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Manmarziyan : Arjun’s guardian angel (OS)

Hi everyone it’s me Brin writing a OS for Gianna it’s her birthday, I am dedicating this story for her enjoy…

Arjun was in a dilemma, today he was getting married to Sam for his sister’s revenge, his mind was saying do it for your sister who gave you shelter and education but his heart was saying you will lose Radhika forever, if you marry her best friend, what was he to do. He goes to the idol of god Krishna and say please help me, I need to know which path should I take.


Nandini comes and say its time for you to keep your promise and marry Sam to give her pain, so that I can be happy.

When Arjun went out and saw Sam he was having a panic attack, he was unconscious.

Angel: ” Hey sleepy head wake up”

Arjun wakes up and says ” where am I and who are you.”

“My name is Gianna I’m your guardian angel, I’m here to show you your future.”

Arjun: ” Does that mean I’m dead.”

Gianna: ” No I just froze time so that you can see your future.”

Arjun: “why are they not moving.”

Gianna: I froze them to, don’t worry when we are done they’ll be back to normal. Now lets go see your future.

Gianna takes Arjun to Samrat Khanna place, we see Nandini living at that place, she looked different she was wearing fancy Red dress with expensive jewellery, in one hand she is looking at the mirror admiring her beauty. We see a wedding picture of Samrat and Nandini.

Arjun was happy to see this future his sisters happiness meant everything to him.

Arjun: “Are you telling me marrying Sam is the right thing.”

Gianna: “You love your sister but does she love you.

Arjun: “what question is that, obviously she loves me.

We see future Arjun entering

Future Arjun: “Nandu we got contract lets go celebrate.”

Nandu:” Sorry little brother but I have a kitty party to attend, maybe some other time.”

Arjun: Nandu since you married Samrat you don’t have time for me.

Nandu: why don’t you spend time with your wife.”

Arjun: you know why I married Sam for your happiness.

Nandu: “for my happiness, you have to keep Sam happy or else I’ll lose Samrat and his money, be a good boy and do what I say.

Arjun: “Did you ever care about me Nandu.

Nandu: ” I love you but I want Samrat and his money more so what if I use you. With your help I got Samrat.

Arjun: ” if our situation was reversed would you have given me Radhika.

Nandu: ” sorry brother if you wanted Radhika you shouldn’t have listened to me, you would have leaded a happy life but since you care about me, keep Sam happy.

Nandu leaves and Arjun says, I am so miserable and unhappy, why did I marry Sam, when my heart want Radhika, oh how I can’t bear to see her with her husband Neil, if only I could go back I would not marry Sam for Nandu but for myself.

Present Arjun: “is this how my life will be, my sister not loving me.

Gianna: ” it is up to you, what do you want.
I will show you what you have done to Sam.”

We see Sam in the shower taking a blade slitting her wrist.

Arjun: “oh my god why is she doing that.”

Gianna: ” She know you don’t love her and you didn’t give her a chance for her to know that her true love is Neil. You wanted to see her unhappy, you should be happy now why the tears?”

Arjun: “I never wanted to see Sam unhappy, it was because Nandu was brainwashing me against Sam.

Gianna: I will show you Radhika’s life now and maybe you will realize what you will lose.

We see Radhika and Neil happily married with two beautiful kids.

Arjun: “How could she be happy with Neil when I am miserable, I cannot see her with any man even Neil, and how could Neil be happy with my Radhika.

Gianna: ” he wasn’t happy when you married Sam, he was doing drugs, but Radhika was always there for him, she is the reason he has survived or else he would have died of a broken heart. And Radhika she doesn’t know you have feeling for her. If you had told your feeling to her, you would have leaded a happy life with her and Neil with Sam.

Arjun had tears in his eyes, thank you Gianna for showing me the future, I know what I have to do..

Gianna took Arjun to his present, she disappear and everything started moving.

Arjun woke up

Nandu: good Arjun is awake we can start the marriage.

Arjun: “I can’t marry you Sam, I don’t love you.”

Sam: ” what are you trying to say Arjun.

Arjun: I was using you for Nandu’s revenge, she loves your father but your father chose his family and that rejection hurted Nandu.

Arjun goes towards Neil and says.

Arjun: I know you love Sam and I know you can keep her happy. Sam I want you to close your eyes, and see who makes you happy.

Sam closes her eyes and she sees Neil.

Arjun: “Who do you see?

Sam: ” Neil, I see my future with Neil.

Arjun: “you both should get married and I should get married with the one I love, just hope she except me.

Nandu: how could you Arjun, that Radhika I will kill her.

Arjun slaps Nandu..

Arjun: you selfish woman always thinking about yourself, thank god someone showed me the light or I would been stuck in the darkness. And if you ever harm Radhika or my friends you will see the worse of me, not get out of here.

Nandu leaves the place and Radhika comes towards Arjun.

Radhika: ” I heard every thing, Arjun do you love me.

Arjun: “Yes, Radhika, you are my life, without you I’m nothing, will you Radhika marry me now.

Radhika: “Yes Arjun I will marry you now.”

So Ardhika and Nesam got married and lived happily ever after.

Two year

Nesam had a son they named it Jai and Ardhika had a daughter and they named it Gianna, Arjun will always be great full that his Guardian Angel showed him the right path.

The End….

So Gianna I hope you like it and again happy birthday

Guys I would like to here from you too, please comment. I might of done some spelling mistake please forgive me for that, I just wrote in a rush. Bye for now ta ta.

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