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manmarziyan on mars: chapter 3

Mars 3

Now don’t kill me for my late or absence.. am very sorry dears for making u all wait for this ff.. Thanks all of u for having patience for a nutcase like me… Actually my display screen damaged, so the late.. Let me know ur views..
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Wow signal was a mysterious radio signal waves(6EQUJ5) of 72 seconds,1420.45MHz, which was believed to be a signal sent by aliens in Aug 1977…..
Its believed that there are some least accessed areas like Dulce base,porton down,area 51,kongka la pass( Ladakh,India) etc. are alien bases / stations.some of those exist underground while some on territorial region…..
Missing time or alien abduction is a biggest mystery till now. But; from accessing brains of the persons who missed their times it’s proved that there some other intelligent species exist except human beings….
Why I am saying this?? Coz I think on which basics I proceed in this sci- fi story ,I should share with u…this time I’ll use those theories..
Suraj Mishra was thinking about his past experiences as a scientist and going through the appointment letter of radhika given by most prestigious space research organization of India,ISRO.He wanted his granddaughter to reach at the position in field of space science which he left once,on the top what will be only dream of everyone. Once he found his way to travel other planet. But; destruction of his work by his own hands somehow pricking him every time. He was deeply into his thoughts which made him remembered some of his past paranormal experience. After those experience although he didn’t witness or remember what happened, but his belief on extra terrestrial life got stronger.

It was around 1-2am in a December winter chilled night ,may be of year 1986.dadaji lived at Ladakh,near aksai chin border area at that time.because he knew no one can harm him there as it was a patrol free region. Say it was due to suffocation or restlessness’ he came outside for some fresh air.after he heard about Jerry Ehmaan’s receiving mysterious radio signal from aliens he was trying hard to send some signal to new habitat in all those years. But lack of equipments and improper modulation of waves gave him failures.he cried in heart for his helplessness to do something as he wanted. But he didn’t aware that he was being watched constantly by Martians from the time he left ISA.

Many decades ago Martians already invaded earth as they were more intelligent,developed n aggressive. Important thing was they never wanted any extension or dominionship on other planet,just wanted to examine how things were going on.curious mind,general tendency. Azian,one of the great scientist of mars witnessed Suraj Mishra deeds,how he destroyed his own hard work just to prevent a war between humans n Martians. He raised Arjun who is a science god in mars now.

It’s heard about alien abduction very often at that time. People returned mysteriously after sometime of their abduction ; but having no memory regarding those mysterious missing time. Azian had a great respect and affection towards dadaji. He knew Suraj’s trials regarding alien signals,he decided to bring Suraj some of their earth stations, chosen kongka la pass,Ladakh.

Dadaji was sitting on a cement bench on lawn area and thinking about UFO sightings n alien signals. At that time he saw a strange lighted triangular silent crafts show up from underground and moves almost vertically up. He didn’t care much as it was a regular sight; but interesting and new fact was it’s move towards him. Before he could think further he was caught up by the rays of light n pulled inside some Metallic closet type space ; but highly advanced. As a scientist he got shocked seeing such brilliance of science works. He himself didn’t know many new things. Azian welcomed him warmly with a smile.

Dadaji’s pool of thoughts broken by phone ringtone. He was happy seeing the caller.

” what’s up my boy?? How u remember this old man??how great scientist Neil Malhotra called me??”, said dadaji mischievously

” go on sir.tease me,but I have a great respect for u always.u r the only teacher n well-wisher. I am here today in this position because of ur teachings n encouragement”, replied Neil emotionally ..

” oh..don’t be senti young man. Just tell me ur actual reason for calling”, asked dadaji straight..

” u caught me as usual. BTW I met radhika and told about our enrolment. She was genuinely nice n intelligent like u”, replied Neil with a great satisfaction

” then what was her reply? Did she agree to work in ISRO?”, asked dadaji impatiently..

” as of now no replies ,but m sure she will come. I told her to decide after talking with u”, replied Neil enthusiastically..

” one second.she’s turning 25 in next week. U both celebrate same birth dates. Why don’t u demand her joining ISRO as ur birthday gift from her!!”, continued neil with a spark in his eyes..

” I’ll try my best. She will definitely join”, said dadaji with determination..

They hung up phone after other regular talks.Neil lost in his thoughts,” I’ll make sure ms radhika to join ISRO.then only u will know me and we will become partners.u r the one n only girl for me.my woman.I’ll wait that day to come”…

Sam was feeling some kind of awkwardness n irritations. Reason unknown. She straightly went to space station . Sam asked Suzy about Arjun. Suzy got afraid seeing Sam in angry mode; but replied;” Arjun sir went to ‘ministry for extraterritorial habitat’ to meet with higher authority for some research works”..

Sam thought;” what important work must it be.he didn’t care to inform me.should I check on him!! But if he will know he will kill me”..

” Suzy,can u give me the list of girls who had their eyes on Arjun. I may sound stupid ; but I got a hope from his last time smile. I don’t want to lose him ; but don’t know why I am feeling insecure n strange that he isn’t interested in me at all”,said Sam in a low volume..

” no need to be worry ma’am. There’s no lady in mars who possesses talent n beauty like u. As far I know Arjun sir ,he liked people who have talents,zeal,brain. So u r the one n only for him”, Suzy replied with a great humour..

Yes,Suzy was right but in case of mars only. They were not aware about the fact that Arjun already had set his eyes on planet earth beauty with brain Radhika Mishra. He can go to any extent for his girl…

At Harvard university
Radhika was busy observing a milk way. A path to newly found satellite septania-07 by herself. For this discovery she was going to awarded with best young space scientist. She found it when she did her research on mar’s moon phobeas The irony thing was septania-07 was an artificial satellite com planetary structure created n established by Arjun near phobeas which he named RA-07. RA-07 was not a satellite like we generally made. It had everything for a living beings comfort. He made that for radhika n him only.

” so what our chasini decided. M curious like my mind will burst in any moment”, asked teji while entering research lab..

” nothing as of now. What should I choose??should I go back India n join ISRO or should I choose to stay here n work with international space agency?? M really confused “, radhika exclaimed worriedly..

” don’t worry. Where is my brave chasini? Its a small confusion which will cleared very soon. Btw I wanna my treat buddy from our little scientist. Lets go”, teji called radhika for a outing..

Seeing teji trying to cheer up her she somehow got her idea. dadaji called her at that time. Before dadaji could say anything she screamed happily;” good news dadaji. I’ll go back India to join ISRO. After all my family is there. My support,beautiful bonding everything. Will see u soon”.. She ran to teji n thanked him.she told about her decision. Teji was dumbfounded;” how can?? Sudden decision”..

She replied;” only u solved my confusion by showing ur concerns. I got to know by staying with ur dear ones give u moral n physical support both. They are precious than anything in this world”..

She continued with a seriousness;” and another thing I don’t know why but my dadaji got hyper whenever anyone talk about international space agency. I don’t want to make him worry for me. There must be something”..

Teji hugged her n said;” congrats dear. Now we will meet often.lets enjoy our left out days”.. Both exchanged hi 5 n went toward restaurant…

Arjun was passing through levels or u may say door steps which are for security purpose in ministry for extraterritorial habitat. Finally one system declared his clearance n let him enter into director room. Azian welcomed Arjun very warmly. But after hearing his purpose of his visit he sat down tensed.

” Arjun u know what u r talking about? I can’t allow that. It was against rule n m very strict about rules of mars”, said Azian sternly

” how can it’s impossible. Martians staying at planet earth for research purposes for years and I want only few days. What’s problem with that”, Arjun defended himself by his reply..

” because they are elderly Martians. More than 15 years. And u still have 278 days exactly to reach 15 years. I can’t give permission to u to stay at planet earth that to 24 days . R u out of ur mind”, Azian denied straight ..

If it was anyone else Arjun must have punished him for denying him. But Azian was the one n only one in planet mars whom Arjun respect and values.

” don’t u know Arjun we made that rule after u got lost in planet earth before five years ago. How worried we were at that time . If I will break that rule for u,then what example I set in front of Martians regarding u. I want u to be on top in mars that u will be a legendry science god for them”, said Azian in a worried voice.

” don’t worry sir. I’ll fulfil all ur wishes ; but plz try to understand me also. Okay I’ll not stay for many days. Can’t u allow me to visit Martian bases on earth only for 3 days”, exclaimed Arjun with a determination..

Azian just stared him shocked. He was completely aware of Arjun’s stubbornness. Until he will not get what he wanted he doesn’t leave. If he will not assigned him to visit earth he will not move from there. Just like five years ago..

” okay tell me which stations u want to visit n why”, said Azian with a defeated tone

Arjun got excited n said;” only for research purpose n science. I want to visit Area 51, kongka la pass only”..

Azian nodded helplessly n send signal messages to both stations on Arjun’s arrival. Arjun stood up for leave n thanked Azian. He reached to censored door but stopped hearing Azian saying;” am I look like a stupid fool to u?? “..
Arjun nodded negative with smile..

Azian said;” then why that research purpose come up?? He stopped and said again ,”just because she is grand daughter of Suraj Mishra I let u go. Otherwise I would stopped u”..

Arjun smiled n replied;” I agree with u. Its just because of her only I was going to rebel otherwise I have no reason to visit planet earth”.

“ I have one question for u. Miss Mishra going to be turn 25 and u r less than 15. How will u gonna handle “, asked Azian curiously

“ Now u sounds like a fool. I must say a good test for me. First of all age is not a matter for me. But if we see logically I am still elder than her “,replied Arjun laughing.

Arjun continued as he saw Azian’s confused face ;” planet earth completes its year with 365/366 days, but our red planet comprises of 685 days in a year. Almost twice of planet earth. So from this view if we count days I am the elder one”.

Both were happy in their own way………

Precap: Ardhika night outing, Neil happy as rads joined ISRO,furious sam,HOM mission started.

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