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Me n u makes us (Part 2)

So guys here is the next part I am up loading it as I will not be writing for the next 1month.
As I have exams.

Anika :dad I what are u saying I can’t marry billu ji
Dad I :Anika u HV to marry him as it is for ur well wish
Ani but dad I he can I
Dad I no buts and if mere liye man jaao ani
Ani OK dad I with a sm feeling of shivaye


Dad I so I HV called driver to bring necessary items
Just then driver enters the room and places things as per dadi’s orders
Daadi :Chlo shadi shuru karte hai
Ani and shiv at the sm time
Daadi r u sure
Daadi:hmm chalo

Ansh starts taking pheras and after that shiv filled Ani’s maang and then tied mangalsutra on her neck
Daadi :and the marriage got completed form now onwards u both are husband and wife
And asks driver to prepare a honeymoon suit for them in oberoi mansion
Ansh looks at each other awkwardly
Daadi smiles

Doctor enters the room and says Anika you are discharged u can go after paying bill
Daadi asks shiv to pay the bill and they leaves the hospital
They reaches oberoi mansion
And knocks the door
Pinky opens the door to see shivika is marriage attire and says oh my Mata
All the family members came to the hall and are shocked to see shivika maaried
Rudra : bhaiyya aapne hamare bina shaadi kar liya very bad dekho mein aapse baath nahi karungi
On :yeah shivaye what is this thu name tho batha sakthi dhi na
Pinky : shivaye tune is ladki se shaadi karlee

Jhanvi:u shld have asked us shivaye
Daadi ; STP all of u
They get married as I told them to do so and no more questions
I have my own reasons and I have chosen right gal for shivaye and right Bahu for oberoi ghandan
Daadi: pinky go n take aarti plate and welcome ur Bahu
Pinky : no mammy ji I can’t mein nahi karungi
Daadi :then I will do it

She takes aarti plate and welcomes shivika
Shivika takes blessings from everyone
Everyone blesses thenm except pinky and tej

It was nearly 8pm so daadi asked every one to go to bed

Shivika in unwantedly moved towards their room
Shiv enters first and Anika was hesitant to come
Daadi pushed her inside and she felli n shivaye arms
She asks them to be happy and closes the door
Shivika doesn’t talk to each other
They silently laid on bed

And after sometime shivaye broke the silence
I dont love u
Ani:I know even I don’t lobe u
Can I keep pillow between us
Shivaye: I will not eat u if u want u can keep it
Again silence filled the room
Both were awake and were pretending to be sleeping
Suddenly shivaye gets a call
And he received it and gets shocked hearing him

Screen freezes with shocking FCE of shivaye

Precap : Shivaye supports anika and asks Tia to shut up otherwise he will throw her out of the house

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