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Mita dena har lamhe uske (promo)

Hello friends. Readers i know m doing mistakes. So Plz tell me were is mistakes. Or it is boring. Plz open mouth. By shuting it anything will not change.
… Ok . Yus did u all want helly face or swara only. I mean helly is playing other roll not swara’s. But paired with sanskar. Guys this is a promo.

Sence 1
san: swara m really really sorry. Plz forgive me.
Swa: sanskar its ok.
San: i love u .
Swa: i love u too.
Sanskar take her in arm.
Lights off.
Swasan make their love.

Sence 2
kavya: sanskar i wont leave u or ur swara nor ur baby
San give tight slap on her check.
San: dont dare to take name of swara or my childs name from ur darty mouth.
Kav: u have to pay for it.
San: lets see.

Scence 3
sanskar is driving car and swara is sitting beside him.
Suddenly A truck come from wrong side and crush with swasan car.

Scense 4
sanskar opens his eyes n find himself in hospital.
He sow his love lieing lifelessly.
A nurse bought baby to him.
Doc comes and tell: sorry mr. Maheswri your wife has least time nearly one month.

Sence 5
swara is doing plastic surgery.
After 1 week she open the bange from that persons face.
She gives her own face to that girl.
Gal:mam. Its ur fa
sw: swastika m giving my face to u for reason.
Swas: but money
sw: i dont want money just give me 5 promise.

Sence 5
swara is in sanskar embaress.
Suddenly her brething problem starts.
And her hand sliped from his hand and fell in ground.

I know promo is not so much big but what to do it is importante.
Promo will be truth after 15/19/20 near episodes.
Who wants swara die and Who wants swara leave alive?

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