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MANMARZIYAN – thank you friend..! Episode 5

Hey guys…deeksha here…remember me…??im sorry for the late update…not able to take time…we have festival here..pooja and all its so hectic…. And my studies… any way.. thank you all for commenting. it really means a lot me… so ill stop my blabber here and start the chapter… so presenting you …

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Neil left radhika and started scolding her…
“idiot…where were u…??are u out of ur mind….??? Why did u switch off ur phone…”
Radhika jst said “sorry”
Neil kept scolding her…she was keeping all pout faces and asking sorry so cutely….Neil stopped scolding after sometime but they dint notice arjun who was seeing them full shocked….
Radhika’s pov
Man…he is scolding as if he is lkg school teacher and im his student…any way thank god he dint ask any thing about that rakesh… if neil will come to know Mr.arora will become late arora…..i too want the same but he should die in my hands….but I lost the deal…shit man….
“what did that rakesh do this time…??”neil asked..
Shit…see as expected ….no way im not gonna tell him…
“leave all that …u said arjun is coming today…chalo we’ll prepare something for him…”
Neil’s pov
How can she change the topic so easily… im also Neil malhotra…im not gonna leave her so easily…
“he came…” neil was about to point towards arjun….
“don’t tell me this idiot is arjun please…”
“he is arjun…”neil wid a shocked face…
“whom are u calling idiot … do u even know who I am..??”arjun said while his blood was boiling due to anger…
“wait a second.. u people know each other…? This is the first time ur meeting each other right…”neil
“no!”both said at a time..
“guys…it would be better if go in and talk….”sam said
“yaa she is correct..chalo chasni lets go in…”
neil and sam went in but arjun and radhika were staring each other wid a murderous look..
Neil and sam went in… but arjun and radhika dashed each other again at the entrance…
“not again…”radhika said wid a full frustrated face…
Both saw each other as if they are going to kill each other and went away… all were In the hall…
“you said ur so excited to see my chasni… then what is all this…??”
“yaar I dint knew she is chasni…!!”
“itna bada photo hain hall mein and u dint see her…??”sam said
When arjun turned back wards…it was a big wall frame in which radhika circled her hand around neil neck from backwards and both were smiling…it was a beautiful picture….
“andha hain kaise dikhega bichare ko..??”(he is blind…poor one how can he see)radika said wid a smirk on her face..
“I don’t waste my time on waste things…”he said
“what is waste thing…??you are a waste thing…ur dabba har waqt use ghurtein rehtein hon(ur dabba which you stare all the time) … that is waste thing…see now also he is seeing that dabba only… phone ki duniya sein bahar ayyega toh world dikhegi (come out of the phone world then u can see what is happening)… or else ull be dashing every one ..!!”radhika said wid a full frustrated voice…arjun face became red due to anger..
Radhika was still continuing scolding him and his phone…
“oh girl..stop right there…!!”arjun said but she dint stop…
“shut up!!!” he shouted..
“why should I shut up… this is my house you shut up…!!”
“chup..!!”neil shouted..
Sam was jst watching all of them…may be she was not even understanding what is going on…
“why are u guys fighting like tom and jerry..???”neil said
“tom and jerry??”arjun said wid a weird wal face..
“do u even know how cute tom is..??tom will do suicide if it will come to know u compared tom wid him..!!”
“tum apne aap ko jerry samjhti hoon..??” (do u think u are jerry..??) arjun asked
“ofcource im so cute…”radhika said wid full atiitude..
Sam laughed and immediately she became silent as soon she saw radhika glaring her wid full anger…arjun gave a smirk and said…
“tom will kill him self but jeery will kill neil…not even kill it will cut neil into small pieces for comparing jerry wid u..”he said wid equal intensity…now sam bursted ou into laughter…
“will u jst shut ur mouth…whats so funny…??”radhika shouted..
“why are u scolding her u look like a joker may be…”
Sam nodded negative…jst like a small kid…neil atomaticlaly got smile seeing her but he composed him self as soon as he came into reality…
‘oh really u think u are a mr.world …joker sein bhi bhathar hon tum…(ur worst than a joker)”she shouted..
“jst shut up both of u…”neill shouted this time…
“and show him his romm…”neil
“why should i..??”
“because I have work and sam is a guest..”
“fyn which one…”
“the one beside urs..”
“what..??no way neil please..!!”both shouted ata time..
“sam is there in guest room and we don’t use second floor then where do u want him to stay..??”
“he will stay in hotel or take some house some where …”
“why should I go some where when my bro have this big house …. U are staing in my house so u go away..!!”
“oh hello this house is mine ask ur so called bro if u want…”
“naam likha hain kya…??”(is there ur name written on this house…??)
“ghar ke bahar there is a big name plate…??u dint see..??”sam said..
“ arey… whom are u asking…I said na he is blind he cant see any thing or esle…apni stupid sa dabba mein car game khel raha hoga… why will he see..!!”radhika said
“shut up..!”
“u shut up..!”
“see u people started again chasni go and show his room to him and excuse me I cant tolerate this any more….what was that … naam likha hain kya…?? Andha hain and all… oh my god… u know what even L.K.G children wont fight like how u people fought…”he went away stamping his legs so strong..wid sound thad thad thad…
Radhika had no choice she took arjun to his room…
“so here is ur room Mr. khadoos…”
“excuse me..??”
“yes I excuse u..vaise bhi..i don’t keep grudge on blind people…”
“oh please shut up for god sake…!!”
“no way my house my wish!”
“fyn ill go away…!’he said and went to his room closed the door on her face with a bang…
“stupid ladka … I jst hate him…!”she said to her self and went to her room…
It was dinner time every one were busy in their rooms.. sam was preparing presentation…neil and arjun were so busy thinking who the hell is helping that rakes and radhika she was still thinking what to do for dinner…it was their deal….when ever prerana goes out they will be preparing food alternate days… radhika finally came to conclusion that she will make roti bhendi and some dal… and radhika went towards kitchen but to her surprise sam was already preparing rotis….
“what are u doing here…??ur turn is tomorrow right…”
“I know “
“then what!’
“don’t be so stupid… I know if ur mood is not goods ur dish will be more dangerous than a burnt dish…”
radhika laughed … “chalo both willdo…”radhika said
“yaa better vaise bhi I donno to do dal..”
“how do you know I want to prepare dal…”
Sam lifted her collor..showing she know every thing about radhika…
“yaar this is dangerous…I should be aware of you…!”radhika said..
“you should be>>!”sam said.. both looked each other ad bursted out into laughter…
“so tell me what did that rakesh do..??”sam asked…
Sam know every thing about rakesh as radhika says each and every thing to sam…
“as usual yaar he leaves no chance to irritate me… and today he was too much… I lost the deal because of him…!”
“no we cracked the deal…”
“what??”radhika was full shocked…
“hmm..arjun cracked the deal”
But how..??”
“I donno all those but they kept two contracts from DDC… this is what I understood from their convo..
“matlab neil know every thing…”
“may be”
Dinner was ready and radhika asked sam to call neil and Mr.khadoos … sam know she cant win in front of radhika she accepted her defeat and went to call them….sam went to call arjun but was hesitant to call as they don’t talk to each other….she knocked the door once but no response…she knocked again… and was about to knock third time when arjun opened the door…
“sorry I was bathing…”he said..
“no problem…!dinner is ready come down…”she said..
Sams pov
See he is so sweet aue yeh radhika… kuch bhi bolti hain…
“ill be there in 5 min..so friends..”he forwarded his hand forward…sam was shocked as she dint expect this…he is indeed so sweet…
“yaa frnz..”both shook their hands wid a smile
“jst a min…wait here or else come in…he took sam to his room made her sit on the bed… he combed his hair..and said “chalein…”
Both started going down…arjun was laughing holding his stomach because of sams stupid jokes…
“will u do me a favour..”
“any thing..”
“call neil and come ill be waiting down “
“chalo both will call him”
“no no come wid me..”he started to drag her
“I said na I don wanna come please…”she raised her voice a little freed her hand and went down…
Ajuns pov
Whats wrong wid her … she was making me laugh like hell wid her jokes and suddenly di seriously listening neils name… some thing is wrong…!
Radhika saw sam coming doewn in anger…
Radikas pov
Now what happened to this girl..till now she was laughing and making me laugh and now.. shee as if she is possessed wid a devil… may be dat kahdoos said her something.. im gonna kill him..
All came down.. and started eating…
“how did we get the deal..”
“ab kyun chod do…”
“im asking how…?”she raised her voice..
“so u knew some one leaked the data…”
“then why dint you tell me…?”
“ kyun ki neil tumhe har baat batana zarrori nahi smajhtan…”arjun interfered..
“will u keep ur mouth shut.!”she shouted..
Neil singned arjun to become silent he took radhika wid him and cleared all misunderstanding… he said he dint tell because sam was still new to him and he knew radhika shares evry thing wid her… so he kept it as secret… atlast both cleared misunder standing… and radhika was feeling bad as neil dosent trust her best frnd… she decide to talk later as she was feeling hell hungry here sam was asking all stupid questions making arjun bang his head..but as soon as neil and radhika came she again became like a robot…
Arjuns pov…
Is she having D.I.D (multiple personality disorder) how can a man have drastic change… some thing is wrong wid her….may be she is possessed wid devil…
He wanted to enlighten her mood so he started..
“hey sam this bhendi is soo good lyk u only… and there are some one here who inly know to eat and yell at others…”
“that some one only made this dish…”sam said
Arjun was shocked radhika was seeing him wid a smirk on her face…that’s it he dint open his mouth till the end… dinner was over every one were in their rooms and arjun went to lawn to get some fresh air…
Arjuns pov
Every thing is perfect here.. nice city nice house nice bhai nice friend.. evry thing except that girl…man…she is so irritating… I donno why neil and sam lyk her so much but job hi hon…she makes bhendi awesome and its my fav.. and I don’t understand why I behave so stupid when im around her… any way lets sleep its high time…
Arjun started to go to his room… he accidentally went to radhikas room instead of his….he was busy in his phone he dint realise where was he…he already went to muddle of the room he was keeping ear phones so he dint here what was going on…
Radhika was dancing on sau tarake song… she was so busy in her own world she dint even notice arjun there…
She dance good too…. But she is a complete egoistic girl..
Radhika was turing round and round… she was mobving towards arjun and arjun was jst seeing her…
Here sam went to kitchen for water and saw neil in the kitchen…
“oh shit…”she said to her self and turned around to go away..
“I wont eat you… take what ever you want…”neil said with a stern face,…
Neil wa doing some work and sam stood behind him.. neil got irritated …
“you came to kitchen for this..”
“I wont carry water on my head..”
“the jug is in front of you..”
Neil then realized he was covering the jug…he moved a side and sam was drinking water
Here radhika was twirling and turning… arjun was lost in her he dint realize she came so close to him… befor he could move away she dashed him and because of her speed both landed up on ground…
“Aaaa”radhika shouted…
“what was that…?”neil asked… both looked each other for a second
“chasni ..???”he shouted and both ran towards radhikas room and were shocked to see …
Both were on the ground and arjun was upon radhika…
“what are you doing here…??”
“you don’t even know how to dance…”
“excuse me..??”
“yes I excuse you…”
Both nesam were jst seeing them… and radhika dint notice them as they were busy scolding each other…
“I will dream about you or what hoe will I know that khadoos will come into my room and fall on me…??”
“who is khadoos here…”he said wid a angry face..
“did u ever see ur face in mirror u look as if u are a professional killer…”
“excuse me..??”
“no now get up.. ur so heavy…!!’radhika starts beating him..
Arjun tries to get up but the carpet is so soft and furry that’s he slipps again and fall on her… both stare each other..
“you don’t even know how to get up..??”
“who told you to keep the carpet so soft..?”
“wow.. now u are blaming me for this carpet also.. do one thing go to my wash room.. and see the interior there may be you will get a new reason to scold me…and if u want do interior designing also…
Nesam was jst looking them as if they were seeing a live show…bith were having a cute smile on their face seeing them struggling…
Radhika keeps scoldin arjun… arjun gets irritated and keeps his hand on her lips…
“now shut up.. u talk so much… now u tell me what to do…”
Radhika speaks nothing..
“dekha talking is so much easy tell me what to do…”
Radhika shows his finger through her eyes when he removes his hands.. she pushed him aside.. he fell the other side but as his hands were on radhikas waist now radhika was upon arjun… both nesam hung their mouths down …
Slowly radhika gets up..and gives your impossible look to arjun…
“how romantic…”sam
All three turn towards sam… radhika got up and both said at a time…
“what are you guys doing here…??”
“seeing third version of aashiqui 3”sam said…
“shut up!”both said at a time..
Radhika jumped on the bed and covered her self with the bed sheet and arjun ran towards his room to stop their embarrassment….

Precap:party time…and some thing very shocking…some revelation of nesams past…

So that’s it for today guys.. how was it… hope u guys like it…and neetz… some where i felt I dint reply properly..i was in hurry im sorry yaar.. and thank you so much for commenting.. it really means a lot me keep reading and encouraging me by ur comments..
And supriya di (gummie bear).. ur FF is too good.. u wont believe me but I read all 28 episodes in one day.. I donno wether u read my ff or not but if you see this add a fan in your fan list.. and guys.. I think all of you read this ff LOVE YOU FOREVER but if there is some one who dint read this please read tit its really too good,….
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