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Manmarziyan – Radhika Please dont leave me OS

Hiee all im sv back with my a first try of os some how made it a os else i would have landed in 2 or 3 shots but i was a bit ambitious to make a os. Lol too much of speaking.
Hope you will like it and dont forget to comment your precious views . Love you all……

Enjoy the ride….


Dont leave me radhika.
Radhika ; arjun pls arjun 5 minutes pls ……
Arjun ; nothing doing radhika u are waking up. Its 5 in the morning yaar. Now wake up.
Radhika ; its mid night for me arjun last night ur kid has not made me sleep. Ur junior is just now sleeping now dare not wake me up. After many attempts arjun successfully made her wake up. She scratched her head sitting in the bed. He smiled and made her hair a straight. Radhika in the verge of falling back to the bed he held her hand and pulled her. She made a cry face ; arjun pls yaar 5 minutes pls……. he nodded no and stuffed her tooth brush and tooth paste and asked her to go and brush. She dragged herself in a half sleep way and brushed her teeth. After refreshing she saw arjun all ready. She was in the verge of crying.
Radhika ; arjun no……
Arjun ; yes u r coming its good for our baby dear.
Radhika (held her belly and spoke) ; baby come out soon and kick ur father he is killing me in the name of taking care of u and me.
Arjun ; baby dont listen to her. Im taking care of u and she is always lazy i want u not to support to her. She made a face and went to take a shirt and was waiting to put the shirt on.
Arjun who was waiting for radhika went to the other room and saw her struggling to put on her shirt.
Arjun ; again the same shirt ??
Radhika ; my fav shirt. Pls help me to put this na im trying and its not coming. He smiled and made her sit and Arjun was trying hard to put that button and finally he made it and found her all sleeping in the sitting position. He smiled and caressed her and remembered the day of the party night.

Flash back……

After the party arjun left the place and drove back to his house and crashed down on the floor after knowing that nandhini used him and he was the one who was blamed because of her fake tears. She rushed to arjun and just held his shoulders. He who was expecting radhika found nandhini standing near him with tears. He was hell anger to see her face.
Arjun ; nandhu what wrong dod i do to u ?? Why dod u cheat me ?? I went against my heart against all the rules to hurt an innocent girl just to make u happy but did u ever consider me as ur brother ??
Nandhini ; arjun i always love u as my brother . Radhika manipulated me dear not me she faked me to speak those words. Arju lost his cool and got up and pointed her a finger and shouted ; dare not speak a word against radhika there is nothing between us and her to do here u had that in ur heart thts why u planned to kill sam and put the blame on me and to make me to step inside of jail so that u can enjoy the life.
Nandhini ; no arjun…..
Arjun ; yes this is what u wanted. I was such an idiot to trust u blind. She was right she begged me to believe on that day when she said she was kidnapped and was kept captive in kaka’s house.
Nandhini ; ooh so u r behind ur wife. I bet u she will never accept u arjun after knowing this she will never accept u. Arjun who was in tears smiled sarcastically ; u donno her she found a true me to me so get out of my house nandhini before i loose my respect to u and throw u out for what u have done to me. Nandhini expected that and said ; i know arjun u will say this. Take care and yes i was bad but not for u . Saying so she got inside her room and arjun crashed down and was continuously crying his heart. Radhika made all the arrangements to go back to her house came back to radhika. Radhika gave a victorious smile.
Nandhini ; u may have succeeded me by making me to confront in front of others. But u will fail when u give arjun’s hands to sam.
Radhika ; sir loves sam and sam loves arjun sir.
Nandhini ; u r stupid if u think arjun loves sam and u doesn’t love him. U have fallen for him radhika in the course of fighting and all the way i am the one who has won as ultimately arjun will never go back to sam.
Radhika ; no i never loved him. Nandhini smiled and said ; hear what ur heart is saying close ur eyes and find arjun face. He is a bit stubborn but not bad take care of him radhika.

Radhika was blown as she who did not realise her love for arjun. first time she closed her eyes and found his face and the moments they spent together. Her eyes were wet she thought ; how can this be i never loved arjun sir?? How can i cheat sam ??
She went inside and packed her stuffs and started to leave but stopped when she saw arjun state he was not what he used to be.
Arjun ; u r also leaving me na ??
Radhika ; this is not the place of where i should be.
Arjun ; ur right go far away from me so that not even my shadow will be there to u. She kneeled down and held said ; u will get all the love which u want to have.
Arjun ; love ?? Who will love me radhika who will accept me for what i have did ?? Will u accept me ?? She was stunned. Wanted to say yes but was scared.
Radhika ; i need to go sir. He immediately held her and hugged her and cried ; pls radhika pls dont leave me not today i need u please dont go and he hugged her and she too hugged him. And they stood there for sometime without realising how much time they were and came back to sense hearing a knock sound.

Both jerked and broke the hug. They heard the knock and arjun thought that it might be nandhini . He nodded and wiped his tears and was in hyper anger as he though it was nandhini and opened and saw neil standing.
Arjun ; what do u want ??
Neil ; nothing to speak with u chashni come we need to go and pulled her hand with his one hand and other hand over her luggage. Arjun holds her other hand.
Arjun ; she is not going anywhere. She will stay here with me.
Neil ; why should radhika stay with u when u dont want to live with her. U asked the divorce papers signed right here have it and threw it over his face. He saw radhika and she was numb standing with no reaction.

Neil ; arjun take care of sam and chashni is always my true friend so after these many dramas i dont want her to get hurt more. Arjun pulled her from his grip and hugged her side and radhika was just blank.
Arjun ; radhika speak out that i love u only u radhika speak out. Neil smiled at the confession but he wanted her to speak the heart.

Party time. ………

Sam spoke to neil at the time of the party that it was only neil for her not arjun but when they saw nandhini threatening radhika neil and sam thought something was wrong so he asked sam to make sure that arjun hears the conversation and she did the same by calling him out and when he came out he heard what nandhini said.

Present. …….

Neil smiled at his stars for making all the mess clear and he came back to reality and saw arjun and radhika.
Radhika ; did u ever had any feelings on sam ??
Arjun ; not at all i have no feelings on sam.
Radhika ; then that dinner date for sam ??
Arjun ; it was with u radhika i had my dinner date.
Radhika ; then why did u said u hated me on the day of the marriage ??
Arjun was numb yes he spoke all rubbish in the course of his revenge that he forgot that he hurt her a lot with his words.
Radhika ; speak out mr arjun mehra speak out. She held his shirt and said ; u know what i will not come back to u and left his shirt. Arjun held her hand and looked at neil. He whistled and walked out for a second.
Arjun ; radhika i just wanted to say that i loved u but…….
Radhika ; but u were busy with ur revenge so u forgot ur heart and also me Right ?? He nodded and kept his head down.
Radhika ; then forget me once and for all. Arjun was shocked to hear that words from his radhika.
Arjun ; i cannot radhika.
Radhika ; i dont care mr.mehra i dont care at all when u were busy with ur works i will busy with my works. Good bye and she stepped out and she cried and hugged Neil. Neil knew whatever she is doing is wrong but for now she needs his support and time too.
Neil; u wait i will bring ur bags and went in found arjun all furious and anger for his own deeds. Neil rushed to arjun and rubbed his back and said ; she loves u arjun but cant say that out because of sam and u dont worry it is always nesam not samarj ok ??
Arjun; what are u saying and saw neil who was smiling and arjun said so sam……..
Neil ; loves me and i love her and give chashni…. some time she is broken it will take time but she will never leave u and also she cannot survive without u but wants u to confess her heart. Do it as i say and speaks his plan.
Arjun ; how do u know these stuffs neil ?? Neil smiled his dimple smile and said ; brother u r just in pre kg well im phd in it i know how to make things done. Arjun nods and leaves radhika with neil.
Days passed slowly radhika starts to miss her sir but she did not show out. Radhika joined bird song again after she came back from rishikesh and neil spoke to radhika’s family not to speak about Arjun to Radhika and so they did not speak anything about about anything even dadaji. She came back and sam apologised for her action and radhika was happy for that and she was searching arjun but he was least bothered about radhika but when he crosses her either looks at each other but after crossing he looks at her and murmurs ” stubborn head” while radhika was “khadoos cant even say hiee” and they leave and for nesam it was treat to watch.
Arjun was furious but cant go against the words of neil as he said she will come to him. But to the fact nesam were the people who were enjoying the most with each other and also always on a date. This made her even angrier.
More than 2 months over from ardhika being separated.
Radhika had enough she finally decided and barged and entered arjun’s house and saw him in trousers and a t.shirt and was eating his boring bread.
Radhika ; Why did you talk to me ??
Arjun ; u asked me not to then how can i speak to you ??
Radhika ; i will say 1000 you should have come and talked to me arjun sir.
Arjun ; why should i talk to you and what will you do ?? will u speak back ?? No u will shout and will get hurt and i cannot see you hurt so i distanced myself from you…..
Radhika ; do u think i was happy ??
Arjun ; so did you think i was happy ??
Radhika ; i was the one who asked the question first.
Arjun ; are you in a rapid fire round why are you shouting. Thats it radhika took the same bat which arjun took to shoo the lizard and now arjun gulped first he was damn hungry now his love lady as kali with the bat. She was stepping forward he was going back. Suddenly he got an idea and shouted chipkali. She threw the bat over arjun’s foot and hugged him tight. He too hugged her and said softly ; im sorry radhika for everything. Will u forgive me ?? Radhika who was hugging him said ; no i will not ignore you but hugs him tight. He smiles and says ; why ??
Radhika ; dont ask me reason now shut up sir i dont want to talk to u get that. He nodded and hugged her, after sometime radhika’s legs started to pain. Its because she was standing on the toes.
Radhika broke the hug and saw arjun and he was looking at her full of love.
Radhika ; whom do u love ??
Arjun ; u
Radhika ; what about sam ??
Arjun ; she is my sister to me a soul sister u can call even a twin sister.
Radhika ; bonnie ??
Arjun ; my big aunty. Thats it radhika busted in laughter and again hugged him tight and said i love you arjun……………………
Present ………………
Arjun ; Radhika dear wake up and he shook her. She makes a cry face and they start for the walk a daily walk in the park and after an hour of slow walk a car comes and makes his honk. Arjun smiles and neil waves his hand to them and asks them to come. Ardhika goes to the car and neil drives to his house and on the way radhika sleeps holding arjun’s hand. He smiles and kisses on her forehead.
Arjun ; so neil whats for the breakfast ??
Neil ; what ever mom and sam prepares but i donno what these ladies are up to these days many new dishes where the food and the name is not nice. Both the boys laugh.
Arjun ; mom is doing everything for us man and winks at him making him realise that radhika was hearing. Neil gulped and they came to the house and ardhika and nesam has their breakfast and prena became the head of the family of her 2 sons’ life.

Thats it guys how was it ?? Did you like it ?? Please do comment your views. Love you all stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile.

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