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Manmarziyan – Shades Of Love (Chapter 18 and 19)

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Chapter 18

Mehra’s Apartment
Jai parked his red Ferrari at the apartment building and stepped out, he ringed Priya and called her down. Priya was surprised with his sudden visit but she was more surprised that he didn’t go to her house instead called her to the parking area. She saw him leaning on his car, he looked disturbed “what happened?” she asked when she reached him. Jai took her in a hug shocking her but she hugged him back, she felt his body trembling he was crying “Jai what happened, u are scaring me” she said worriedly.

He broke the hug and looking straight in her eyes he said “I love you Priya”

“okay…” she said in a mixture of shock and confusion.

Jai held her hand in his “I love u Priya, I have always loved u and will always will”

Priya took back her hand “what are u talking about?”

Jai hid his face in his palms “I have loved u since the moment I knew the meaning of the word love and love u more than the word love itself… but I was late in telling my feelings to u” He looked at her again “I was late and Ankush got u, u can’t p imagine how many times I wanted to pour my heart to u, to tell u how much I love u but I had to restrain myself every single time”

“and Tina?” she asked.

He took a deep breath and continued “I thought I will forget u if am with her, I thought it will be easy to get u out of my heart but I was wrong, its impossible for me to love anyone else but u”

Priya was out of words she didn’t know what to say that will sound appropriate for the situation she was in “am sorry Jai” was what came to her mind.

Jai held her by the shoulders “sorry won’t mend my broken heart and what’s your fault in all this, it’s me who is wrong here… every night I go to bed telling myself that this is wrong, u are my brother’s love am not allowed to feel this for u but when I wake up I find myself more in love with u Priya… I tried to move on, I tried to get u out of my system but one glance at u and am back to square one… I love u too much Priya”

They were both in tears, Jai was crying bcoz the girl he loved didn’t love him and Priya was crying bcoz she was the reason her best friend was in pain “I don’t know what to say Jai”

Jai cupped her face “can’t u love me?… can’t u fall in love with me?”

“I love Ankush” she said.

“but u are my best friend, I have more rights on u than him” he said.

“u can’t tell the heart who to love” she explained.

“but I can’t see u marrying him, please don’t marry him Priya” he begged.

“he is your brother” she cried.

Jai broke down “I know that but what do I do to stop this pain in my heart, it hurts when I see u with him, if he wasn’t my brother then I don’t know what I would have done to him”

“Jai…” Priya tried to speak but Jai wiped his tears got into his car and drove off.

El Milagro Palace
Silence resided in the palace, it was painfully silent. Piyali was laying silently on her bed, Kabir was brought to trial, his first hearing had taken place that day but she couldn’t bring herself to go to court. She couldn’t bear to see him like that, it was all her fault and her guilt was working like slow poison on her. Samrat didn’t speak a word to her since the day she confessed her sins to him, she knew he won’t forgive her, she was waiting for the day to see hatred in her children’s eyes when Samrat would tell them how terrible their mother was.

Samrat entered their bedroom and saw her on the bed, she looked pale as if all the life had been sucked out of her. She was crying, she had been crying since Kabir was arrested. He sighed and went to stand next to her “for how long will u keep on doing this to yourself?”

Piyali got off the bed wiping her tears and opened a drawer of her dresser, she took out a bunch of keys and a bundle of money, handing them to him she said “your Westminster house keys and some of the money we extracted from u… will repay u the rest as soon as I get the money”

Samrat looked at the money and then at her “where did u get all these money from or are u blackmailing people as a profession now”

Piyali was hurt with his words, how can he think so little of her but then again she was responsible for that, it was the fruit of her our sins “sold my jewellery” she said and Samrat then noticed that she wasnlt wearing any jewellery but Piyali could live without food but she couldn’t live without her expensive jewellery “I have returned to Taste Farm the money that Kabir stole that’s why I couldn’t pay u in full, but I will and soon”

“and how would u do that?” he asked.

“that’s my problem and I will handle it, I will rectify all my mistakes I promise” she said and her eyes showed that she was honest.

Samrat gave her the money back “u can keep it, I don’t need this money”

Piyali looked away to hide her tears she had lost it all, she took some papers from the drawer “I have signed on the divorce papers” she said giving him the divorce papers “I will leave soon after the divorce please don’t tell Jai and Sam about me till am gone, I don’t think I have the strength to see hatred in their eyes for me… I know I don’t deserve to ask u anything but please keep this request of mine please” she pleaded.

“what don’t u want me to tell them?” he asked with a nonchalant expression on his face.

Piyali stealthily wiped her tears and looked at him in the eyes “that am a terrible person, that I was so greedy for money that I blackmailed my own husband, that Kabir is my brother and I lied to everyone about him, that am the worst kind of a mother and wife” Samrat had forgotten to close the door and Sam who had come to see her mother since Magdalene told her that she hadn’t come out of her bed heard what her mum said about herself. Sam idolised her mother she saw the image of her mother she had in her head shatter into pieces, hurt she ran out got into her car and drove to where she could find peace.

“do u regret what u have done?” Samrat asked.

“I deeply regret it” she said.

“then I forgive u” he said shocking her.

“I don’t deserve your forgiveness” she cried.

“I think your guilt is enough punishment, Kabir has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced his punishment won’t let u leave in peace” Samrat said “I have made mistakes too, am not worthy enough to judge u… we can start afresh, if u are willing to give this relationship another chance” Piyali didn’t understand why she was forgiven so easily, she felt unworthy “I still love u Piyu” he added, overwhelmed she hugged him crying profusely and he hugged her back.

The sun rays peeking through the window fell on his face disturbing his sleep, Jai slowly opened his sleepy eyes adjusting to the bright light in the room. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, he was not in his bedroom then where was he and was he naked? His eyes widened in shock realising that he was indeed naked, he saw his clothes laying on the floor “what have I done?” he whispered regretfully. A body stirred next him in sleep but he didn’t turn out of shame and regret, he knew who it was, it was Tina.

He quickly wore his clothes and sat on the edge of the bed hiding his face in his palms, why did he always end up screwing his life. He remembered last night events, when he left Priya he went to a bar and drowned his broken hearted self in alcohol but couldn’t get over the pain. He had decided to do things right, get rid of all the lies and the first step was to break up with Tina. He was cheating on her, dating her while he had feelings for someone else was cheating so he went to her house to break up with her. But what did he do, he ended up sleeping with her. He couldn’t gather much of what happened when he got to Tina’s place but he remembered kissing her and did he call her Priya? Did he make love to Tina thinking that she was Priya? “f**k” he cursed out loud frustrated with himself, why did he have to drink so much.

“good morning” came Tina’s voice from behind him and he felt her hands on his back. Tina rested her head on his shoulder leaning on his back “last night… it was the best night of my life” she said shyly and her words were like sharp nails to his guilty conscious heart.

He had to make amends for his mistake, it was a mistake for him. He got off the bed and stood facing her. He didn’t want to face her but he had no other choice, he could at least break up with her while looking at her in the eyes. “Tina last night …” he started but then his eyes fell on her neck, Tina had covered herself with the bedsheet but the upper part of ber bosom was visible giving him proof of his wildness. He can’t break up with her, he can’t break her heart like this, not after behaving like an animal with her. He wasn’t going to repay her love with pain, unfathomable pain. Maybe that was his punishment for taking advantage of her, he had to watch the woman he loved marry someone else while he stayed with the woman he didn’t love.

Tina holding the bedsheet to her chest called him breaking his chain of thoughts “Jai… ” her eyes showing fear and full of questions.

“I have some urgent work, I have to go” he said and left without giving her another glance.

Tears that she was holding all this while came down her eyes, she saw it in his eyes, he had guilt written all over him, he regretted what they shared and that hurt her a lot. She remembered when he came to her house last night, he was drunk and was struggling to say something, was he going to break up with her. She kissed him, one can even say that she seduced him. She remembered he called her Priya, he was so drunk that he thought she was Priya but she didn’t stop him she even encouraged him that she was Priya. Based on lies she got to be with him, be his woman but he regretted it she saw it in his eyes, so much so that he couldn’t even face her and it was all her fault “maybe this is my punishment for taking advantage of u, loving a man who would never love me back”

Notting Hill
Radhika was making tea early in the morning, she was continuously yawning, she hadn’t slept for the whole night. She poured the tea into two cups and brought them to her bedroom where Sam was. Sam’s eyes were puffed and red from all the crying she had doing since last night. Radhika gave her a cup “drink this it will calm u down”

Sam took a sip from the cup and thanked her “aren’t u going to the office?” Radhika nodded negative “u don’t have to halt your work for me”

Radhika rolled her eyes “stop trying to be formal with me and finish your tea”

Sam drank her tea quietly “I don’t want to go home, I don’t think I can face mum. I still can’t believe what she did, she is so… ”

“u don’t know her reasons” Radhika said.

“does one need a reason to be so vile?” Sam asked.

Radhika sighed “okay leave that, tell me why u quit your job” Sam hesitated but then told her what Justin did to her. Radhika became hyper “what..!?” she shouted in shock and anger that Sam kept something sensitive from her “I hope u have filed a police complaint against him” Sam nodded negative further angering her “he needs to pay for what he did”

Sam tried calming her down “chill Radhika, Neil has already done that”

Radhika was now fuming “Neil knows about it and he too kept quiet?… why are u both acting so naive?”

“will u come down please, drink the tea” Sam cooed “he got the message from Neil there is no need to invite more trouble”

“If he dared to misbehave with u he can do that to another girl, he needs to be taught a lesson” Radhika said firmly.

“this is why I didn’t tell u” Sam complained.

“nobody messes with my sister and gets away with it, am still going to punish him” Radhika stated

Sam chuckled “u are impossible” Radhika rolled her eyes at that “am going to join Taste Farm… bhai I can find something to do in the marketing and commercial department” she said causing Radhika to squeal in excitement and jump on her.

Kensington Police Station
Days flew by so fast but the police wasn’t able to pin anyone to the murder of Amrish Khanna. Arjun was haggard and frustrated at the same time, all the possible candidates turned to be negative, the famous Sareen heir was nowhere to be found. Finding Devendra’s daughter had become a hell of a task that he failed succeeding in, the mystery was still intact and that irritated him to no end. In all of the police records it was never mentioned that Devendra had a daughter and the difficulty he was facing to find her made him conclude that Devendra had kept his child in hiding and the question was why.

It was confirmed that Jai was in Bradford the day the P.I was murdered, Jai had used his credit card in purchasing the air ticket so it was easy to trace his whereabouts on that day but it was bcoz of the same credit card they found out that Jai was in some hotel miles away from where Wolf was murdered. They knew they needed solid proof if they wanted to call him in for questioning.

Four Seasons Hotel – London
Time passed and the wedding weekend arrived, all ceremonies were being held at the prestigious four seasons hotel, after what happened at the engagement party nobody wanted to have the party at the palace. The family had booked the hotel for themselves and their guests, it was a two days function. Media waspnt far behind after all it was the wedding of one the richest family in London and the fact that a murder took place during their engagement party brought more frenzy in the media.

It was the morning of the first day of the wedding celebrations, the family and friends gathered in the hotel’s garden for the haldi ceremony, Ankush and Priya sat facing each other while their family applied the yellow mixture of turmeric and oil on them. The couple couldn’t0 stop smiling, they were stealing glances at each other causing others to tease them but amidst all these only Jai was not happy. The elders one by one applied haldi on the couple conveying their blessings while the younger lot did it purposely for the fun in it.

Arjun applied haldi on her sister feeling emotional and to divert his mood Radhika took a handful of haldi in her hand and smeared it on his face laughing at him. Arjun wasn’t going to step back, he scoop the haldi with his hand and ran behind her, when he thought he wasn’t going to catch her he threw the haldi in her direction but she ducked resulting in the haldi landing on Dilip’s shirt. Arjun stammered “uncle… I…. I didn’t mean to….” Dilip looked angry.

Radhika was laughing holding her tummy but her laughter stopped when Dilip threw the haldi on her face “papa u too…?” and Dilip just shrugged in return. Sam tapped Radhika’s shoulder and gave her the haldi bowl, both the girls smiled mischievously while Neil picked the other bowl standing besides Arjun “haldi fight” screamed Radhika and just like that a fun fight broke of throwing haldi at each other and when the haldi was over they started throwing water at each other. Everyone participated making it more fun.

In the evening the mehendi and sangeet functions were held together, women had beautiful mehendi designs done on their hands, they sang and danced enjoying the night to the fullest. Jai had his eyes on Priya throughout the night, her smile her laugh her happiness brought tears to his eyes, there was nothing he could do, his love was going to marry his brother and he couldn’t do nothing but watch.

Throughout the functions Neil couldn’t keep his eyes off Sam, his eyes followed her every step noticing even the miniature details about her like the way she coiled her hair around her finger when talking, the way she bit her lower lip when in a confusion or the way she scrunched her nose when she was in a mischief mood and he liked everything about her.

Prena had noticed the way her son was looking at Sam, she walked up to him and tapped his shoulder “I like your choice very much, she is perfect for u” she told him.

Neil blushed “what are u talking about mum?” he said pretending to be unaware of what she was talking about.

“don’t try to act smart with me, am your mother” she said. Neil just smiled in return “u know we can get u both married tomorrow too” she teased but Neil didn’t know she was joking around and panicked.

“What?… tomorrow?” he said shockingly.

“yeah, I can’t wait to see my grandchildren” she said excitedly. Neil couldn’t speak, his jaw had touched the floor, his eyes were almost hanging out of it’s sockets. Prena laughed at him and he caught with her teasing. He smiled, it was the first time she laughed after his dad died.

“muuuuum” he dragged the word acting to be annoyed.

Prena cupped his face “u look so cute when u are mad”

“muuuum am not cute am handsome” he said but Prena just laughed more in return making him all the more happier.

After the function Ankush and Priya were strictly forbidden to meet each other, Ankush went to Sam and Radhika’s bedroom asking for their help so he could meet Priya. “bhai, u are getting married tomorrow what’s the hurry” teased Radhika.

Ankush ruffled her hair “my dear sister, the heart is naturally rebelious since am not allowed to meet the desire to meet her secretly has multiplied in my heart”

Sam laughed “typical Romeo”

“will u help me or not?” he asked.

“and what will we get in return?” they asked at the same time.

“anything” he replied confidently.

“anything…!?” they asked again in unison. He nodded and they smiled, now the problem was how will they sneak him into Priya room. After a short brainstorming session Radhika came up with an idea she whispered the idea into Sam’a ear causing her to smile, she called room service and asked for ice cream while Sam gave Ankush a bathrobe asking him to go change in the bathroom. After sometime ice cream arrived and the two girls bribed the waiter to get a set of the hotels staff uniform and he agreed after receiving some money and flying kisses from the girls. They then gave Ankush the uniforms and Ankush dressed as the waiter walked towards Priya’s room.

Priya was in the balcony watching the beautiful full moon when she heard a knock on the door, she went to open anf was surprised to see him standing before her “Jai…” she said they hadn’t talked since Jai’s confession.

“may I come in?” he asked and she nodded moving aside so he could enter her room and closed the door. Jai walked a few steps inside, his steps were unsteady due to the influence of alcohol he was in and turned to her “are u really going to marry him?” Priya tried to answer but he stopped her “there is no need for u to explain” He moved closer to her “am sorry for causing u pain”

“its okay” she answered.

Jai moved more closer, so close that she could smell his alcohol breath “do u remember u told me being the president of Taste Farm was the thing I most desired and I told not it’s the second thing, it’s bcoz u are the first” Priya stepped back getting uncomfortable with his words “it’s a shame that I will never know how it feels to kiss u”

Priya opened the door “I think u had too much to drink, its best that u leave”

Jai laughed a sad one “u threw me out of your life and now u are throwing me out of your room too?”

Priya let out a sad sigh “Jai u are my best friend but now I think we can only remain friends if u accept that we can never be more than friends”

“but why?” he shouted “why, huh?” he cupped her face “why Ankush and not me… why him… why my brother, my own brother… what did u see in him that u can’t see in me… he just a simple employee… a production manager but am the president of the company… why do u love him and not me Priya… why not me Priya” he cried.

“whats going on here?” asked Ankush standing outside the open door, he had heard Jai’s words.

Jai clapped “if it isn’t the great Ankush Kapoor, the groom”

Ankush held Jai “u are drunk, I will take u to your room” he said and took him out of Priya’s room. He placed Jai on the bed, took off his shoes and covered him with a blanket “take some rest, we will talk tomorrow”

“on your wedding day?” Jai asked.

Ankush sat on the bed “sleep Jai”

“can I ask u something?” asked Jai and Ankush nodded “u love me right, am your brother so u obviously love me and u are a good man always want the best for others, right?”

“I do love u Jai” Aknush said.

Jai struggled to sit and Ankush helped him “if u love me as u say then don’t marry Priya, leave her… leave her for me brother” Jai said.

“I will leave her if she wants me to” Ankush replied.

Jai laughed “of course u will say that and she wouldn’t want u to leave her right, but who loses at the end Jai Khanna… am the sole loser” Ankush made him sleep and walked out of his room, he met Priya and she told him about Jai’s confession few weeks ago. They both decided to talk to him tomorrow and make him understand.

It was the wedding day finally, emotions were rising high. The first thing Ankush did was going to Jai’ room to talk to him but he was nowhere to be found, Jai had left stating that he had some urgent work but Ankush and Priya knew why he left. A prayer was conducted before the marriage ceremony, after the special prayer they rested for a while before the main function.

Time was running fast, finally the time had come for the marriage to take place. Priya dressed in a beautiful pink wedding attire, she looked at her image on the mirror and blushed, she was finally going to marry the love of her life but she also couldn’t help but feel bad for Jai, she silently prayed that Jai gets his heart healed and find true love of his own.

Ankush was also getting ready in his room accompanied by Neil, he was nervous and Neil kept on teasing him turning his condition worse with each passing second. Seeing him getting nausea Neil decided to leave him. Ankush wearing a golden colour sherwani stared himself in the mirror, he smiled happily unaware of the danger to come.

A black figured slowly stepped towards him, dressed in complete black covered with black gloves on the hands and a black face mask that only showed the eyes the attacker approached him holding a baseball bat. The attacker raised the bat and took a swing to hit him on the head but Ankush saw the image on the mirror and dodged causing the mirror to break into pieces. In a flash he felt a sudden hit on his right side of the head, Ankush felt a throbbing pain running down to his right shoulder. He felt something wet on his right ear, he was bleeding but before he could gather himself to understand what was happening he was hit again with the bat on his shoulder. The attacker took out a six inch knife and dipped it in his stomach, the knife left his stomach and he was slashed on his left shoulder. blade. He was leaning down holding his bleeding stomach when he was hit again with the bat on the back of his head and Ankush fell down on his stomach groaning in pain.

It all happened so fast that he couldn’t defend himself, he had never in his life before thought that eight seconds can be so harmful and painful. His whole body was paining, his head was spinning with a splitting headache, he was bleeding profusely. He tried to scream for help but only painful groans escaped his mouth, he tried to stand but the floor was slippery with his blood and he saw the feet, his attacker’s feet. The attacker was still there, standing watching him die, who the hell wanted him dead. The attacker squatted down to get a closer look enjoying his plight, Ankush gathered all the strength that was left in him and reached for the face mask pulling it down and he saw the face of his attacker. “you…” he whispered shocked out of his wits. But that was the wrong move.

Exposed the attacker had to finish Ankush, pulling out a gun Ankush was held at gun point but before the gun was fired Sam and Radhika banged on the door “bhai let’s go u are taking more time than the bride” Sam teased “we are coming in” he heard Radhika’s voice and soon heard the sound of the door being opened so the attacker had to flee through the balcony.

Sam and Radhika came in to a dreadful scene “bhai..” said Radhika with tears running down her eyes and ran to him. Ankush tried to point towards the balcony, he wanted to tell him the name of his attacker but he was already too weak and lost conciusness the face of his sister being the last thing that he saw.


Arjun walked up to Priya “u look like an angel, Ankush is really a lucky guy”

Priya smiled “am the lucky one Arjun”

“I can’t believe u are leaving me” Arjun said.

“will I ever be able to leave my baby brother, but am sure u will forget about me once u marry Radhika” Priya teased.

Arjun cupped her face “u are the number one woman in my life and nobody can take your place not even Radhika” he said.

“let’s see if u will say the same after your wedding” she said.

Ajay and Ruby joined them, they both blessed her wishing the best for her married life “u look just like your mother on our wedding day” Ajay said while lovingly kissing her hands.

“wow, I didn’t know dad was this romantic, he remembers how mum looked at their wedding day” Arjun teased and they all laughed at that. Arjun’s phone rang “it’s Radhika” he said smilingly seeing her name flashing on the screen “probably your groom is getting impatient not seeing u at the mandap” he joked before answering the phone “yes Radhika”

Radhika was crying bitterly, she was choking on her words “bhai…” she said btn her sobs.

Sensing that she was crying Arjun moved aside “Radhika what happened, why are u crying?” he asked.

“Arjun, bhai..” she whispered.

Neil took the phone from her “Ankush has been attacked, we are waiting for the ambulance to take him to the hospital, he is in a bad condition please handle Priya di”

Arjun ended the call, he turned to his family they were all smiling, they were happy “what did Radhika want?” asked Priya. They heard the ambulance siren “why is an ambulance coming to hotel, did someone fall sick?”

“Di… ” Arjun called and by the sound of his tone they knew it was something bad.

“Ankush….?” Priya whispered asked.

Arjun nodded in confirmation “u need to be strong”


Chapter 19

St. Mary’s Hospital
Priya had been staring at the white marble floor for the past one hour, Ankush was in the operating room. Gossips were running like wild fire around the hospital, anyone who saw the devastated bride looked at her with pitiful eyes. Dilip was standing at a corner leaning on the wall, though he hadn’t given birth to him but Ankush was his son in all rightful ways, he silently prayed that he be okay. Mala was inconsolable, what did they thought and what happened, an hour ago they were all happy, they were celebrating and now they were floating in the unknown, not knowing if her son will be okay or not. What was worse was the feeling of helplessness each was going through at that time.

Radhika was covered in blood, her brother’s blood, she had held him in her lap when he was unconscious. She had seen enough blood, she thought. First it was her grandfather then it was Pranay and now it was her brother. Like Priya Radhika was also quiet, Ridhima touched her shoulder bringing her out of her thoughts, Radhika faced her sister, her lips started to quiver, her eyes welled up “bhai… ” she whispered.

“he will be fine” Ridhima said holding tears of her own “let’s go pray for him”

Just after Ridhima and Radhika left, Jai came to them “where were u all day?” asked Piyali.

“I told u I had some urgent work” he answered.

“how did u know that we are here?” Sam asked.

“I went to the hotel and they told me what happened so I came here” Jai answered “is Ankush okay?” he asked but nobody could answer that question, they themselves didn’t know if he was going to be okay. Jai looked at Priya he wanted to go console her but decided to let her be for the time being.

There was a small church inside the hospital, Radhika and Ridhima entered the church, they lit some candles and knelt before the cross praying for their brother. After their prayers they sat on the benches “he is a fighter, he will make it” Ridhima said trying to assure Radhika for she still looked distraught.

“I hope so” Radhika said in tears “when I saw him laying on floor, for a second I thought he was dead, I don’t want him to die” she cried.

Ridhima held her tight, her sister has gone through a lot “he will be okay” she coaxed.

“he has to be okay, there are so many people waiting for him, he has to be okay” Radhika said.

Ridhima wiped Radhika’s tears “Ankush wouldn’t want to see u like this, u are his brave choti, right?” Radhika nodded like an obedient kid “u know I have always been jealous of u” Radhika looked on confused “I was jealous that u had your father and I didn’t”

“what? that’s crazy, dad loves u more than me” Radhika argued.

“I know” Ridhima said “I was so stupid then, I took time to realise how lucky I am to have him for a father… and u know what… we are both lucky to have a brother like Ankush and he has to come back for us… if not for us then he has to come back for mum and dad and Priya”

Arjun and Neil brought everyone coffee but nobody was in the mood for beverages. Arjun went to his grandmother “u and dad should go home, u can’t strain yourself”

“I will still worry even if I go home, let me just stay here” she said.

“but grandma… ” he protested.

“am much stronger than u think I am” she said and asked him to sit besides her. Arjun sighed giving up and sat to her right “Ruby placed her hand on his “did u know I gave birth to your father in this same hospital?”

“really..?” asked Arjun.

Rubby nodded “yes, it has changed but it’s the same hospital”

Arjun slipped into thoughts, Devendra wanted to take his dad for his revenge bcoz he wanted a Sareen blood but his dad ended up being with the Mehra and the secret behind that has to be in this same hospital right then and there he made a plan, to check the hospital records of the day his father was born, he had a hunch that he will find Devendra’s daughter in the same records.

His thoughts cloud was broken when the OR room opened and Ankush laying on a stretcher was taken to the intensive care ward after four and a half hours in the OR. A woman in light green scrubs came to them looking at the distrubed faces she knew they were the family of the patient “the surgery was successful” she started causing them to take a breaths of relief “but he is not completely out of danger, his abdominal wound was very deep though it didn’t affect any vital organs but it will take him time to recover from that wound and…” she hesitated.

“and…?” Dilip asked.

The doctor sighed “the patient had received blows on his head, he has suffered what we medically call as blunt force trauma… he has experienced a sever traumatic episode to his head when his was hit hard with a blunt instrument… that trauma has resulted into a close head injury”

“what is that?” asked Ridhima

“it simply means the injury has impacted his brain without fracturing or breaking his skull and his case he has a mild closed head injury… he has suffered a concussion and multiple of his head tissues are torn thus the bleeding” the doctor explained.

“he will be okay, right?” Radhika asked.

The doctor took a deep breath “I don’t want to give u all false hope, his injuries are serious… and we are talking about a head injury here… when he brought to the OR he had only 5% chances of survival and am sorry to say that he has just about 10% chance of recovery”

“just 10%…?” asked Sam

Doctor “even if he miraculously recover that road won’t be easy, we are still to determine what will be the after effects of his injury… since the brain is involved here we can expect the worse… physiological impairment, memory loss, paralysis, coma these are among the many after effects… and he may suffer one or more of those effects and lets not forget that he has lost a lot of blood and he is very weak right now”

“why are u scaring us?” asked Ridhima.

Doctor “am not scaring u, I want u to be prepared… am not saying that its impossible to recover but it’s no less than a miracle either… right now he is unconcious and we can’t say anything with surety until he regain conciousness… we have kept him under observation… the following 48hours are very critical for all of us… all I can say is good luck”

Mala broke down, why did it have to be him “can we see him doctor?” she asked.

“he is unconscious at the moment there is no use seeing him but I will allow only one person to go in” the doctor said.

Mala wanted to go but then she saw Priya, she looked at her and spoke “go see him, dear”

Priya nodded smiling with appreciation for her mother in law, she turned to the doctor “follow me” the doctor said and she quickly walked behind her.

Priya got into the ICU, Ankush was laying on the bed with IVs and tubes attached to him, he had bruises on his face, his face was swollen, he looked different from the Ankush they knew. She sat on a stool next to him and caressed his face gently, a tear trickled from her eye landing on his hospital gown “u have to survive this, please prove to that doctor that she is wrong and get better soon… I need you” she cried.

Ankush stirred in his sleep giving her hope, he started to tremble as if going through the attack for the second time and she started to worry do she pressed the emergency bell. His body suddenly became stiff, Priya held his hand and he opened his eyes in one blink “Ankush…” she called him with a mixture of shock and happiness.

A team of doctors came rushing in and started to attend on him but Ankush didn’t leave Priya’s hand, he was struggling to speak. The nurses tried to take Priya out of the room but Ankush’s hold was strong “he is trying to tell me something” Priya told the nurses and they left. She moved closer to him “tell me what is it?” she urged him

“stop straining him, he needs to rest” the doctor argued but Priya didn’t budge she didn’t want to leave the room.

Ankush struggled until he finally spoke, first his words were inaudible but when Priya brought her ear close to his lips she heard what he wanted to say “Jai… Jai…” he said but soon he got tired from the struggling and fell back into unconsciousness.

Outside the ICU they were all in panic, they saw the doctors responding to the emergency but what could have happened. The doctors came out and told them that he was still the same, he wasnt out of danger. Priya came out, her eyes were glued on Jai. Jai saw hatred in her eyes and bowed his head “what happened?” asked Mala.

Priya didn’t answer, he walked to Jai and slapped him heard surprising all. She clutched his collar “are u happy now, are u happy after landing your brother in the hospital?” she asked shaking him.

“what are u talking about Priya, am not responsible for Ankush’s condition” Jai said in defence.

“then why did he name u, huh?” she asked with tears brimming in her eyes. Jai had a surprised look on his face “Ankush woke up and u are the first person he mentioned, he was agonized and yet he mentioned your name… why is that?”

Arjun pulled her away “calm down di… and why would Jai harm Ankush?”

“bcoz he didn’t want me to marry him, he told me so last night” Priya said.

“am not a monster Priya” Jai said “it’s true I couldn’t stand seeing u with him but that doesn’t mean I will attempt to kill my him… he is my brother for God’s sake” Arjun looked at Jai then at Priya, his sister wouldn’t just accuse anyone for no reason, it was time to have a talk with Jai.

After the strife that took place btn Priya and Jai at the hospital distrubing other patients they were dismissed from the hospital premises, only two people were allowed to remain so Dilip and Mala stayed back, Priya wanted to stay back but they were all against that idea so she had to leave.

El Milagro Palace
The Khannas went back home, they were quiet throughout the drive, none spoke unsure of what would be appropriate to say at that situation. They had just entered the palace when Sam stopped them from retiring to their bedrooms. Looking straight into Jai’s eyes she said “was Priya di, right?”

“what!?” Jai asked bewildered.

“were u the one who attacked Ankush bhai?” she asked again firmly.

Jai shook his head in disappointment “u too, huh?”

Sam was in no mood for jokes “answer me, did u do it?”

“no” Jai said “anything else?”

Sam nodded “where were u all day?”

“I think I have answered that question enough” he said.

“what can be more important than your brother’s wedding, if u really care about him then u wouldn’t have left” she said “I want to know that urgent work u said u had… what is it, did someone die?” she asked in a mocking voice.

“enough Sam, u are now getting out of line” Samrat repramanded.

“don’t u find his behaviour suspicious” she argued “he vanished the whole day just like he had vanished during the party when dadaji was murdered” she stated full of anger.

“Sam that’s enough” shouted Samrat.

“why should I?” she shouted back “I just want to know the truth”

“the truth… u want to know the truth…?” Jai asked “then listen, I left bcoz I couldn’t stand seeing Priya marrying Ankush… u know why?… bcoz I love her, I love her with all my heart and I just couldn’t see her with someone else… I was crying the whole day, crying my heart out and that’s the truth” he screamed.

Sam wiped the lone tear that escaped her eye “so u came back and tried to kill him?” she asked coldly, she knew she was accusing her own brother but she couldn’t just get the image of hurt Ankush laying in the pool of blood, she felt utmost hatred for whoever was responsible for hurting Ankush and the only remedy for that hatred was to find the person responsible and get them punished.

Jai looked on surprised, tears started flowing down his cheeks, never in his life had he thought that there would come a day when his little princess would accuse him of such a heinous deed. Piyali had had enough of the brother and sister fighting each other “are u out of your mind Sam?… it’s your brother that your accusing… have u forgotten that he is family?”

Sam turned to her “did u think about your family when u lied about Kabir?… huh mum?”

Piyali bowed her head down in embarrassment “stop it Sam” said Samrat but this time his tone was soft.

Sam cried “am fed up, am just fed up with all the lies… everyone is lying… dad tried to cheat dadaji… mom was blackmailing dad… and Jai… u all are liers… u can’t be family” she was choking on her wods amidst her tears, she fell down crying burying her face in her palms “u can’t be my family… u can’t be my family” Samrat knelt down giving her a side hug, she leaned on him and cried, cried all her pain out.


She was a good responsible driver but today she was breaking all the traffic rules, she was in a hurry, she needed to reach as soon as she could possibly can. Priya jumped out of her car the second she applied the brake outside the hospital entrance, she was panting hard. The receptionist gave her a confused look seeing her dishevelled state, she was sweating in the air conditioned room. “Ankush Kapoor” she asked in a panicked voice.

The young girl at the reception worked her fingers on the computer keyboard before raising her head and looking at Priya “room no. 108, first floor to the left”

“thanks” said Priya and ran towards the stairs. She barged into the said room and saw him. Ankush was sitting on the bed with two pillows on his back for support, he had a stitches on the left side of his forehead, his face was covered with bruises. Tears started to flow from her eyes. She walked to the bed and looked at him with teary eyes “how are u feeling?” she asked softly.

“better than I look” he said.

Sitting on the edge of the bed she brushed her fingers on his face “u took my breath away” she whispered.

Ankush smiled “really?”

Priya then remembered the reason that landed him in that condition, she wiped her tears and started scolding him “what were u thinking, why did u pick a fight with those men”

“I couldn’t just stand and watch them bullying the poor guy, someone had to do something” he said in defense.

“so u fought with them?… u could have reported them and could have been help enough… u were outnumbered and they had knives… who do u think u are, James Bond?” she said.

Ankush smiled mischievously “maybe not James Bond but definitely SRK” he said imitating the actor.

Priya laughed a sad one, the incident took place six years ago but it was still fresh in her mind, that was when she realised that she was in love with him for the first time. She took a photo frame that had their photograph taken on their engagement day. They were so happy then, they had so many dreams about their future but now she had only tears. She clutched the frame close to her heart and closed her eyes laying on her bed but sleep was only a far fetched dream now.

Malhotra’s Apartment
Neil was awaken by his phone that was ringing continuously, he had slept late last night and now he couldn’t open his eyes, he lazily stared at his phone it was Sam calling him. He answered the call “yes Sammy”

“am at the door, I don’t want to ring the bell and disturb aunty” she rapped and ended the call. Neil looked at the time it was four in the morning no wonder he was finding it difficult to wake up. He opened the door and she rushed in walking to his bedroom and Neil dragged himself behind her.

After splashing cold water on his face to wash away the sleep from his eyes Neil came back to the room, Sam was pale it was obvious she hadn’t slept a wink for the whole night and who would after what happened at the wedding even he was awake till late last night. He sat next to her on the sofa in his bedroom, Sam turned to look at him when she felt his presence, Neil without a word took her in a tight embrace and she hugged him back his warmth was what she needed at that time. When Neil had sensed that she had calmed down he spoke “tell me what’s bothering u” he said without breaking the hug.

Sam “I couldn’t sleep last night, I just can’t get the image out of my head”

“what image?” he asked.

“bhai laying in the pool of blood, am so scared Neil” she said, Neil just tightened his grip on her in response. Sam broke the hug and stared into his eyes “do u think Priya di can be right, can Jai bhai really be that cruel”

“why do u doubt him?” he asked, Sam hesitated “u can tell me”

Sam took a deep breath and spoke “that night when dadaji was murdered, I couldn’t fall asleep so I thought of taking a stroll in the garden… when I was walking down the stairs I heard some sounds coming from dadaji’s office so I went to check… I saw bhai coming out of the office, he was wearing gloves… when I asked him, he just gave silly excuses… what was surprising was that he was nervous as if he was caught and how did he get dadaji’s office password”

“why didn’t u tell anyone before?” Neil asked all surprised.

“I didn’t think it was important and eventually I forgot about it” she explained.

“u should tell Arjun” he said.

“what if my fear is wrong and he is innocent, how will I face him after that” she said concerned.

“he will understand, at the end of the day he is your brother and u are his sister, his little princess” he cooed.

“then why am I already feeling guilty just at the thought?” she asked

“it will be fine” he said and hugged her again.

Kensington Police Station
It had been thirty hours since the tragedy strike, Ankush was still unconscious and there was no clue as to whom was behind the attack made on his life so the police had to act fast before the criminal makes an escape. Arjun observed Jai sitting in the interrogation room, he was calm and composed not a speck of worry on his face. Arjun was the one who was worried despite of everything they hadn’t been able to find a single clue that could pin Jai to any of the murders. When Amrish was murdered he wasn’t in the palace, they found red car paint on the back gate and Jai did drive a red car but there was no records of his car going into any of the car workshops in London. The Khannas had they own specific garage where they had their cars serviced but Jai hadn’t brought his car there or anywhere else. The day Tina was attacked and later her attacker was killed Jai was in Taste Farm though the way he appeared at the station saying that Tina had called him was suspicious since Tina didn’t have her phone with him but Jai had phone records to prove his point. The day the P.I was murdered Jai was in Bradford but couldn’t pin him to the murder since he was away from the murder scene and had credit cards receipts to prove it. It was either he was very a smart criminal or just an innocent man, either way Arjun had to find the truth and he had to do it soon.

Jai got a phone call, his calm expression changed into a worried one seeing the caller leaving Arjun wondering who could that caller be but before he could go inside the interrogation room he got a phone call of his own “yes Neil” he said when he answered the call.

“Sam wants to talk to u” Neil said over the phone, he has been trying to convince her to tell Arjun what she told him the other day and finally he was able to do it though it took him one whole day. Sam took the phone from Neil and hesitantly told Arjun what she saw on the night Amrish was murdered.

“are u sure?” he asked and Sam confirmed her words “u did the right thing” he told her for he knew exactly how she must be feeling at that moment, it hadn’t been long since he went through the same when he had found out the true identity of his dad.

Arjun looked at Jai again through the glass window, Jai was already done with his call, he took a deep breath and opened the door of the interrogation room. He placed a file on the table and took a seat opposite him. “how long have u been working with Tina?” he asked looking straight in his eyes.

“since she was dadaji’s secretary” Jai said.

Arjun acted surprised “oh! So your alliance had started before u started dating”

Jai casually spoke “yeah, we…” he then stopped and looked at him baffled “wait, what alliance?”

Arjun let out a sigh “I hate it when people petend to not know things”

“am not getting u” Jai said.

“am talking about your alliance to take over the company” Arjun said. Jai denied the accusations saying that he had never had any alliance with Tina or anyone to take over the company, he just wanted to be the company’s president “then why did u kill your grandfather, u could have gotten the presidency without killing him too?”

“are u crazy?… I didn’t kill dadaji” he said defensively.

“oh, I forgot… u didn’t kill him but u participated in killing him” Arjun said.

“this is absurd, I didn’t kill anyone nor participated in any murder” Jai argued.

Arjun showed him the picture of the palace gate “do u recognize this?” Jai nodded to having recgnized the gate “when u asked the guard to change the lock of the rear gate did u had the plan already or the plan was made afterwards?”

“what plan?” he asked.

“to sneak in through the back gate and kill your grandfather when everyone thought u weren’t at the palace” Arjun said observing his each reaction.

Jai closed his eyes calming down his anger “for the last time I did not kill dadaji neither did I participate in his murder… about the lock, it was dadaji himself who asked me to give the lock to the guard, he was the one who wanted it changed”

Arjun smiled “how convinient, blame it on the dead guy”

“believe what u want, I don’t care” Jai said.

“I really don’t care but would u care to explain what were u doing in your dadaji’s office after the murder took place, u were also wearing gloves right?” Arjun said and leaned back on the chair observing him.

“Sam told u?” he asked his eyes showing that he was hurt.

“shouldn’t she have told me?” Arjun asked back.

“it just hurts to know that your sister doesn’t have her trust in you anymore” he said sadly.

“and did u do something worthy to break her trust?” he asked.

Jai sighed “I wanted to be the president no matter what, dadaji had a safe in his office where he kept important documents… I went into his office to try and open the safe I wanted to know if he had left me some of his shares in his will… but I couldn’t open the safe, I wore gloves bcoz am not stupid enough to leave my fingerprints in a crime scene” Arjun then asked him about his Bradford trip and he explained that he was doing a business deal and he was ready to provide the details of the man he was doing business with to the police if they had any more questions.

Arjun sighed he had no further questions Jai had proved himself innocent but he asked him one last question anyway “are u in any way responsible for the attack made on Ankush’s life?”

Jai looked him straight in the eyes “I would never even in my worst dream think to ever bring harm to Ankush, he is my brother and I love him a lot”


Edward walked in the station and was surprised to see a woman harassing the officer at the reception with her questions “detective so good to see u” exclaimed the female officer at the reception. The woman turned and he saw her face, keeping a nonchalant expression though his heart was beating fast due to her presence he motioned the officer to speak, taking the cue the officer spoke “this young lady here wants to speak with detective Mehra, I have told her that he is busy but the young lady kept on insisting. She said she has information about the case”

“It’s okay officer I will handle her” said Edward looking at the woman “this way miss” he said motioning towards his office. He locked the door of his office behind them and turned to her “what are u doing here?” he hissed.

The young lady with a worried expression on her face spoke “he called Jai am afraid Arjun will accuse him of killing Amrish and I need to save him”

“how are u going to do that?” Edward asked.

“by telling the truth” she said.

“and what exactly is the truth?” he gritted.

“that I am the murderer, I killed Amrish Khanna, it’s me that they want and not him” she said.

Edward fisted his hand controlling his anger “how many times do I have to tell u to never say that Tina, u are not supposed to say that… we have gone through a lot already trying to clean your name… and u are willing to just throw everything away?”

Tina fumed ” clear my name?… by putting the blame on the man I love…?” Edward was shocked and she smirked “or u thought I wouldn’t come to know of your plans… I know about the red paint lie u cooked up to make it look like Jai was in the palace at the time of the murder”

“I did that bcoz Arjun was suspecting u again, he didn’t tell me but I knew his doubt was on u so I shifted his mind towards Jai” he explained.

“he is the man I love” she argued.

“he is your destruction, nothing good ever came out of the love u so tightly cling on to… he is not for u and the sooner u accept that the better it will be for all of us”

“but I love him” she cried.

Edward sighed and held her by the shoulders “he will never come to love u the way u love him Tina, he doesn’t deserve u… we are fighting for something bigger than any love story here so keep your head straight… please…. I care for u so am telling u these lightly but she wouldn’t and u know her better than me u know how she would react if she comes to know about this… go home and rest we will talk later” Tina nodded and left soon after.

After some time Arjun went to Edward’s office and asked him about the girl that wanted to see him. Edward mentally slapped himself for not telling the receptionist to not tell Arjun about the visit. Smiling at Arjun, Edward lied “I talked to her it was nothing important”

“didnt she had some information about the case?” Arjun asked.

“she lied about that so she could get to see u, I think she was your fan” Edward said chuckling. Arjun just smiled in return and left his office.

St. Mary’s Hospital
Arjun had got the permission to go through the hospital records, he was escorted to the archives with one of the hospital employees. It was a small office with metal cabinets on one side and desk on the other where a young man was sitting behind it “Matt this is detective Mehra, he needs to see some old records please assist him with all that he needs”

Matt in a white shirt and grey trousers stood from his chair and shook hands with Arjun “nice to meet u detective” he said. Sitting back in his chair he asked “so how can I help u?”

“I need the child birth records of April 13 1956” he said.

Matt smiled “right away” he said and typed the date in the computer “here u go” he said after a while and turning the computer screen towards Arjun.

Arjun went through the names, there were only three babies born on that day. His eyes narrowed in surprise reading the Mehra name on the list. Balraj Mehra was written under father’s name and Seher Mehra was written under mother’s name and those were the names of the people he grew up thinking they were his grandparents. “so the Mehras had a child on that day too” he thought and further read the details but he was shocked to know the Mehras had a baby boy too. “then how did Ajay become a Mehra?” he wondered.

Matt was looking at Arjun trying to read the many expressions coming and going on his face “is there a problem detective?” he asked.

Arjun without looking at him answered “I can’t find Ruby Michelson’s details and I know for a fact that she gave birth on that same day”

“are u sure it’s the same date?” asked Matt.

“am positive” he said.

Matt walked up to the other side where Arjun was and looked at the computer screen “then it must be in the miscellaneous file” he said after a minute of observation.

“miscellaneous?” Arjun asked.

“yes, if a patient’s records are incomplete then their details are kept in the miscellaneous file” he explained. He typed again and the said file opened on the screen, he typed the date and Ruby’s file was before their eyes.

Arjun read the file and was flabbergasted to know the truth, Ruby had twins but the s*x of the babies wasn’t mentioned. “twins?” Arjun said in complete shock.

Matt who was also reading the file said “yes, u see the details of the twins is incomplete that’s why her records are here”

Arjun’s mind was running in different directions, Ruby had twins but she doesn’t know about it, Devendra first tried to snatch Ajay but Ajay ended up with the Mehras, did Devendra then snatched Ruby’s other child too? If so then it’s a girl from the picture they had, his dad had a twin sister. But why wasn’t the s*x of the twins mentioned?

He looked at Matt “who was the doctor that delivered Ruby’s twins?”

Matt typed again and came up with an answer “Dr. Philip Murray in fact he was the doctor for all three deliveries of that day”

“Philip Murray?” asked Arjun for the name sounded familiar to him.

Matt smiled “he is retired now, just a week ago we celebrated his 50yrs of being a doctor… the hospital threw a party for him… nowadays he is running his clinic… Dr. Murray’s Clinic u might have heard that name”

Oh yes he heard it alright, not just heard he met the doctor too, he is the same doctor that had his grandmother. “can I get copy of this?” he asked.

“sure” Matt said and printed the files for him.

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