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marriage dreams – 2

Part 1: Here
Marriage dreams….

Part 2


Ragini stares at the groom, while rose petals are sliding down from their face. Ragini’s heart undergoes love at first sight, then itself.
He is none other than Laksh.
Looking into his eyes, she goes into flash back again…
Ragini is getting ready for the fresher’s party. She is wearing peacock neck blue color gagra, in which she is extraordinarily beautiful. She wears pearl earrings and pearl chain. Sumi is helping her to get ready.
Ragini: maa, I want this color saree for marriage.
Sumi looks at her in anger.
Ragini scares… hehe, joke maa, bye….
She goes to college.
Fresher’s party will be started. Ragini will be enjoying. At last, seniors have to give roses to juniors they like….weather it is girl or a boy.
Ragini thinks… “How many roses I’m going to get….?” She blushes.
But for her amazement, she will get no roses. One girl will get like 20 or more. Other will get 10, other 5….. some girls didn’t get anything of course…
Ragini feels bad.
“I didn’t get even one…” when she just thinks like that, a rose comes in front of her. she looks at the hand which is holding the rose. She follows that hand and reaches to face. It is Laksh…. (yes… that groom itself…)
Ragini’s face blooms in happiness. “Thank you sir…” she says excitedly. Laksh just smiles and goes away.
Ragini’s friend: My god….! He is ARS(anti ragging squad) leader….!
Ragini amazes.. really??
Friend: yes…! The one who beat those stupid boys that day…
Ragini keeps amazing and looks at Laksh….
Ragini comes out of flash back. Laksh waves his hand in front of her eyes…
Laksh: hello, what happened…?
Ragini: haa…nothing…
Laksh: hey….I have seen you somewhere…hmmm… you are my junior in b.tech right…!
Ragini: yes sir…! Did you remember? You were ARS leader right..!
Laksh: chillax ragini, now, I’m not your senior… I’m your hone wale pathi…
Ragini smiles, he too smiles…
All the relatives will be coming and taking photographs along with them… Raglak keeps looking at each other whenever they get chance.
Like that only she goes into flash back again…..
Ragini is in second year.

After meeting in freshers Ragini and Laksh never talk again. Ragini just sometimes looks at him when he go here and there. But he, never cared anyone. He is just stick to his education. But, it is not like she has crush over him. She just likes him.

Ragini shouts: what….!!!!
Sumi: beta, don’t shout like that….
Ragini: how couldn’t I shout mommy, pari didi’s marriage is fixed?
Sumi: yaa….
Ragini: wow….. I’m happy… I can enjoy lot of days…..

Ragini’s marriage dreams go into peaks when she sees the marriage.
She shares her feelings with her friends…
“Wow… the stage was very beautiful…the groom came on horse you know… and, the bride came in palanquin. After the marriage, both went in a horse cart. Aww… it was just as a dream….” Ragini will be telling turning in shy…

Friend1: hello madam, the life after marriage will not be so nice…
Friend2: yes… sasural’s quarrels, husband’s tortures, dowry, etc etc…
Ragini becomes calm and keeps looking at them. They both smirk that their plan fulfilled.
Ragini: haa, that depends on husband you get. Just don’t worry about it….
She starts her poetry again….
“ohh.. I’m going to turn 20. When will be my marriage…??” she thinks…
So, like that two years passes, Ragini is in third year now, and Laksh is in 4th year.
Ragini feels somewhat sad that he is going away.
Farewell party. 3rd years have to give sendoff to 4th years. Juniors have brought gifts to their favorite seniors. Ragini obviously brought to Laksh. But she sees so many girls surrounded him. So she doesn’t give gift.
Roll number wise, juniors have to give roses to seniors with same roll number. Luckily, Ragini’s and Laksh’s number are same. Ragini gives rose to Laksh. It was four years back. And now, again after four years, they came in front of each other.

Ragini gives rose to Laksh. Laksh takes it and says, ‘thanks….’ Ragini is about to talk to him, but remains silent out of fear…. Laksh will go away…
Now, she is seeing Laksh again after three years that to as her would be. She feels amazed and excited.
“My marriage dream almost fulfilled. I wanted to marry a boy like Laksh, I’m marrying him. Wow…” she feels happy and dances after going home.
Sumi Shekar confuses why she is feeling happy suddenly.

Ragini phone rings. It’s a new number.

Ragini: senior sir….laksh…
Laksh: wow, how did you expect that correctly…?
Ragini: who either calls me except you?
Laksh: hahaha
Ragini: by the way sir…
Laksh: oho… call me laksh…
Ragini: ok…what was that engagement plan, roses..?
Laksh: oh, that was my dream to celebrate my engagement like that…
Ragini: even you have dreams? I have too, and I wished the same…
Laksh: really…
Both are lost in their own worlds while talking in the phone.

Night, Ragini sleeps at 1’o clock. They have talked till then.

Then Ragini goes into flash back again….
Ragini finishes her b.tech. She gets a good percentage. She goes near her dad.
Ragini: papa, I have finished my b.tech now… then, when will be my marriage…?
Shekar looks at her.
Ragini: what…? I’m 22 years old now…
Sumi: we thought you over came the marriage dreams, you are still thinking about it…?
Ragini: no girl can forget her marriage dream… say papa…
Shekar gives her a letter. Ragini reads it. it is a call letter for her to join in job.
Ragini: papa, but I didn’t apply for any job…
Shekar: I have applied it…! from tomorrow you are going to join in it.
Ragini: but papa I want marriage not job….
Says Ragini in upset…
From next day she starts going to office.
Ragini thinks, “in olden days ladies are not allowed to do jobs. Now, ladies are not allowed to sit at home. Have to…have to do job or study. What if I sit at home…? Aahh, disgusting. I don’t want to do the job…! If I say that… ‘girl requires financial independence…’ says feminists. These feminists, my family and this whole world together are not letting me married…! How sad…! I would have been in olden days…
Hmm, if I think… women have developed very much. Today they are doing everything. In one way, they have empowered very well. But, why still they are fighting? Oh, still some things has to be set? But, why everything is related to my marriage? Before 18 I shouldn’t get married. Till education no marriage. Then after education also…. Haaa, not fair.. ok, I agree with everyone. But, I have finished my degree now. What’s the problem then…??”
She thinks and goes into office.

While she is going into office, she bumps into someone. “Sorry…” she raises her head. It’s Sahil. “It’s ok miss…” he says.
Ragini is about to go away.
Sahil: are you new in this office? What is your name?
Ragini turns angrily at him.
Ragini: these men don’t have work at all. As soon as they see a girl, enquiry starts. Disgusting…!!
She says and goes away.
After taking her seat, she is surprised to see Sahil is manager of that company. Ragini then curses herself.
Evening, when she returns home, she is surprised to see Sahil with his parents in her house. They came to talk alliance. Sumi and Shekar take Ragini inside and ask her opinion about Sahil.
Ragini: if it is ok for you, then ok for me…
Sumi and Shekar go out to talk with them.
Ragini looks in mirror and smiles. “I never thought, my wish will satisfy this soon. But, I heart fully don’t like him. Let it be. May be, I love him after marriage…?” she thinks.

Next day, Ragini goes to office early to talk with Sahil. And she is shocked to see that he is close with other girl. Sahil sees her. He comes out to cover up, but Ragini starts running away from there. “Ragini…stop…” he follows her.

Ragini gets into a car and keeps asking, “Please, start the car. Save me. Save me from that man…”
That man: where should I go…?
Ragini: hey…! Just start the car first..!
Ragini didn’t see him. Sahil tries to catch her, but the car goes away.
The car goes very far, that man stops his car in front of her house. “Thanks…how do you know my house?” Ragini asks and looks at that man and gets amazed.

(No…! he is not Laksh. hehe)
He is Rajat. Ragini’s classmate in B.tech. He used to propose her always in college, but Ragini kept rejecting him.
Ragini: you idiot…! If I have known, that’s this is your car….
Rajat: I know, you wouldn’t have get into this…! but, my true love made you come here. See, after b.tech also, we are meeting again and again… my name R… your name R….
Ragini gets down the car. Rajat stops her to accept his love. Shekar comes and slaps Rajat.
Ragini runs into home crying. “Men are all like this only…! I hate men….! I will never get married….!”
Shekar Sumi shocks with her statement. Who always used to say that she want marriage, now the same girl telling that she don’t want marriage. She tells about Sahil to her parents.
Sumi: but beta, all are not like that. We will find you a nice boy…
Ragini: no…! I don’t want marriage.
Says Ragini and runs to her room.
Ragini comes out her thoughts suddenly with a message tone of her mobile. It’s Laksh who messaged her. it is night 1.30…
Laksh: can we talk for some more time…??
Ragini smiles and sends him message. “Ok…senior sir”
Soon, she gets call from Laksh mobile. She lifts the phone and starts talking with him.
Laksh: hey, I said not to call me sir.
Ragini: ok sir…
Laksh: you…
Ragini: hahahaha…..
Laksh remains silent listening to her laugh. Ragini becomes calm as she didn’t listen his voice.
Laksh: why did you stop? Keep laughing. I love your voice.
Ragini doesn’t understand what to speak. She remains calm.
Laksh: hello…..
Ragini: ya….
Laksh: Ragini? Do you like me?
Now, again she becomes calm. There is a brief silence in between them. The intense silence, that they can hear the sound of their breath also….
Ragini starts: why do you like me? Do you really like me or you just agreed for your parents? Are you telling the truth that you like me or you are just telling to make me believe?
Laksh becomes amazed with her questions.
Ragini: why are you silent?
Laksh: Ragini….do you trust arranged marriages?
Ragini: Laksh, I have asked question first…! I have another question also… do you have girlfriend? Previously or presently….
Laksh becomes dumbstruck with her question.
Ragini: why are you silent? That means, you had a relation already….?
Laksh: Ragini…that…
Ragini cuts the phone and starts crying…..
Laksh keeps calling her, but she won’t lift the phone….
Haaa…..now, what do you guys think? Did Laksh really had a gf? Or simply our marriage dream beauty misunderstanding? Then why Laksh is silent? She always wanted to marry a boy without any girl friends previously….will her dream comes true??
You will know the answer in next and last part…..

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