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miracle or love?? episode 15

Hi guys…please pray for imama she is still critical… Her surgery would be formed tonight…if it goes well…then we have hope…please pray for her life…

Coming to episode…
Sanskar looks at swara who is still sleeping…he goes to his room and places dairy in his cupboard. In mean time he received a call from hospital there was an emergency.he had to leave.he got ready after taking shower.

He was in no mood of having breakfast. He was about to leave.suddenly he heard some type of music. He thought for sometime and goes to music room.opens door and sees swara sitting there..
Sanskar:(in a low tone)swara..
Swara:(turns back)wo actually…I m sorry..I was just leaving.
Sanskar:no problem swara..you can stay here..BTW you had you bf…
Swara nodes in no silently..
Sanskar:ok so first have it..come..
Swara follows him silently as he proceeds towards kitchen.. They settled on dining table.sanskar asked his maid to make breakfast for swara and coffee for me..
They done with bf…sanskar was about to leave after giving some instructions about swara to nurse and his maid..when swara called out him..
Sanskar:(turning back)yes..
Swara:are you going to hospital??
Sanskar:yeah…don’t worry I will back in 4 hours..and you can go to music room…
Swara:(hesitantly) no……ac..tually…I just wanted…to say..(she stops)
Sanskar:its ok swara you can ask for anything…
Swara:actually… May I come with you please…
Sanskar:but swara…
Swara:(cutting his words)… Please I promise I will not bother you…I just wanna stay the place where my aman took his last breath…please
Sanskar was unable to say a no so he hesitantly agreed…

In car
Sanskar was driving silently while swara was looking outside blankly… Suddenly
Swara:you know doctor…Aman was really naughty…but he was intelligent and obedient child…he always respected his elders.always helped me out whenever I was tense.he was a gift to me from God.

Sanskar was continuously looking at her while she was looking outside… While talking about Aman there was a spark a strange shine in her eyes.
They soon reached hospital
@sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar:swara you stay here I will just back.if you would be needed anything just dial no.2 from intercom.
Swara:no doctor.. I mean I don’t wanna stay here.
Sanskar:but you yourself came here.
Swara:yes but I want to stay for a while in aman’s room..please.
Sanskar:but swara…you can’t.. Its icu and there might be some other patient..how can I allow you..
Swara:please doctor…I will just go for 10 mints..promise
He sees a lot of pain in her eyes but as well as there was hope…a hope for something which doesn’t exist anymore.. He took a glare of her then moved towards intercom.
Sanskar:(on intercom)nurse is ICU no. three free.??
Nurse:no sir actually yesternight a patient was shifted there…but ICU 4 is free..
Sanskar:who is in ICU.??
Nurse:there is 8 years old boy who was admitted yesterday..
Nurse:is there any problem sir??
Sanskar:no nothing… The preps of surgery are done. Which I am supposed to performed.
Nurse:yup surgery would start in 10 mints.
He hangs up…
Sanskar looks at swara who is looking at him with full hope..
Sanskar:(looking at case file)I m sorry swara..but you can’t go there.
Swara:(restlessly) but why??I promise I will not disturb the patient.
Sanskar:(emerge in file)but still you cant..
Swara:(almost shouting) why why I can’t go there?? Why everyone keeps me away from my Aman…
Sanskar could see clear hatred and anger in her eyes along with immense pain…he could clearly guess that anger was for him but hatred was for someone else…and he knew that this someone else is none other than sahil..
He goes closer to her and held her both hands into his hands..
Sanskar:(soothingly)swara please try to understand its not good to go there..you will only feel pain please don’t go there…
Swara falls on him trying to stop her tears…her face landed on his chest…her hands are still in his hands..
Swara:(with immense pain in her voice)please doctor I wanna be there…please.
Sanskar was not able to take it anymore so he just gave up… He left her hands and straights her up by holding her shoulder…
Sanskar:OK but only for 10 mints
Swara nodes with a bright spark in her eyes..
Episode ends..

I hope you guys like it.I tried to write it in imama’s style but I know I m not so good as her..so I m really sorry if its not good.
Keep praying for her

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