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May I Come in Madam 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with boss saying Birju is Jhallagad’s King. The veg vendor asks boss to see mirror till he packs vegs. He steals some vegs. Birju catches him and tells boss that this veg vendor is a thief. Boss slaps the veg vendor and asks Maharaj to punish him. Veg vendor apologizes. Birju says fine, I will keep my veg stall here. He asks for lunch. Boss asks him to come. Sanju comes home and asks Kashmira for whom is she waiting. Kashmira says I m waiting for Birja, did anything happen to him. He says I came home tired and you are asking me about veg vendor. She says I want to buy vegs to cook dinner. He says he won’t come. Mummy asks how does he know this. Sanju asks mummy to talk right, Kashmira has slapped Birju and now he won’t come. Kashmira says yes, I wanted to slap him


Boss calls mummy and congratulates her. Mummy calls him naughty. Boss says you did not say you have relation with Raj gharana. Mummy says I can explain about Nawab Sahab. He asks who. She says I don’t know. Boss says there is surprise for you, Sanju’s Dada ji has come to our house, he is King from royal family. He asks her for some good news, when is she coming to meet him. She says soon. Sanju asks Kashmira what will we eat now. Kashmira argues. Mummy holds Sanju’s nose and asks him not to get angry and forgive Kashmira. She acts sweet to Sanju. Sanju calls them mad and goes. Mummy tells the news to Kashmira. Kashmira asks what. Mummy says its confirmed.

Sanjana asks Birju what is he eating, I think royal families avoid harmful cheap things. He says no, it’s a herbal thing of my kingdom, just my royal family can eat this. Sanju comes and greets Birju as Dadusa. He asks what are you eating. Sanjana asks how did you come. Sanju says I just came, how is my two mummies. sanjana asks two. Sanju says we have tradition to have two women, one is wife and other is GF, this is compulsory custom. Sanjana says this is strange. Boss says then you should also have a GF. Birju says yes, he is useless and does not have a GF. Sanju says I will soon have a GF. Boss says Sanju is lucky to such ancestors and tradition.

Sanjana says this is wrong, its like cheating. Sanju says whats wrong, both relations are regarded pure, you also try. He says its late, we will go. Sanjana says let him be here. Birju tells custom of guest getting 1001rs when he leaves. Sanjana says strange. Birju says you will get 4 times money. Boss says its great, you can have it, that’s why you are rich. Sanjana says I hope Maharaj liked our service, sorry if anything went wrong. Maharaj says no, I liked it. Sanju signs him. Birju asks her to think about GF custom, it will be big profit. Sanju asks him to come and they leave.

Birju gets drunk and comes to locality with Sanju. Sanju argues and asks him not to flop his plan, its successful. Bhupesh and mummy come running and hug Sanju. Birju hides face. Bhupesh says we got to know everything.

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