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Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 20 & 21)

Hi all, it’s me again after a week of missing in action, getting so busy that sometimes I want to clone myself. This was supposed to be one chapter but Tina’s part came too long so made it into two chapters, am trying my best to end this soon before I get completely busy but once I start typing I feel like nothing is enough. Please don’t forget to drop your precious views on this one. Love u all so so much, Enjoy…………….



Chapter 20

Dr. Murray’s Clinic
Arjun drove straight to the clinic he was determined to get all his questions answered today. Dr. Murray welcomed him smilingly asking about Ruby “we really miss her around here” he said as he was taking his seat.

“of course u do” said Arjun, his facial expression stoic but his tone stern with bits of anger in it.

“is there a problem detective?” asked the doctor.

“only if u refuse to co-oporate” he said still holding the same unaffected expression on his face. He took out the printed hospital records and placed them on his table, seeing the content of the paper Dr. Murray panicked “now speak before I make u speak” Arjun warned.

Dr. Murray stuttered “detective… I… I… am sorry…”

“stop wasting my time and speak up” Arjun said angrily.

“Dev was an acquaintance, we weren’t exactly best of friends but we knew each other… I knew your grandparents too” he started to explain and brought him back fifty years ago.

********** Flashback **********

Dr. Philip Murray was the doctor on duty on April 13 1966, he was one of the best gynocologist at St.Marys hospital, he was young and fresh from school but his dedication has earned him a name in such a short while. He came from a rich family of doctors, every Murray aspired to be a doctor and had a respectful reputation in the medical industry. Philip’s ancestors had even worked at the palace as Queen Victoria’s personal doctor, medicine was in their blood. He was brought out his of cabin when a nurse informed him about an emergency. He rushed to the ward where he saw Ruby in labour, he checked up on her and gave the nurse instructions, there still time till her delivery.

Just out of the ward he met Dev, he knew both Dev and Ruby he had once met Ruby and her now dead husband when Dev had invited him for lunch at the Sareen mansion. He smiled thinking that Dev was there for his sister-in -law “there is still till u become an uncle” he teased but Dev didn’t laugh.

“I need a favour from u” Dev said and Philip took him to his cabin “u know I was in prison, right?” he asked and that’s when it clicked in Philip’s head that Dev was arrested for fraud not too long ago.

“how did u get out so soon?” Philip asked.

“I didn’t get acquitted, am out on bail” Dev said.

“are u sure u haven’t escaped from prison?” Philip joked but Dev was in no mood for anything funny.

“now listen to me, I want Ruby’s child am going to raise it as my own and u will help me in taking that child” Dev said.

“what makes u think I will help kidnap a new born?” Philip asked after getting the over the shock.

“I will pay u” Dev said.

“am not poor neither am I greedy, if u have forgotten I come from a wealthy family of doctors, loyalty is in our blood, I will never agree to such a horrid crime” Philip said and started to walk out of his cabin.

“I knew u will be difficult that’s why I have kidnapped your daughter” Dev said to his back.

Philip turned “u wouldnt”

“why don’t u call her school and confirm?” Dev said and took a seat on the visitor’s chair. Philip made the calls, he called her school and they told him that she didn’t reach school, he called home and his wife told him that she dropped their daughter at school that morning. His wife wasn’t aware that her daughter didn’t enter the school premises after she dropped her and the school thought the six year old girl missed school that day. He looked at Dev, he was least bothered about anyone’s pain “u know what u need to do” Dev said looking calm as if he wasn’t the one committing a crime.

Philip was in a dilemma, he had to choose between fatherhood and his career but after much thinking the father in him finally won “Ruby knows me, what if she reports me to the police?”

“don’t worry about that, nobody is going to suspect u” Dev assured him.

“what will u do?” Philip asked.

“I will take the child and u can pretend that u didn’t know anything but only if someone asks… if u go around screaming that I have kidnapped my brother’s child then I will kill your daughter… I need u to be quite… your discretion will keep your precious daughter alive” Dev warned.

“think about it please, she is your brother’s wife Dev” Philip tried to convince him but there was no use.

Time came for Ruby to give birth and she gave birth to a baby boy, as per plans Dev stormed into the delivery room and snatched the baby from Philip’s hands so that nobody will suspect the doctor in the kidnapping. Devendra took the baby boy and fled with him. But Philip had hid the fact that Ruby was pregnant with twins, he let him take one child in hopes that Ruby will still have the other child but after seeing her son being snatched from her Ruby cried and later fainted due to the pained and tiredness so Philip had to conduct vacuum assisted delivery for her second child and it was baby boy.

Just after he had finished delivering Ruby’s twins Philip was called for another emergency, Seher Mehra had a complicated pregnancy so Philip had to operate on her but unfortunately during the surgery the baby couldn’t make it due to Philip’s mistake. Stressed about what had happened Philip lost his much needed concentration resulting in ending up the life of a poor innocent boy of Seher and Balraj Mehra.

Philip looked at Balraj who was nervously passing back and forth outside the delivery room, he knew Balraj was powerful so he was afraid of losing his licence bcoz of his mistake. Philip passed Ruby’s other son as the Mehra’s son to cover up for his mistakes but only Ruby was the one who lost in all that mess.

********** End Of Flashback **********

“I know what I did wrong but I had no other choice” Dr. Murray told Arjun “Balraj Mehra was a powerful man if he had found out that its bcoz of my negligence he lost his son he would have sent me to jail and Ruby wasn’t even aware that she had twins. When she woke up she didn’t ask about her twins she only asked about the son that was snatched from her and I didn’t tell her the truth” he explained.

“do u know u have just admitted to several crimes?” Arjun threatened.

Dr. Murray nodded “I knew the past will caught up with me one day or the other, I have wronged Ruby and I deserve to be punished”

“are u sure she had two sons?” Arjun asked.

“I can never forget that day and am sure that she had twin boys” he assured. Arjun took out the photo of Devenra and his daughter and asked him if it was the same Dev he was talking about and the doctor confirmed that it was him.

Forensic Document Examination Lab
Arjun waited impatiently as the elderly woman in a white white lab coat worked her magic in the forensic lab, he had brought her the photograph of Devendra wanting it to be examined. The laboratory was part of the London Metropolitan police dealing with finding document authenticity, with their scientific expertise they could determine if a document or a handwriting on a document was forged or real.

If Devendra has taken a son then where did that daughter in the photograph came from and if he had a daughter of his own why did he take Ruby’s son and what did he do with that child. All these questions were running in his mind, then he remembered something and took out the suicide note from his pants pocket “can u examine this note too?” he asked forwading the piece of paper to the woman.

The forensic analysis Stella looked at him from the rim of her glasses “that will take more time young man and I don’t see any sign of patience in u” she said and took the note from him “go get yourself coffee” she said “and bring something back for me” she added. Arjun shrugged and left the lab.

Thirty five minutes later Arjun went back to the lab after having a coffee and sandwich, he found Stella at her work station talking and laughing with her colleague “I thought u said it will take long?” he asked smilingly.

“did u ask me how long?” she counter asked adjusting her glasses “what did u bring me?” she added looking at the small paper bag Arjun was holding.

“chocolate chip cookies” he answered.

“trying to sweeten me up?” she asked.

“I saw a chocolate bar on your table when I got here and figured u are a chocolate person and anyone who loves chocolate must love chocolate chip cookies” he explained.

“good eye detective” she said flashing her yellowish teeth “too bad u couldn’t use those se*y eyes on the case” she said trying her hand in flirting.

“what do u mean?” Arjun asked.

“the photograph is morphed” she said giving him the picture “these were two different photographs merged as one”

“I suspected that” he said.

“I did the dating analysis on the writing on the back of the photograph and it just kept getting better… I did an ink dating analysis and found out that the writing on the back of the photograph is recent” Stella said showing him the results “I did a mass spectometry test and the solvents in the ink used indicate that this ink is less than two years old” She looked at his keen eyes and continued “the pigments used to make this type of ink weren’t available commercially till 2012” she added “but that’s not the best part, my friend the one I was talking to when u got back is a handwriting expert and she was able to prove that both handwritings belong to the same person”

“so this means…” he said

“this means both the note and the words on the back of the photograph were written by the same person and probably with the same pen” Stella completed.

Arjun looked at the photograph, the murderer was trying to mislead him. He smiled “well played, well played indeed” he complemented the murderer but now it was time for him to make his move.

St. Mary’s Hospital
It has been forty nine hours since Ankush was admitted to the hospital and he was still unconscious, the doctors were afraid that he will slip into a coma and the family was worried that he may not make it. He was the same, no improvement no deterioration, he was breathing just breathing. They were taking turns to stay with him at the hospital, Dilip and Ridhima had come to take their turn and relieve Mala and Priya for the day “how is he?” asked Dilip.

“still the same” Mala said sadly. Dilip gave her an arm hug assuring her that he will be okay.

“the doctor is checking on him” Priya said “we will hear what she has to say and leave after that” she added and they all nodded in agreement.

The doctor came out, she instructed something to the nurse and walked up to them she was smiling “he has regained conciousness, initial tests came out fine we will conduct other tests later am going to prepare for those now”

The word happiness was not enough to express what they were feeling, a mother got her son back Mala felt the same happiness she flet when she gave birth to her twins. Dilip hugged Mala in excitement their son was okay, Ridhima took her phone to inform Radhika of the good news and Priya felt as if she was given life for the second time. “can we see him?” Priya asked.

“sure” the doctor said “but don’t put pressure on him, he is still weak and needs a lot of rest” she added and left and the four of them went inside the room.

Ankush laying on his back smiled seeing his family but his smile couldn’t hide the reality, he looked tired and weak, he tried to sit but they didn’t let him “just lay down dont try to act brave” Dilip warned him and he laid back on the bed.

They talked with him for a while making sure that he doe3snt talk much and tire himself more, then Ankush recalled something and asked “where is Jai?”

“at the office but why do u ask?” Priya said,

“in this office? with Tina?… call him… call him now… that Tina is dangerous, he tried to kill me” Ankush said in panic.

Priya asked him to relax “why would Tina want to harm u?”

Ankush started to get anxious “he shouldn’t stay with her she is dangerous, Tina was the one who attacked me” he said shocking them all “and Radhika, is she in the office too?… tell her to get out of there … she is dangerous… Tina is very dangerous” he was starting to get agitated and suddenly he held his head tight complaining about a headache “my head…” he screamed in pain and they immediately called the doctor.

They were asked to wait outside while the doctor checked him up, she came to them and told them she wouldn’t be able to give them a definite answer until she conducts further tests. Two hours later they were in the doctor’s cabin, the doctor turned to them after studying Ankush’s reports “everything looks fine just some minor things that will heal with time” she told them smilingly.

“and the headache?” Dilip asked.

“it’s normal in his condition due to the injury he suffered on the head he will keep on having episodes like that but as the time goes by the pain and the episodes will gradually diminish” she explained but they still looked confused so she said “he will be cured but it will take him time so u need to be patient, your patience will be his strength” and they all nodded.

Ankush was given sedatives so he was sleeping again, Mala and Priya were leaving so that Dilip and Ridhima could take their turn in looking after him while Radhika and Sam were supposed to come the next morning. Priya got into her car and the first thing she did was to call Arjun and told him what Ankush said “Tina…?” said Arjun in surprise over the phone “but what would Tina have against Ankush?”

“I don’t know either, I just know Ankush was very nervous and agitated, he is sure that it was Tina who attacked him” Priya said.

“and Jai?” he asked.

“he wanted to save Jai from her, he said that Jai’s life was in danger with Tina around, look into it please” Priya said.

“I will” he assured “are u okay?”

“am fine” Priya answered and ended the call.

Tina got back home after a long tiring day, she was unaware of Ankush’s recovery or that Ankush had clearly remembered her face when he took the face mask off her face, she slumped on the couch massaging her neck. She heard some sounds behind her and turned, a smile adorned her face seeing the woman standing before her “when did u come?” she asked happily and got of the couch to go hug her but she was welcomed with a tight slap to her face. She stood holding her left cheek in surprise “u slapped me”

“u deserve more than a slap” she said her face depicting sheer anger.

Tina bowed her head down “am sorry” she mumbled.

“for how long will I be running around fixing your mistakes Tina, when will stop acting like a fool?” she spat the words angrily.

“I am really sorry, I promise I will not repeat my mistake” Tina pleaded.

“is there anything else I should know?” she asked this time her voice was a little soft. Tina nodded negative “I can’t believe it, u are now lying to me” she said in disbelief Tina wanted to speak but she stopped her holding her palm out to her “what do u think u won’t tell me and I wouldn’t find out?” she asked in a matter of fact tone “I know u went to the station to confess that u killed Amrish… how can u be so stupid Tina?”

Tina started to cry “am sorry” was all she could say.

She cupped Tina’s face and wiped her tears “u know I can’t see tears in your, please stop crying” she coaxed.

Tina hugged her and she gently rubbed her back so she could calm down “please don’t hurt Jai, I love him”

“but Tina… ” she said.

“if u love me then u won’t hurt him” Tina said in determination causing her to give up.

“do u know how risky it is for me to be here?” she asked and Tina nodded in acknowledgement “yet I came here, just for u bcoz I love u Tina” She sighed “okay now stop crying” she said and Tina wiped the rest of her tears “are u behind the attack made on Ankush?” she asked.

Of course she was but she knew she had made a mistake and if she confessed now she will be asked to leave and she didn’t want to be away from Jai “no am not” she lied.

“are u telling me the truth?” she asked and Tina nodded “if u did then I need to know now so I can save u from this”

“I didn’t attack him” Tina said.

“okay take care and dont make me come here again” she warned and left through the back door.

Kensington Police Station
Edward got to the station early in the morning like usual but something was different today, Arjun who always came earlier than him was nowhere to be found and that was not a good sign since Arjun was adamant to find the murderer and he was eager to save the same person. He tried calling him but his phone was not reachable, he contacted Tina and she assured him that she was okay. After spending restless thirty minutes in his office Edward got out and met with Arjun at the entrance, Arjun was smiling he was happy “why the happy face did u find Devendra’s daughter?” Edward asked.

Arjun smiled even wider “better, I found the murderer” he said shocking him “it’s Tina” he announced.

“Ti… Tina… Tina the secretary?” Edward asked.

“shocking, right?… even I was in the beginning but it’s confirmed now she was the one who murdered Amrish Khanna” Arjun then handed him an envelope.

“what is this?” Edward asked.

“Tina’s arrest warrant, was working on it since morning” Arjun said excitedly. Edward didn’t know how to react, he kept a calm front while his insides where churning in fear. Arjun gave him an arm hug “we can’t delay to arrest her but didn’t want to go without u, wanted to share this joy with my buddy” Arjun added. Edward smiled a fake one and followed Arjun behind. He ringed Tina but she wasn’t picking her phone “who are u calling lets go” Arjun said and got into his car, Edward took the passenger’s seat some other females officers got in the back seat and the drive to Taste Farm started.

Taste Farm Offices
They were nearing Taste Farm each second was like a deadly grip around Edward’s neck, he felt suffocated. He couldn’t call Tina with Arjun and his other colleagues besides so he messaged Tina warning her about the arrest and he could only hope that Tina see the message in time. Tina was in a meeting busy taking notes, she had kept her phone on silent mode so she didn’t hear the phone ring or the message beep.

Finally the meeting came to an end and she touched her phone, the earth beneath her shook when she read Edward’s message, they were coming to arrest her. She quickly ran out of the boardroom surprising all “Tina what’s wrong?” asked a baffled Jai but she didn’t answer and ran to the elevator.

She reached the basement and ran to her car and that was when she realised that she didn’t took her purse or her car keys that where inside her purse before she could decide what do to next Arjun’s car followed by a police car came to a halt before her and the officers jumped out of the car to arrest her “u are under arrest” Arjun said walking towards her. Out of nowhere a black tinted minivan screeched btn Tina and the police, some people dressed in all black came out of the van, one of them placed a white cloth on her face and Tina was dragged inside the van “they are taking her” screamed Arjun before taking out his gun and shot at them but it all happened so fast. The unknown people from the van fired back at the police causing them to take cover behind the car, hearing the sound of the speeding car the police came out only to see the car disappearing. Arjun wanted to go behind them but then saw that two tyres where punctured and the case was the same with the other car too, they weren’t shooting at them they purposely punctured the tyres so the police couldn’t chase them behind. Arjun ended up kicking the punctured tyre in frustration “sh*t”

One of the officer called for back up over radio informing other patrol car to pursue a chase behind the black minivan. Edward was shocked at first but later relieved thinking that Tina was saved from going to jail by the other person, seeing Arjun stressful he smirked that again they were able to fool London’s most intelligent police officer.

Hearing the gunshot people from the building gathered in the basement only to see the defeated police crew, Arjun and a female officer Carmen took the elevator to Taste Farm while Edward and others stayed back to fix the punctured tyres. The whole of Taste Farm could not believe what the police had to say about Tina, every employee talked about how sweet and good hearted Tina was none could ever imagine that behind that beautiful innocent face laid a vicious calculative and manipulative criminal. From her purse that she had left in the office the police only found a few things that weren’t relevant to the case unfortunately Tina had escaped with her phone which would have been helpful in finding who were her accomplice. The police had come to a dead end, again.

Malhotra’s Apartment
Neil came back home from the gym and the first thing that greeted him was the sound of her mother’s laughter that made him smile automatically, it was soothing to his stressful heart and he got one more sweet surprise when he heard another voice that she recognized to be Sam’s. Prena and Sam were looking at Neil’s childhood photographs, Sam had come to help Prena with a new program her organisation was doing about empowering the girl child and she needed Sam editing skills for the same but they ended up looking at old photo albums. Neil’s pictures were a laughter bomb, most of his photos were taken with him shirtless since he hated to wear clothes when he was a child. Neil looked at the two women of his life laughing, happiness reflecting in their eyes and smiled but he was horrified seeing the album on Sam’s lap, he had done so much effort to hide that infamous album filled with his famous photos.

“not that album please” he complained like a kid. They both turned to him and laughed harder seeing him “come on stop laughing or your lungs will burst” but everything he said just made them laugh more.

He snatched the album from Sam’s lap “give that back, that’s comedy gold” Sam said.

“don’t spoil our fun Neil, give us the album” said Prena supporting Sam.

Neil pouted “nobody loves me in this house”

“Oh stop being a kid” Prena said.

“u mean a kid like he was in those photos?” Sam teased and burst into laughter again.

“ha-ha very funny” he said giving them the album back “at least I didn’t have a river running from my nose when I was a kid”

“I had allergies” Sam said defensively but Neil just laughed making her angry “at least I wasn’t a caveman always running around without clothes”

Neil frowned “for your information, I was a handsome kid, I looked no less like a model since then”

“a swimsuit model bcoz in most of your pictures u have only your underwear on” Sam joked.

“let’s just say I was comfortable in my own skin” he said.

Sam took out a photograph she had kept aside “yeah I see u were really comfortable” she said sardonically showing him the photo in which Neil was naked, Neil blushed hard causing Prena and Sam to laugh again. Neil was happy, his peace had returned to him seeing how happy his mother was. Prena stood after a while saying that he was going to make them all something to eat “I will come with u” said Sam offering her help.

“no need, u just relax” she replied “and Neil no more teasing her” she added when she saw Neil imitating how Sam would be when she had her allergies.

Sam showed Neil her tongue and turned to Prena “thanks aunty”

“call me mum and u should start practising now” she said. Sam was shocked with her request Neil face palmed himself and Prena understood that she had acted too excitedly so excused herself and went to the kitchen.

Neil took a seat on the sofa next to Sam “why did aunty say that?”

“bcoz she doesn’t want her daughter-in-law to call her aunty” he replied casually and then bit his tongue for what he had said. Sam blushed when she understood what he meant “thanks” he said after keeping quiet for a while “thanks for making mum happy” Sam just smiled in return and started to gather the albums. Neil held her wrist causing her to turn to him, she looked at him and motioned him to speak with her eyes “I love you” he confessed and saw her eyes get rounded as her face adopted a shocked expression “was planning to do something special when I say this but I can’t keep this to myself any longer, I truly am in love with u Sammy”

She smiled “babe…” she said and his brows furrowed in confusion “I love it when u call me babe” she clarified causing him to chuckle “and I love you too” she completed and looked down shyly.

Neil placed his forefinger on her chin and made her look at him “look at me babe” he said making her smile “say it again”

Sam looked at him in the eyes “I love you Neil” she confessed and Neil took her in an tight embrace. They broke the hug and he planted his lips in hers as proof of his love for her and she kissed him back reciprocating his love and care.

The love birds had completely forgotten that Prena was just few feets away and went on devouring each other relishing the feel of being close to the one they loved as their lips mingled in utter sweet and passionate perfection. Prena came holding a tray with three coffee mugs “I brought cof…” she left her sentence in the middle surprised by the view in front of her eyes. With the sound of her voice they quickly parted from each other blushing scarlet for being caught in the act. Prena who was making a huge effort to not laugh at their embarrassed faces placed the tray on the coffee table “carry on, I won’t disturb u” she said and started to walk back to the kitchen so she could laugh whole heartedly.

Neil smiled that his mum gave them space but Sam was too embarrassed and wanted to leave immediately “no aunty stay” she said and both Prena and Neil looked at her surprisingly thinking that she wanted Prena to stay and watch them kiss each other “am leaving” she announced and picked her purse.

“so soon?” Prena teased “I was going to make something more mouth watering for u, am sure u will lick your lips when u have that”

Neil’s jaw touched the floor, he never knew his mum could joke like that. Sam wished for the floor to open and swallow her so she could escape that embarrassing “I have to go” she said without looking at both them and started to leave.

“Sam” Prena called her and she stopped on her track “the door is the other way” Sam raised her head and saw that she was walking towards the bedroom instead of the door, she quickly turned and ran to the door and Prena burst into laughter “u two are so cute” she said looking at Neil who just shook his head and walked to his bedroom after picking a coffee mug.


Chapter 21

Somewhere Unknown
Two days had passed since Tina’s disappearing, the police were running on their toes to find the escapee. The black minivan was found abandoned a few kilometres outside of the city suggesting that Tina was taken out of London, the van was a rental and the information given at the car rent service all turned to be fake so the police didn’t know who had taken her or where was she taken.

Tina was kept in a small room inside a factory, it was an office of that old abandoned sugar factory that was changed into a room for her. A small mattress on one corner with a pillow and blanket to keep her warm, a plastic bag with food enough to sustain her for a week, there was also a small bathroom attached to the back of that room. Since the moment she woke up and found herself alone in that place Tina had been never stopped trying to get out of that place, she would bang the metal door locking her away from the world every hour without fail, there was a small window supplying the room with oxygen but it was so high up that there was no way her short self could reach. She would scream for help hoping that her pleas might reach some ears but as days turned into night and nights brought another day her hope for surving the ordeal slowly crumbled. Those forty eight hours has been the most dreading time in her life. She knew whoever kidnapped her couldn’t be someone good bcoz keeping her in a confinement like that was torture to her and neither Edward nor anybody else had come to her so she knew it was someone outside her allies that was giving her pain but the question was why.

Mark let out a sigh looking out of the car window “what is this place?” he asked trying to get his eyes to adjust to the dim light surrounding them, lately the pressure of the case has been getting into him and he was not keeping well health wise.

“this is where I have kept Tina” Arjun answered turning the ignition off after a long two hours drive.

Mark looked at him confused as his words registered in his mind “u have Tina?”

“safe and sound” he answered.

“u are the kidnapper?” he asked in still in shock.

“isn’t that obvious chief” he replied.

“Arjun kidnapping is a crime” Mark gritted, he close his eyes to calm himself down down “u are going to have me killed one day, u will give me a heart attack if u continue with your chananegens”

“stop being melodramatic” Arjun joked.

“why do u have her?” he asked

“I want her accomplice to come looking for her” Arjun said.

“then why the drama, we could have just arrested her?” asked Mark.

“bcoz I wanted Edward to believe that she is kidnapped” he said.

“what does he has got to do with it?” he asked.

“he is one of her accomplices” Arjun said shocking Mark again “unfortunately dear Ed has been playing on the opposite team for a while now” he added. Mark asked for proof with which he was accusing his colleague and Arjun explained “I first doubted Edward when the P. I. was murdered… first I was supposed to meet the Private Investigator at a coffee shop and only u and he knew about that location… but Wolf cancelled that meeting sensing that someone was following us so I stayed at a hotel for the night and only u and he again knew about… so when he met me at the same hotel and was poisoned I figure someone indeed knew where I was and was keeping an eye on me knowing that they will find Wolf where I would be”

“does it mean u suspected me too?” Mark asked.

“yes chief I did, but only for a while I know how righteous of a man u are” he said air quoting the word righteous causing Mark to roll his eyes “my doubt was confirmed when Devendra turned out murdered too then all the piece came together… my doubt was on Tina since she was the last person to see Amrish Khanna alive but we both know what happened after that… first Tina was attacked… who was keeping an eye on her and claimed to have saved her from the attack?”

“Edward” Mark said.

Arjun continued “then right out of the police station Tina’s attacker was killed further showing that everything was pre-meditated… who chased after the shooter and came back with the letter having the same words found at Amrish’s murder scene?”

“Edward” Mark said again.

“he knew that the private investigator was in Bradford and I was going to meet him and what can I say about Devendra’s case… only us three knew about his whereabouts and who was eager and quick to prove his murder as suicide?” Arjun asked “Edward…” he answered himself since Mark was too deep in shock “it has always been about saving Tina whether it be by faking an attack or misleading us”

“misleading us?” Mark asked.

“yes chief” he said and took out Devendra’s photograph with his so called daughter from the glove compartment “do u know why it has been so hard to track Devendra’s daughter down… it’s bcoz the girl doesn’t exist, this photograph is fake… when I found out that it’s morphed I contacted York police and they told me they never sent any photographs… they were never told by Edward to keep the case open… according to them Devendra’s case has been closed the same day they proved it was a suicide”

“then where did Edward got this picture from?” he asked bewildered.

Arjun sighed “Edward knows me, he knows for years I have been trying to solve the mystery behind my mother’s death so he came with a key piece of information… he knew after knowing that Devendra was behind my mother’s death I would get hyper to know everything that involves Devendra… so sson after that he came with this fake photograph… and I fell right into his trap, I got so involved in finding Devendra’s daughter that I forgot the basic thing and that is to first determine if the photograph was genuine… he wanted me chasing after a shadow, a person who doesn’t exist and he succeeded… and when Kabir was ruled out of Amrish’s murder and I declare that I had my doubt on someone that was when he came up with the red paint on the rear gate lie again trying to divert my doubt on Jai… for a second I wanted to believe him but I did an investigation of my own, the red paint was there but it was applied on the gate very recently”

Mark shook his head in disbelief, his head was spinning from all the information “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe that Edward turned out to be a traitor”

“u better believe it chief” Arjun said.

“why didn’t u tell me this before?” he asked.

Arjun shrugged “let’s not kid ourselves, we both know that u are not that good of an actor, u would have blurted out the truth to Edward one day or the other and I couldn’t risk that” Mark just gave him an unbelievable look, the nerve of him to joke at a time like that “unfortunately I couldn’t find anything concrete from Tina’s phone so am going to talk to her… let’s see what Tina has to say” they got out of the car and walked inside a warehouse.

Tina was awaken by the sound of footsteps, the factory was so big that even the slightest sound echoed inside the walls. She panicked, could that be her kidnapper, she looked around the room but there was nothing she could defend herself with if her kidnapper happens to attack her. A soft mattress, a soft pillow or a soft blanket won’t hurt anyone, even the food kept for her was in plastic bags. She picked up a packet of cookies, but threw it away how was she going to defend herself with that. Before she could find a quick solution to her problem the metal door opened with a cranking sound and a tall masculine figure stood before her.

“you!?” she said in bewilderment seeing Arjun closing the door behind him. What was he doing here, did he come to rescue me, he was a police after all. She smiled thinking that Arjun was her saviour from the kidnappers but then why was he closing the door, she thought as her smile fell off her face “u brought me here?” she asked as the truth of the matter dawned on her “get me out of here now” she said angrily and walked passed him trying to open the door. She struggled with it for some time and turned him “why did u bring me here?”

“to talk, sit down please” Arjun said calmly.

“what do u want to know?” she asked.

“who else is with u” he stated.

She smirked “is this why u took all this trouble? she laughed at him “sorry to inform u but I won’t give u any names”

“will see” he flung the words as he sat down on the floor showing her that he won’t budge.

“u don’t know her, she can never see me in pain, u will regret torturing me like this” she warned and sat down on the mattress.

“if u don’t want to talk then I will wait for her to come rescue u” he said.

Tina was startled by his calm demeanour, he sounded so sure of himself “what do u know about me?”

“more than u can think” he replied.

“u are just bluffing” she mocked.

“try me” he said.

Tina was worried now, Arjun was claiming to know about her but he was not revealing what exactly he knew about her, she tried another tactic “u know I was so happy when I found out that u are my cousin, my own brother. I always wanted a brother who could protect me from harm and rescue me when in trouble”

“am not related to a murderer” he replied.

His answer irked her, her eyes welled up, she hugged her knees to her chest “he deserved it, he deserved to die” she cried “used to beat my mother, my poor mother… cheated on her and made her cry… he had to die, it pained me to see her cry and when something pains me I get so mad… I get filled with rage so much rage that I myself can’t control” Arjun realised that she was talking about someone else but kept calm and let her speak “dadaji taught me from the very beginning that we should never let anyone walk over us… if someone hurts u, u hurt them back… u punish them… and I did just that… I punished him… I killed him”

Arjun listened quietly as she spoke with so much anger in her voice and she kept talking about her killing without a tinge of remorse on her face “I was fifteen then, I took his gun and shot him right in the chest… at first I was so scared, my hands were trembling really bad… but then I looked at mother, she was crying he had beaten her like an animal he was… I looked at him in the eyes, he was scared of me and his fear became my strength and I fired the gun… he fell down with the impact blood was oozing out of his chest and that gave me a strange relief… seeing him in plight made me feel powerful like some sort of God… and when I saw that a thin stream of tears down his eyes I knew that my goal was accomplished… I had punished my father for hurting my mother”

Arjun was shocked to hear that but he composed himself to not alert her, Tina looked distant like she was talking to herself and not to Arjun “and Ankush, why did u punish him?” he asked using her language so she could feel comfortable and keep talking.

Tina became more mad “he hurt my Jai” she shouted “Ankush and Priya made him cry and I love Jai so much that his tears are like shards of glass in my heart… I saw Jai that day he was so sad he was crying… and that angered me, I got angry on whoever made me cry… I had to do something but I couldn’t hurt Priya she is my sister so I hurt him instead” She wiped her tears “am really sorry I tried to harm Radhika, I didn’t know then that u are my cousin, I swear I wouldn’t have tried to run her over”

Arjun couldn’t mask the shocked expression this time “that was u, but why?”

Tina laughed “and I thought u are smart, I guess I was wrong… but if u must know then let me tell u… it was the first day of his presidency, Jai was so happy he even called me beautiful… I was so happy, more than happy… I went to make him coffee but when I came back he was crying, he had cut off Radhika’s picture on the newspaper and I knew he wanted her gone… so I tried to kill her”

Arjun’s jaw ticked in anger, he recalled the night he almost lost his Radhika “and Amrish?” he asked trying to sound normal but deep inside he was shaking with rage.

Tina smiled “u are not recording this are u?”

“what do u think?” he asked back still leaving her with the uncertainty about the extent of his knowledge and tricks.

“It doesn’t matter, u can’t harm me” she said confidently.

“why, u think Edward will save u?” he asked with a smirk playing on his face.

“u know?” said Tina in awe, she composed herself and repeated her words “it doesn’t matter she will save me”

“who the hell is she?” he screamed finally losing his composure.

His frustration gave her confidence “that u will never now, even if u put a gun to my head I will never tell u her name”

Arjun stood from the floor and looked at her with hate “what if I put the same gun on Jai’s head?”

Tina got off the mattress “u wouldn’t” she said in panick.

“try me” he replied.

She looked at him trying to observe any hints of lies, after a second she relaxed “I know for sure that u wouldn’t hurt anyone, that’s the difference btn u and I… u kidnapped me but made sure that I am comfortable and that’s speak about your goodness… so am certain that u can never hurt me or my Jai”

Arjun smiled “I like your confidence and I would really love to see u crumble when u realise how wrong u are”

Arjun turned to leave and she tried to stop him “u can’t just leave me, get me out of here Arjun”

Arjun without turning spoke “u know the price of your freedom” and opened the door to leave.

Tina ran to the door trying to escape but it was of no use, she couldn’t match even an ounce of his strength. Giving up she stepped back “a word of advice Arjun, give up your quest to find her when u still have time… bcoz between me and her am the emotional one, at least I have a heart but she… once she finds out u kept me here she won’t think twice before hurting u or the people u love… and I will just say I told u so” Arjun just banged the door shut causing her to flinch with the loud sound, she still had hopes that he will take her out of there but when she heard the sound of a car coming to life she slumped down on the floor crying.

They were driving back to Kensington and they were both quiet, Arjun clearly looked angry and his rush driving proved so. Mark who was watching the conversation between Tina and Arjun that was being recorded by a hidden camera turned to Arjun, he had his eyes glued on the road by Mark knew that a storm of emotions was going on in his mind “what’s your next move?”

Arjun without turning to him answered “two more days and she will spill everything out”

“and if that doesn’t work?” he asked. Arjun glared at him but he just laughed “by the way who are the people that helped u in the kidnap?”

Arjun smiled “your son and his friends” it was his turn to laugh now seeing his jaw drop in shock “just kidding” Arjun said causing Mark to glare at him.

Notting Hill
Radhika was making salad with her eyes glued on the door, she took a cucumber and placed on the chopping board, she took a knife and her eyes fell on the dining table before her. A feast like spread was on the table, she had taken a half day from work and prepared dinner for Arjun and herself, she had made all of his favourite foods. She glanced at her phone again it was eight thirty and still there was no message from him, he was supposed to come have dinner with her two hours ago but Arjun hadn’t showed up nor called her.

Her grip tightened on the knife handle and she poured all her frustration on the cucumber, she wasn’t chopping the cucumber but murdering it “Arjun Mehra u are so dead… before I was his girlfriend he would call every time… send me flowers and chocolates… and now… no cute messages… no flowers… no gifts… and on top of that he is late… I so hate u Arjun Mehra” The whole kitchen was filled with the smashing sound of the knife each time it collided with the chopping board. She was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell “oh so now he has lost his keys too… am gonna chop u into pieces boyfriend” she gritted and trod to the door. It was not Arjun, they were some girl scouts selling cookies, she bought a box and slammed the door scaring the poor girls.

Arjun knew that he was late, immersed in work he had forgotten about the time and when he remembered about his date it was already too late. He rushed to the penthouse and opened the door with his set of keys, he quietly entered and saw the food spread on the table, Radhika was in the kitchen cursing the tomatoes for having so many seeds “am so dead” he mumbled to himself and sneaked behind her. He wrapped his hands around her “am sorry sweetheart” he whispered in her ear.

“get off me” she said, it was clear that she was mad.

“honey am really really really sorry” he stressed but she jerked his hands off her and turned to look at him, Arjun held his ears making a puppy eyes “sorry” he repeated but Radhika asked him to return her house keys and leave instead. She again turned to her salad putting the tomato slices into a bowl “am famished can I still eat first?” he asked but she remained quiet going about her work as if he wasn’t standing right next to her. Arjun held her wrist “come let’s eat together”

“no thanks” she said taking her hand back “am not hungry” she added but just then her stomach growled betraying her.

Arjun pressed his lips to not laugh at her “my offer still stands, u can eat with me”

“I made that food” she snapped and took a second pause “for you” she added softly.

He cupped her face “I know and I am really sorry, I promise I will make it up to u”

She removed his hands from her face “I don’t want your false promises”

He sighed “I know I have not been a good boyfriend lately but believe me am really sorry for hurting u”

“u haven’t even been a good friend let alone a boyfriend” she said accusingly. Arjun just hugged her in return mumbling sorry continously till she reciprocated his hug.

Breaking the hugged he kissed on her forehead “I will make it up to u”

“of course u will, don’t think that I have forgiven u… u will be punished for this” she stated and he just shrugged feeling helpless “now let’s eat am very hungry” she said smilingly and walked towards the dining table. After having the delicious food Radhika was washing the dishes while Arjun dried them with a cloth before putting them away “by the way, what got u so late?” she asked.

“was interrogating this young girl, she is…” he started.

“a girl?” she asked raising her eyebrow “u were late bcoz u were with a girl?”

“she is a criminal” he said in defence.

“was she beautiful?” she asked narrowing her eyes at him.

Arjun was puzzled with her question but then understood “are u jealous?”

“what no way” she said but her tone didn’t match her words.

“u are so jealous” he stated smiling wide.

“think whatever u want” she said angrily and started to walk pass him but he held her wrist pulling her back and trapped her with his arms around her waist, he kissed her on her cheek asking her to admit that she was jealous. Radhika placed her palm on his broad chest creating a gap between them “okay am jealous, are u happy now?” he nodded and kissed her lightly on the lips smiling broadly as proof of his happiness, she just rolled her eyes and went back on the dishes.

After spending some more time together it was time for him to leave, Radhika was leaning on the door, her arms running through his hair and his were around her waist plastering her front to his while their lips melded in perfection filling the room with her soft moans and his groans. They broke the kiss and he buried his face in her neck’s nape “I love u so much Radhika” he whispered out of breath.

She embraced him in response inhaling his scent deeply “don’t go, stay with me tonight” she said after a moment of silence.

Arjun with mischief running on his mind he cocked his eyebrow at her giving her an questioning look “are u saying that we should take our relationship to the next level?”

It took her a minute to register his words in her mind, she decided to play along ” why not, am ready whenever u are ready”

“Ohh!.. ” was all that he could master to say.

Radhika opened his shirt’s top buttons causing him to stiffened, she kissed him on his broad chest where his heart was “so what do u say, should we take this to the next level?” she whispered huskily near his ear and kissed his neck. Arjun was breathing heavily trying to tame the tingling sensation she was arousing all over him but she was not going to stop teasing, she opened the rest of the buttons brushing her fingers all the way till his waist.

Arjun held his breath as her fingers slowly traveled down leaving a hot trail of sheer pleasure on his skin. She touched his belt and he caught her “stop.. ” he said breathlessly but was surprised when she broke into laughter.

Radhika couldn’t hold her laughter anymore, she laughed holding her stomach “u should see your face right now”

Arjun pushed her back on the wall pinning both her hands on top of her head, she was still laughing at him “lets see if u find this funny” he said before capturing her lips in a hot searing kiss. He pulled away the moment she came out of the surprise and started to respond to his kiss. Radhika pouted but she didn’t know what he had install for her, his lips moved to kiss her neck causing her heart to race.

Her chest was heaving up and down rapidly, wave after wave of electric currents passing through her body as his hot lips planted wet kisses down her neck “Ar–r-j” she struggled to speak affected by the ocean of overpowering passion he was drowning her into but the rest of her words came out as a soft moan when he gently bit on her earlobe. He let his nose nuzzle on her neck as he nibbled and suckled on the base of her neck and she found herself getting lost in the emotions he was evoking in her.

He left her one hand and slipped his right hand inside her t-shirt, her stomach muscles clenched as his hand moved hotly upwards raising her heartbeat as he slowly and tortuously closed in one the distance between his fingers and her bre*sts. All he wanted to do was tease her like she did with him but Arjun felt himself sipping into the world of need with her with the way she reacted to his touch, his own heart was racing, his breath was haggard coming out in short pants he wanted to take her then and there. He took his hand out of her t-shirt and left her other hand too, she was hot and bothered with her eyes closed, he pecked the tip of her nose and placed both his palms on the wall for support attempting to calm his racing heart “I should go” he said but deep down he wanted her to stop him.

Radhika opened her eyes, her brown orbs had turned a shade darker “kiss me” she said, Arjun knew that if he stayed a minute longer he wouldn’t be able to hold himself so hesitated a bit but she wasn’t going to let him go, she went on her toes and claimed his lips as hers showing him that she wanted him and he kissed her back with more fervour. The quiet atmosphere was echoing with the sound of their heavy breathing, they broke the kiss and she cupped his face and looking into his black eyes she spoke “make me yours” her tone husky affected with the sparkle that only they created.

He stared into her eyes for any signs of humour, he was surprised, happily surprised with her confession but he still wanted to make sure that he heard right “sweetheart am so hard for u right now if this is another one of your jokes I swear…” rest of his words were muffled by her lips as she kissed him again answering his query. In no time her legs were around his waist as he walked them both to her bedroom without breaking the kiss. Minutes later they were on her bed, their clothes scattered on the tile floor, Arjun looked at her flushed face “are u sure about this?” he asked her afraid she might regret her decision later.

Radhika nodded giving him her s*xy smile that she didn’t even know she had before “just don’t be gentle” she said and smiled even wider seeing his perfect shocked expression, he swooped down planting his lips on hers as they fell deeper and deeper into the abyss of their passion.


Arjun woke up in the middle of the night with the sound of his buzzing phone, he had received a message, he scowled looking at the time it was two in the morning and he scowled more as the message wasn’t even important. A body stirred next to him and a smile crept on his face, he turned to his right PPP and saw her sleeping peacefully next to him, he blushed reminiscing what took place between them few hours ago, she was the only woman who easily bent him to whichever way she wanted. He then recalled Tina’s words and fear took over him, what if they try to hurt her again. He moved closer to her cuddling her soft body in his arms and she snuggled closer to his chest in response “I won’t let anything happen to you” he mumbled and kissed the top of her head before falling asleep again.

El Milagro Palace
A grey Toyota Yaris came to a halt near the palace, turning the ignition off Edward stepped out of the car and walked towards the rear gate. He was wearing a black hooded sweater over his black jeans and walked avoiding the palace lights to fall on him. Nearing the gate he saw a figure standing close to the metal bars, he took off the hood and the figure opened the gate with a set of keys that was in her hands, it was a woman “did u find her?” she asked him her voice indicating that she was worried and pained.

Edward sighed “no… but I know who has her”

“who?” she asked immediately.

“Arjun” he said.

“but why would Arjun kidnap Tina?” she asked bewildered.

“it has to be him, there was no arrest warrant filed against Tina, it was all a lie, his lie” Edward explained.

She thought for a while “so he still suspects her?” Edward nodded confirming her doubts “he must want to know who else is with her, he wants me to come to light”

“I thought so too” Edward said.

She got angry and glared at him “why didn’t u know about this before?”

“he didn’t tell me anything, lately he has been secretive with me too” Edward confessed.

She fumed “u stupid, if he didn’t tell u then he suspects u too”

Edward hunged his head low “am sorry I failed u”

She looked at him and took a deep breath “u promised me nothing will happen to her, u assured me that Arjun won’t be able to harm her, then what’s this?… I want her safe and sound, do whatever u have to but I want her with me and soon”

“just order me and I will deliver” Edward promised.

She turned giving him the view of her back “he took what’s precious to me so u take what’s precious to him”

“his family?” he asked when he didn’t get any answer he spoke again “but his family is your family too”

She turned to look at him “so…?” she asked, Edward stammered “I hope u will keep your promise this time”

Edward nodded “yes, I promise”

She went back into the palace locking the rear gate behind her, Edward watched her till she disappeared, he walked back to his car, turned the ignition on and drove off to fulfil his new mission.


So how was this? Most part of the mystery is revealed was it worth the suspense? Any guesses as to who could Tina’s accomplice be?

P. S. am putting served cold on hold bcoz everytime I sit down to write it I get distracted, I have a half written chapter that I don’t know how to finish. My sincere apology because of that.

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