not going to leave it even for a second now. They were glued to it, pressing their backs to the hood of the car. Poor car.

Amrit arrived and he took naina’s hand. Naina and amrit moved inside while radhika was behind them. Arjun who had parked his bike in the field was coming out. They collided with each other. Radz closed her eyes in anticipation and expecting to fall on the ground. Arjun placed both his hands around her waist and was staring at her face lovingly.

Radhika opened her eyes and saw a pair of deep black orbs staring at her. She suddenly felt self conscious. She wriggled from his hold. Arjun loosened and made her stand straight. While radhika took step forward, arjun stopped her by placing his hand. Radhika looked up staring at him.

Again a blank expression. Arjun had now vowed he will change his radhika. He leaned forward and spoke huskily in her ear” can you wish me luck? My love.” The last words were whispered low in intention of making her not to hear them.

Radhika stared at him understanding what he was saying. But their staring competition was interrupted by a call. Nick was calling radhika. Arjun sighed. Radhika turned around to leave. After walking some steps she said” all the best.” Over her shoulder without seeing his face.

Arjun grinned and made his way to the field. He wore his black jacket and helmet. He turned around to see his friends were cheering for him. He exhaled a deep breath. Glancing towards radhika he sat on his bike.

The race started and cheers erupted. Soon the black fog appeared from the engine making the sand raise high from the ground. Both of them were fast and competing with all they have. But at the end arjun won the race.

On arriving the start line, he removed his helmet and raked his fingers in his hair. Neil and sid were jumping as they won and the car will be with them. Sam and sanju lunged on arjun, pulling him into a hug.

Arjun grinned at them. Amrit and alex were grumbling, grunting like wild animals by the defeat. They couldn’t understand how they lost the race. But arjun gave them no time. He moved to nick and said” so can I claim what is mine now.”

Nick couldn’t understand the underlying meaning behind the words. He was sure arjun was upto something. But he had won the race and now they cannot back off. He nodded.

Arjun pulled radhika’s hand who was standing behind nick and announced” from now on radhika is my girlfriend.”

Everyone standing in the field, shouted” what ?” All wore confused expressions.

Nick shouted” what the hell arjun? “ and tried to free radhika’s hand from him. But arjun held it tight but without harming her. Radhika was just staring, moving her head in between arjun and nick.

Amrit who came forward to punch arjun was now stopped by sid who had clutched his fist hardly. Sanju and sam were shocked listening to it. They couldn’t believe what they heard. They pinched themselves, and when pain smeared they came out of trance and noticed it was not a dream but real. Arjun was asking a girl to be his girlfriend.

Sanju wore a knowing smile at this. Sam turned to sanju, she nodded her head and both grinned like idiots. They moved forward, stood beside arjun and said” what nick? How can you back off now. We won the race. So we are taking our price.”

Nick growled “ but radhika is not a price. She is not a possession.”

Sanju “ when did we say she is possession. Arjun is asking her to be his girlfriend. We are not claiming her. “ clipped in a serious tone. Now nick turned to sanju and they both were glaring at each other.

Neil sighed” yes she is right. You cannot backoff now. “

Naina” excuse me. How can you just say like that. Has anyone asked radhika.”and stood beside radz tugging at her left hand. Arjun was no way in mood to leave her hand. He was holding it as his life is dependent on it.

Nick “ arjun leave her hand now. Else there would be deadly consequences.”

Arjun shook his head like a kid and tugged hard. Radhika came forward and he put his arm around her waist possessively. “ no way I’m leaving her now. “

Radhika stared at arjun. she was completely baffled on the happenings. How a stupid race turned like this. It was beyond her. Now she was not in mind to even decide or actually say anything.

Sanju and sam were fighting with nick and naina. They just wanted arjun’s happiness. They understand something was there behind all these. But it was not the time to think. They just wanted to get radhika to their side now.

Neil and sid were exchanging looks with each other. They were confuse, shocked, worried. But now that sanju and sam were not going back they have no way other than supporting arjun.

Neil” OK. Fine. Radhika will be arjun’s girlfriend for next 1 month. And it is final decision. You have already agreed to it and now you cannot backoff. And it si just a month. So lets leave it there.”

Nick shouted NO. sanju mumbled “ whatever”glaring at nick and continued “ we agree to this 1 month.”

Arjun was grinning like a idiot watching radz. He was least bothered at his surroundings when radz was standing beside him in his arms. Radz was giving her infamous blank face again but now eyes were flickering with some emotions. This was all he wanted. Now there is no going back.

Arjun “ I agree.”

Nick “ the hell you agree. I don’t agree to .”

Arjun turned to him and said” nick you know me. I won’t do any wrong thing.”
After a lot of bantering, shouting, screaming their lungs out and some puches here and there. Nick turned to radhika and saw she was throwing daggers at all of them. It was a complete new thing for him. He has never seen radhika showing any emotion, at how much bad the situation was. May be it is for her betterness.

Nick nodded his head closing his eyes. Arjun hugged radhika tight who was standing beside him. Radz now came out of trance and pushed him” what ?”. She turned to nick who was staring at them. He nodded his head at her and radz couldn’t say anything. She stood there speechless. Nick who didn’t allow any other male species to her was now agreeing with this. But she trusted him. He was very over protective towards her. She live in their house as her father was busy and always in other countries.

Arjun now sat on his one knee infront of radhika and asked “ would you like to be my girlfriend?” neil and sid rolled their eyes. After all the chaos, that idiot was showing chivalry. Arjun was in deep trouble now. He has so many questions to answer. Sam and sanju giggled seeing this. Radhika nodded her head and arjun stood pulling her into a tight hug mubling thank you. Thank you so much.

Ufffff. Lol. Finally the chap ended. so I’m now more nervous. I hope it was good. Please give your reviews and comments. I won’t blabber today. I’m curious to know your views on it.


P.S:::: Special dedications. 1) Happy birthday kavita aunty. Wish you get all the happiness and strength to handle your sweet little daughter. (this is my sweet sis, junior and friend’s mom ) happy birthday.
2)happy wedding anniversary to MR. and MRs. Ramesh. Wish you live many happy and joyful years together and support each other.
3) Congratulations to dear dev bhaiyya and niharika bhabhi on receiving their lovely and precious gift. Their diya.

I think update was less and dedications were more. Lol. What to do. It happens attimes. And I’m so happy for all of them. Wish you all the best. Signing off your’s manha.

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