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Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter-3

Hello..People of Planet Manmarziyan.. Thanks a ton for your encouragement. Am so overwhelmed reading lovely words from u all. It means a lot.
Here is the 3rd chapter. Though I replied individually., I wish to say again., Yes. Ardhika love each other and Raneil will be friends.And am sorry I couldn’t post yesterday.
I will be updating like thrice a week. Just thought to inform you all.

Chapter -3

After a Formal Introduction on Radhika being one among the directors, All the four came to Samrat’s cabin. Samrat was in thoughts, when Piyali left saying she has some work. Radhika sat opposite to him. Samrat now had no doubt she will be perfect to take over Birdsong after him. None of them expected Radhika requesting him to hold his decision. He just closed his eyes and things happened minutes before flashed in his thoughts. “Am so happy today,Piyu. We shall arrange a meeting in conference hall and announce it.” Piyali and Samrat waited for Radhika’s arrival. They weren’t sure how Radhika would react though she came back. But when Radhika came to BS without a arguement, Samrat was happy. ” We need to make it before client meeting” Piyali said to Samrat.

“Pa.. Don’t call me as Future owner or Managing Director. Just Introduce me as one of the directors.That’s enough. ”

“Why,di” “But why?” Sam and Samrat asked in unison. Piyali glared her with anger.

“I don’t want to rush. Let’s take it slow. We shall decide about who shall lead our business later” she paused.”I hope you will understand,Pa” she said in a low voice.

Piyali asked in annoyance”Why is it like that, u want to oppose our decision every time.?”

“Piyuu..”Samrat had a warning note in his voice”that’s ok.. Let’s do as per her wish.” Samrat concluded. Piyali looked him surprised.

“Di.. I want you to see my presentation” Sam’s voice brought him back from his thoughts.

He saw Radhika smiling at Sam ” Anyways.. now that u are here u will take care everything in my absence.” He sighed through his tears. His words did shook both the girls.

“Pa..plsss….”Sam was cut off when Radhika said ” If u want me to stay back, Never say that again. Don’t even think”

Samrat raised his eyebrows “Blackmailing ur dad??”

” Kinda..”

“U should di..hmm.. we should.. because he never thinks about our pain when he says those words.” Sam said in a complaining tone.

Samrat smiled seeing them.. Piyali came informing about the client meeting enough to make Sam nervous. Amit came behind Piyali and greeted everyone, Sam just turned around when he came.

“Amit, Do I need to attend it. I mean they are here just to have a look on the presentation, isn’t” Samrat asked

“But., Sam needs to explain to clients” Piyali argued ” I need Sam here to discuss with..” Samrat said which surprised everyone.

Sam has never been considered that worthy. She is still a kiddo doing her final year.

“No problem sir, I will manage it. They are here to see the progress of our work. Actually, its me who arranged this meeting., because I don’t want any last minute changes and delay citing our presentation, and Sam has just begun to learn things ” Amit said with Pointless addons as though he is enough to lift Birdsong on his shoulders.

While Samrat gave a sigh raising his eyebrows as a mockery, Sam gritted her teeth and hands turned into fist which surprised Radhika. She turned the other side to see Piyali
glaring Sam and Amit smiling at her.

“Show me the presentation, first” Piyali said without taking her gaze on Sam.

“Piyali..Check that in your cabin.I need to discuss things” Samrat said .Piyali nodded and called “Come with me,Sam”

“I said, I need her also for discussion” Samrat replied before Sam .Piyali left with a positive nod.

After they went., Sam said” Thanks,Pa. I had done my best”

“I know, leave that.I want to tell something to my sweet princesses..Shall I?” Samrat asked

“Yesss” Sam chriped and Radhika looked with a flat expression. She knew what is coming? Samrat has turned emotional the second she said she doesn’t want to be MD here. Something happened which she doesn’t know., which made Sam to step into BS, which made Piyali to endure her arrogant behavior,something which made her dad to say those words “Say yes.Considering this as my last wish” She remembered him saying those. She too want to know. She said “Yes..Boss ” She winked encouraging Samrat to disclose without any hesitation. Samrat laughed little and asked “So..This is how your staffs address you ? ” He asked curiously.

” Not always, But at times. And I love to tease Neil with the word, Boss” She air quoted the last word.

“BOSS!!’ Sam said loudly It sounds like calling a don, isn’t pops” ”

And Neil..The Boss! “Samrat said in dramatic way adding a little fun. Radz smiled seeing both happy. This is how they were. Making fun on everyone,and everything
like friends. “Discussion Boss!!” Radhika initiated

“Yes.. Nothing serious. Listen, You both should know why you both are here. Am gonna transfer all my shares on you both. ”

“Why,Pa” Sam intervened. “Sam..Pls..”she stopped her ” Pa..U say..Am in..” Radhika said the next second

Samrat felt happy, he knew his girl. “Yes.,Transfer of shares and I want u both in this company. Especially you Princess. Kiddo needs time is my opinion. Bird Song is my company. Its not any ancestral property. I created to live my dream of earning name and fame with my talent and Ur mom is the backbone for my success in my career. U know.,She quickly learnt business tactics and helped me in administration.We both love this company. We can’t let our hard work and dream to get wasted. Am so happy you came princess. Since you were adamant of staying back Piyali had no other option than to force bring Sam here. ” He said like bits and pieces restricting himself not to pour out everything.

He held Radhika’s both palms inside his “Beta..Please forgive your parents. Don’t leave us alone this time. U are my strength. ”

Still not getting the answer she wanted Radhika asked “What do you mean by all of your shares”

” My shares in this company and my other investments too” he said out of the blue shocking both the girls

“Pa..Is it because you are unwell, u want to settle us” Sam asked. Samrat thought a second and was about to say yes, but as though understanding the upcoming reaction of her father Radhika said “Don’t say yes. Because Am neither a kid nor a stupid to believe your Yes.” she got up abruptly pulling her hands from his clasp ” And yes. Ur Princess will be with you in every step of yours. That’s a Promise”

“And, You need to get one..” She said facing Sam “What?” Sam asked confused “A backbone! I want my doll to look straight,heads up!, did u get that?!” She said more like a order.

“Not less than,Piyu.. Give this treatment to her also” Samrat joked. “What has got into her, Pa? All of a sudden, now how’s that related to this” Sam raised her doubt .

“Her brain works in all directions, while we are focused on only one thing” Samrat spoke with funny antics and sam giggled. She saw Radhika watching them silently with a sharp gaze fixed on their dad. “Ssshh..Hitler didi” Sam said like a frightened kid causing Samrat to laugh more and she too joined with him.

Piyali barged in angrily ” So Sam, if u are done with ur laughing and playing games would u like to work sometime” said sarcastically.

“My kiddo is free today. She did your work” Samrat spoke before sam could say something.

“Your Kiddo made us so proud that client felt its a waste of time to watch our Presentation”

“Whattt” Sam asked with a surprise gasp.

” Why are you surprised? It should be us to be surprised to have a irresponsible daughter playing candy crush while making presentation and shocked to
have another aggressive impolite mannered girl who changes her decisions in a fraction of a second” Piyali poured all her anger and frustation she bottled up till now.

“Did u see the video?” Sam asked.

Piyali starred her and gave a impossible look “Say Piyali., what went wrong” Samrat asked with confusion in his voice.

Radhika stood observing the atmosphere. “Clients aren’t interested in the project anymore and they are in a idea to withdraw the deal, its
Amit who had asked a week time for next presentation”

“Are u Sure?” Radhika asked and “That was best” Sam said simultaneously and looked each other. “stop cross examinig me, and get into your work both of you, Sam go and meet Amit get the details” She sat saying holding her head with her left hand. She seemed to be highly bothered. But Radhika dint fail to notice the confusion circles covering sam’s face.

“And meet Arjun after that. Its Only him who says you have the ability and capacity to manage a company if groomed well.”Piyali said in a flat voice. It was like as if she is a reminder for Sam’s to-do list.

“And how does and why does he say that?” Radhika asked wondering then she remembered about some training. So..Sam is getting trained in management from Arjun and who is this Amit? Bullsh*t responsible for the drama happened minutes back.

“He is our Senior head. Helps me in learning management related things. You know,He worked in London before”Sam said with a sweet smile breaking her thoughts.

“This is not the time for Sister’s talk. Pls.. Get the work done” Piyali said annoyed

Radhika just gave plain look to her face and moved out deeply thinking. “Give her some time,Piyu” Samrat said

“You can say something better., and instead of making fun around why don’t u explain the seriousness of the situation to them” she said in a reasonable tone.

“Seriousness?”Sam was about to ask more,Piyali who was already fuming intervened saying “Yes..The one which u both never had” “Mom, di is not here” Sam said and left.

“Who’s Amit Here?” Radhika asked not less like a teacher in school. Arjun who was on the doorstep of his cabin asked “Why?”

Radhika was in no mood to react to his anger. “Ask him to meet me in my cabin”
“Excuse,me” He said with a arrogant much look..

“Maam.. It’s me.. Good Morning again! ” A voice came from right side.. he was standing two desks away. Why does his talk irritates me.she thought and said” Bring the presentation to my cabin with all details”

“That got rejected,ma’am, which sam did” He replied like a stupid. Arjun wanted to slap him. What’s the need to smile at her he thought

“I want to see that ..the Rejected one. Which.Samaira.ma’am did. Did u get that?” she said in a cold voice clearly enunciating the word Samaira ma’am. Amit just nodded.

“I deal that project ” Arjun announced. Possessive.! Radhika would have laughed if it was some other time. Jealous.!
“I want to meet the one who has the rejected presentation.”She said and moved fast unable to control herself from reacting to him and his words.She needs to concentrate on issues going around them.First she decided to start with Sam. After all, her doll. Amit followed her like a tail. He now got to know Radhika is unlike Piyali, so he decided to praise
Sam. when asked to say the abt his explanation on the meeting, he just spoke as though he was in a elocution competition. Joker.! she dismissed him and saw the video. The presentation is perfect. Is a client fool to reject it. She got the file. Its a Insurance company. and they need different set of ads of each policies. this one is for Pension policy. She closed her eyes and thought abt Amit’s words. it struck her,The fault was on his exposition. His irrelevant talks is the problem.Wait.. Is there something more? She had noticed Sam being irritated at his mere presence.

She couldn’t figure out the exact issue.. She felt herself miserable. This is not what she planned while coming down back. She thought to clear the issue as soon as possible and return back to her business. Yes.her business. Cheer beats !! Her first venture. She doesn’t want to be in something which is only money minded. A single of thought about her company, and she immediately dialled Riya to know about the events.

“Good morning,Ma’am..”Riya greeted cheerfully and teased “we miss you” and chuckled “Morning Riya..I know how much u miss me and watssup?”

“I was about to call you, and ” Riya was cut off

” That’s a good boss.I have my heart there” Radhika added “Where is your Boss?”

“He dint come yet! and It’s about this weekend event.They want us to prepone and that’s impossible isn’t”

“Hmm.. If they want another date for the event, postpone it. no preponing. I think the band cant pull two concerts in a row” Radhika said in a confirmed voice.

“Okay Raddzz!” Now that her problem got cleared Riya, Radhika’s more like a good friend and her assistant came back to form. “Watss up in Mumbai..when will you be back? ”

“It’s not even a day, just pull 10 days more with your dashing mad Boss!”Radhika replied sardonically and laughed.

“He is cool Radz. And I will update abt this event tonight”

“Ok..Bye.Riya.! ”


Riya’s question made her think. When will I be back? I myself dont know..what about cheer beats then. Cheer Beats!! she smiled. Her company with 2 sets of bands and they would perform for corporate offices and at times for Public too. It may look like a music band. But Radhika being shrewd, turned that into a business which has multiple faces only very few know. She loved how people stay stress free enjoying themselves. After few secs,Radhika felt relaxed after stressing herself a lot in this half a day thinking about all this. Need to clear this client issue and meet Arjun. May be he could help me in finding the exact problem, so that I could solve and leave.. but how.. After getting to know Arjun is here, How is she going to leave from Mumbai.She thought a while and got up to meet Sam now.


Sam who came from Samrat’s cabin saw Radhika correcting Sam as Samaira mam to Amit. She smiled and went. she has been controlling herself not to break before Piyali, she broke down as she landed harshly in her seat. she covered her mouth and cried, What else I could do to get Mom’s love back? I thought being here, working as she prefered would make a change in her. But No..Still she doesn’t believe me.. Amit.. the idiotic head thinks himself clever just because her mom said she is just a assosicate though am her daughter. Every now and then he fills her ears against sam only to show that he is so dutiful. what not insult she bore. she caressed the photo frame before her and smiled and said “But now, Our Cinderella di is back ! I won’t leave her this time.I missed you already.I don’t want to miss her please..” again she broke down into fresh tears ..she bent down over the table with the photo frame in her lap and her body shook explaining her emotional agony.

Radhika just pushed the door open and the witnessed which she never ever expected in her life or not even in her dreams to happen.She took a step inside but retreated the same moment, to let her cry.
Let her cry her heart out.. She closed the door and waited for 2 mins. The 2 mins were like years, She found it hard to control her anger, helplessness to sooth her sister and finally thought why sam has to be this fragile. Her mind was quickly framing few decisions. she knocked her door thrice with 5 sec intervals every time, giving her time to gather herself. she opened d door and sam was keenly looking her laptop screen. She raised her head was startled a second to see Radhika, she pretended like something got into her eyes. “Ouch.. Something got into..” Sam started “your eyes,I guess.”Radhika concluded for her.


“Sam..come to Pa’s cabin.” she moved out. Sam quickly followed.

Piyali was about to go out, when Radhika barged in..”Manners, Radhika” Piyali said in a low yet raised voice. Radhika’s rudeness shot up with that tone” Still safe at home” she replied and moved to the table fast and inserted the cd.

“Pls.. Anyone of you care to call that good for nothing Amit here”

“What?” Piyali asked “This is not our house” she fumed.

“Yes. Our Office.I know..” she replied, they heard a knock “come in Sam, and bring that Joker Amit. Sam face lit up with a smile at the word Joker. She nodded happily and turned around to call him in person.

“Sam.. Over phone. Get in!” she said. “Did u cry?”Piyali asked noticing Sam’s Pink nose and puffed cheeks. “No, Mom”She said and called Amit.

Less than a minute, Amit was in. “Now explain this” She said as soon as he stepped inside. He was baffled but somehow after a minute he started to blabber like before earning glares from both the sisters.Radhika cut him middle n asked “Why Arjun dint attend the meeting”

“because he asked not to.. “Amit stopped in middle realizing what he was about to blurt. Stupid he cursed himself.

“It’s late” she said “Not to.. what”

“Not to have any such before we finalize the concepts for at least 3 of their policies.” Sam said. Amit turned his head to see sam “Eyes Here!” Radhika’s voice roared with full anger. She thought he is the reason Sam was crying. Well., he is one of the reason.

“And why even then?” she asked . He stammered to start “As..I ..said..befo..”

“Stop that. No place for lame excuses here. Last warning. You may leave!”

Piyali and Samrat was left as spectators. Piyali understood a part of what happened and Samrat was astounded seeing her anger. First time., he realized Piyali’s worries are worthy. Radhika being unaffected continued “This fellow had arranged a meeting which wasn’t necessary at all and none of you found it important to look into the decisions. Don’t blind trust your staffs”

“And..There is no need for you to teach us.”Piyali replied defending herself

“Am not here to argue. The presentation is the best. U listened his words.”She turned towards sam “when you know things why dint u say earlier.Why cant u speak when needed?”She lowered her voice but her anger was visible.

“Now..Sam is not gonna have any training or any nonsense. Let her make the presentation and attend meetings and conference like me” Sam gasped a inaudible one

“she is a kiddo”Samrat’s words dint help the arguement

“If she is a kiddo., why do u have her in Business”

Samrat closed his eyes and let out a exhausted breath. But Sam caught the note.,She smiled a unseen one. Her di is beating around the bush like her mom. She waited for her decision.

“No..She wont do that. This won’t happen. Bird song is not a toy for you to play with”

“Fine.,Then ! I have decided to have a tie-up with Prena aunt’s event management company, Sam needs to take incharge. She has the MD of that company to guide her so that all your training about management is done.! We will buy half of their company shares. Bird song isn’t a toy. Time to extend its wings! ” She looked samrat “Pa., Remember your words u said at home, Execute this decision, else I will leave ” in a authoritative tone.

Now., all three stood dumbfounded. No other way, they will say yes. Some things are bound to happen like this she thought.


So.,Guys that’s it.. Abt Neil and Arjun., next chapter will be of them. Hope this chapter gives some clarifications.
Do ignore my Typos and grammatical errors. Thanks again everyone for commenting.

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