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May I Come in Madam 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Boss asking Sanju will you do this or not. Sanju says never. Boss says fine, you are fired. Sanju says tell me work. Boss says good, you have to clean house or bathroom. Sanju agrees to clean the house. Boss says I will eat food and clean fridge items. Sanju gets angry. Boss asks him not to clean precious items, clean Sanjana’s room first. Sanju says okay and runs to Sanjana’s room. He likes the room and says wow, what a smell, I can clean her bedroom daily to get her aroma. He sees the cupboard and likes the dresses. He says I will feel these dresses, its so soft. He imagines Sanjana wearing the dress, and says I like you, and your clothes. She says your choice is not bad, this broom looks like a sword in your hand, will you just feel my clothes, not me. He asks


really. She asks him to hold her. His imagination ends.

He gets a box and says it seems to be old memories, lets check. He reads personal diary to know her thoughts. Sanjana writes her wish that her boyfriend is from royal family. He says I don’t look royal, that’s why she does not like me. He gets an idea and says I got perfect plan to enter madam’s heart.

Kashmira goes to buy vegs. Birju flirts with her and shows mirror to her. She asks for one kg potatoes. He steals some potatoes from weighing machine. She asks what are you doing, you took two potatoes from one kg, I will call Bhupesh and get you beaten. She slaps him and throws mirror asking him to see his face, it turned red. He goes. Sanju comes home and scolds Birju for colliding the stall. Birju says you also scold me, just now Kashmira slapped me. Sanju says you would have done some cheap thing, don’t flirt with anyone, my wife is very dangerous. He says I just took two potatoes, I m poor man, I want wine to forget ten slaps of the day. Sanju says your story is very sad, forget it, you drink with me today. Birju thanks him and says sometimes I feel I m king of the city and have all wine shops.

Sanju gets an idea and asks king, I can give you 2000rs a day. Birju asks what to do. Sanju says you can become King for free, come with me, I will explain what to do. Birju agrees. Its morning, Sanjana gets a call and asks what, King of Jhallagad, real king, send him in. She gets excited that real King has come to her office and hopes he is good looking and charming. Birju comes and she asks him to sit. She thinks she will get heart attack seeing his bad looks. She asks how can I serve you. He says I want to change my palace to hotel, I want to talk about ad film. She asks ad rate.

He says I have to weigh, I mean I don’t count notes, I weigh and give it. She says of course, I m sure your heart is big, I have fantasy to meet some king and prince, thanks, my dream got fulfilled. He says there is a prince who works in some agency in this city, he does not appear as prince. She says I would love to meet him. He says its secret, my grandson’s name is Sajan Agarwal. She asks what, I m sorry, I m excited, Mr. Sajan Agarwal…. She says I m going to show you something exciting. She takes him to Sanju and asks Sanju to see who came to meet you. Sanju says Dadusa…. Birju says Rajkumar Sajan.

Sanju hugs Birju and asks him not to do any mistake. Birju asks Sanju do you work here. Sanjana says yes, so I gave you little surprise. Sanju says I did not say, as you would take you to Rajmahal. Birju says whats wrong, you have to manage throne and army. Sanju says no, I won’t leave this city, office and madam, I mean the people here. Sanjana asks whats wrong, people die for such lives, I would have gone being in our place. Birju says then come. Sanju steps on his foot and says I want to be self made man and win your love, I mean everyone’s love. Birju asks her to explain Sanju. Sanju tells about his ancestors hardwork. Sanjana says that’s inspiring, why did you not say that you are prince. He says I did not think before.

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