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MATSH forever Episode 23 n 24

Sorry guys. I know u want to pull my ears I allow u to scold me but not much I am your cute little sister na pls forgive me for late update so sorry plss….

Now let’s come to the story…


Recap: ishu is angry on rv due to his closeness to ritika n ask him what’s your past…

Rv n ishu are shown in ishu’s cabin..
Rv: Sorry darling pls forgive meme
Ishu: 1st of all stop calling me darling n all that
n yeah I am not going to convinced by your sweet n lovely talks so pls don’t even try to…(she said in one breath) n rv kept his finger on her lips n said
Rv: pls listen to me first!!!
Ishu : say..
Rv: see ishu she was my ex girlfriend n closes his eyes in fear that ishu will scold him
Ishu: what r u saying pls don’t joke in front of your wife.
Rv: I’m not joking she was my college..
There’s a knok on the door.
Rv: come in.
Ritika came in n saidsaid
Ritika: good evening sir. Sameera has given u this file to check.
Rv: fine keep on my table.
She leaves
Rv: she was my college gf I’m sorry ishu that I have not tell u about my past but trust me I didn’t love her she loved me n proposed me twice but I rejected her all time. Then third time
she came to me n said
Ritz: see rv accept me otherwise..
Rv: what will u do ha?
Ritz: I’ll hurt your family n will kill them.
Rv thinks for some time n says I’ll accept u but u will not come close to me n not harm my family.
Ritz: I accept.
Flashbacks end
Suddenly ishu hugs him. After sometime he responds to her hug. She separates the hug n says its k u don’t need to feel guilty for it k..
Rv: that means u r not angry on me na?
Ishu: I can’t be angry on you baby..
Rv: let’s find her info as she can take revenge from u n me..
Ishu: but why?
Rv: bcoz I married u n love you so…
Ishu: k let’s find now only..
Rv:sure. They both go towards laptop n starts searching. After a long time they found one clue that she came Mumbai for her bf rv. This made rv shocked n said
Rv: see I told u know she will b here for revenge
Ishu: ya u r rightright
Rv: we’ll backfire her plan.
Ishu: I have one idea
Rv: what?
Ishu says to rv (its mute)
Rv: superbbb babes I luv u
Ishu: I know. Me too
Rv ( in teasing manner): what me too
Ishu: I mean that I luv u too.

Screen shift to shina

Shikhar: see dear I can’t wait now I want to…
Naina: marry u soon
Shikhar: how do u come to know.
Naina: bcoz I luv u
Shikhar: n I want to kiss you darling
Naina: chi after marriage.
Shikhar(with a sad tone): fine dear…
Episode ends with Ishveer confident n shina with confused face..

Precap: not yet decided..

Pls comment guys I’ll soon end this ff bcoz I get only 5-6 comments n I think that my ff is boring so I’ll end soon

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