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miracle or love?? episode 3

Hi guys imama here,,
Oh my God…like really…so much response from you guys thank you so much yr…I am not good one as I don’t reply on every one’s comment….but seriously your comments really means a lot and they encourage me

…I know my story is confusing but don’t worry it will be more confusing in future??… And many of you have complaint of short update but as you know Eid is coming so I m busy in preparation for Eid so after eid I will post long updates….and I will continue my ff LOVE IS NOT BLIND FOR SWASAN after Eid….so till then enjoy it…
It has been one week to aman’s death…


At 2:30a.m
Sanskar was sleeping in his apartment… It was a busy day for him…he was hell tired…suddenly his phone started to ring..his sleep was disturbed… Firstly he thought to ignore it but being a doctor…his profession didn’t allow him to do so…he in half sleep picked up the mobile which has again started to ring…he saw the caller id it was ragini…he was shocked to see her name…as he only met her four days ago on aman’s funeral…and even being friends it was a formal meeting so he without wasting more time attended the call…
Ragini:hello sanskar..I’m sorry to disturb you at this hour…but I need your help…
With her tone sanskar could imagine that something is really serious… His all sleep had flew away..
Sanskar:thats ok ragini…just tell me what happened..??are you OK??
Ragini:I m OK but can you do something for swara??please??
Sanskar on hearing swara being in trouble became restless… Why??(that he don’t know not even me)
Sanskar:what happened to swara??

Ragini:she is under arrest… She confessed to police that she murdered his son Aman singhania….
Sanskar was hell shocked to listen he hurriedly got up from bed and grabbed keys…and rushed towards car…
Sanskar:don’t worry I m on my way to P.S…he disconnected the call and started to drive towards P.S…
He remembers their first meeting….

10 years ago
It was a fine day….ragini and sanskar were good friends…ragini had a crush on the most handsome guy of clg of course yr sanskar…but for sanskar it was only friendship… Whole clg used to gossip about them that they are sharing a relationship but it all was gossip..no true was there…
Yesternight ragini informed sanskar that her sister is coming to visit us to L.A


$$ Actually swaragini’s were daughters of single mother…ragini her mother lived in L.A and swara in Mumbai with her grandparents(her mom’s parents) ragini and mishti wanted to swara with them but swara was a sensitive child and because of mishti being a working woman was not able to give her daughters her time…they just visited India and swara developed a good bonding with her grandparents and she decided to live in India…her grandparents brought her very well and she is a sanskari girl…while ragini is a bold fashionable modern girl just a western girl should be…$$
Swara was coming with ragini to clg as her mom instructed her…swaragini even living a far away shares a good sister bonding (OK let’s start swasan first meeting..)

Sanskar knew that ragini’s sister is coming with her so he arranged a good day for her…he has decided a tour around L.A and a lunch at his favourite restaurant… Well don’t be surprise..it was not some special treatment for swara…it was sanskar’s personality…he always took care of his friends and their family members…. Sanskar was waiting for swarag at gate…suddenly a car stopped a girl wearing a skirt and top(a descent attire) came out from driving side sanskar waved to her and goes to her…
Sanskar:(with smile)hi ragini gm…
Ragini:uffff its not a good morning (irritated)
Sanskar:what happened…??every thing is OK na..(concerned)
Ragini:(making faces)nothing is OK…I m ruined yr…everything is finished… I will die today…its all ended…my all reputation…my hard work to maintain a image…ahhhh I will lost everything today…(does a lot drama)
Sanskar:drama queen..now end this drama…and tell what happened and where is your sister…what was her name..emmm swara…right??
Ragini:(showing fake anger)don’t take her name…due to her I m gonna lost everything today…
Sansakr shows her a irritating look to stop and tell him about swara…
Ragini:(making pout)OK fine ….devi g is sitting in car…
Sanskar again gives her and irritating look…
Sanskar:you are impossible ragini and goes towards the other side of car and opens the door and is SHOCKED to look….

OK done with this too…now my challenge…
1.swara confessed she murdered aman…why??? Bcoz we all know how he died…
2.why was sanskar shocked and reason behind ragini’s drama…??
Think think think…

Do comments and plz tell me you guys a liking it or not

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