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Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 42- Attack on Nandini)

Hello hello hello!! How are you all?! I’m too too happy!! New entry to the family!! I’m an aunt for the third time!! A niece!! Choti Diya here!! I have competition now!! In grabbing attention.. I’m Diya too… It’s k.. sleepless nights I’m having.. She sleeps when I sing Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball… Lol… Anything for my baby!! We Diyas will rock it… Be prepared for us… Diya square coming…

So, today’s update is dedicated to the new baby… Diya and to the proud new parents… Dev and Niharika.. My Dev is a Pappa now!! It hurts when a handsome well built guy like turns Pappa and having a brother like him..


So, my Baby .. Make sure you read this update by your Diya.. Dedicated to you… Obviously when you grow up.. Dev and Niharika.. Read it and let me know… Well I’ll be with you only at that time..

About the story… Ankush will confess soon… Saral will be marking his entry soon..

As usual… please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors…

Happy reading ??

Niti just went on doing her work all happy. She didn’t know why, she felt like laughing out loud. For what Neil had tried to do. The way Karthik had narrated everything. Karthik with no problem can catch Saral, but she didn’t want his life in danger. At the same time she kinda like felt guilty for pushing Ahana away. The kid would come to her with a determined face to make her smile and to grab some attention, but it never happened. Now she had to make up to the kid. She did miss her a lot. But she remembered something deadly whenever she saw Ahana.

Two years ago, she had failed in one of her cases. She failed to save the mother and child. Was one of most complicated cases she had ever handled. The woman was admitted to the hospital late. She was already tired and exhausted. Her breathing was too low. It was falling. Natural birth was a no no. It can kill her with all the energy she’d have to put in during giving birth to the child. Niti had decided to go on with a Caesarean. Now it was more important to save the mother. She could get pregnant again too. Niti took up the bold step. Risks are needed to be taken. But, the her misfortune the anaesthesia wasn’t enough for the woman. It was the dose that had to be given. It was a tough job handling her and her BP shot up. They had hardly gotten to the baby, her veins started to rupture and she was dying. Niti cursed deeply as she hadn’t reached the baby.

The nurses shot her injections to relax, but it wasn’t helping. They patted her cheeks and started to talk funny jokes to keep her awake. Anaesthesia wasn’t going to help anymore. So, she had to bear the pain of giving birth to her child. It was tough to get to the child too. One wrong move, can take a toll on both lives. The chord around the child’s neck was tightening as every second ticked. The mother kept closing her eyes and would faintly open them. Niti would kept screaming to the mother to keep herself awake for her kid.

After a long struggle, the woman collapsed and they all lost hope. Even the senior doctors who had assisted Niti in the surgery. Niti was determined to atleast pull out the kid. But, she was late there too. The chord was so tight that it had chocked the baby to death. Niti tried her level best bringing the baby back. She knew it she had failed in saving them, but wasn’t ready give up at all. She broke down bitterly when reality struck her. She had lost both the mother and child.

People around the medical field spoke only of we failure. Her one single failure. None are of her successful ones made count. They hardly mattered. It hurt. But, to be successful you fail at times. You learn from your mistakes. But still, she cursed herself to be bad luck.

Ever since this nightmare had crossed her mind, she wanted Ahana away. She didn’t want anything to happen to her. Still kept cursing herself unsuccessful and unworthy.

Ankush barged into Niti’s cabin without knocking, which brought back to reality and that earned him a scowl from her.

“What?” she asked annoyed.

“You better make up with pataka” he said in a clear commanding tone.

“What now?” she scowled.

“She’s not her normal self. Please Niti” pleaded Ankush.

“Oh God. Ok fine. Once I go home, I’ll make it up to her” she replied.

“Anything else?” she asked.

“No. Nothing. Bye” he said as he left.

It was evening. Nandini was bored. Really bored. She decided to go on a stroll as Arjun and Radhika had informed her of coming late.

Niti had decided to walk for the day, so she hadn’t bought her car. As she was walking back, she didn’t know that she ws so lost in thoughts that she had taken th wrong direction. Niti kept walking, she heard screams. Niti looked around and ran towards the place from where the screams were heard. She saw Nandini who was being attacked by a an anonymous man. When Niti heard the word “Saral”, hwe blood boiled. Nandini was injured.

“Saral Joshi” screamed Niti from behind.

Saral turned around and smirked “philosopher” he beamed.

“Niti go” said Nandini.

“Di how come you here? And Saral what are you doing here? What work do you have with her? Why are you attacking her?” she asked confused.

“You really want to know why?” hissed Saral in pure anger as he stared at Nandini with pure hatred.

“Yeah” clipped Niti.

“Dare not to call the cops. Else it’ll be the end of her” warned Saral.

“Okay” assured Niti.

“She was the sole reason I lost Radhu” he hissed as he pointed to her.

“You never deserved her” snapped Nandini.

This got Saral angry. He slapped her so hard that she fell to the floor. Niti who was furious, went to him and pulled him away and blew a punck straight across his stubble face.

“You never deserved her. And di is sick you idiot. Is this the way to behave with a woman?” hissed Niti as she gripped his colar tight.

“I don’t care. I will not spare any of the people who pulled my Radhu away from me” he snapped.

“She was never yours” snapped Niti.

Saral pushed Niti so hard that she fell to the ground and he gripped Niti’s hair tight as he knelt down to her.

“You’ve grown even more beautiful. Just move. You have nothing to do here” he whispered as he rubbed his nose to her cheek and let her go.

“I’m not leaving. She’s my sister” clipped Niti.

Nandini had happy tears. This meant she had forgiven Arjun. She called her sister.

“She is Arjun Mehra’s sister” snapped Saral.

“I know. She’s like my sister too” replied Niti.

“Wait. You know the Mehras and Malhotras too?” asked a now confused Saral.

“Yes” clipped Niti.

“Then watch your precious sister die in front of you” smirked Saral as he walked backwards and pulled out a gun.

Nandini had her eyes closed. But was happy in a way that she felt light. Felt like a her sins had been washed off. Hearing the word sister from Niti was an assura that she had forgiven her and Arjun. Niti picked up a long strong log of wood and hit him hard on the head before he could pull the trigger. Saral dropped the gun and fell down gripping his head.

Niti ran to Nandini and pulled her into a hug.
“You ok di?” asked a concerned Niti.

“I’m fine” smiled Nandini.

Niti was picking up her things along with Nandini’s. Saral got up and took the same log to hit Niti. Nandini who saw, took a stone and threw it at him. Saral fell again.

(Lolz… this is insane)

Just as Niti and Nandini were leaving, Niti winced in unbearable pain.

“You ok?” asked Nandini.

“I’m fine” said Niti as she composed herself and was breathing hard.

Niti helped Nandini as she as hurt. She took he back home and cleaned her wounds and dressed them up.

“I’ll get you some soup di. Rest till then” smiled Niti as she moved away.

But Nandini noticed something. Niti would never show her back to her. She’d walk backwards. She then noticed blood and panicked. She immediately called up Arjun asking him to come home. Arjun who heard the panicked voice of Nandini left with Radhika immediately with Neil and Sam following behind.

Niti remembered how Saral had thrown a knife at her and she had pulled it out and thrown it while supporting a hurt and exhausted Nandini. She cleaned up the wound to an extent and dabbed loads of cotton over it and pulled down and shirt and tied her blazer to her waist to stop the bleeding to an extent and to cover up the wound. Niti made the soup. By then, Arjun, Radhika, Neil and Sam reached Arjun’s house. Arjun ran to Nandini’s room and saw hwe in the bed with bandages.

“Who?” hissed Arjun in pure anger.

“Shh.. it’s k. Im fine. It’s Nithika who’s hurt badly” replied Nandini as she cupped Arjun’s cheek.

“What? How do you know?” asked Neil.

“She’s the one who saved me. And look down” said Nandini as she pointed to the drops of blood on the white marble floor.

Neil panicked seeing the amount of blood. Arjun looked wide eyed. Sam controlled her feeling to throw up. Radhika stood there blinking. She knew who it was.

“Saral” whispered Radhika in anger.

Everyone stared at Radhika and they too had their eyes red in anger. Arjun looked at Nandini and she nodded in agreement.

“Soup’s here” chimed Niti.

But her smile fell as she saw them all. She controlled her pain and moved forward. She was feeling giddy. But made herself up and moved forward. She kept her back towards the wall and moved sideways. Neil saw hwe controlling her pain. She was biting her cheeks inside. Everyone understood she was hurt.

“Radhika can you please take the soup. I need to leave urgently” Niti spoke with difficulty.

“I’ll drop you home. Why you standing there? Come in here” smiled Arjun as he held out his hand to her.

“No, I’m fine” snapped Niti.

“Why you sweating?” asked Sam.

“Obviously it’s hot” scowled Niti. She was feeling more giddy.

“The room has an AC. It’s on lowest temperature” smiled Radhika.

“What do you want?” scowled Niti as she gripped her head.

“What’s the blood drops about?” asked Neil.

“Where?” gasped Niti.

“The floor” Nandini pointed out.

Niti mentally facepalmed herself. She cursed herself for not double checking.

“Di was hurt. Maybe that” answered Niti with difficulty.

“Di is not so hurt to bleed so much” scowled Neil.

Niti who heard not a word, gripped her head and staggered. Neil caught her on time and hugged her to him. He felt her blazer wet. He took his hand up to see fresh wer blood on his fingers. Neil panicked at the sight. All had their eyes widened.

“Bhai I love you” murmured Niti as she closed her droopy eyelids.

Neil hugged her tighter and cried. Bhai. She called him Bhai. Neil carried her in his arms to the car with Sam following. Neil frowned and gripped the steering wheel tight at the Mumbai traffic.

“I’ll call the doctor home. Neil U-turn now” cried Sam who was at the backseat with Niti in her lap.

Neil without a word sped up and reached home. Prerna looked shocked at an unconscious bleeding Niti in Neil’s arms. Prerna opened the door to her room. The doctor arrived minutes later and treated her wound.

“Good that it was not too deep. But there was a certain amount of blood loss. She’ll be awake in a while” smiled the doctor as he gave a prescription for medicines and left.

Prerna peeped into her daughter’s room. One side, IVs with mixed medicines and on the other side a bottle of blood ran down her vains. She kissed her forehead and watched her daughter’s pale sleeping form.

Ok.. done for today.. I’m on a night shift watching over my niece with my sister in law having a good night’s sleep.. Tata… love you all loads.. tc… keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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