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Mere Angne Mein 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sarla checking things in Shanti’s room. Pari comes and asks her what is she doing. Sarla asks her to keep an eye on everyone and she is finding money to secure her future. Pari asks for money. Sarla gives her 500rs. Pari says I will meet Preeti. Pari and Sarla check for special items that they can steal. Riya comes to Shanti’s room and asks what happened, are you finding something. Sarla says no, this is my mum’s house, I have come here and making room fine.

Kaushalya comes and Sarla tells her that Riya is blaming her. Riya says no, I was offering help to Sarla. Pari says you wanted to insult my mummy, she has more right on this house, she can do anything, everyone is jealous, come. Sarla says yes, they are jealous. Pari and Sarla go. Kaushalya asks Riya

why did you do this, you won’t say anything, let them do anything. Riya says its limit, everyone scolds me when I don’t do anything. Pari goes to Riya’s room. Nimmi asks for money. Kaushalya says I don’t have money, go and ask Sarla. Nimmi asks Sarla for money to buy gift. Sarla says just put 10rs in envelope and give, whats the need for gift.

Kaushalya says Shanti said we have to give something, envelope will look bad. Sarla says Raghav and Shivam don’t have jobs and Amma wants to give gifts, take this 10rs. Nimmi gets angry and taunts Sarla that you won’t become Dadi if you sit on swing. Dadi knows how much money to give at what time, Sarla does not know this. Sarla says stop nonsense, I will cut your tongue, if Nimmi crosses limit, I will also cross limit. Kaushalya says Nimmi is young, leave it, what about gift. Sarla says no one can dance on my head, I will give money for gift. She gives 150rs to Nimmi and scolds her. Sarla blames Kaushalya to make Nimmi insult her, Pari will get the gift. Riya looks on.

Nimmi says I will see what Pari gets and learn from her. Sarla says you have to learn, else you will not get food to eat. Kaushalya and Riya ask her not to say bad things. Sarla thinks to be alert, they are showing many expenses. Riya looks for anything to steal in Riya’s room and does not get anything. She checks Riya’s purse. Preeti comes and asks did you take anything, if Riya sees you, she will not leave you. Pari says you mean I have stolen something, I have hidden from everyone that you have a BF, I will never come here. Preeti says you are my best friend. Pari asks her to come for movie. Preeti says I don’t have money. Pari says I will buy tickets, come.

Preeti agrees and asks her to buy movie tickets. Kaushalya hears them and asks are they going to see movie. Preeti says yes, don’t say anyone. Kaushalya scolds them. Sarla asks what happened. Kaushalya says Pari and Preeti want to go for movie. Sarla says no one will go to see movie. Pari says I don’t like this about Kaushalya, we are young people and have wishes, Shanti would have given me money for movie ticket and popcorn too. Kaushalya says fine, let Shanti come.

Kaushalya checks the kirana boxes and worries. Riya asks Kaushalya not to worry, bad time will pass. Kaushalya says how, Shivam is not ready to do govt job. Riya says Shivam has changed, he is getting much angry, he lost job by his anger, he fought with his boss. Kaushalya says he was not like this before, you should have explained him. Riya says its tough to explain him, he does not listen anything in anger, if you think he changed because of me, I promise I will make him like before. Kaushalya says its your duty to show him right path. They cry.

Kaushalya goes to room and thinks how to manage expenses, there are many bills to pay, how will I manage all this. She stops the fan and says first we have to use electricity by thinking. she prays that bad time passes soon.

Kaushalya asks Ashok to come and stay with Sarla in Shanti sadan, as Nirmala is at their house. Sarla and Ashok get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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