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MANMARZIYAN: His Dark Secret – Prologue

Hello everyone… as per my promise m back with my new ff… this again will be few shots.. but how many that idk… i will post the first shot in few days… and it will be a weekly ff… enjoy reading..
Manmarziyan: His Dark Secret ~ Prologue
Growing up on the main streets of Chicago, life wasn’t easy for Radhika Mishra. She worked hard for everything she attained in life, but always wanted more. Especially when it came to…..the fact called Love. Yet everything changes when she runs into a person who provides her with the finer things in life. Radhika is getting everything she could ever dream of, but everything is not what it seems when she finds out that ‘Dark Secret’

Radhika’s P.O.V:
“The flashing lights, the rainfall, the people talking and the tears. I never thought my life would take such a turn. As I stood outside on the cold night with the blanket I saw the black body bag being carried away in a stretcher. I couldn’t believe that just happened… i couldn’t believe that it was happening with me….one wrong choice became one fatal mistake…. that which drastically changed my life….”
What about secrets? We all know that everyone has at least one, or knows of at least one. Can a secret be kept a secret forever? It is possible, but it is also extremely rare that would actually happen. The outcome of a secret can be either good or bad. An example of a good secret would be something like an old family secret, a surprise. However, good secrets are not quite as popular as the not so good secrets. Why is that? Why does everyone always seem to find out the things we don’t want them to know? What is it that makes people feel the need to make other peoples secrets go public?
So this was basically the prologue… hope u like it.. I again tried out something new… but this is purely a new ff being posted for the first time… don’t forget to comment and share ur viws…


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