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Manmarziyan – Let me live part 17

Hloo all back with the next part sry again its been a long time for this ff and thank you all for your support and pls do comment your views as they mean a lot to me silent readers if u find time pls drop your views too did not see any proof reading so bear with the typos love you all…..

Enjoy the ride……


Arjun came down where piyali took a plate full of eatables to the upstairs .
Arjun ; aunty she had her dinner. Piyali smiled and said ; u donno her arjun she takes 3 times a dinner.
Arjun ; what ?? piyali nodded leaving arjun’s jaw drop to the floor. Piyali went up and found radhika’s room empty and thought for a second went to sam’s room and found the girls sitting in the bed and radhika keeping her head over sam’s shoulder and she was also a bit sad even sam was sad. Piyali knew the reason for her daughters sadness. She smiled and went to them , radhika wiped her tears with her shoulders. Piyali sat between them and immediately the girls hugged her.
Piyali ; girls tomorrow its only the engagement not wedding.
Radhika ; but why mom why is that always girls should leave her house after marriage why cant boys come to the girls house ??
Piyali (took a piece of food and stuffed it in radhika’s mouth and said) ; because at times a young man needs 2 mothers to take care of 1 his mother and the other is his wife he loves them both.
Sam ; but it is really paining to leave the house and go far.
Piyali ; see thats the beauty of a girl she can survive in an unknown place the only strength which she has inside her is her love for her husband and his love for her thats the only thing which makes a family run…….
Radhika ; i dont want to get married and i dont want to leave you mom and even dad he cannot be without us.
Piyali (who was feeding both sam and radhika) ; girls we may not be in the same house but our hearts will be always connected yes ur dad will be shattered but it is u guys who has to give him a moral support ok ??

Both the sister nodded and hugged piyali tight. She had tears but did not show that out. Once she fed them full asked them to go for a walk in the terrace. Rasam nodded and they went the terrace and were holding their hands and sitting in the terrace wall. Slowly neil tip toed and sat side of sam and she too hugged him and radhika was about ot move he held her and made her sit the other side and she too hugged him.
Radhika ; will u leave mumbai neil ??
Neil ; why should i leave this beautiful city radhika and what is this neil u should call me jiju na ??
Radhika ; get lost u are always my neil i cannot call these kinds of jiju jojo stuffs , he smiled and said ; u know me too then why is it troubling my dear radhika ??
Radhika ; why should sam leave me ?? y cant you come here ??
Neil ; hey thats a good idea
Sam ; neil………….
Neil ; no sammy seriously why should i not shift here ?? i cannot be without u guys so i’ll shift here so that we can always be together,
Radhika ; best jiju of the world and peaked his cheeks and jumped.
Neil ; chalo now its time for my barbies to sleep to have dark circles on my engagement day. Both nodded and started to their room. Both slept hugging each other as the sisters loved sleeping hugging each other.


Radhika called jai to her house on the day of the engagement .
Jai ; radhika what happened why did u call me ??
Radhika ; here have it and gave a package to jai.
Jai ; what is this ??
Radhika ; its my sam’s engagement i want i to wear it pls jai. He smiled and pulled her cheeks and said ; whatever u say. She smiles and takes her bag.
Sam ; hello where r u going ??
Radhika ; arjun’s house.
Jai ; i will drop u …..
Radhika ; u may have some work
Jai ; no work for today i will drop u she too nodded and after few minutes of drive they reached the flat. She waved her hand and jai smiled and made sure she went in and he started from there. She reached the top floor and found the door was not locked. Radhika slowly tiptoed and entered the house and saw hall he was not there then to the bed room no he was not therethen to a small room where she was able to hear some noise. She entered and gulped. Arjun was punching the sand bag hard and at one point he noticed her . He made a fake way and was about to punnch her .

Radhika(shouted in fear) ; arjun stop dont…… and closed her eyes.
Arjun (tickled her nose with his punching glow) ; good morning radhika…..
Radhika (pushing his hand screamed) ; u scared me idiot. He smiled and removed his glow.
Arjun ; so wanna have something ??
Radhika ; had food in the morning but i dont want to make u feel bad so give me some food not much ok im dieting , arjun nodded and smiled at her face and they had their break fast.
Radhika ; so why did you call me ??
Arjun ; i want ur assistance come and he pulled her to his room and then she found a mountain full of cloths.
Radhika ; what is this ??
Arjun ; i donno what to wear on the engagement function so took everything from my cupboard. She saw the cupboard.
Radhika ; this cupboard had these many cloths ?? Really ?? HE nodded
Radhika ; i bought u the dress na ??
Arjun ; well i used it one day. For the meeting
Radhika arjun ??? (in a mixture of expression).
Arjun ; sry sry sry now dont start dear pls help me
Radhika ; then buy a new one na ?
Arjun ; i have a boutique full of dress again to shop sry i cannot spend even a penny on cloths here after. She slapped her head and she pounced inside the sea full of cloths and finally she took a dark violet colour shirt and a grey pant which was perfectly suiting for him.
Radhika ; hmm perfect one.
Arjun ; do u think so ?? She gave a look.

Arjun ; fine fine the best one in the world. She smiled and said ; arjun come home from there we are starting to the engagement place. So come and she pulled him they both started to khanna’s residency and the house was in the total chaos as it was noon. Sam was busy pacing here and there with face pack and piyali was running and so was samrat and neeraj was the one who was really nervous. Arjun gave a weird look to his father who was atleast looking at the mirrior once in 5 seconds.
Arjun understood and sang ; mere sapnoki rani kab ayegi tu………. and looked at his father.
NEeraj ; wow wow very funny arjun seriously funny.
Arjun ; ooooh ek ladki ko dheka to aisa laga (radhika was the bgm) tana tana tan ta tana tana tan and they both ran outside neeraj laughed at the kids leg pulling and was seriously rehearsing to speak to nandhini.

All the works were done and both the khannas and the mehras were getting ready neil was seriously sweating and he might have completed 2 canes of water still sweating badly in the ac room. Neil was not able to hold more held teji’s collar and said ; why am i feeling so nervous i knew her before and we love each other but today everything is soo upside down why ??

Teji (removing Neil’s hands from his collar and shouted) ; how do i know ?? I don’t have any prior experience in this and shouted neil back.
Just then jai enters the groom’s room and pats Neil’s shoulder. Both neil and teji looks at jai and gets stunned to see the shervani he was wearing. It was so perfectly fitted to him which was showing his perfect abs and his charms will make any girl to go on her feet to fall for him.
Jai ; neil relax it will be a beautiful time just think that only u and sam are there no one else look deep into her eyes and put the ring and enjoy the time with her ok ??
Teji ; wish i was a girl.
Neil ; excuse me ??
Teji ; if i was a girl i would have proposed jai but my fate i am a male.
Jai ; well thats sounds good teji i propose u and that made neil something unusual but both stepped close to each other and they both jumped to neil to make him normal and all laughed hard.

Nandhini came there and found all the three over the bed…
Nandhini ; neil do i look nice. Neil turned his head and found his mother dressed the way she used to dress when he was small. He did not get up but just whistled and jai stood up and went on his knees and said ; to the beautiful mom a small gift and rotated his hand and gave a cute dark red rose, nandhini smiled and took that. Jai touched her feet and she blessed.
Nandhini ; neil get up we need to start. He nodded and they started from the house.

Engagement venue………..

Samrat, piyali and neeraj came first to the venue to see the preparations as radhika was making ready of sam.
Sam was dressed dark blue (kind of peacock blue) lehenga with a pure white diamond simple necklace with a cute ear ring and cute bangles. Radhika made sam a perfect doll and her hair was cutely curled in the end with a simple clip on the hair which made her look like a angle from heaven.
Sam ; radhu get ready, and pushed her. Radhika wore the dark red(dark rose red) colour lehenga with the same type of jewels (as for samrat sam and radhika were same). She made a cute bun and she came out of the house. Arjun was wearing the same dress which radhika selected with a grey (light striped black) colour over coat and he was perfect in every aspect of looks.

Arjun who saw radhika in that attire did not blink and so was radhika who saw him in the dress she selected was proud of her dress selection. He made his eye brows up and gestured her she looks stunning and so was radhika. They started to the venue. The guest started to pour inside the venue.
Neil’s car entered the venue and neeraj’s eyes were glued in the entrance. Neil came and neeraj felt so proud of his son. He was stunningly handsome and then jai came in and teji came inside and piyali was holding teji’s ears and teasing him. He was waiting for nandhini but she did not come yet. He felt disappointed. He turned his gaze where he was sitting and he found her sitting opposite to him in the table with her own cute smile. His eyes forgot to blink his heart skipped to beat. His eyes were filled with tears both happy and sorrow.

Nandhini ; whom are u waiting for neeraj ???
Neeraj ; well i will go and get some drink. Just then arjun comes and gives a drink to neeraj and makes him sit.
Arjun ; sit mom take care of ur husband he loves u but scared to say that to u and is taking my life so i have given my responsibility to u take care of him and went to the other side. Neeraj was totally embarrassed but neil came and said ; well may i join the troop ??
Neeraj was so happy as this was the same sentence he used to make when the sons and the mother were having a secret talk.
Neeraj ; sure son come sit. Arjun slapped his head as neil was between neeraj and nandhini but it was after so many years neeraj was laughing his heart out. Arjun felt peace and saw radhika who was busy eating icecreams.
A guy among the guest said to his friend looking at radhika ; what a girl wish i could make her mine. Arjun heard that but controlled his anger. Then the next guy said ” atleast once” and then both laughed for a cheap joke.
Arjun (with murderous rage) ; dare not speak a word against her or any women get that you cheap brats and left their collar.
Jai ; this is love……….
Arjun ; excuse me ??
Jai ; dont u think u love radhika ??
Arjun ; im her best friend and she is my ….
Jai ; most precious relationship, Arjun she is a kid had faced a lot i knew her from childhood and i can say only one thing dear she loves u well she is same as u is not noticing it but to be frank u guys make a perfect pair think and he left arjun in the deep thought and went away. His thought was disturbed by the announcement of the engagement of nesam.

Neil and sam were called and both exchanged their rings and radhika who was standing near arjun held his hand tight but smiled at nesam. Arjun gave a sweet smile to radhika who was busy clapping for her sister.

Thats it guys how was it ?? was it nice ?? pls do comment your views love you all stay blessed and stay strong and dont forget to smile…..

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