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miracle or love?? episode 1

hi guys imama here…..

The top hospital of L.A is shown….. the best neurosurgeon Dr.Neil of city is performing the surgery of a 8 years old boy….Aman singhania….

Aman singhania who was admitted to the hospital two days back…he was having a head injury due to falling from stairs….Dr.Neil performed the surgery and he was stable but three hours ago his internal bleeding in brain started and he slipped into a come …an urgent surgery was needed to stop the bleeding… which was performing by Dr.Neil with his team and his most specialized assistant cum the 2nd most best neurosurgeon of the city…..Dr.sanskar
Dr.Neil :as told before the best neurosurgeon and a very rude person….it was his last surgery….he was leaving his profession after this and every one was hoping it to be successful…. everyone wished him before surgery but Dr.sanskar just smiled at him….
Dr.sanskar. the best neurosurgeon after Dr.Neil….a mature man…having his life.he was the only one in this world who was loved by Dr.Neil and who never saw his rude side….there was strange relation between Dr.Neil and Dr.sanskar…and they both were unaware that what is this….??
in OT

All the environment is tensed….the boy is laying unconsciously on the operation table with close eyes and open brain….Dr.Neil and Dr.sanskar both are leading the surgerical team….they all are doing their best…But suddenly Dr.sanskar noticed that Dr.Neil has done a mistake or should I say a sin…he cut off the wrong vein to stop the bleeding…..even he knew it that he has done blunder but both just kept quite and continue their work but could not continue it for a long because they had lost the surgery….Aman has lost his only life…and SWARA SINGHANIA lost her only child….

After realizing the bad happening Dr.Neil left the OT disheartened…his face was showing all his tensions very well…he left from there rapidly and locked himself into his cabin…everyone thought that its just because he was unsuccessful in his last surgery but Dr.sanskar knew it very well that its not losing its guilt….guilt of losing a life or should I say guilt of killing someone with own hands… It was his first and surely the last surgery where he lost a life….Dr.sanskar could imagine from what condition Dr.Neil is going through so he just decided to let him be alone for some time…because its not easy for anyone to digest the fact that due to his mistake a soul was taken away from a body…that too a life of 8 year old creature who just has started to understand the world…. Dr.sanskar was tense for Dr.Neil but he was unable to do anything for him…

So it was first epi…how’s it…OK let me ask
1.What Dr.Neil did….was it a mistake or sin???
2.Singhania….as you know I used this sir name for Aman and swara…was it also a sir name for sanskar…???if yes then why he was so calm after knowing Dr.Neil’s blunder.???and if no then how’s it a swasan story???
Think think think…

Guys I have decided that I will not be giving precap for this ff…at the end of each episode I will raise some questions… And want you guys to answer that and of course slowly with every next epi I Will answer the questions as story will proceed..but I want you guys to think about story…ok enough of my bak bak…

Please comment and tell me how’s it…you guys liked it or not…and should I continue…

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