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Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-215

Hello guys as i told..this is new start of this fan fiction..and this time there will be three leads for ranveer…pls don’t mess up and ishaani is the main lead but side leads will be also there so pls adjust..so let me give clear sketch..

Ranveer: 16 yr old boy..who studies in college pre degree..He is young,cute boy..and he has friends

Raghul: He is also same age of ranveer..he is close friend of ranveer..He is always with him

Arjun: He is also friend of ranveer..

so this three Ranveer,raghul and arjun are the main leads and they are best friends..ranveer has three leads..

three stages of love story like premam movie..

Shivanya: She will be playing as female lead @ 16 yr age…opp to ranveer…

malar: she will be playing as female lead @ 22 yr age..opp to ranveer

Ishaani: she will be playing as female lead @ 28 yr age..opp to ranveer(Main lead)

anush:Father of shivanya

and rest of characters will be given intro..and this won’t be like premam movie..so don’t worry..little diff story..so let me start now..

The episode starts with Ranveer slowly moves his mobile camera and records video..of his friend smoking..raghul gets angry and tries to pick mobile but falls on arjun..He sees video and smiles…They three fight finally video gets deleted..

Ranveer: u escaped this time

raghul: i am clever

ranveer: u will get caught some day

arjun: he is sure

All three laughs….

Precap: They three walk in the bridge.. ranveer speaks about shivanya beauty..raghul and arjun tease him

how is it??This will be little funny..all upcoming epi..and i am 100% sure this is not premam copy..this is my own story and ishaani and ranveer only main leads..so be happy some days adjust with other leads..sorry..

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