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miracle or love?? episode 11

Hi guys imama here…
Sanskar closes dairy and looks at swara…swara was having tension and fear on her face…she was moving restlessly in sleep ..he gets scared last night incident came in his mind…he hurriedly goes to her and sits besides her…but inspite of waking her up he slowly cares her head and whispers..

Sanskar:you know swara its all OK…you are with ragini,laksh sanji and raj…look you are all doing a lot of masti…ragini is teasing you for loving me without looking me…(he realize a slight smile on swara’s face) look she is teasing you by saying sanskar does not look hot..he is a nerd..a bookish person a boring personality.. He always advises like Dada ji…(he realize an angry pout on swara…he is AW struck to see her like this)he continues and says OK baba look ragini is saying sorry by holding ears…(he sees a calm expression on her face…and smiles looking at her…)while swara is again in deep sleep he goes back and sits on chair…he opens dairy and continue reading…


Oh my God..Oh my God..Oh my God..(sanskar could really feel her excitement but he was curious to know why she was so excited so he continues)partner you know what….I got my degree…now I m legally a psychiatric…I am so happy my dream got completed… You know what where am going before my practice.. Guess guess…what I should tell you…no no no am not gonna tell you…you know my all secrets…what if you spit them out…no one knows about my hidden feelings for sanskar..not even laksh…but u know na…so I have decided I will never tell you anything from now..its decided… Awww don’t make faces I was just joking…OK let me tell you…I m soooooooo happy…must be thinking why..??OK don’t think you know what I m going to meet mumma and ragu…yippyyyyy…OK OK you must be thinking that why I m soooooo excited as I meet them every year when they come India…but u also think na budhuuu..


I m going to L.A….yes yes now u got it right…I m going L.A…my sanskar’s city….to meet him…oh my God I can’t even handle my happiness…look my heart is beating so fast you can feel na….I wish he will also feel my heart….oh God what will I say to him what will we talk to him…will he like me…if he didn’t… (Sanskar realizes a drop on page which has now dried but still there…which is showing it must be her tear…he cares the page and continue) no no he will love me…he will love me na…?? Just think na i m psychiatric and he is about to complete his neurosurgeon course…we both deal with brains na so our heart will surely meet…I hope our heart will meet…of course they will meet… OK now enough of my talking I gotta go I have to do my packing… (Again the same line which was written under every page….Love you partner and to you too doctor)

Ok I agree its too short but there’s is emergency in family… And may be I will not able to update for two or three days…so bye for three days

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