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MMZ- Legally Yours – Prologue

Manmarziyan : Legally Yours

Hello people!!! How have you been???
Here is the prologue of my new ff as promised…..chapter 1 and PP epilogue after 30th.


I am back with another ff…..this time mixing law with friendship and love…

The characters remain the same as always 
Arjun mehra – a senior lawyer at the famous law firm, Legal Ease. He is shrewd strategist, a top notch lawyer with contacts spread in all branches. An orphan, had little in the name of family…..doesnt grow close to anyone easily, isn’t really friendly….absolutely ruthless when comes to cases. For him, Business means business. He had the power to make the defence pee in their pants with one look and one word. Arjun could go to any length to win a case. Each step he takes is calculate, not once but numerous times…..all his life and decisions revolve around his brains and none around his heart. Associates and Pro Bonas were not his thing. He along with neil had the ability to turn the cases deemed lost by the entire industry into famous victory stories.

Neil Malhotra – a senior lawyer and manager at the same firm, arjun’s best friend.
Neil is an excellent negotiator, shrewd strategist, amazing planner and had the defence worried just by his name, had a splendid record of maximum wins…soft and caring for a selected few, ruthless when comes to business. He was more friendly and calm than Arjun…..neil had the ability to not lose his calm even In the most dreaded situations.

Arjun and Neil were the bosses at the firm’s india branch.

Samaira Khanna – The best paralegal at the same firm, buddies with Arjun and neil.
A beauty with brains….has used her charm numerous times to help neil and Arjun……has a memory verging on eidetic with ability to find the most complicated references and case IDs in a matter of minutes. Absolutely brilliant at Finding loopholes in various laws, torts and contracts.

Radhika Mishra – a new recruit, Arjun’s prodigy…his associate. A bubbly, cheerful girl, friendly with everyone……hardworking.. Thinks with her heart. Has extreme potential. Happy go lucky sort of a girl….doesnt think twice before speaking anything.

Will provide the background story of other secondary characters as they come up.


Arjun hissed angrily, he glared at Radhika with intense eyes, towering on her, “I gave you one job, to keep Mrs. Pearson busy till I come….but hell no! The great Ms. Mishra couldn’t keep shut and discussed the entire case with her. And now that she knows the entire strategy inside out, how the hell am I going to negotiate with her? Why do you keep forgetting you are just an associate?”
He banged his hand on the wall. He let out a curse.
Radhika trembled in fear.

Just then the door of arjun’s cabin opened, Neil entered as cool as a cucumber, as if unaffected by the entire turmoil affecting the biggest stakeholder, he removed his blazer and threw it on the black office couch….taking a chair, he gulped down some water. Neil looked at Arjun, full of anger and then turned his gaze to his prodigy, Radhika.
He often wondered what made Arjun choose somebody like her as his associate, she was nothing alike him. If in the world of law, he was a roaring tiger, she was trembling rabbit. Moreover, she had no prowess to make it to the top.

For neil, something about her was different, her world was completely opposite to neil’s but yet, he found a strange solace in her. She calmed him, she made his heart happy. It was weird, neil never connected like that with anybody. He felt that his soul had surrendered to her. Before meeting her, he never even felt that he had a soul.

His heart ached to see her trembling, to see Arjun shouting on her. Why couldn’t the god damn man see that she was scared?
All he wanted more than anything was to pull her up in arms, embrace her tight and to protect her from the entire world. Neil mentally facepalmed himself. What was this girl doing to him? How could one look in her big brown orbs made all his barriers, his walls fall down? Who was she to him? How could she possibly grow so close to his soul in a few days when anyone else couldn’t in years?

His throat convulsed. It wasn’t the right time for all these thoughts.

Neil forced a smile, it didn’t reach his eyes, “congratulate me.”
Arjun frowned. He was already pissed off, considering the case they were on the verge of losing, just because of the stupid associate of his and neil was so not helping. he asked irritably, “why?”

Neil spoke straight forwardly, “just got off phone with Mrs. Pearson, and convinced her to sign the deal on our terms.” Saying so he loosened his tie.

Arjun was relieved. He crashed on his chair, gulped down an entire glass of water. He looked with steely eyes at Radhika, “see? Neil had to clear the unnecessary mess you made.”

Arjun turned his attention at neil, “thanks man, you bailed me out of a tight spot. I owe you one.”

Neil looked at Arjun, with no emotions reflecting on his face, “How about now?”

Arjun, “sure…anything you want..”

Neil had a strange calmness in his eyes, they had a strange twinkle, sparkle like never before, his lips curled up in mocking smile, his eyes shining sardonically, “Her.” He said, jerking his thumb in Radhika’s direction.
For those of you, who don’t know.
Pro Bonas are few occasional cases, involving public interest which any big law firm fights for free. It is basically a charity activity to publicize itself.
So, how was it? Is it boring?
Please let me know…..i’ll continue if you want me to.
Silent readers please do comment, your reviews matter a lot.

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