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Meri Saasu Maa 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence and Ration Store
Pari’s father has come for collection of subsidised groceries, whn he spots bunty doing the work of a labourer. he is shocked. he calls up pari to tell him the same. she is shocked.

Later, at night, bunty comes, tired and exhausted, when maasa comes, and asks him to freshen up, as she shall lay out dinner. he says that he wishes to talk. he talks about the difference in the standard of pari and he himself, in academics. she asks him not to think like that, as every work is important. he says that he feels good he has her blessings but begs her not to tell this to pari. she complies. Later, at night, pari comes and applies oil on his calloused palms. he wakes up tensedly. Pari congratulates him galore for his job,

and says that he is very proud, and whatever he earns, she would manage the house well. he gets tensed and says that he couldnt be a good husband, and he shall be at peace only when he gets a good job, and takes care of her. he expresses the desire to learn english and mannerisms, and public speaking from her, while she is boggled. she readily agrees. he thanks her. they both smile. amidst goofups, and silly mistakes, bunty’s classes start by pari. he asks what shall be his reward if he studies well. he tries to flirt but she reprimands him. she makes him improve his handwriting, manners and personality.

Chhaya fumes and again reprimands, when maasa comes and hands kamlesh the salary, and asks him to continue working hard. he happily complies. then she starts cribbing as to how pari and bunty are getting all the profits. he asks her to shut up now, and asks her to be happy in what she has. she asks him to take a stand. he almost raises his hand enraged at her. he leaves. she fumes, and says that now she shall get back at each one of them. while Chaaya and preet fume as to ho kamlesh is being influenced by maasa, she starts talking in raised tones, about how a mother in the nearby community, stopped her son and his bahu to go abroad, and how she didnt let him succeed in life. maasa intervenes and asks what are they talking about. chaaya starts pointing out as to how even pari might resent her presence tomorrow. she denies this allegation, but is tensed thinking about it.

Pari comes in the room and finds bunty sleeping instead of studying. he wakes up, with a start, as she creates a noise. he starts making excuses, and maasa steps in to his rescue, while pari fumes at their ganging up and leaves. they comment on her strictness and are amused.

The next morning, Bunty and maasa both are ready to learn english from her. pari gives them a task. she leaves after giving them the work. they both get talking. maasa is tensed as bunty starts talking about roaming the world, affected by what she heard the earlier day. Later, in the factory, bunty comes and extends his help to pari. he starts talking about how he should help as a dutiful wife. she compleis. they both get to finishing te assignment together, while each eyes the other happily. he asks her to come along once the task is over. the ligghts go off, and they start treading in a candle, as they both engage in a romantic yet weird eyelock. bunty and pari both start feeling for each other, in their own special cute ways. She takes care of him, and tucks him properly, in bed.

The next morning, maasa is busy in the kitchen, when chaaya comes and finds her working. she comments that all the delicacies are bunty’s choice. he again starts taunting about the earlier incident, as to how she is doing all this, just to prevent their ire in old age. Kamelsh hears this from a distance. maasa leaves in frustration. kmlesh comes and reprimands chaaya, and asks her to get lost, and not come back, till he tells her to. she is aghast, and tries to speak. but he shuts her down.

As maasa, pari and kamlesh are tensed, bunty comes in distraught, and they assume the worst. she tries to give him solace, and make him accept that its all okay and he needs to continue trying. The screen freezes on pari’s smiling face.

Precap: Pari and bunty marry with all the rituals, while all celebrate and bless them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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