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Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 23)

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Chapter 23


We all have dreams, goals we want to achieve in life but life isn’t always about candies and rainbows, it’s like a law made by God that we always have to fight hard for the things we love the most. In every fight there is winning and losing, those who win we call them lucky, we think of them as blessed and what do we call those who don’t? I call them champions. It’s not easy to live with broken dreams, ungranted wishes, unachieved goals but champions do. They rise from their pain, surpass the challenges thrown at them and withstand every hardship they come across because they are strong but Devendra wasn’t.

He was neither lucky nor was he strong, he was a weak man who couldn’t accept defeat. Devendra Sareen was the youngest son of the Sareen family. The Sareens weren’t poor but they weren’t rich either, they had enough to sustain a family of four. He had a nice family, loving parents who fulfilled all his wishes to the best of their ability and an elder brother Jagath who would kill for him. He had a dream, like everyone else he also dreamed, he dreamed of being rich. He was obsessed about going abroad, he had only one goal in life, to become a rich immigrant. He was so obsessed about going abroad that he once said to his parents that he wished to have been born a dog in the foreign than a poor man in his country. At the age of eighteen he stepped in London, the big city of dreams along with his brother but he left his brother alone not wanting Jagath to have a hand in his success story. He was going to succeed, he was going to make it in the big city, he was going to one day show his brother and parents his big mansion and proudly say to them “I told u so”

Three years later he was standing on the same place he started, poor and defeated, he was tired of trying, he was mad at life. To his surprise his brother was not on the same road as him, he was married to a rich girl, living in a big mansion. He had everything he wanted to have and when he asked Jagath how he got so rich in such a short time, Jagath simply said that he got lucky. Why couldn’t he be lucky, he had worked the most for his dreams then why were his dreams given to someone else, that was the first day he sowed hatred in his heart against his brother, his jealousy, his defeat moulded into hatred for him, pure and blistering hate. To make the matter worse he fell in love with Ruby too, the woman married to his brother and decided if he couldn’t get what he wants then Jagath shouldn’t either and he succeeded when Jagath died and he got his shares of Taste Farm. He had what he wanted, he was rich, he had his dream fulfilled but as they say old habits die hard and that was his downfall. He wanted more than he had and thought the only way to get that was by stealing the company’s money but then met with a man that wouldn’t take crap from anyone when it came to Taste Farm, Amrish Khanna. Taste Farm was like his own child for Amrish and when Devendra tried to defraud him he sent him to jail and made him renounce all his rights on Taste Farm so a war was waged and Devendra’s only motive in life became to defeat Amrish.

He could have used anybody in his revenge, he could have used his own child if he wanted but Devendra wanted to punish Ruby for loving his brother and not him so he kidnapped Ruby’s son and brought him to a life full of crime, Lakshya Sareen was what he named him. Lakshya was an unfortunate child, grew up among criminals that were his Devendra’s friend, he was practically raised on the streets with Devendra going in and out of jail. Though he was Jagath’s biological son he was a replica of Devendra in every manner, fraud, theft was what he knew and learned since he was Devendra’s best partner in crime from a very young age. Lakshya was all that Devendra wanted in a son but he had one flaw, alcohol. He was addicted and couldn’t think straight once intoxicated so Devendra looked for another option since by that time Amrish had grown to be a very powerful man, he got Lakshya married hope to use his children as pawns for his revenge.

Every child needs a home but Tina and Jiya grew up in a training camp,since the moment they developed brains they were brainwashed, taught to hate, for them Amrish Khanna was a devil responsible for their pain and unhappiness and that the only way they could be happy is by defeating Amrish. Jiya was three years older than Tina, she was smart, a bookworm, read everything she could get her hands on so it was easy for her to realise what was right and what was wrong. From the very beginning she understood what Devendra was doing to them but played along to be in his good books, unfortunately Tina wasn’t like her sister, she was impulsive, naive and vulnerable. She easily trusted people and after her mother her sister Jiya was the only she blindly trusted, she believed everything Jiya told her and followed her every order believing her sister had her best interest, that’s why she even shot their father as per Jiya’s orders.

Both the girls hated their father for torturing their mother, forcing her to sleep with other men for money that he would spend on alcohol and beat her mercilessly when she refused but when Tina cried miserably hearing her mother’s sobs Jiya planned to kill their father. Jiya had already turned eighteen and knew she could face severe punishment for murder but Tina was still a minor and mentally disturbed about was going on so she planned to fire the gun using her little sister’s finger. She started to brainwash her, she told her to remember what their grandfather had taught them that their father was a devil that needed to be defeated and only death could defeat him and Tina slowly got influenced by her words. The day came, Lakshya was beating his wife inhumanly, Jiya took Lakshya pistol making sure to not leave her fingerprints on it and placed it in the hands of a crying Tina “do it” she told her and wiped her tears. Tina cocked the gun and pointed it towards their father, her hands were trembling, she looked at her mother who had blood oozing from her cut lip, Jiya was holding their mother and she nodded her head giving Tina approval and Tina fired the gun ending her mothers plight for once and for all. As she had planned Jiya was able to prove in court that her sister was disturbed mentally and whatever Tina did, did it in defence so Tina got to be saved from jail. Her act made Tina believe her more, she believed that only Jiya can save her if she was ever in any trouble.

A year later their mother died and Tina was once again shattered but Jiya took care of her and turned her to the woman she was now, she kept on using her without her knowledge. It’s not like Jiya didn’t love her sister, she did, she loved her very much, the only difference was that Jiya was calculative, her cunning mind always got better of her tiny heart so she remained in the shadows and left Tina to stand front on the battle field. The fight wasn’t Devendra’s any more, it was now Jiya’s fight she had already made plans on how she was going to spend Taste Farm money once she gets it but only Jiya knew that Tina still thought that they were fighting against the injustice done to their family. Working as Amrish’s personal assistant Tina came to know that Amrish still had Taste Farm partnership original papers stored somewhere, if they found those papers that proves they were four and not three co-founders the Sareens could get their shares back legally and Tina went to look for the same papers that night of the engagement party but ended up killing Amrish instead and their mission became mission save Tina from going to jail and with Edwards help they had managed to do that until recently.

But there is no such thing as a perfect murder and the same happened with them. When they met that night after Amrish’s death Tina narrated bit by bit of all that happened and Jiya planned an escape plan for Tina, Tina lied about the letter that was dropped at the gate but when they conducted the drama of her fake attack it only fueled Arjun’s interest on the case. When she got the private investigator out of the way it only resulted in Arjun doubting Edward and even after his death the P. I gave the police information about Ruby. Ruby was found and through her Devendra came to light, she tried to pass off Devendra’s murder as suicide by forging Devendra’s handwriting but the simple fact that she was left handed screw all her plans, she had managed to delude him with the fake photograph but eventually the police came to know about it. Now Tina was with Arjun, she knew Tina was sensitive but she would never betray her, Tina would rather die than throwing her sister under the bus so she wanted to save Tina not only because she cared for her but also because she couldn’t stand the feeling of defeat.

Jiya with her head hung low and fake tears streaming from her eyes she pleaded with Magdalene to let her go “please, my mum is really sick I need to go see her”

Magdalene looked at her crying form with sympathy “it’s okay, don’t cry now u can go for as many days as u want”

Jiya smiled a fake one “thank u, thank u so much”

She started to leave but Magdalene stopped her, she took out some money from her pocket and gave it to her “for medicines or whatever u will need” Jiya accepted the money and left smirking at her act, she packed her stuff and left.

Kensington Police Station
Arjun got off the phone with his men that were keeping an eye on the palace, they gave him day to day activities of the palace so they also informed him about a woman leaving the palace with her suitcases, he ringed Magdalene. After having his doubts confirmed Arjun had people follow Edward and found out that Edward went to the palace in the middle of the night just days after he had taken Tina and figured that the third accomplice was from the palace and since then his men had a stake out near the palace. Magdalene answered her phone after a few rings “yes detective, how can I help u” she said.

Arjun without wasting time went to the topic “my men told me they saw a woman leaving the palace with some suitcases, should we be concerned?”

Magdalene smiled over the phone, few days ago Arjun had approached her seeking her help to report anything suspicious going on in the palace stating that someone in the palace was among the people responsible for Amrish’s death and Magdalene was gladly willing to help “oh, no detective u shouldn’t be concerned, she is a maid going to see her sick mother… I gave her permission”

“are u sure about that?” he asked.

“yes detective” she said “I told u before also, I have been working in this palace for years and I know the background on every employee, that poor girl can’t be the murderer if that is what u are thinking about”

Arjun sighed “okay then, but please don’t forget to report to me if u see any suspicious things going on”

“I will detective, have a nice day” she said and ended the call.

He immediately called his men after ending the call with Magdalene and asked them to follow the girl to confirm her story, he was not going to take any chances this time around especially with the possibility of his family being in danger. Mark entered his office and asked for any progress on the case and Arjun nodded negative. Mark sighed “it’s has been quiet, too quiet and am not liking it”

Arjun could relate to his worries, he was also feeling the pressure, they felt like they were surounded by a ticking bomb that would explode any second “why don’t we arrest Edward and force him to speak?”

“arrest on what charges?” Mark asked.

“he lied about the photograph, saying that York police gave it to him, we can at least question him based on that” Arjun said.

Mark nodded negative “what if he says that the murderer sent the picture to him posing as York police and he didn’t know that it was fake… if Tina couldn’t say anything what makes u think that Edward will” Arjun nodded agreeing with his words “we are helpless, we have our men but don’t have proof against them and u please be careful… be extra careful” he added and left his office.

Mishra/Kapoor Residence
Jai had met Priya and had promised his best friend that he will unite her with her love, Jai saw that as an opportunity to redeem himself, almost all his life he has been suffering seeing Ankush and Priya together and wished that they separated but now he was going to unite them and get over the guilt that he was somehow responsible for their unhappiness. Jai went to Ankush’s room, Ankush was standing near the window watching the garden when he heard a knock on his bedroom door “come in” he said and turned towards the door hoping it to be Priya, he hadn’t seen her for days and didn’t know how she was and that was tormenting him but instead of Priya Jai entered smiling wide looking as happy as ever “what’s with the smile?”

Jai still smiling hugged him tight “thank u bro, thank u so much” he said happily though Ankush didn’t understand why he was being thanked he smiled seeing Jai happy. Jai broke the hug “u have proved that u really love me, thank u so much”

“what did I do?” Ankush asked.

“don’t be modest please, u made a big sacrifice” Jai said but Ankush still looked confused and Jai explained “I know u left Priya for me”

Ankush turned his face away, his heart pained just at the thought of Priya moving on with someone else even if that someone was his own brother “what did she tell u?”

Jai sat on the bed “she told me that u asked for time and that u don’t want to marry her now but I know u left her for me, u couldn’t see me sad so u broke up with her… u want your brother to be happy and that speaks highly of u”

“and she is okay with it?” he asked.

Jai pressed his lips to suppress his laughter “of course she did not agree, she thinks your break-up is only temporary but u and I both know that it isn’t… it will take her time to stop loving you and fall in love with me but am willing to wait since u are out of the picture now… even though…” Ankush looked at him and Jai quickly arranged his face to look sad.

“even though what?” Ankush asked.

Jai sighed sadly “she is still adamant that u will go back to her, she has been crying day and night not even going to work”

“she has been crying?” he asked softly pain vivid in his voice.

Jai nodded “yes, she has not been eating properly too, she is very weak right now” Ankush turned away wiping his tears and Jai went on about how said and miserable she was without Ankush making him feel guilty on his decision. Jai placed his hand on his shoulder and Ankush quickly wiped his tears thinking Jai hadn’t noticed him “I have a plan to make her better” Ankush turned to him asking about the plan “Priya is suffering because she thinks u are going to go back to her but once u tell her that everything is over between u two, she will stop crying and start to focus on me” Jai took out his phone “call her and tell her that she should forget about u”

“what?” Ankush said in shock.

“yes, tell her that her future is with me and not u” said Jai giving him the phone. Ankush looked at the phone and at Jai, tears came streaming down from his eyes “why are u crying, don’t tell me u are having second thoughts on this?” Ankush remained silent with tears not stopping from his eyes but Jai kept on insisting “isn’t this what u wanted, come on call her… of course it will break her heart into a million pieces and maybe she will never be happy after that ever but please give her a call and end it for good, finish what u started”

“Jai…” Ankush started but Jai stopped him

“okay, okay I get u don’t want to speak in my presence” he took back his phone “call her when u are alone but make sure u call her, I can’t see her dying slowly just kill her once and for all” he added and left. Ankush looked at his disappearing form, tears still flowing from his eyes cursing himself for what he had done.

Next day, it was the day of his first appointment with the psychiatrist but Ankush hadn’t yet said if he was ready to meet the doctor or not, the whole family met for breakfast planning to convince him to agree for the treatment. Ankush woke up late than usual, his eyes red evident that he has been crying the whole night, they wondered what made him so sad. They were all looking at him, he cleared his throat “umh.. Ridhi…?”

“yes” Ridhima answered.

‘when did u say we have to go see that doctor?” he asked.

“in two hours” Ridhima said smilingly, happy with her brother’s decision.

Just then there was a knock on the door and Mala went to check. Mala opened the door to a tall man wearing a pink shirt and holding a bouquet of pink flowers in his hands “good morninh mum” he said smilingly and touched Mala’s feet seeking her blessings.

Mala was confused by the friendliness of the guest “bless you” she said “do I know u?”

“is Ridhima home?” he asked, Mala nodded and let him inside the house, Ridhima spat the water she was drinking seeing Hrishant shocking her family “are u okay Angel?” he asked concerned walking towards her, Ridhima nodded and he gave her the flowers “for you” Ridhima took the flowers and pulled him to the kitchen.

Mala and Dilip looked at Radhika and Ankush who just shrugged indicating that they didn’t have any knowledge of what was going on “what are you doing here?” Ridhima hissed and placed the flowers on the counter top.

Hrishant smiled “as much as u would have loved to hear that I came for you am sorry, I came for your brother, he is my patient remember”

Ridhima still glaring at him spoke “his appointment is in two hours and at your clinic then what brought u here?”

Hrishant held her by the shoulders “he is your brother so I have to give him special treatment”

“and why is that?” she asked taking his hands off.

“don’t act like you don’t know what’s between us” he said and winked at her, she gasped understanding what he was indicating but he just walked out of the kitchen and went to Mala and everyone else and greeted them “am Dr. Hrishant Dixit, a psychiatrist but u can just call me Hrishant” they greeted him but their eyes were glued on Ridhima who was putting the bouquet in a flower vase.

After the introduction Ankush took Hrishant to his room for their session, Ridhima came out of the kitchen and met with three pairs of questioning eyes “there is nothing between us” she said in defence.

“I like him” Radhika said causing Ridhima to glare at her.

After a one hour session Hrishant took his leave, Ridhima followed him to his car surprising her family even more “don’t u dare step a foot into my house again” she warned him.

“u want us to meet somewhere else?” he asked, then clapped his hands in excitement “that’s a great idea, so coffee date tomorrow?”

She closed her eyes for a second and then looked at his smiling face matching his happy expression with her angry one “look, am not naive neither am I a foolish teenage girl to get swoon by your words… I know what u want but am sorry to tell u that u have got the wrong girl here… you are helping my brother but that doesn’t mean I will put up with your stupid acts and by the way we are paying u for this so stop acting like u are doing us any favours”

Hrishant nodded in disappointment “so much anger, let it out… let it all out am here to listen to u” Ridhima fisted her hand controlling her rising anger, he cupped her face with his one hand “your eyes, your eyes are very beautiful” he said softly calming her down “these beautiful pair was what attracted me to u first” he added causing her to lower her gaze but not wanting to look affected by his words she raised her head locking her gaze with his “but there so much pain and anguish in them that it wrenches my heart… let this pain go before it replaces the beauty in your eyes” Ridhima stayed glued to the ground enchanted by his words, he took his hand from her face and held her right hand in both his “it’s not your fault that u are going through a bad phase, stop blaming yourself”

“it’s not easy” she whispered looking at his eyes.

“I know” he said “but u have to make the effort to forgive yourself and move on” He looked into her eyses “let go of this guilt” he whispered and leaned in to kiss on her hands but she jerked her hand off his hold. She wanted to retort but he placed his finger on her lips stopping her “don’t say anything unless u want to curse me” she frowned at his words but he just laughed. He took a pen from his shirt’s pocket and his business card from his wallet and wrote his mobile number on it “this is my personal mobile number, anytime u feel like lashing out on someone give me a call”

Ridhima took the card and looked at him baffled “are u crazy?” she asked.

“only on Mondays and Fridays” he said and laughed at his own joke. Ridhima rolled her eyes at his impossible nature and walked back inside her house while Hrishant got into his car and drove off. Ridhima looked at the card in her hands and smiled.

Mehra’s Apartment
Jiya watched the apartment building, it has been two days since she left the palace, she has been planning all these while and now it was time to put her plans into action. She recalled the day she she left El Milagro, she was being followed, she asked the taxi driver to stop at a nearby hospital, she took her suitcases and walked inside the hospital building. She saw two men who appeared to be the police step out of the car that was following her and walking inside the same building, they followed her till the reception desk. She pretended to be asking about her sick mother and the men left after she ran towards the wards, she knew they were Arjun’s men and thought to end their hide and seek game for once and for all.

Arjun had people following every member of his family to protect them but left the only place he never thought his enemy would come and was his home. Dressed as delivery guy carrying a box, Jiya stepped out of the elevator and walked towards the Mehra’s apartment, she presses the doorbell and waited for the unlucky one to open the door. It was early in the morning but Priya was already awake, she couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking about Ankush, she wondered who could it be that early in the morning when the doorbell rang, she quickly went to open the door not wanting the sound to disturb those who were still sleeping especially her brother Arjun, who had returned home late last night. “yes?” she said when she opened the door and saw a gun put on her face. Before she could scream she was pushed inside and gaged, her eyes widened in shock when she saw Edward was the one sealing her mouth with a cloth while Jiya holding a gun at her.

Arjun started to wake up fron his sleep, his body was heavy, he felt tired, he lazily opened his rock heavy like eyelids and adjusted to the light. “where am I” was the first thing that came on his mind, he looked around and observed his surroundings, he was in his own house he realised as the last of his sleep left his body. His hair dishevelled was falling on his face, he tried to push them away but couldn’t, his hands were tied to his back and so were his legs, his was tied to their dining room chair. His mind ran in different directions trying to figure out what was going on, he tried to recall but couldn’t vividly put a finger on one particular incident that led him to be tied up in his own house “dad…” he called out but no one answered “di… Priya di…” he called out again but still there was no answer “dadi…”

It was silent and the silence was driving him crazy, he was tied up like that then what could have happened to them, he tried to open the think rope but even his fingers couldn’t roam freely and his struggle only gave him pain. The pain shot from his shoulders to his hands but he kept on wriggling his hands out of the rope to no avail, he kept on calling out his family and with each second fear slowly crept into his heart. “are you done?” came a female voice from behind him, he tried to look back twisting his neck “must you struggle?” came the voice again but this time it was closer. Jiya came to his front, Arjun looked at her confused, her face was familiar but couldn’t remember where he saw her “surprise” Jiya said in a cynical tone.

“you..!?” he said flabbergasted “you are…”

“Tina’s sister” she completed, she pulled a chair and sat facing him “now stop wasting time tell me where she is or I will do something u will regret for the rest of your life”

“what u will kill me?” he asked least affected by her threat.

“not you but definitely your family” she answered brushing his fingers on the gun she was holding that Arjun didn’t realise till now. Arjun relaxed a bit because her words meant she hadn’t harmed them yet “where is she?” she asked again but Arjun didn’t answer “do you think am playing?” she asked angrily.

“I will tell u where she is but what’s the guarantee that u won’t kill my family after that” Arjun said in fear stricken voice with the thought of his own words coming true and Jiya saw that.

Jiya smiled “smart chap I like it, Ed was right about you, you really are smart” she got off the chair and walked up to him “and what’s the guarantee that I haven’t killed them already?”

Arjun looking straight in her eyes spoke “let’s make a deal then” Jiya sat back on her chair waiting for him to speak “I know Ed is here with you, I will give him the Tina’s location and he can go get her but when he leaves my family leaves too”

Jiya laughed “do u really think am stupid, if they leave they will report me to the police and I don’t have any plans to rot in jail” Jiya called Edward who came with Priya, Ruby and Ajay, their hands tied to their back and mouths gaged. “since u are playing hard to get I will show how I play” she stood pointing her gun at the three of them scared, she looked at their fearful faces and smirked “eeny… meeny… miney… moe… who… will be… the first one… to go…” she sang pointing the gun from Priya to Ruby, from Ruby to Ajay and then back to Priya and ended up with Ruby, she looked at Arjun who looked horrified, she looked back at Ruby who was tired from all that was happening, Priya and Ajay were shaking their head urging her to not shoot with their eyes but she was going to pull the trigger any way.

“stop..” Edward screamed “stop it please, there is no need for that” Jiya rolled her eyes with disinterest but Edward continued “Arjun got the point already” he walked up Arjun “I know her Arjun, she will really shoot her so better tell us where Tina is” he locked his eyes with Arjun and mouthed “trust me” that only Arjun saw, Arjun saw honesty in his eyes and decided to take the chance. He told them Tina’s location, Edward clutched his collar and punched on his face “this for hurting Tina” he said making Jiya laugh praising him for his act. He then straightened his shirt slipping a tiny microphone in his shirt’s pocket without Jiya’s notice, Arjun looked on shocked but Edward blinked in assurance showing him that he was on his side now. He quickly left to the said place while Jiya held them captive till Edward came back with Tina.

“I must say, u really are smart” Arjun said to Jiya who was munching on the apples kept on the dining table.

“that I am” she said smilingly.

“I haven’t been able to figure out how u pulled this off, will u please enlighten me” he said.

“knock out gas of course” she said putting her feet on the table sitting lazily on the chair.

“impressive” Arjun said “but why Amrish, u could have acquired Taste Farm without killing him, right?”

Jiya smirked “let me tell u from the beginning… so Tina and I split up, Tina infiltrated the company and I took the palace… initially we didn’t have a plan we just wanted to study our enemy closely so when could come up with a perfect plan to take over the company… but then Tina heard Amrish talking to his lawyer Trudeau telling him that he had Taste Farm original papers kept safe and that if those papers were to turn up Taste Farm will have four partners again instead of three… I was excited when I got this news, so I made a plan… to steal those papers and claim part of the company as the only Sareen heirs but it wasn’t easy… Amrish started to doubt Tina and used a P.I to investigate about her and that old bastard started to blackmail her”

“so u planned to kill him?” he asked.

“no” she said casually “it was never in the plans, killing him was an accident… u see my sister is a bit impatient… and when she gets mad she becomes aggressive, so she killed him”

“and after that?” Arjun asked.

“I had to save her, duh” she answered taking her feet off the table “I told her to twist the truth a little bit and one simple fake attack and she was out of the suspects list… simple”

“and the private investigator?” he asked again.

Jiya looked at him tiredly “u do ask a lot of questions” she sighed “but let me tell u at least u will get some peace before u die… after Tina told me Amrish already knew that she was a Sareen I knew he must have had her investigated so I started snooping around in his office every night looking for clues since I already had the password that job was easy and getting the password was much easier… I just hid behind the pillar and took a video of Magdalene while she was punching in the numbers and it was easy as taking candy from a kid… and one night I found the P.I business card… I called him pretending to have a job for him but they told me he was out of the city and couldn’t meet him… I fake cried saying it’s a matter of life and death and his secretary told me where he was… I went to Magdalene and started to cry before her too… my brother had an accident and he is going to die I need to go see him” she said dramatically pretending to cry, she then smiled and patted her own shoulder “am pretty goo actress u know” she said and continued narrating the story “so I went to Bradford and met Mr.Wolf, first I thought I will shoot him or stab him but seeing the size of him I figured poisoning was the best idea, he was so big” she said nodding her head in disappointment “Edward told me the hotel u where in and knew he will be meeting u there because I called and asked him to meet me at the same hotel… I made him the special salad and to my luck the waiter who was going to serve him was stopped by some guy asking where the toilet was… I took that opportunity and exchanged the plates, u see the first day I met him he ordered that same salad and mentioned to me that it was his favourite and couldn’t have any meal without it… so I asked him to meet me during lunch hours because I was sure he will order that same salad again… I have to admit, I was really lucky too apart from being smart of course” she finished with dreamy smile on her face.

Arjun nodded appreciating her and she smiled more “and after that u stole the files from his office”

“Oh, that was Tina” she said she is good at those sorts of things, between the two us am the brain and she is the muscle… I found from Edward that before dying he told u about Jagath Sareen so I sent Tina to steal the files so u would come to a dead end again”

“did u know that u are Jagath’s granddaughter and not Devendra’s?” he asked.

Jiya nodded “we did, when your mother died” by the mention of his mother Arjun’s expression changed into a grave one “relax” Jiya said “your father had come on a newspaper one day, he was identical to my father since they were twins, seeing him Devendra realised the truth but seeing him addressed as a Mehra made Devendra want to throw him out of the way before he came to know that he was a Sareen so he planned to kill all of you… he didn’t want to share his fortune with anyone… when the accident came on the news dad saw his twin’s picture and questioned Devendra so he had no choice but to spill the truth out in his own version… he told us both his brother and wife were murdered by Amrish for money, for the shares… and Amrish was going to kill the twins too so he wanted to save his brother’s children but unfortunately could only save dad but he forbade us to contact your father saying that if we reached out to him we will risk both his and our lives too… he also said that the accident that took your mother’s life was Amrishs doing”

“and u believed him?” asked Arjun.

“back then we all did” she said “but years later after my dad’s death he told me the real truth, he was getting old and started to regret his sins but I made sure this truth doesn’t reach Tina… I still made her believe that Amrish Khanna was the devil… because from there I wanted the fortune for myself… it’s not fair that after all the hatred that has been sowed in us we just give up our mission because it’s wrong… why should we give up on the money?”

Arjun chuckled “so u lied to your sister?”

She sighed “I had to, Tina is a sensitive girl once she would have found out the truth she would have stopped being a part of the mission”

“that’s why u killed Devendra?” Arjun asked.

“am tired now and why hasn’t Edward called me yet?” she whined.

“I have kept her far, it will take time” he said “meanwhile why don’t u tell me how u killed Devendra”

She rolled her eyes “u are becoming too demanding, don’t forget I held u captive here” Arjun looked at her with hope she sighed and spoke “okay… okay… to cut the long story short… I slashed his wrist and forged his handwriting making a fake suicide note… are u happy now?”

Edward reached the factory, he frantically ran inside the abandoned building calling out Tina’s name, he saw the metal door and opened it. Tina was laying in the floor unconscious, Edward felt like someone had punched his heart hard, he felt an immense pain on the left side of his chest, he crushed on the floor and took her in his arms, as tears wetted his cheeks.

Saint Charles Hospital
Edward was pacing back and forth on the corridors while a doctor was checking on Tina, after a while the doctor came out and informed him that she was fine, she was dehydrated and weak because she hadn’t eaten in a few days but overall she was fine. Edward thanked and the doctor and went into her ward to see her. Tina was still unconscious, she had glucose IV attached on her left hand, Edward’s heart pained to see her like that, so pale, so lifeless.Tina was in it for justice, Jiya was in it for the money but him, he was in it for love. His mind ran back two years back when he first saw Tina, he could still remember what she had worn that day, her image was imprinted deep in his heart.

Their meet wasn’t planned but it was love at first sight for him, Edward was on his day off and met with his old friend who was also a police, they had in the police academy years ago. His friends received a radio message about a report a woman in Paddington had made and Edward went with his friend so they could talk on the way, it was the in same building where Tina lived. It was a noise report the woman made against her neighbour, the two neighbours made a huge ruckus in front of the police forcing other people in the building to come out and see what the chaos was all about and that was when Edward saw Tina. Wearing a dark green sweater over her white leggings Tina peeked through the slightly opened apartment door to see why her two neighbours were shouting at each other. Edward’s breath was caught in the lungs, his heart was on the verge of jumping out of his chest from all the pounding it was doing, he found everything about her mesmerizing. Her lower lip that was in between her teeth, her little nose, her inquisitive eyes was all sending shivers in his body. Tina looked around and then her gaze met with his, his strong dominant gaze was glued on her, she looked away but when she turned back at him Edward was still staring at her, feeling awkward by his stare she went back into her apartment slamming the door shut. Edward smiled, he knew then that he was in love, he had fallen in love with her at first sight.

He followed her, tried to find out about her, he even pretended to be living near her apartment building so he could befriend her and got that opportunity when she was coming late from work one day and her car had broken down. He offered her a lift home, seeing that he was a police she agreed and since then they became friends. As time went by, their friendship grew strong but Edward wasn’t able to confess his feelings to her afraid that he would lose the friendship they had. Tina trusted him, trusted him as much as she trusted Jiya that’s why one day she narrated to him her entire life story, she even told him that she was there for revenge, to take part of Taste Farm back that was snatched from her grandfather but his heart broke when Tina confessed to have fallen in love with Jai. As they say love can make a man do stupid things and so Edward a keeper of the law became a law breaker in attempt to keep his love safe, when Tina called him and told him that she had murdered Amrish, his first reaction was indeed of shock but the second the thought of Tina going to jail came to his mind the urge to save her from going to jail was born too in that same mind. He did it all, he lied, he cheated his profession his conscious, his friend, he even went so overboard and tried to frame Jai out of jealousy and spite. But nothing good came out of it, innocent people died, innocent people suffered, he himself had suffered and Tina the woman he loved the most had suffered too. But it was enough now, he was done making mistakes now it was time to redeem himself.

He took his phone and saw 23 missed calls from Jiya, he called her and informed her that he had found Tina and that she was okay. Tina slowly woke up from her tired sleep and smiled faintly when she saw Edward “it’s over” he told her in a soothing voice.

Tina closed her eyes as tears streamed from her eyes making their way to the pillow she was supporting her head with “I have failed her, I have failed di” she cried.

Edward wiped her tears “she is the one who failed you” Tina got mad, she couldn’t stand to hear anything against her sister and Edward knew it “relax, you need rest” he said and walked out of the room. He looked at her through the small glass window on the door and wiped his own tears, he turned and came face to face with Mark and some of his other colleagues.

“you are under arrest” Mark said and Edward obliged without any protest.

Mehra’s Apartment
Jiya got off the phone with Edward and turned to Arjun smiling a devilish one “time to die dear brother” she said and pointed the gun at him. She scratched her head as if in deep thought “but who should go first… shoukd I kill u first or your dear family?” She chuckled “doesn’t matter, u all have meet up in hell anyway”

She was going to shoot but just then the apartment door was smashed open and an army of police officers wearing bullet proof vest stormed in “put the gun down” said an officer as they all pointed their gun at her.

Jiya moved behind Arjun putting the muzzle at the back of his head “don’t move or I will shoot” she screamed.

“game over Jiya” said Arjun “just put the gun down and let’s get this over with”

“shut before I blow your brains off” she warned.

“can’t u see that your little game is over?… Edward betrayed u, u have no allies now just give up already” Arjun said.

“I said shut the f**k up” she hissed, it’s true Edward had betrayed her she realised, she thought she could control him since he was in love with Tina but she was wrong. She looked at the officers slowly approaching her, they were many and she knew she wouldn’t survive “it’s not over, till I say so” she gritted as she tightened her finger around the trigger.

Arjun could hear the friction sound of her finger against the trigger, the muzzle was still attached at the back of his head. This was it, he knew whatever he does he won’t be able to dodge the speed of the bullet, he hated that he knew so much about guns. He looked at his family and smiled, he wished he could have seen Radhika too one last time. He closed his eyes imagining her face, her smiling face, that is how he wanted to remember her. He won’t feel a thing he told himself as he waited for his fate that laid in the hands of an crazy woman holding the gun. Jiya looked at their horrified faces and smirked, she was going to have the last laugh, one officer tried to ran to her but it was too late, she with a smirk on her face pulled the trigger and…


The sound filled the room as the officers looked on in shock “NO… ” screamed Priya terrified as she witnessed the tragic end, Ajay froze with only tears running from his eyes, the pain was too much for him to handle.

Precap: Last Chapter

I know this was kind of boring, next one will be the last chapter and maybe an epilogue after that, am just trying to end this before October comes, am getting so busy that I feel I will go crazy sometimes, have lost 6 pounds already ???

Love u guys so much ??????

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