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Mate – A werewolf love story (Chapter 6)

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Chapter 6- The Kiss

Radhika tried her level best to get off his clutches. But failed miserably. Every second she tried, his grip got tighter. The love which sparkled in his eyes soon turned red with anger. It pained to see her fight him. She was rejecting him. Seconds back she was blushing and now, she was fighting her inner self to not fall for him.

“Please let me go. Please” she whisper hissed.

“NO” was all he could say.

The thing that annoyed her was he used his Alpha tone. On her. How dare he. She still kept fighting him, beating his bare chest hard and continuously pushing away. Her nose kept hitting his chest. Every time she tried to push him away, he’d pull her back. His scent was turning more addictive. She was losing herself. That shouldn’t happen.

“Please let me go. Why me? There are many other beautiful girls. Either werewolves or humans. I don’t want to be your mate” she pleaded.

His wolf growled. He wanted to pin her down to the forest ground and do things that were way beyond imagination. To him, she was his delicate flower. Which needed the right amount of sunshine. A bit too much can destroy her delicate form to ashes. He’d never hurt her or do things without her consent. He’d never cheat her. He was thinking of settling down in life, and here was this girl.. his girl, for whom he was head over heels was rejecting him.

“Why mishti(sweetheart)?” he used his seductive voice.

“Just get your hands off me. And stop calling me that” she snapped.

His fingers dug deep into her long silky locks, entangling them in a rough grip making her face him, pulling her even more close. He looked down at her panting heavily. Their faces inches apart. She could smell his woody cologne, while he could feel floral scent from her. He was trying his level best not to loose his cool and control. Her heart went overdrive at the proximity. Her hand instantly went to his hand that had clutched a fistful of her hair tightly trying to pull it back, pleading to let go through eyes. He instantly let go as tears started to well up in those big beautiful brown eyes. All he did was pulled her closer to him, cupped her face gently in his warm yet large rough hands and planted a long chaste kiss on her forehead. All she did was, close her eyes and feel the moment. She let out a sigh, filled with pleasure holding his wrists, which she herself had caught unknowingly. Her cute little feminine responses were doing a lot to his already heated senses. Using this is as the perfect time, Radhika pushed away making him stumble. She looked at him and started to walk back fast, no run. She just wanted to her away from him. Little did she know that he was stubborn. He was Arjun Mehra. Alpha of the Aghastyaas. Once he decided something, it had to be done. Had to be finished.

He ran in the direction she left. He could pick up her scent. He ran fast and caught up with her. Radhika picked up speed when she heard the leaves crushing roughly behind her. She knew it was him. He found her. He caught her arm and twirled her around, making her face him. He shook her hard when she didn’t look up at him.

“Look at me. Please” he pleaded.

“No” she whispered.

“Please” he pleaded again.

She then looked up and met his eyes. He was hurt. It was clearly written. It pained for her to see him like that. Why did it have to be so complicated? She would have accepted him wholeheartedly if he was all clean and not so messed up. A part of her heart still wanted him. No, all of her did. Accepted him as her mate. Her wolf accepted him readily, but it was her human form that was holding her back. His arms were looped around her waist and she was pulled closer to him. She too looped her arms around his neck and pushed herself more into him, not breaking the eyelock. His hands went up to her cold cheeks and cupped it, warming them. He planted a long wet kiss on her forehead, which made her close her eyes. He then kissed her eyes, nose, cheeks and then stopped inches before her soft pink luscious lips. He could feel her heart that was beating wildly and her breathing that was unstable. He kissed her at the corner of her lip and pulled back. Radhika opened her eyes to meet his. He was walking backwards, clearly hurt. He didn’t want to hurt her. Didn’t want her to regret it. He wanted it to be mutual. She walked up to him and pulled him to her by shoulders. She met his eyes with love and it was the same with him too. In no time, he had his lips crashed on hers. He took it slow. It wasn’t filled with lust. It was all love. As she started to respond, he picked up speed. He nibbled her bottom lip for entrance and she denied, teasing him. His hands went under her top, feeling the bare skin of her waist. His touch sent shivers down her spine making her gasp. She had her hands looped around his neck, which travelled up and caught his dishevelled hair, pulling him even more closer. He took it as a chance and slipped his tongue into her mouth. Soon it turned out to be a heated, passionate kiss. She jumped and looped her legs around his torso. He held her tight and pushed her against the tree, making sure not to hurt her. Both the tongues fighting for dominance. Radhika gave up letting him win. His tongue roamed through her mouth, feeling her sweetness. Both of moaned into kiss, heating up the passion and desire for each other. Radhika pulled away for air, gasping and feeling light headed. Arjun held her head which fell back and was about to hit the tree trunk. He held her her head in one hand and the other at the back, having her on him. His knee in between her legs. He could feel the wetness in her inner thighs. He smiled at the effect he had on her and at the same time, she too had some effect on him.

He kissed her jawline, trailing down to her neck, planting kisses there, which left Radhika moaning in pleasure. He captured her lips again. He wasn’t willing to let go of her. He wanted this moment to stay to forever. Just wanted time to stop. He then let go of her lips and burried his face in right side of her neck’s crook, breathing in her scent, which was addictive and was turning him wild. Radhika smiled as he played with his hair, having her eyes closed. Just as he opened his mouth and his wolf teeth (fangs) popped and was about to pierce into her delicate porcelain skin, reality struck her. She pushed him away. She fell to the ground as her body was supported on his before and now it was not.

He was going to “MARK” her. How did she let it go this far? Why didn’t she stop him? She felt guilty of what she had done. She lost her first kiss…. To him. It would mean nothing to him. He was the heartless, rude and cold playboy. She wanted her first kiss to be special. Every girl had dreamt of their first kiss. To be special. Not like this. Not with the person she hated the most. She still couldn’t believe that she had dreamt of him. And why was he being nice to her? Mate?! Didn’t he hate her just because she was a Chandramaan? He was the one who insulted her when they first met. But, her craving for him just grew more as she had met him. She can’t just let this take over her.

She got up and saw him. He was hurt. Not because she pushed him away. She regretted it. Regretted the thing that had just happened. To her it was a mistake. But for him, it was the best thing that had ever happened. It was like he had just had his first kiss.

She walked past him without meeting his eyes. All he could do was to watch her disappearing form. He stood rooted to the spot, trying not to digest what had just happened. He didn’t know when his cheeks had turned wet. He deserved it. Deserved to be treated like that. He was the one who insulted her. If he had been nice. It would have been a totally different scenario now. But he was determined to keep her for himself. She was his. And will be forever. Now he had to bend according to her will. She will come to him. He will make her do it.

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