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MMZ – Confidential — One Shot

Merhaba everyone… How are you all?? PEHCHANOO KAUN. ? ?

Well I’ve written this stand-alone shot based on the suggestion by Chandana, thank you so much dear for the suggestion… ?


Please ignore typos and grammatical errors… Happy reading… ?
Nice shot and CUT IT.’ Shouted the director from behind the camera.
Sam and Arjun took a sigh of relief as this scene was passed in a take. They were so nervous and also uncomfortable because the scene is a high-on proximate one.
Thank heavens Arjun, the shot was finalised in a take, or else I was thinking our director was going to take our lives for this scene.’
I agree Sam; finally our awkwardness wore off after this scene, isn’t it?’
Yeah right. How’s your life going?’
It’s awesome till date; I’ve so many beautiful people in my life. How can it be boring?’ said Arjun with a wink.
Well then it’s time for our selfie to post on Insta.’
They both took a selfie and posted it on Instagram. They were so happy to see the love from their fans. They laughed their heart out by reading comments like the people want them to be real life pair too. Why would they become a real life pair when they were just good friends in real? They didn’t gives hopes to any of their fans saying they are in relationship or something. They were sincere in their efforts and giving their best to look good on screen. Reel life proximity doesn’t always matter in real life. They were happy because they have got fans who love them to this extent and were positive when other actors were being bashed brutally for no reason at all.

It was a day of some award function; Arjun and Sam were nominated for two awards that are best pair and best actors and actress role. They were so happy to attend the function with the love of their life. Arjun attended the function with his wife Radhika who is a house wife and likes to keep herself in the shadows. Sam attended the function with love of her life Neil, they were engaged for a long time and waiting for the right time to get married, because they first want to have firm feet in their careers. That award event is the one where the world met Radhika and Neil for the first time. Anyone who takes a close look into Arjun and Sam’s eyes can find an ocean of love for their respective partners. The award function was a hit and became a lucky charm for both Arjun and Sam as they both won best actor and actress award along with best pair too. All the four that is Arjun, Radhika, Neil and Sam were so happy and they got a day off from their work to celebrate this victory. It’s a private party for only four of them at Arjun’s house. Radhika and Neil were given chef duty as they both are excellent cooks. Arjun and Sam were talking in the hall about anything and everything keeping aside all the electronic devices. They all feasted on the food made by Radhika and Neil like hungry wolves on the prowl. They were so happy with each other that they forgot the world; and the same world around them was conspiring against them at the very moment. After bidding their byes; Neil and Sam left to their place. Arjun is in a romantic mood and more to that it’s a holiday, he definitely took the advantage of the situation.
Next day Arjun and Sam reached the sets only to get weird looks from some people on the set, they didn’t understand a bit of what’s happening around them. They finished their shot and were relaxing in their respective rooms. They got the shocks of their lives that day only when they opened their insta accounts. The people who they thought to be their fans were accusing them of the treachery and calling them names. They even crossed their limits by calling Sam a sl*t and accused her to be pregnant with the director’s child. Some accused them for being disloyal to their partners by acting in cosy scenes. This is what they get to see after all the praises for their acting and getting the award for best pair!! Why are people so nut-headed that they were unable to distinguish reel life and real life?

“They say that we are disloyal to our partners- but what are they doing? Aren’t they supposed to support us after knowing about our real life partners? Instead they were accusing us of treachery. Treachery, what for? Because we both didn’t end up as real life partners like many others. Why and why people are like this? Why can’t they digest a simple thing that we both love our respective partners to the eternity and beyond?” thought Arjun.
Sam was unable to bear these insults from her so-called fans, so she took a half day leave and left to her place. Arjun dropped her and informed Neil and Radhika about the same. Both Neil and Radhika reached NeSam’s place as soon as they can. They were devastated to see Sam in such a vulnerable state. The girl who is chirpy and life of their parties lost the colour of her face. She is looking into oblivion where she can hear all those insults projected to her. Neil took her in his arms and consoled her by talking some soothing words. Radhika too tried her hand diverting Sam’s mind by talking about a new recipe she got to prepare in their next get together. None of their efforts were fruitful because Sam is no condition to listen to their soothing talks. Later that day Ardhika left to their house, Radhika thought to take some action on these things. As Neil said, this is a case of cyber bullying. He being a lawyer said that this is a punishable offense and the accused can be given a punishment of three years imprisonment with a fine. Radhika took Arjun’s phone and warned all the so-called loyal fans to keep their hands in control while typing such rude comments on any person from now on or else they are going to face cyber crime police, she also posted whatever Neil explained to her about cyber bullying in detail. She thought people will be wise enough to consider her request, but this time they commented on Sam’s body and tagged her in their posts. Now Radhika had had enough, she’s no way going to take insults against her friend cum soul sister. She along with Arjun, Neil and Sam filed a complaint against these people who were trying to defame Sam in every way possible. Cyber crime police took over this case and brought the accused to trial. They got the printouts of the comments these people made as evidence. This bold step of Radhika not only made other people to shut their mouths but also reduced the people poking their nose in their personal matters.
Sam said that she is in forever debt for Radhika but she being modest doesn’t accept any of these things and explained to Sam that these incidents should make her strong but not weak. Arjun is proud of his wife and very grateful to his parents because they were the ones who introduced this beautiful soul in his life. Neil is so happy to get back his life in full form.
This is how Arjun, Radhika, Neil and Sam overcame some of the obstacles of life. Radhika and Sam became perfect example to show people that two girls can lead their lives without a hint of jealousy in their lives.
Okay I think I took this case in a very fast forward notion. But I want the real life scenario in this way, so wrote my thoughts in this manner. The abuses projected to Sam in this shot were actually written for some other actresses in real; I thank my friends in helping me to know such people exist in real and can pass dirty comments on web. I’ve gone through myriad of emotions while writing this shot: Empathy for the girls who were projected to such rude comments; anger and pity for the abusers- anger for they can make such comments, pity for they were unable to look forward in their real lives and abusing other people for no reason.

And last but never the least thank you so much Chandana for suggesting this topic to me.

I can never ever go farther than idiot and stupid in scolding, seriously. And these people were abusing others in another level. Uff!!
Now keeping serious talks aside, please suggest me which story I need to write next: Misconceptions or Ahamica’s love story. I know I’m late for Ahamica’s love story, but I got this concept how to take forward Aham and Monica’s story. It will be funny and sweet, I guess. ? After Ahamica’s story in THWH series, there will be a succeeding shot in which we can see the trust quotient of all the characters in this series. Do let me know for sure.
NO chappals and tomatoes allowed because I’m in no mood to make a curry or match chappals with my dresses… ?

Do let me know your takes on this shot, waiting for your reviews. ?

Sayonara and have a nice day ahead… ?

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