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MMZ- Legally Yours – Chapter 1

Legally Yours
Chapter 1

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Samaira crashed on a chair. She sighed. How stubborn can he be?
She knew she was fighting a lost battle but nevertheless, went on. She tried to make Arjun see the iron clad logic, “Arjun, since you have become a senior partner now. You need to have an associate. It is the company rule. And you know, you can’t bend your way around it.”

Arjun sat on his king size chair, his lips curled up in a smirk, “Sammy, you have absolutely no idea. What I can bend my way around.”

Sam rolled her eyes, “what is the problem in having a associate?”

Arjun sighed, there wasn’t any escaping this time. Sam was hell bent on his keeping an associate.
“okay….sam, they are like unnecessary additional baggage. You don’t need them then why keep them? Its like you are responsible for your associate. What if mine screws up big?”

“they aren’t unnecessary baggage. They are useful and you know it. See, neil has an associate. I have one. They do all the background and base research and by the time the file comes to you, half the work is already done. They are taking instructions from you, so they don’t usually screw up and even if they do it is nothing which can’t be managed.”

Arjun was about to retort when neil suddenly opened the door. He looked at sam and she gave a little nod.

Neil sighed, “end of this associate discussion. Sam, there isn’t any point in explaining him.”

He pushed a file towards Arjun, “I already have taken the interviews and have hired an associate for you. This law graduate is the best. You don’t have any option. This file contains all the background data and information about your associate.” Neil was careful to use the gender neutral term law graduate. He definitely didn’t want to be in the same room as Arjun when he finds out that his selected associate is a girl.

Neil looked at sam and spoke professionally, “come with me. I want to discuss Miss. Andrew’s case with you.”

Sam was about to say something but neil winked at her. Sam understood and kept shut. She followed him out.
“what Andrew? You aren’t handling any such case. Neither am i.”

Neil chuckled, “be thankful Sammy, the associate for Arjun is a girl. You’ll know why I pulled you out in exactly five minutes. When Arjun comes out in a murderous rage asking everyone about my whereabouts. Okay, I need to rush. Bye.” Saying so, neil half walked half ran out of the building. Sam stood staring at his fast disappearing form, surprised at their behaviour. These two were easily the best in courtrooms and negotiation tables, mature, young, diplomatic lawyers. But once outside, they start behaving like kids.

Arjun sighed sadly and gulped down a glass of water. He looked at the file and closed his eyes. His hand traced the corners of the file. He opened his eyes with visible effort. What is wrong with you? Why the hell are you thinking so much? Its just another employee like the other 235, you have in here. Then, why so much over drama…..arjun….arjun, with all this drama of yours. you could have easily bagged the role of the troubled daughter in law in any hindi serial, had you tried. And sam, would be the perfect mother in law. He chuckled at his own thoughts. He opened the file. His eyes ready to pop out of his eyes, “Radhika Mishra”…..what???!!!!! Neil!!!!!! How does this guy even different ways each time to trouble me…..i swear, he is dead meat now.

True enough, just as neil had said. Arjun came out angry as a bull, hunting him down.

Sam’s stomach ached with laughter as she watched the scene before her. Arjun, the intelligent idiot was even looking in drawers as if neil was some pen.
The next morning, brought a new sunshine, a freedom as a girl in her early twenties rolled in bed, curling up even further in her bed spread. She finally, yawned and frowned at her alarm clock as it screamed in the most unpleasant cacophony ever. She hated mornings, but this day was different. It was her first day….first day at legal ease! Her dream job. She smiled. Five years of studying law, finally paid fruit.

She smiled to herself. She jumped out of bed. And pressed a button. Her music system blasted with her morning playlist as she went to get dressed.

She came out, all ready. Crisp, looking every bit a lawyer. Black and white. Heels. The classic look. She flashed a smile at mirror, all ready to impress.

While Arjun got dressed hurriedly, still trying neil’s number. He hadn’t been able to catch hold of him since he dropped the bomb at him.

Neil rejected his call.He smirked. Fine. Don’t answer. I have ways to get my thing done. You wont agree. But what would you do if the associate herself doesn’t want to stay?
He bowed a little in front of the mirror.
“Radhika mishra, I know it isn’t your fault. But what to do? I could pretend I care….but why? I just don’t.” he whispered.
“nice name though, Radhika.” He silently added.

Finally!!! Finally!! I got started….this was stuck In my head for so so long.

I know, it’s a short episode….like one third the usual length of my writing. But I really wanted to post. I had been procrastinating for so long. You know, its always the case with me……once, I am done with the beginning, its like the main issue out of the way. The rest, I can write comfortably. I was halfway through. Just made some changes and this was end product.

Please let me know, in case of any changes or suggestions.

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