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MMZ – Darkness Bends To Light (SS – Part 6)

That was an amazing response i have got from all of you. Thank you so much my dears. Yeah..kushi is too cute and she will be the cupid to get Ardhika one. But how?

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Here is the next episode,



Next morning, Radhika wakes up and finds Kushi is sleeping by hugging and keeping her head on her chest. Radhika smiles seeing her and tries to get up but Kushi cuddling her more and more. She kept quiet for sometime and after that she starts blowing a soft breeze on her face and kushi slowly moves her position and loosens her grip on radhika which makes her to wake up from the bed without disturbing her. She covers kushi with a blanket and goes to washroom to get refreshen up.

Then she comes out with a lot of effort and stands at the top of the stairs thinking how to get down…then she slowly puts her legs carefully on each steps…After a few secs, before she realise what is happening, she is in the strong arms of a handsome man Arjun, who stares her angrily shouting at her for descending the stairs alone. He did not give chance for her to speak and continues scolding her. At one point she couldn’t hear his tantrums and immediately closes his mouth by her hands saying, “Just give a break for god sake…let me answer you”

Arjun is surprised by her act and lost himself in starring her. Rads is about to say something but stops sensing his gaze on her and the duo have a cute and very intense eye lock. It lasts for around few mins and it could have been more also but that was disturbed by a jealousy voice comes from the entrance.

Ardhika comes to sense and both stares the entrance and finds a person standing at the door step with full rage. Radhika has a confusion look at her “who it can be” and Arjun has a irritation look “Why she is here?”

Radhika again tries to get down from his arms, but Arjun tightens his grip on her and descends down the stairs and calls one servant to make her sit in the hall.

The girl who wears short dress, stares them furiously, her eyes follows where Arjun is going but Arjun not even give a damn look at her.


Arjun puts radhika in her bed and warns her not to walk without anyone’s help…she tries to refuse it but he strictly warns her not to. He locks her room door and comes out to hall where in the girl is seated with full angry. He sits opposite to her and asks, “So, what’s the reason for ur visit here?”

Girl, “Arjun…you did not even ask me how am i? Atleast for a courtesy?”

Arjun, “I don’t have time for all those nonsense talks. Tell me quickly about your visit here”

Girl’s disappointment clearly shown in her face but somehow she hides it and gives a sheepish smile saying, “What are you talking Arjun? This is my house too and y i should have any reason to visit here?”

Arjun raises his hand to stop, “Correction..this house never been yours…now tell me the reason fastly? i will not ask again”

Girl, “No spl reason…i came from US yesterday and thought of meeting you…thought you will be missing me all these days na..just to give surprise to you i came here”

Arjun sighs and says, “Listen Tanu”

Tanu, “Wow…that’s enough arjun…you remember me… i know..i will be the person who sticks in your heart still. I am so happy to hear my name from your mouth”

Arjun rubs his forehead saying, “Just shut up and listen me…there is nothing as such per your assumption here. I completely forgot about you and living my life happily.”

Tanu’s face gets pale hearing it and becomes furious but she changed her reaction immediately when she hears a cute sweet voice from the stairs.

Kushi gets up from her sleep and brushing her eyes with her both hands and coming down in the stairs calling, Good Morning Papa”

Arjun looks at her and immediately goes and lifts her says, “Good morning my darling” by kissing her cheeks.

Kushi the first question she asked is, “Papa…where is radhu?”

Arjun gets her down from the stairs and points her room and sends kushi also there. Tanu eyes her angrily and asks, “So still she is the reason for our seperation?”

Arjun gets rage at her and says in a cold tone, “Don’t dare to talk about my daughter..you lost all the rights standing infront of me and in this house. Just get out”

Tanu eyes him evily and rushes out from his house.

He sits on the sofa, leans back on his head and closes his eyes.


5 years back, Arjun has little kushi in his arms and sits in the center of his hall sadly. He Keeps remembering the words which Sam told him before they left it is still echoing in his ears, “Arjun….i am leaving Kushi with you..she is ur responsibility”. Arjun closes his eyes of unable to hear her words and tears are oozing from his eyes. Arjun’s manager attends all his calls and informing them not to disturb Arjun.

Tanu comes there rushingly with her father and worries seeing him crying. She goes to him and tries to consoling him and she too feels bad for Nesam’s murder and yes she too shared good bond with them but not so deep as Arnesam.

Tanus’ Father Mr.Kaushik speaks to manager about some details and sits beside Arjun. He compose him and says, “Arjun beta, I know it is not easy to forget whatever happened now. But we have to come out from this tragedy. Believe me , i will make everything set right.”

He calls manager and says, “Avinash, first check the best orphanage home in this city and get me the appointment for that. Do it right now”

Avinash looks at Arjun and hesitates to call and kaushik insists him to call but Arjun interrupts, “Uncle…y u need to talk to Orphanage?”

Kaushik, “We need to right, then how come we gonna manage this baby?”

Arjun looks at Kushi who is sleeping peacefully in his arms as if that is the safest place for her in this world and then he looks at him confusingly and says, “Say it clearly” in a very stern voice.

Kaushik looks at Tanu and she signs him to proceed, “We decide to give Kushi to the orphanage home, so that they can manage her well”

Arjun’s way of looking at him is changed and his grip on kushi gets more strong than before and he says, “Who decided?”

Tanu senses the serious in his tone and holds his shoulder as if like hugging him sidely, “It’s for our betterment only Arjun. We are not yet married and once we get married also…how can we manage her?”

Arjun still looks at her in confused state and she continues seeing his reaction, “Arjun..don’t mistaken me. It is a common feeling every girl has. I am not an exceptional in this case. If she is with us after marriage also means…i could not even imagine that…that’s not possible with me…so what i think is better leave her in any orphanage..if u want we can go there once in a while and visit her. That’s all i can do and now you have to decide whom you want…and you have to accept my decision if am important for you”

Arjun gets up from his seat and walks towards the center of the hall and looks at her saying, “It’s time for you both to leave. You may go..not now..forever”

Tanu gets panicked and moves to him, she tries to hold his hand but before that he moves back saying, “I never consider you as more important than my Neil & Sam. I got your relation just becoz my father was friend with your dad. But Nesam is MY OWN FRIENDS…you never can stand with them equally in my life. Now listen…Kushi is my daughter…i don’t need anyone’s help to raise my daughter. NOW JUST GET OUT”

He turns to Avinash, “Avi, make sure to clean this place after they leave” he immediately rushes to his room and puts kushi in his bed without disturbing her sleep and he too lies beside her and continues starring her with love. Kushi changes her position and turns towards arjun and cuddling more into in his chest…her hands hits his face slightly…he smiles seeing her…pecks her forehead and pats her softly.


@ Present

Arjun gets disturbed by Avinash his manager so early in the morning..informs his meetings and appointments for today. He looks at Radhika’s closed door and nods him to arrange the meeting.

Arjun gets up to go and get ready but stops hearing giggling sound from the locked door and he too smiles unknowingly hearing them. He gets ready and comes down for breakfast and finds Rashi is waiting for him in the dining table..he is surprised but at the same time he stares radhika and asks, “Why you walked when i already warned you?”. Radhika takes a stick under the table and shows him saying, “When this stick is with me, then there is no point for me to stick with you”. she winks at kushi and both smirks…Arjun also joins with them and the trio has nice time in having their food. Arjun feels so relax leaving kushi under Radhika’s surveillance but still he is nervous thinking that radhika does not know anything about kushi. He informs his security guards to keep an eye on them if they again tries to go out. He leaves to his office after checking everything and promises kushi that he will come back soon.

Radhika makes kushi sit for education in the morning..it goes on for 3 hours where in kushi often takes break inbetween to escape from studies..somehow radhika makes her to sit and finishes her home work. Then they both walks into garden and kushi enjoys playing there. Rads sits in the table and admires kushi playing with the Doves & Pigeons there…and suddenly she gets some thought about kushi’s mother.

At that time, a maid comes there with snacks for kushi and hands over the plate to Radhika and is about to move. Rads stops her and asks about Kushi..since she is working there for some years…radhika thought to ask about her.

Rads, “Shanti di, can i ask you one thing?”

Maid, “Yes…”

Rads, “I never heard Arjun sir is talking about his wife..i mean kushi’s mom”

Maid gives her a faint smile saying, “You ask him only..he will answer you”

Rads, “But y u can’t answer me?”

Maid, “I can say about Kushi’s mom…but not about Arjun sir’s wife”

Rads gets puzzled and is about to ask some more but before that maid goes inside since some one is calling her. Rads gets into thoughts thinking about the maid’s words.

Suddenly she hears the scream of Kushi and gets panicked seeing her lying on the floor without conscious.

Rads screams her name and walks towards her with so much of difficult and starts patting her cheeks by chanting her name. She checks her body…no injuries but she is not opening her eyes. The security guards comes running to them and lifts kushi.

Kushi is seen lying in the bed, rads sits beside her and rubbing her forehead softly. Arjun rushes inside the room and chanting kushi’s name in panic. His pale face itself shows that how much he worries for her.

Rads calms him down saying, “Doctor already checked, she fainted coz of some shock it seems.”

Arjun confused, “Shock? What was that?”

Rads, “I don’t know, we were in our garden only and she was playing with the birds and suddenly she screamed and got fainted. I don’t know what she saw?”

Arjun immediately goes out and enquires to his guard and he gets to know something from him. Both headed towards the garden and the guard shows him one of the Pigeon lied on the floor lifelessly.

Arjun is shocked and takes the pigeon in his hand and checks it…it has a bullet mark on its body. He gets into thinking and calls Avinash.

Arjun, “Avi, check immediately about Saral’s whereabouts. I want to know all the details immediately”

Avi, “Sure sir…i will get it right away”

Arjun goes to kushi and sits beside her, he pecks her forehead and asks radhika, “Did you see anyone in our compound?”

Rads nodded as no and worries seeing his face, “Any problem sir?”

Arjun composes and says,”Nothing…but be careful from now on”

He leaves from there leaving her in confused state.

Avinash comes to Arjun and informs, “Sir, Bad news. Saral got released last week itself due to his good habits inside Jail and we are not getting any information about his whereabouts till now. But soon we will”

Arjun gets tensed and remembers his words before he goes to jail and to Avinash, “I want the complete details about him asap”


@ Arjun’s study room,

Rads comes there and stares him who lost in deep thoughts gets disturbed by Radhika and enquires about kushi. She nods positively.

Rads still stands at the same place which is noticed by Arjun. He comes to her and asks, “Do you need to ask anything?”

Rads nods and asks, “What is happening around Kushi? Now i am sensing something serious why u did not sending her out? And i never heard about Kushi’s mom..i mean your wife”

Arjun did not react anything and more over he expected this question from her after his reactions, he continues, “Yes you almost sensed correct. But its not necessary for you to know all these…ur main responsiblity is to take care of Kushi and her safety.”

Rads, “I am her caretaker right..then i should know about her completely. That day when we went to temple, that day also you over reacted”

Arjun, “Its not over reacted…i am panicked about her safety”

Rads, “For what? Who is trying to harm Kushi? I am getting mad thinking about all these”

Arjun some how smiles seeing her pout face and comes close to her saying, “Y u want to know everything today itself…Your small brain is not enough to save all the informations which you want to know. You will know when the day comes”

Rads moves little back and asks, “No way…i want to know about her Arjun sir…like you even i also got panicked seeing lying on the floor..what about your wife? Till now i did not ask anything about her…what happen to her?”

Arjun smirks, “My wife?”

Rads, “Haan..your wife..Kushi’s mom”

Arjun smiles thinking about her question and says, “I can say about Kushi’s mom…but not about my wife”

Rads, “Y so?”

Arjun, “Coz…there is no wife character in my life as such”

Rads is shocked and speechless hearing him. He continues telling her about Nesam, their marriage, the trio’s bonding and Saral’s merciless murder and his threatening to kushi. He tells everything in go and says, “ANd that’s y i am not allowing her outside and being over protective about her. She is the only symbol of my Nesam…i can’t allow anything to her”

He stops and looks at rads who is crying silently hearing his FB, he goes to her and says, “Hey..it’s ok..don’t cry..pls…”

To a sudden shock, she hugs him unknowingly after hearing his love for kushi which makes her melt towards him. Arjun did not expect this sudden hug and couldn’t react, his hands are hanging in the air and he looks at her. It happens for a fraction of seconds only, she frees herself from him and lowers her gaze down saying, “I am sorry…i over reacted. But i have to say..you are really great. Kushi is so lucky to have a father like you”. she leaves from there immediately without facing him.

Arjun stands at the same looks on her shockingly.

Precap: Rads goes to her Orphanage home and stays there for two days. Arshi gets restless thinking about Radhika. Arjun finds a loop whole behind the attack on Kushi.

So how is this chappy. Hope you all like it…comments pls.

And yes pls do comment on it….expecting eagerly.

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