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Mere Angne Mein 4th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sarla and Pari coming to Shanti Sadan. Sarla says I was too busy and still came here to sort the problems in your house. Kaushalya says yes, you already had many problems. Sarla thinks does Kaushalya know about Nirmala, no she can’t know, she is a cow. Kaushalya says I got to know that day. Sarla says it happened because of you. Kaushalya thinks if Sarla lies that I made Ashok marry Nirmala, she will not leave you. She says I did not do anything, I m saying truth. Sarla says leave it, whatever happened. Kaushalya asks her to take money. Pari says how will you give money like this, Sarla will sit on Shanti’s swing and then take money. Riya asks how will Sarla sit on Shanti’s swing. Sarla says you want to sit on swing, I know, but I will sit and rule in this house,


just like Shanti does, I will not take responsibility if you say, you take money and manage the house, we are going. Riya says no, I did not mean this, you take money and sit on swing if you feel right. Sarla says give me money when I sit on swing. Pari says I will do your swing Abhishek by making you wear this crown. She makes Sarla wear crown. Sarla sits on the crown. Pari asks Kaushalya to get curd sugar and feed Sarla.

Rani gives food to Ashok. Nirmala eats from his plate. He asks her to finish the food, he will not eat from the plate which she left. She says I m your wife, I will take legal help. Rani asks Ashok to do as Nirmala says. Nirmala asks her to get hot parathas. She asks Ashok to have food.

Kaushalya feeds curd and sugar to Sarla. Sarla says Amma told me to do this, so I will do everything as Amma does, tell me if anyone has objection. Kaushalya says no one has objection. Sarla signs Nimmi and Riya who trouble her. Kaushalya gives money to Sarla. Sarla says it will be like when Shanti was here, I will know who will go out and when. Nimmi says we will see how you manage this. Sarla asks Kaushalya to cook with minimal spices. Nimmi says Kaushalya cooks breakfast at 5am, you have to wake up with her so early. Pari says Sarla will check lunch and dinner.

Sarla says Kaushalya does not know anything, so Shanti called me. Nimmi says what do you mean, mummy manages everything and takes care of everyone without saying anything, it does not mean she does not know anything. Sarla thinks she has to control everyone. Amit asks Rani about Sarla. Rani says she went to stay at Shanti Sadan. Nirmala gets glad and asks did Sarla really leave the house. Rani says I was just joking. Amit says its good if Sarla leaves. He asks why did Ashok not go to stall. Rani says Sarla did not allow Ashok to go. Amit argues and asks for money to start business. Ashok says I don’t have money.

Amit asks Nirmala for money. Nirmala says I don’t have money to give daily. A little boy calls Amit and says hello Papa…. Amit asks what. Kaushalya asks Riya to write the list. Riya thinks how will house run like this, Shivam has no job. She asks Kaushalya shall I work again. Kaushalya says tough days will pass soon. The lady asks Kaushalya why did Shanti not come to take red chilli powder, Shanti has to give me 1000rs. Sarla thinks I have to give money and runs. Kaushalya calls out Sarla. Riya says she went. Sarla does not come out. Kaushalya says how to give money, I don’t have. She asks lady to come later, I don’t have money.

The lady taunts Kaushalya for not having money and goes. Amit asks Nirmala to give money and insists. Rani asks Nirmala to go and see movie with Ashok. Ashok refuses. Nirmala asks Amit not to misbehave with Ashok and apologize. She gives him money. Amit asks her to name bungalow on his name. She says I will do it later, you take rest or go out, see your state, you go and have fresh air, you can do work later. Amit agrees and says I will go on your saying. He goes.

Nirmala asks Rani to go to market. Ashok says I will go along Rani. Nirmala thinks Ashok won’t stay with me, and asks Rani to stay back, she will go to market herself. Sarla comes and acts. Kaushalya says I had to give 1000rs to the lady, Shanti has to pay for chilli powder. Sarla asks 1000rs, is that small thing, you can’t waste money. Kaushalya says Shanti gave order. A milkman comes and asks for money. Sarla pays less money and tells the man that he added water in milk, so she has cut 500rs. Sarla thinks many bills will come now, I will not give a rupee now.

Kaushalya tells Riya that Shivam changed after marriage. Riya says I promise I will get your old son back to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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