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Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 46- Saral’s chaos in Bird Song)

Hi!! Back with the next update!! I’m sleepy as hell again as Diya is back home after visiting her grandmother’s… I’m back to zombie mode…. Sleepless nights… I should have auditioned for Indian idol in the past… I’m serious… I would atleast be a good singer and would have some control…. My throat wouldn’t be going this dry… ok enough of the blabbering…

Off to the story… off to the story…

Chapter dedicated to my sweeto Jessie!! Love you my ponne!! You and your comments.. I love them!! Hope you enjoy this update… Keep supporting me like always till the end.. Love you ??

Please.. as usual… bear with my typos and grammatical errors…

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Niti looked up at Neil, who was equally confused. She then heard someone screaming out to her name. Her eyes widened and looked at Neil.

Uh oh.


This was bad. She gulped down and ran out with Neil following behind her. She went out and saw Arjun and Zubin holding Saral, not letting him go further. She took a deep breath and went forward.

“What are you doing?” screamed Niti as she walked to Saral.

“See. My baby’s here” smirked Saral.

“What? Baby?!” Zubin’s eyes widened.

“Yes. My baby” Saral said all proud.

“What is it Saral?” asked Niti.

“Dafuq are you doing here?” screamed Neil.

“Saral?!” gasped Radhika and Sam together.

“Yes me. Hello ladies” he smirked.

“You’ve got the nerve to come here. After all you’ve done” hissed Arjun as he gripped Saral’s collar.

“Hey Zubin” Saral turned to him “Where is that girlfriend of yours? What was her name? Ummmm…. Yeah Kritika. Nowhere to be seen. Broke up with her? It’s k. There are a lot more girls” he smirked.

“You douche bag. I will kill you” hissed Zubin as he came forward to punch with his fists balled, but was held back by Neil.

“Arjun let go” Niti came in between and pulled Saral away from Arjun.

“Awww my baby” cooed Saral as he looped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer.

“How can you touch her like that?” Ankush came forward.

“Sam call Karthik” Arjun snapped.

“Yeah” Sam said as she took her phone.

“No. No one will do anything” snapped Niti.

“What?” asked Neil.

“No one is getting him arrested” clipped Niti.

“Why?” asked Arjun.

“Because we’re getting married” Saral smiled wide.

“What?!” Neil shrieked.

“Yes. We’re getting married” Niti sighed.

“Are you out of your mind? Do you even know what you’re saying?” Arjun shook her up.

“Hey. Get your hands off. You’ve snatched enough women from me” he spat.

“How many women have I snatched from you?” scoffed Arjun “it was only Radhika. And I did it because I loved her and you never deserved her” it was Arjun’s turn to spit venom with equal intensity.

“Stop it” screamed Niti.

“No one you will be calling the police. I love Saral. And I’m going to marry him” she said softly.

“You love him? How can you love a jerk like him? Why not Ankush? He loves you so much” Neil scolded.

“He confessed yesterday and she rejected him” Saral taunted.

“What?” Radhika gasped “that’s why you were drunk yesterday” Radhika whispered.

Ankush closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was trying hard to control his tears, but no. It was the opposite. A lone tear escaped from the corner of his shut eyes and he quickly wiped it, walking away. Niti’s eyes welled up at his hurt state. It hurt her too. Her hand came forward to stop him, but couldn’t. She balled her fists tight, pulling it back, gritting her teeth. She wanted to wipe all those tears and pull him in a tight embrace. She in his arms. She wiped her tears and composed herself before anyone could notice.

“Are you insane Niti?” asked Sam.

“No I’m not Sam. I love him” Niti said a calm.

“Are you out of your mind? No one can love ever love him. And you? No way!!” mocked Arjun.

“Call the cops. Someone. Right now” Neil hissed as he raked his fingers through his hair.

“No one will do anything. If you do, I’ll kill myself. This will be the last of me. Your choice” snapped Niti.

“Are you crazy?” screamed Radhika.

“Yes. Crazy for him” Niti replied.

“Why? Why chutki why?” Arjun’s voice shook.

“I love him. I’ve accepted him with all his flaws. When a person like you can get a second chance and love in life, why can’t he?” Niti crossed her arms to her chest.

“Arjun is different from Saral. He never committed any grave sin like Saral” Radhika defended her husband.

“Oh really? No sin?” Niti’s eyebrow cocked up.

“He has committed some mistakes. Not sins. I know he has hurted your sister and Bonnie’s miserable condition is because of him. But can’t you see he’s guilty? He’s repenting” screamed Radhika as she gripped her hair tight.

“But his guilt and repentance won’t get me back my sister and best friend” she snapped making everyone cringe at the tone she used.

Arjun walked away. He couldn’t handle it no longer. Her accusations. There was no way she was going to forgive him. Radhika gave an unbelievable look to Niti and gave a disgusted look to Saral, before following her husband’s steps. Sam and Neil sighed. Niti didn’t want Sam there. She wanted her leave that very instant. The worry and tension and the havoc Saral had created was too much. She was too weak. She was pregnant and it cause harm her baby too.

“Niti please” Neil sighed hard as his face fell completely.

“Why the hell are you so concerned about me? And who are you to me?” Niti threw questions that pierced his heart.

Neil was about to answer, but Sam pulled him back. Neil looked at Sam in suspicion and Sam’s eyebrows raised as she tried to convey him something. Neil seemed to understand and kept quiet, walking away with Sam.


That was bad.

She hurt her brother. She fought back the tears with great difficulty that were threatening to fall out any second. Her head snapped to Saral, who was holding her by her waist. She pulled away from him and stared at him with pure hatred.

“Get the hell out of here before I do something” whisper hissed Niti.

“Chill jaan. We’re getting married. Whatever it is. I don’t care if you hate me or love me” he smirked as he traced his finger down her cheek to jaw line.

“Get out before I myself call the cops” she sneered.

“You know the consequences if you do that” he smirked.

“Please leave” Niti begged.

“Ok. I am. Bye wifey” he smiled wide as he kissed her cheek and walked out.

Niti scowled as she wiped her cheek hard continuously till it turned red and hot. Her sensitive porcelain skin burned. Sathya who saw the last part of the conversation between Saral and Niti, got worried. She went to Niti.

“Don’t do this Niti” she said.

“What not to do ka?” Niti asked.

“You don’t love him. Then why?” she asked.

“Ka can we please stop it? A big full stop. Period” Niti sighed.

“No Niti. Tell me” her voice turned stern.

“Akka can we just let go of it? I’m marrying him. That’s it” Niti sighed.

“I’m going to tell Arjun and Neil if you’re not opening up” she said as she walked backwards.

“No!! You won’t be doing anything like that” Niti snapped.

“Then tell me” she crossed her arms to her chest.

“I’m not happy with this relationship and I don’t want to marry him. I don’t love him. I love someone else. But I’m forced to marry Saral. It’s for the best” Niti sighed as tears welled up.

“Tell me why” she commanded.

“This is enough ka. You’re not telling anyone. You’ve my swear” Niti whispered.

“*sigh*. K. I won’t tell anyone” she promised.

Niti turned around and walked away. Sathya quickly made a call.

“She’s out. Now you’re turn. Quick” she whispered and hung up on the phone.

She smiled at Niti’s disappearing form and got back to work.

Niti drove as fast as she could. Tears clouding her vision. She could only think of Ankush and Neil. The way she had spoken to him. She had questioned him as to who was he to her. He was her first man who gave her everything after her father. Her Knight In Shining Armour. She had to talk to him like that just because of one person.


She stopped the car and banged her fists continuously to the steering wheel. She looked around and saw a park. She got off the car and went in wiping her tears. She saw laughter everywhere. Kids laughing and playing everywhere with smiles plastered on their faces. Niti smiled as a kid of aged between two or three came running to her with her arms stretched out. The angelic face was more than enough for her to make her forget all her sorrows. The white loose frock with flowers that had a lot of fleets and her long hair flowing along with the air, bouncing, going to and fro made her look even more like an angel as she ran to her with her smile growing wider. Niti ran to the kid and picked her up in a swift motion, sweeping her off her feet making the little angel squeal in joy. Niti twirled her up in the air and threw her up in the air catching her. Cuddling her up and tickling her tummy, making the little one laugh.

“Isha” a voice came from behind that made Niti turn around with the kid in her arms.

“Sorry to trouble you. My daughter keeps running” the woman said all embarrassed.

“No no. Not at all. She’s too cute and adorable to be trouble. Kids need to run around and play. It’s good for them” Niti smiled.

She tied to give Isha back, but she refused to let go burying her face in Niti’s neck. This shocked Niti and her mother.

“I want to play” she cooed as she tightened her grip around Niti’s neck.

“Ok” Niti chimed “hope you don’t mind” Niti said as she turned to her mother.

“No problem at all” the woman smiled.

Niti played with Isha for a while and gave her back to her mother and watch her go. Niti turned around with a hard heart and started to walk. Seconds later, she felt a tiny arm circling her wrist and tugging her down. Niti looked below to see Isha smiling and pulling her down. Niti crouched and then kneeled down to her level. Isha hugged her tight and planted sloppy kisses all over her face, making her laugh. Niti kissed her forehead and cheeks and pulled them. Isha squealed as she clapped her hands and ran back to her mother who was waiting. Niti got up and walked to a bridge and looked at her reflection the stream flowing below. She sighed at the happenings of her life. Just then a girl of her age in tank top and shorts with huge earphones eating a big bar of Dairy Milk came and stood next to her. Niti looked at her and gave an unbelievable expression. She smiled at her as she pulled her headphones down and offered her another chocolate. Niti looked away rolling her eyes. The girl smiled and thrusted the chocolate into her hand.

“Look I don’t want your chocolate or you company. Leave” Niti snapped.

“Wow. So much anger. I can help. Who are you frustrated on?” she asked as she gorged on to her chocolate.

“Why do you want to help me?” Niti sighed.

“Because I want to. Come on, tell me. Oh. By the way, I’m Jiya” she smiled.

“Hi. I’m Nithika. There’s no way you can help me” Niti sighed.

“Nice name. I can. Just give it a try” she coaxed.

“Why are you clingy and annoying?” Niti sighed.

“It’s called humanity and I consider you my friend. So, you can trust me” she smiled.

“Ohkay…. So, Jiya, tell me. I”m not happy with my fiance. But I’m forced to stick with him. Don’t ask why. I have to” Niti blurted out.

“That’s the thing. Eat this chocolate. It gives you all the power you need. Go pounce on him and show him you’re not weak. You’re the one who has to dominate. Come on Niti” she said seriously.

Niti smiled as she opened the chocolate and started to eat. Jiya smiled and she too went back to eating her chocolate.

Just the a voice came “baby!!”

Niti scowled and Jiya understood. She turned and saw Saral walk towards them.

“Is he your fiance?” asked Jiya.

“Yeah. Saral” she clipped.

“Looks like an attitude king. But I know he’s a big zero” she rolled her eyes.

“New friend. Hi, I’m Saral. Saral Joshi. You look hot” he gave a cheesy smile and fanned himself.

“Mr. Saral. So nice to meet you” she fake smiled as she looked at him.

“I know I’m too good” he patted his back.

“Self flatterer” Niti muttered under her breath.

Jiya went to him and stomped his foot hard, making him scream in pain and hop on one foot. Niti tried hard to control her laughter by chewing her cheeks. Before he could react, she kicked him right where it hurts and punched his stomach. Saral fell to floor clutching his tummy tight.

“Woman what was that for?” he spat.

“How can you think of flirting with another girl when you’ve got your fiance by your side? This shows your bl**dy filthy character” she spat back.

“Jiya Jiya Jiya. Calm down” Niti cooed.

“Take care Niti” she said as she walked away. She gave Saral a disgusted a look as she went.

Jiya went a little further and made a call “all done. It was super fun” she squealed as she jumped.

“Good girl” the caller on the other side smiled.

“K di. Bye” she said as she hung up on the phone and walked away.

“Yes!!” hissed the person on the other side in victory.

And it was none other than Sathya.

Done done done… it was so frustrating to type it again.. Got deleted… here it is.. tadaaa…. Hope you all liked it.. Jess let me know.. Please.. Will be back soon.. Tata babaye… love you all loads.. Tc.. keep smiling.. Bear hugs to all of you

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