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miracle or love?? episode 6

Hi guys imama here,,,
Next morning
Sanskar goes to swara’s room…and sees her sleeping peacefully… He really didn’t want to leave her ..but still he was having a surgery.. And kabir was also coming to hospital.. So he really need to go…he had already arranged a nurse for swara to be with her every time in his absence…
But before leaving he had to do the most important thing…he went back to his room…took out his mobile and called ragini…after two or three times she picked up the call…
Her voice was clearly showing that she just woke up from a deep sleep…
Sanskar:sorry to disturb..but I wanna talk about swara…
Ragini:(being desperate) swara..??what happened to her is she OK…??for God sake sanskar speak up is she ok …??did she harm herself or you…please don’t tell me she again attempted to suicide… Speak up dammit…why are silent…
Sanskar was just numb…only he could say was…”again attempted to suicide”
On the other side of phone..
Laksh spoke who has probably snatched mobile from ragini and was trying to know is swara OK or not….???
Laksh:(a little loudly) sanskar man…are you there..??
Sanskar:(coming back to senses)yeah….she is alright(laksh gets a sigh of relief).. I only wanted to ask about her husband… I mean if swara will live with him she will be…
Laksh:(interrupting)sanskar there is swara’s dairy in her bag…please go through that you will get your answers…I don’t know you wanna know about her or not but still you have to live with her for a week so please read it…at least you will not curse her for everything…
Sanskar:her dairy..??but me…???i think I will handle her…you just take care…bye..
Laksh:bye..(cuts the call)
As sanskar cuts the call he gets a call from hospital…he attends the call and says he is coming in 30:00 mins…
He goes to swara’s room to see her for a last time and leaves for hospital….he manages his surgery and kabir as well…
I m sorry guys for too short updates but u know its eid so doing masti with cousins…can’t get free…
I know many of you were disappoint with kiss sequence but you will know it soon…detailed..

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