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Manmarziyan – My Birthday Gift (3 shots) Shot-3

Hello… People of Planet Manmarziyan.. This is Jessie here with the 3rd shot.. Thanks a ton to everyone for supporting me with your words.. And I wanna convey something..This Birthday Gift -3 shots is My Gift to all the Writers here in this Manmarziyan Planet.. It had been in my mind that I need to write something good and dedicate to all of you..hope this is good.!! Its only because of you writers Manmarziyan still stays so fresh in our thoughts. So.. Thanks you Guys !! and to the Readers also (I am still one among them) for ur support.. Pls ignore my Typos and Grammatical errors..

Happy Reading..


My Birthday Gift

Shot- 3

She heard the door knocked, followed by a sweet voice..”Radhuuuuu..”

She opened the door,wiping her tears hastily, there stood lil Arjun wearing the kurta she bought for him. This was the reason she was chasing him.

“See.. I wore it.. I won’t trouble you.. Smile..” he said..

Radhika smiled., next second she asked “Who asked you do this?”.

Clever lil Arjun took fast steps in stairs went down and yelled “Supermaan”

She was anger listening Arjun asking lil one not to trouble her, be with her and ask her to smile always. He wasn’t aware that it was Radhika who listened his call.

“Saammu… will Superman come today?” Arjun asked curiosly. Sam nodded in negative.

“Today is Superman’s birthday also na, ?” he asked again..

Radhika recollected the moments., when she asked him “Why did Sam congratulate you on Arjun’s birthday?’

Arjun laughed while saying “She dint congratulate, she wished me.. because. I too share my birthday with your ladoo..But.. dint u hear that when Neil said?. ”

She nodded no and asked “When he said that?”

“When you stood before me with the cake like a statue” He winked at her.

God.. Was she that visibly lost before him she felt so embarrassed..

“Do you know.. Its on my Birthday I saw you very first time .. Here.. In this home.. When you said.. Pray for Arjun.. his happiness, well being and health.. It’s his birthday’” and you gave sweets to all children.” he said when they visited little kingdom orphanage. “Its a great feel to hear some one asking to pray for you on your birthday.. though it’s not for you actually..” His delight was visible in his face. “and next year I saw you on the same day.,My birthday”

Radhika was so lost in his thoughts when Neil asked her to get ready.

“Its usual in Love., Neil.. She is missing him.. Leave it.. Lets wait for Arjun” Sam convinced Neil, who looked sad after seeing his sister’s dull face.

Radhika came wearing Pink suit and lil Arjun was jumping on dining table chairs.. Radhika opened the door hearing the door bell. She saw a huge box hiding her view and looked up to see Arjun holding it.

“Excuse me..” he pushed her aside while moving in. The nerve of the man to ignore me she thought..

“Supermaan” lil one just jumped from the table into Arjun’s arms covering a 2 ft distance shocking everyone..

Sam thought for a moment that he is going to fell down. “Are you a monkey to jump like that?..”Thank god.You got him..” Neil sighed

“I know.. Superman will catch me” Lil arjun replied uncaring.. “I din’t trouble anyone. u know? ask Radhu” Lil arjun said to Arjun

“I will speak only with those who speak with me and Thanks for trusting me my champ” Arjun said looking Radhika..

She went inside kitchen silently without looking them. “Good one man.. she din’t yell at you ” Neil said to Arjun.

Arjun punched hard on his stomach “Can’t you convince her.. Idiot! ” he whisper yelled..

Sam giggled and said ” That’s why I call him Idiot.”Neil looked shocked . “Arjun not any more..She can’t tolerate someone ignoring her.. Plss.. She just shuts herself when someone avoids her. She is still a kid in dealing with emotions.. Please don’t take anything to heart.. Go and speak with her” Sam sounded more like a request which expressed her affection on Radhika.

“I will..I just played.. I know her, Sam..” Arjun said smiling at her concern.

“Not bad.. haan.. you plan well for others romance” Neil said as Arjun moved

“What is Rommaaancee…..” asked lil Arjun .They saw him sitting with his legs widened in sofa..

“Was my voice that audible” Neil asked to sam and she laughed at his baffled expressions..

“May I have a Gulab Jamun” Arjun asked moving inside the kitchen.

“We don’t do those” Radhika replied angrily.. She face palmed herself for replying.

“That’s a lie.. Gulab Jamun is my favorite. You shouldn’t keep your favorites away from you” he said extending his hand.

Radhika found him cute doing that and gave it in a bowl.. Now,she was confused when he withdrew his hand.. he gestured her to feed him blocking her way. “Open ur mouth” She ordered stuffing a jamun in his mouth.

Move” she said., “One more” he asked ,, but She ate herself and turned around.. He smiled and hugged her from behind without getting much closer.

“You know I missed you so much.. and…What was that bothering you?” he asked her.. “You” she replied him the next second..
He pressed his lips not to laugh.. “Okay.. How me? ” he asked like a kid.

“You avoided me on that day” she sounded so low..

“I thought Neil would have said.. Okay.. I made a mistake in signing a deal., I was in a hurry to rectify it… had calls in landline and mobile back to back.. I did call Neil to confirm about your whereabouts….I saw you coming inside my office through cctv…. I was so stressed… with that issue Radhika., that’s y I dint meet u at office.. ” …And may I know why you called me being in my office?”

She was listening like a kid “I thought you deliberately avoided my calls.”

“Really?That’s bad” he said chuckling himself. “But you avoided my skype and phone calls” he said as a complaint. She was silent. He knew she is no less to lil Arjun.

“It was my mistake that I missed you in evening though I promised. That was sudden plan to visit Mumbai.. Were you waiting here for me to pick up?” he closed the distance in the hug.

“I was waiting on that road for 2 hrs “She said in small voice all the while her mind thought why Arjun said its his mistake., when it was actually Neil’s. She heard just a day before Neil saying to sam that It was because of his mistake a deal faced a issue,but Arjun took his name instead and went himself to sort out the differences with their investors.

Her thoughts broke when he turned her around and asked..”On that road??” he asked shocked.. “But why? U know I will come home isn’t ? …I should have called you. I thought u will be at home ” he sounded irritated on himself ..,And what made you to wait there? he asked ‘the girl who avoids to meet him on Road was waiting for 2 hrs there.’. he thought.

“I thought to meet you” she said looking jamuns..

“And..” he encouraged her.. He knew she was hesitant with him.. But still? Even after a year…

“Just to meet me?” he asked scanning her face.. she nodded postively.. He heaved a sigh. He took a Gulab jamun and stuffed in her mouth unexpectedly which made her to look him blinking..

“I should have done this earlier.. I went with your words.. That’s y you make me wait” He said confusing her more.

“Whaat ” she asked while chewing the jamuns. Next moment., he held her face in his palms,kissed her deep in cheeks and left the place leaving her shocked..

After few mins.,when Neil asked for cake,She came out.. Both the Arjuns were playing. She placed two knives for cake cutting.
Lil one called Arjun to cut the cake with him.. Since It was his birthday too.. Arjun got emotional when the kid sang for both of them and gave him cake. Neil din’t miss the moment to tease when Radhika wished him.

“So where’s my Birthday Gift?” Arjun asked with her hand in his clasp. Neil moved along with lil arjun helping him to unpack Arjun’s gift.

“I will get you tomorrow” she said

“This is 3rd time am meeting you on my Birthday.. Consecutive.. So get me 3 gifts he said.. She rolled her eyes.. “First gift of my choice.. A Promise.. ”


“Yes.. Promise me that come what may, you will never stop speaking with me.. It was hard. At least you could have scolded ” he said.

“Promise”She replied the next second.

“Ok, Next?” Arjun asked rubbing his palms.. Radhika ran to his room. Arjun looked confused,Neil with lil Arjun went near garden to play with toy helicopter which Arjun gifted. It’s only Ardhika in the hall, when she came .She stood blushing with her thoughts, Arjun was keen to know what she is upto..

“So.. My to be wife…” he stood. He was about to take the ring he got.,

Radhika said “U know.. these 10 days.. I realized.. Hmm.. You got me so addicted ” she said accusing.. “and..” he asked with his finger lifting her chin to face him

“And.. I Love You Deeply.. Madly and Honestly more than you. “she said with her eyes locked in his.

“And I can’t even imagine a day without you in my life.. Will you Marry me?” he went on his knees with the ring., he then noticed she too had a ring.. She nodded and slid the ring in his finger before he could.,extended her hand with a wink and smile. He pulled her to his lap and made her wear the ring.. “I love you so much Radhika” he said, being entranced by the moment, Out of the blue,Radhika gave a peck on his lips “3rd gift” she said, surprising Arjun.

“Aaaaaahhh” lil arjun came running which made Ardhika to stand immediately. Neil came chasing., and when Neil got him, he kissed Neil saying “This is from Superman” embarrassing Arjun..

After a sec “chiiii.. Arjun.. ” Neil said wiping his cheeks and Radhika broke into laughter holding her stomach looking both ArNeil’s embarrrassing and shocked faces.

“Did you get your Gift?” Neil mocked Arjun

Arjun with a proud smile, Side hugged Radhika, flaunted his ring before Neil and said “My Best Birthday Gift” . “Thanks my love” he said to Radhika, pecked her cheek before them..

Lil Arjun gasped in surprise and covered his mouth with palm just like Radhika making everyone laugh..


So.. Guyss.. How is this Last shot? Please do share ur views.. Thanks again for everyone who commented.. Hope Ardhika scenes weren’t dragged.. Me being Ardhika fan cudn’t help myself from writing more scenes for them..I did Edit a lot to make it as last shot.. Suggestions are welcomed.. And, Silent Readers.. pls do comment yaar..

Take care and Loads of love to u all… Thanks for Reading ?

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