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Manmarziyan – My Birthday Gift (3 shots) Shot-1

Hello..People of Planet Manmarziyan.. This is Jessie here with 3 shots this time. A thought just popped up in my mind I thought to
framed it as 3 shots. I did plan for OS but ended up in writing 3 shots. so,pls share ur views after reading. Pls do ignore my Typos and
grammatical errors.. Happy reading..

My Birthday Gift


Shot 1

“Arjun.. Arjuun… Where r u” Radhika was searching him room to room. Why he has to hide from me today she just thought while checking her balcony and peeped behing the curtains and below the cot., where not.. He has got this habit of staying silent when she is in the mission to find him. He would grin widely when she finds and hug her which has the power to make her silent. He is getting Impossible
now a days she thought and yelled “Neil.. Where is Arjun?” .

Neil who was sitting on d bed with clothes messed up around him, said with a mocking smile “Why do u ask me? After all., he is ur laadoo and don’t u know his hideouts.”

“I searched.. but, leave that.. why are sitting like a idiot.. clean the mess.” she ordered.

“Kill u chashni.. If u order me again.. This mess is coz of ur laadoo.. So u clean this as a punishment of spoiling him”

She Giggled and said “Why me? U should. After all U are his father isn’t?” she ran out the moment she finished saying and rushed downstairs..

“why is this Gulab jamun so small..” she heard a voice from kitchen. Radhika peeped into kitchen and her eyes searched the person of the voice., no where found. Then she saw the closet door beneath the kitchen counter to open and a hand came out pulled Rana kaka’s kurta, then extended asking another jamun. She tip toed, when Ranakaka was about to give Jamun she took it and that brought Arjun to peep from
his hideout.. He smiled sheepishly and she returned the same.

“Actually., I was just checking with the taste” 5 yr old Arjun Malhotra said which made Rana kaka to let a Surprise gasp.

“Oh Really!” Radhika mocked and asked “And why there?”

“Oh That!! I just checked was that closet cleaned.. It’s cleaned” He said like a report and started to walk and ran the next moment.

“Oh not again!” she sighed and ran behind “Ajjuuu..Plsss.. ” she pleaded “Radhu… Plssss” he mimicked..
Neil laughed hard seeing this.. “Neiluuu.. ” he cooed and sat beside him on the sofa looking the decors. The hall is fully decorated with balloons and Stars hanging from ceiling in a array of designs. There was a Thermocol cutout Mickey doll fixed on the wall holding “Happy Birthday ARJUN” around which illuminative flower stickers are pasted. Radhika was exhausted.

“It’s beautiful Chashni” Neil appreciated

“Thanks Neilu” she mimicked Arjun and Arjun laughed..

“Why u exhaust yourself in this, I told its just a small cake cutting.Only we are the ones going to be here” he thought to reason out.

“So..wat “She started angrily ” I did this for my laadoo.U be quiet”

“But u did alone..”Neil continued

“Not alone.. Radhu and my gf did it” Arjun said

Neil with raised eyebrows saw him “and who’s ur gf?”

“U know her. Radhu’s friend ” “What?” Neil asked

“Yes..She proposed me yesterday and I said ok” Arjun said on a serious note .Radhika couldn’t control more laughed out loud..

“Why is he blabbering”he asked

” Actually, we decorated according to his opinions, both of theirs likes were same, so she just said I love him and he caught that” Neil just rolled his eyes listening Radhika. “You know. he asked her to propose on knees” Radhika continued in between laughing.

Neil asked “How come he is like this at this age?’ blinking.

“Like Father.,Like son “Came a mock reply from upstairs. It’s none other Sam, Samaira Malhotra descending downstairs with her phone..

“Arjun.. Call for u” sam called. Arjun was by that time checking the box which Radhika had till now in her hand.

“Hmm.. Who’s that?’ Radhika n Neil made faces at his attitude, while sam said “Arjun” And he replied the same “Who’s that?’ ”

Sam stressed now more “Arrjjunn”

“Haan”He flipped his head., Sam shaked the cordless phone”Arjun” she said “Haa..” he realized what sam said and squealed.. “Superrrmaan” he ran and got the phone in one jump..

“Superman.. When will u come?”Arjun Squealed.. Neil and sam watched him with a smile. Rads was silent.

“Thank u.. muaah.. I love u too” he said energtically …”Really!! Ok..! Yess.. All fine.. “he spoke like a grownup…Radhika got up and walked towards her room. Arjun pulled her hand she bend down, He kept the phone on her ears, Rads listened silently and tried to move, Arjun pulled her back, kissed her cheek saying “This is from superman”

“Am gonna kick your superman” She hissed and went.

“Radhu is still angry. U are gone!” he said with all cute antics making Nesam to admire their son.

Radhika got into her room, locked it, jumped on her bed.Her eyes got little wet.. She missed him. Her eyes fell over the family portrait on the wall.


So., guys thats it….I will end this in 2 more shots. Do share ur opinions and reviews.. Thanks for reading.

Take and love u all loads.

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