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Mere Angne Mein 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


The Episode starts with Shivam going to his office and apologizing to his boss. He says I realized my mistake and I will never complain again. Boss says fine, I don’t have problem to give you this job, won’t you ask which position is available for you. Shivam says anything will work. Boss says I kept someone at your position, just guard’s position is left, your fighting skills will be useful. He laughs and says you don’t have manners and don’t respect anyone, did you not like this offer, you could not manage anything, else you would have managed your sisters. Shivam gets angry and asks how did you say about my sisters. He beats boss.

Nandu, Riya and Nimmi come home. Nandu says I pasted posters everywhere. Riya gets a call and lady tells about father in law’s Tervi arrangements,

doctor said he is going to die soon. Riya says your father in law did not die yet and you want to plan Tervi. The lady asks will you be able to arrange it or not. Riya says I will come tomorrow and do arrangements. She tells Kaushalya that she has to go for meeting, Kaushalya asks her to take Shivam along. Riya says I have to go alone daily. Kaushalya says those people are strange, work is new, take Shivam, he would be roaming to arrange money. Riya calls Shivam and says his phone is off. Shanti calls Kaushalya and asks are you partying without me, what food did you make and eat. Kaushalya starts crying.

She asks Shanti to come back home. Riya worries that mummy will tell Dadi everything. Shanti asks what happened. Kaushalya says there is nothing such, I m just missing you. Shanti asks for Sarla. Kaushalya says she went to her home. Shanti asks what, I gave her Shanti Sadan’s responsibility. Riya takes phone and says we miss you a lot, I wanted to talk to you. Shanti asks really, fine, make me talk to Kaushalya, why did Sarla leave. Riya says Sarla had imp work, she said she will come before night. Shanti says its already night here, did night did not start there, did you do anything to send Sarla home. Riya says why will I do this. Shanti says Kaushalya is crying and you took phone from here, what are you hiding, I m your Dadi and will find everything. Shanti ends Dadi and imitates Riya. Kaushalya cries and says when will this problems end. Riya says don’t know, one problem ends and other starts.

Sarla ties Amit and asks him to say how did he get money. She asks did you steal that money. Amit thinks to clear Sarla’s doubt. He asks did I lie to you. Rani asks who is Bablu. Amit says I don’t know, I have no affair. Pari asks Amit about his girlfriends, I have all addresses. Rani says give addresses to me. Bablu calls Amit and calls him Papa. They all ask who was it. Ashok comes and sees the women bullying Amit. Ashok asks what are you doing, investigate later, give me my kurta pyjama. Sarla gives him clothes and says sleep outside, I m busy, find some corner in hall, Nirmala you also sleep in other corner. Ashok jokes.

Sarla says fine, sleep in room, I have to see Amit, I will come later. Amit thinks mummy will not leave me. Riya is tensed and wait for Shivam. She says I don’t know where is Shivam and cries. Kaushalya consoles her. Riya says he gets too angry, I m afraid. Kaushalya says don’t say this, my heart is restless. Riya asks shall I go to police station and file missing report. Nandu says I will go with Riya. They leave.

Kaushalya says why is Lord doing this, what did my children go. Sarla says I arranged money, I hope no thief sees it. Shanti calls Sarla. Shanti asks where are you. Sarla says Ashok is very unwell and has 150 degrees fever, I will stay here and come tomorrow. Shanti says I will go home by walk tomorrow, I will not sit here, I m feeling restless. Sarla calls Rajendra and Bansi, and asks them to make her meet Sharma ji, who can settle tax problem.

Riya and Nandu go to police station to file missing report. Shivam calls out Riya. She sees him in lockup. Inspector tells her that Shivam has beaten his boss badly. Riya asks him why is he increasing problems at home. He says I went to say sorry to boss, I politely apologized and he insulted our family, he deserves that. She asks him to be in limits and handle situation with maturity. He says I m in no mood to hear lecture. She says fine, stay here. Nandu asks her to calm down, this is not time to fight, come we will talk to inspector. Riya apologizes to inspector and says next time, he won’t do any mistake. Inspector says fine, manage him, if I write case, he will go jail for long time. He releases Shivam. Riya and Nandu thank him.

Its morning, Sarla asks Bansi where is Sharma. Bansi says you can trust him, think of saving house. Sharma comes and meets Sarla. He says Bansi told me everything, don’t worry, I will take care of the matter. She asks how much will he take. He says fixed rate, 10000rs. She argues and asks him to charge less. He says I will stop house auction. Sarla asks Bansi will this man work. Bansi says yes, he will do.

Shanti comes home and asks whats happening. She sees the media. Riya says our house is getting auctioned. Shanti gets shocked. Sarla hides getting afraid.

Update Credit to: Amena

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