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Manmarziyan 2 states chap 25

Hloo all sv back yippiee . So this is the next part of the journey. Our masti ride has made its 25th update yippiee thank you all soo much first time something 20 i am writing its really exciting thank you all this is all because of u guys all gave me support and im here with this update. Jara u asked something hope u r satisfied. Im dedicating this update to all my friends who always showered their love to me Pls do comment your views as they mean a lot to me and typed in a bit hurry hope u will spare me for my typos . OK im speaking too much sorry but a bit excited so cant help it Love you all

Enjoy the ride……


Radhika was attending the class donno why but today the class was seriously boring. She was looking at tha tha he was busy sleeping. She poked him but of no use her grand father nothing could be done. She looked at karthik hmm he was busy zooming the pics of jessie. She was fed up as he was doing it on an hourly basis zoom in zoom out. She took her mobile to look at the galary swiped certain pics but still she was bored. Suddenly there was a thunder sound. All who were sleeping and one shouted present sir as if he was taking the attendence. Some who never knew he came looked at him and a boy asked to his friend ” when did he come i was listening to programming class na ?? then how come he hardware sir??
Boy 2 ; stupid that was last class u were sleeping from that time till now. All looked at the place where the sound came. Slowly a hand was seen over the desk. Everyone were keenly watching. One boy struggled to get up as he in too much sleep slipped his chin from his hand which he kept as balance and fell down and that was the sound when his chin got dashed over the table . He held his chin and the other hand squeezed his eyes to come to reality. His name was Aakash. He was a back bencher but donno how but he scores marks( do u know any one who would promise on our head that they did not even touch the book but in exams they will get additional sheet even we would not have even completed half of the main booklet and they will get good marks but we will count our papers to find if we can get any one or two marks in total mistake i guess we have that katappa friend)
Professor ; what happened aakash ??
Aakash ; sir u when did u come ?? That was more than enough for the professor to fuel his anger.
Professor ; all of u stand up and listen to my class. There were 41 pairs of angry eyes over him many cursing him in a lower voice. Radhika who was angry was now frustrated. She shook tha tha who was sleeping peacefully near her in the air.

THa tha ; enna ???? (what ???) in a dragging way with full frustration.
Radhika ; tam – inga naan nikaren nee thungariya ??
Eng – im standing ur sleeping haa ??
Tha tha (banging his head for more than 10 times) ; tam – nee schoolah punishment vanginalum naanum vanganum mutti poda sonna naanum podanum ippa inga nikka sonna nikkanum. Ennama neenga ipdi pandreengaley ma ??
Eng – if u get punishment in school i should also get it if u need to kneel down i should also kneel down and now if u are standing i should also stand. What ma why are doing this to me ma ??
Radhika ; tam – adhudhan vidhu ippo nillu
Eng – thats the fate now stand. Tha tha who was standing slowly dragging himself to sleep but radhika’s call make him stand.
Tha tha ; tam – sethalum thunga mudiyala
Eng – Even after death i am not allowed to sleep. Radhika giggles for the statement. Tha tha was lost in thoughts as what all she did in her 12th standard time. BGM ton ton ton ton ton……… screen colour slightly changes to black(for flash back, guys these are taken from my school time and my cousin’s life more than me he was the sufferer well i was a commerce student and my cousin was biology student mixed up both in this)
Morning 6 o clock tuition.
The students will be coming in the in their cycle maximum and once what happened radhika came in her cycle and at that time the sun did not rise so it was dark only street lights were there . The class was in the corner of the street. She was riding the cycle and found one dog was watching her from distance. The way it kept its mouth was argh…………. it was in high anger donno why it started to bark.

Radhika jerked but tha tha said ; dont worry go. She proceeded and then the dog was accompanied by another dog and then few dogs came together and started to chase her she peddled in the top speed and tha tha was sitting in the back side and at one time it came near her and she lifted her legs from the peddle and both grandfather and granddaughter shouted on the top of the voice which was even more terrible than the alarm sound.
Physics practicals prism more than enough for any student to die in the practicals she hate that one argh never comes and the other one was that ac dc stuff seriously she never knew those stuffs till that time.
The terrible one was biology to be frank zoology. Dissection of earth worm and frog. First one was dissection of earth worm. When we just carefully do the dissection can find a house construction required sand inside that earthworm and frog hmm no words.
After school when radhika comes home again tuition of maths chemistry all the subjects. Tha tha cursed to the core as even after his death he is studying he thought ; i must have failed in my studies in my previous birth thats why studying taking that too into account, record writing imposition, project writing coding reading chemistry chemical formula reading perodic table maths differentiation, integration, algebra, trignomentry log table head spinning 12 months.
Finally after exams when she thought that she can sleep peacefully mala informed radhika that she needs to go for entrance exam classes. Tha tha rolled over the floor and cried as he was the one who was seriously worked in everything. Both cursed the fate and finally ended up in this college.
Tha tha………….. tha tha……………… radhika jerked and and came back to reality.
Radhika ; tha tha class over come for lunch and she pulled him out. Radhika came to the canteen and arjun was busy in the phone and nesam just came with their bag and sat and karthik came with the canteen plate and also jessie sat with them.
Arjun ; guys good news we are the one who are going to host mayura cultural fest. Nesam were happy and so was jessie but both karthik and radhika were not able to understand what is mayura.
Arjun ; chennai express mayura is the famous cultural fest in colleges of mumbai a inter college competition fest . This time Mumbai institute of technology is hosting.
Radhika ; wow then there will be dance competition ??
Neil ; of course yes. We were the one who won the best pair title in the dance.
Radhika ; well asian paints i want us to join in that competition. Sam spitted the water and coughed as what radhika said.
Sam ; radhika do u have what did u just say he does not like dance and for him it will never come.
Radhika ; what ?? till last year i am the best dancer in my school.
Tha tha(mumbled) ; tam – aama aama aadunadhu enamo naanu.

Eng – ya ya i was the one who danced. She gave a glare to him. He turned his face.
Radhika (in a cheesy way) ; baby pls baby pls come na lets rock the stage this year pls pls pls pls………
Arjun smiled and said ; anything u say chennai express. Bell rings and all of them starts for the class and then a circular comes and states that there is mayura cultural fest and who so ever wanted to give the names can give and the audition starts today in the auditorium. The teacher was about to say no tha tha possessed him and said ; students this is the best opportunity who so ever wants to participate can participate who so ever wants to bunk the class can bunk or who so ever having not having boy friend can speak to me im free only. Radhika slapped her head for her tha tha’s flirting behavior and all the students left the class and the teacher was not able to understand what happened.
There was singing audition and dance audition. Solo, pair dance and rapid dance(that is they will suddenly change the song and the dancer should dance for the tunes and that should match with the song, sam was expert in that).
Solo dance audition was done by neil and Ronnie(remember the crow who was scared by rasam by adding chilli chutney in his sandwich as he was one of the best dancers. The song started it was pistah from neram( ipl this year song, pls dont see the lyrics as there is no lyrics even dictionary there wont be any meaning but that was a peppy song for dance do hear that song as it was a bloopers of the movie it will be soo funny) she smiled that was a devilish smile and she danced. A thara local dance folk one. All the one who were standing forget to close their mouth and it was like aap ki tooth paste main namak hai ?? (unga tooth pastela uppu irukka ??).
Of all who was shocked was arjun , he was scared as how is he gonna dance with her. She was selected. Then the rapid dance sam was selected and this time the program was with 2 people. Sam called radhika both danced and it was pinga song from bajirao mastani. Both danced like deepika padukone and priyanka chopra and neil took that video and sent that to nandhini. She felt really proud of her girls. Finally rangoli competition, group song group dance everything was finalised in 2 to 3 days audition and radhika somehow made arjun’s name in the dance.
They were practising and as the committee head called the students committee.
Arjun ; guys this time we are organising the cultural fest and we have to rock this time the way we organised the sports meet last year. I just want u guys to join hands and yes this year too those mosquitoes will torture us
Others ; ooooooooooooooooo nooooooooooo
Arjun ; guys guys relax but lets spray the medicine on them so that they will fly away. Radhika who was standing outside the room was hearing what arjun said and spoke to tha tha
Radhika ; tam – yaaru andha kosu ??
Eng – who is that mosquito ??
Tha tha ; donno just then arjun came out and she gave her hand and he held her hand. There was a burning sound and also smell.
Arjun ; what is that sound and smell ??
Radhika ; tam – vathyitherichal

Eng – stomach burning. Nesam too waited and all started for the house.
Super college Mumbai…………….
There are 5 people who are wearing black glasses (bgm kala chasma song…..) all are walking in the corridor in a single row. The students were running to save their lives(that much terror). There was a pillar and one got hurt.
Boss ; dont u have eyes u stupid.
Person ; sorry boss i broke my coolers yesterday so i took my grandmother’s reading glass and painted black.
Boss ; even the lens part ??
Person (in attention) ; yes boss. Boss was about to bang his head but controlled his anger. He held the person’s hand and took him to their meeting point a secret place.
Boss ; this is an important operation we should not leave the cup this time as we did last time.
Person 2 ; But boss last time we did not participate.
Boss ; u are were smart thats what i was saying this time i have to participate in the competition and win neil.
Person 1 ; boss then u have to participate in the instrument r competition as he will always participate in that. So here boss and gives the guitar.
Boss ; why is violin this big ??
Person 2 ; this is guitar boss.
Boss ; ya ya guitar i will participate in this competition and will win neil in this operation. Now all dispose (he was trying to say disburse).
Person 4 ; Hin – boss aap operation operation bola hai par koi doctor nahi aaya ??
Tam – boss operation opertion sonnengaley oru doctor varala ??
Person 5 ; hin – koi nurse bhi nahi ??
Tam – nurse kuda varala ??
Boss(on top of his voice) ; dispose……………………….

Precap – mosquitoes entry and they try to disturb the culturals . Arjun surprises radhika and Sam sings for neil)

Thats it guys… How was it ?? Funny enough ?? Pls do comment your views . Love you stay blessed stay strong and dont forget to smile.

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