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manmarziyan on mars: chapter 5

Mars 5

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Radhika screamed on her fullest vocal chords ability.why not?? She was seeing the death so close!! ‘ save me, anyone there ‘, she could exclaimed those words loudly,trembling. Suddenly she felt somebody was pushing her car from front side of cliff and saw the face of Arjun. She remembered their previous encounter and her challenge to him. She mumbled herself,” was he right about himself?? Is he not belong to planet earth?? Is he an alien??” And got fainted with double fear..

Neil and dadaji & Dilip were rushing towards city hospital, from different directions. All they could came face to face at check in counter and ran to radz room. After some time teji and Ankush entered. Nurse saw them and made faces. She muttered under her breath,” what is going on here? Only thing was she got fainted and so many people arrived.” She looked radz who was sitting on her bed now and said,” you are the luckiest person I ever seen”. Radz smiled and asked ,” how did everyone got here?” She didn’t expect them. All answered,” we got a private calls regarding u and landed here.” Suddenly nurse was looking here and there as if she was expecting someone. Radz asked her the reason. She said with a big disappointment,” where did that young man go who admitted u? He threatened us to admit u in VIP room and run CT scan,MRI, other tests. We told him that it was not needed but he was adamant. But now I can’t see him. Strange.” Radz just rolled her eyes remembering Arjun and neil felt strange. Dadaji was smiling.

Sam was sitting with Suzy , discussing something at space centre. A sudden kick on her sit and she bowled away to some distance. She fell down with a thud on ground and growled with pain. Suzy startled; but next moment they witnessed an angry violent Arjun who stood infront of them. He didn’t stop and went to Sam , pulled up Sam roughly and snaped her neck, pushing her toward wall that her head hit wall hard. She was growling in pain and request Arjun to leave her. Arjun was not in a mood to listen, only his anger fuelled as seconds passed, minutes passed. He roared,” how dare u stupid fool to touch my invention without my permission?? I won’t leave u for tracking me.” He glared at Suzy at such an intensity , Suzy ran away with fear throwing her thoughts how to save Sam. Eventually she bumped with Azian at entrance. Suzy requested Azian to save Sam. Azian assured her and went inside. Azian had been stood at outside from the time Arjun entered; but didn’t went inside knowingly. He knew well what Arjun could capable and moreover he wanted to teach samaira a lesson for her recklessness not this time but from past also. Samaira was raised under one most powerful authority of Martians who captured the director position of ministry of extraterritorial habitat, without the significant knowledge. That’s why he was always irked with both director and Sam for her proudly demeanour.

Very soon other authorities reached and both Sam Arjun were taken for a hearing. Head was asking Arjun,” why u behaved so violently when u broke the rule by urself? Do u know about the consequences?”

Arjun was getting hyper again but composed himself as Azian signed him,” r u asking me why? Really I can’t believe it. I broke the rule and use teleportation to save someone who is innocent. Moreover samaira used my beam gun without my permission. There is a rule at clause no. XX that we Martians would never try to harm other with our power until n unless we didn’t get harm. Do u forget that!!”

The head got astonished hearing Arjun’s replies but the shocking thing was his intonation. He said ,” samaira will be punished but why u use ur physical violence? It’s us who will decide what to do? Don’t u think she’s a woman.”

Azian made faces with the statement and Arjun laughed like mad,” looks like Martians following humans. Do u really forget that there is no difference between man and woman in mars. They have equal powers.”

Head lowered his gaze and thought it’s better to stop talking here. He announced,” rule is rule. Equal for everyone. So Arjun from now on u r banned from any space related activities and going to outer planet till u reach 15.”

This got arjun’s nerve. Despite Azian’s try he stood up with a bang and said,” do whatever u want!! But I also have my self announcement. I’ll not do any kind of science research until m not allowed to do the things u banned on me. And nobody should use my inventions before.” With that he banged the table and went away by muttering ” I care least about”……

Everyone got shocked. It was almost every comfort at mars invented by Arjun. If he will stop his research means they will stay far behind from any planetary activities. Azian put a hideous smile. He was praising Arjun for his intelligence. Sam too got punishment from using intergalactic instruments or weapons. She got demoted. She was shocked knowing Arjun use teleportation. Whatever it might be Arjun never broke rules and this is first time. This was bugging her. She thought,” something deep behind it and I have to find out”. A mysterious smirk appeared on her face.


Radhika was going through the items after discharged from hospital. She wore her ring , bracelet etc. while a strange pendent captured her eyes. She looked carefully and screamed ” dadaji”. Dadaji came running hearing her. She showed him the pendent. Dadaji’s eyes widen with curiosity.

He asked without moving his gaze from pendent,” R u thinking what I’m thinking?”

Rads replied sternly , ” isn’t that obvious? I never seen such strange design. Exactly look like crop circle.”

Dadaji was amused, ” yes .. Which believed to be a design marked by aliens at Russia, England etc. But the thing is how it’s come to u.”

Rads try to recollect things. She said dadaji what happened last day at Harvard university. Dadaji stunned and started shouting at radz ,” u fool, Dumbo. I never knew my wise granddaughter would react something like that. Why didn’t u invite him home. At least I could have see him. But wait, one thing why this pendent looks so familiar like I saw this somewhere else.”

Radz perplexed on his grandpa accusations but after examine carefully she also had the same thought that she saw same pendent somewhere. After some moments both shouted like mad ,” ten years ago, at Ladakh, that boy whom we took in”. Radz said ,” what an ungrateful creature, we saved his life and she left without saying anything. But he grown up and came back..alien”… She held her head tight as she thought everything was nonsense and fell down on bed. But; dadaji was lost in deep thought….

Arjun was laughing madly seeing radz state. In other way he was happy that radz recollected those moments which were most beautiful moments for him. That pendent was a scientifical device which he left at radz to communicate with her, personally. That sign was a sacred sign of Martians. Azian entered in and saw his lost state, laughing by himself after all those happenings.

Azian gave a bored look and said ,” is this the great scientist of mars who behaved strange lately, that too after getting punishment. Say truth, r not u worried?”

Arjun squinted with a mischievous smile ,” why should I be worry?? Its their work. Btw m going to enjoy my free time now. How interesting!!”

Azian got amazed at his excitement. He beat his head ,” I can’t believe this. Do u love her soooooo much that u r not being in ur state?”

Arjun giggled again,” yes, I love her too much. Do u have any problem with it? Now don’t disturb me and sit quietly or go away”.

Azian rolled his eyes on his talking and got up to go ,” good for u. Enjoy.” He muttered himself,” m worried for nothing. He is completely fine and not violent like before. Behaved like a complete idiot”.


Neil was going through some ideas regarding HOM mission. This was a dream mission for him, to visit another planet. He didn’t want any kind of mistake in this. But he couldn’t concentrate today. The mere thought of the person who admitted radz at hospital was bugged him. He thought,” if radhika had been in love?? Or else why would somebody go to such extreme extent just for a fainting. If he loved her that much why didn’t he show up further? ” he felt like his head would break down at any moment. Just his phone rang and a huge smile appeared on his face .

Neil ,” how are u radhika?? Everything fine. Don’t worry about here”.

Radz smiled ,” m perfectly alright captain. I wanna let u know I will resume my work from tomorrow. I got some ideas for constructing space ship.I’ll let u know tomorrow.”

Neil ,” hold on. No need to be hurry. Yes come tomorrow. Btw i arrange a meeting regarding HOM mission tomorrow. Will be waiting for u.byee”.

Radhika bewildered at his sudden changes. She thought,” he will be waiting for me. Why?? Obviously for ideas idiot”. She dozed off as she cursed herself.

But Neil become happy. He did his work with double concentration. His theory which impressed ISRO head was ,” if some extraterritorial species can visit our planet and do research on us, then why can’t we? There is some strong scientific research involved and we have to find that string of major ideas.” He got everything to prepare just wait to give final touches.


Arjun laid down on bed and thinking about something deeply. His memory lane took him the unknown incident happened two days ago on planet earth. He was thinking and thinking while cursing Sam for destroy his plans. He had to return back after one and half day only, while he went for three days..

At that day after Arjun met with radhika in awkward situation and her taking him mental asylum. She challenged him if he will meet her tomorrow then she will believe him being another species. He was seeing her restlessness but after some time she slept. He got bored and decided to visit radz, after all he went planet earth for her. He went her hostel making fool out of everyone and reached her room. He was happy seeing her sleeping so near. He had bare patience sprinkled some spray on her which made her in deep slumber. He adjusted himself near by her. The feel of holding her so close, the feel of contentment by sleeping near her was so blessy for him. A big content smile occurred on his face as he dozed off peacefully. If it was not for Azian disturbed him in 4am he would never leave that place. He started cursing Azian now for breaking his sweet moments and later embarrassing him.
Soon Arjun came out from his thoughts and smiled himself. He decided to talk with radz directly through the device he left.

Sam was searching about previous incidents on planet earth. She was wondering what it could be force Arjun to broke the rule. A sudden thought came to her mind by remembering suzy’s talk about Arjun’s like some other girl. She was impatiently searched everywhere to think that if that car had that girl, that’s why he behaved violent with me and used teleportation. A cruel smile appeared on her face as she got something. She mumbled herself,” so it was u. For u Arjun did such unbelievable things. Stay there. I won’t leave u.”…….


Precap: Big-bang or Big-bash, space roar

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