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Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly (chapter 21)


Manan : It’s You ~ my firefly


Manik kissed nandini on her lips..he was sucking & licking her lips..nandini was also responding in the same speed.. First it was a nrml kiss but soon in turned into a passionate one..manik bite her lower lip.. She moaned & manik took the chnc…he entered her mouth & discovered every corner of her mouth..Manik was sucking,biting & chewing her lips..nandini was also cooperating..he held nandini more tightly by her waist..nandini was holding his shoulder tightly with one hand & other hand was travelling on his hair…after a long kiss…both left each other slowly feeling breathless..both joined their heads & shut their eyes & rested for a while lyk that..after sometimes manik opened his eyes..nandini’s eyes were still close..manik removed his head..nandini opened her eyes..she was blushing to the fullest which made her cheeks crimson red..manik found it cute & gave a bite on nandini’s cheek..nandini shivered & her cheeks became one more shade darker red…
Manik cupped her face..

Manik : Nandini… Look at me..
Nandini nodded in no…
Manik : plzz..
Nandini again modded in no…
Manik : for me..plzzz…
Nandini now dared to look up at manik hesitantly..
Manik : I love u nandini.. Till the fireflies glow & stars shine..till eternity..
Manik kissed on her forehead,then her both eyes,then her nose,then her both cheeks,then he pecked on her lip lightly..
Nandini : I love u too manik..I love you infinity…
Nandini hugged him immediately..manik also hugged her tightly..
Manik whispered in nandini’s ear : I think I’m in love with ur red lipstick..
Nandini blushed & beat manik playfully..
Manik : u r so bad manik !!
Manik caught her hand & pulled her close..he kissed on her hand..
Nandini called manik..
Nandini : manik…
Manik : hmm??
Nandini : I think we should start the dinner..I’m sure u didn’t eat anything after lunch…
Manik started stammering..
Manik : woh..nandini..me na..actually..was busy in work..so..
Nandini : why can’t u take care of ur health manik?!how many times I’ll have to tell u to eat properly ha??
Manik without any word carried nandini in his arm..
Nandini : manik..what r u doing??
Manik : sshhh..
Manik was intensely looking at Nandini..Nandini blushed & hide herself in his chest..manik smiled..
Manik carried her to the table & made her sit into the chair…he served the food & sat beside her..he fed nandini with his hand..Nandini also fed him..both finished their dinner by feeding each other…after dinner manik got up from his chair & offer his hand to nandini..

Manik : may I have some dance with u??
Nandini said yes & gave her hand into manik’s hand….
Manik played the music..a light & romantic music played…

Manik kept her hand on her waist with a hand while nandini kept her one hand on his shoulder..they held each other’s hand with another hand..

Both danced romantically looking into each other’s eyes..they lost in that moment forgetting everything…

After finishing the dance Manik took her to the couch..
He lie down on the couch & nandini on his chest…both were hugging each other tightly..manik kissed her temple & nandini smiled…

Manik : nandini…
Nandini : hmm…
Manik : u love me & r8 now u r in my arms…is it true or just my dream??
Nandini smiled & looked at him..
Nandini : what do u think??
Manik : if it’s dream na..I never want to wake up…
Nandini blew her finger on manik’s face slowly..manik closed his eyes..she cupped his face & gave a peck on his lip..manik opened his eyes with amusement… He smirked..
Manik : ookkk..now face the consequences…
Nandini : manik..no…
Manik shift their positions.. Now nandini was beneath manik…

Nandini slowly whispered : manik..
Manik kept his finger on her lips..
Manik : sshh..don’t spoilt the moment…

Manik came dangerously close to nandini’s face..both could feel each other’s breath which were driving them more crazy…
Manik slowly kept his lips on nandini’s lips & start kissing her…he kept his one hand on her waist & other hand under her neck holding her more & more close so that wind can’t even disturb them..nandini kept her one hand on his shoulder & other hand on his hair pulling him more close…both kissed each other passionately & crazily…manik end the kiss when he found nandini breathless by biting her lower lip..

Both were panting heavily..but manik didn’t stop..he kissed her on her neck.. Nandini closed her eyes.. He kissed every corner of her neck,nape..then he started sucking her neck & then nape..nandini was going crazy & pulling him more close & keep moaning manik’s name which made manik lost his control..he sucked her neck crazily & gave a love bite on her collar bone..nandini hissed in pain..manik sucked the place to remove her pain..

Manik hugged nandini tightly in that position & controlled himself..he didn’t do anything more as he knew it’s not the r8 tym nor the right way..they have just confessed their love today & they have a long journey ahead…he made nandini sleep… Nandini was sleeping by hugging him tightly..manik kissed her forehead & admired his lady love…

After some hour nandini woke up..manik was still looking at her..Nandini smiled..manik also smiled at her….

Nandini : manik..I want something..
Manik : haww..it’s not r8 nandini..
Nandini : what not r8??
Manik : we have just confessed our love nandini & u want that ?! No..it’s wrong nandini..
Nandini at 1st couldn’t understand & think for a moment..then she got it..
Nandini : manik…uh……
Manik started laughing on nandini & nandini started beating him…
Manik tried to held her hands..

Manik : accha..accha..sorry…
Nandini stopped beating..
Manik : now say..what do my nandu want??
Nandini : I want manik to sing a beautiful song for me so that this moment always remains fresh in our mind…
Manik smiled at her cuteness..
Manik : okkk…as my queen’s wish..
Manik & nandini got up from the couch…
Manik : but what about guiter??
Nandini smiled…
Manik : why r u smiling??
Nandini went to a corner & brought his guiter…
Manik : u have bring my guiter also !! Not bad nandini murthy..
Nandini tapped on her shoulder proudly & manik laughed at that..

Manik took his guiter & started tuning the music…

Kaise bataaun tujhe ki dil mera kya keh raha
Rahe na faasle ye jo hai apne darmiyaan…

(Manik sang closing his eyes & with a smile on his face)

Kaise bataaun tujhe ki dil mera kya keh raha
Rahe naa faasle ye jo hai apne darmiyaan..
Tere qareeb main ho sakoon
De de tu apni razaa…..

(Manik opened his & looked at nandini..nandini was standing a bit far from him..both were looking at each other..)

Paas bithaaun ye zulf sanwaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main..
Hai dil ki ye khwaahish
Ki sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe…

(Manik got up & went near nandini..he walk around nandini & stand behind nandini..both looked at each other in that position..)

Tujh se mohabbat hui
Hai meri hai bas ye khata..
Tujh se main door rahoon
Yeh mujh ko gawaara kahaan..
Main tere saath mein hi rahoon
Chhodo ye saara jahaan….

(Nandini started singing & turned towards manik…manik kept her hand on manik’s cheek..then she kissed his forehead & then joined their head..then she removed her head while singing & smiled…)

Paas bithaaun ye zulf sanwaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main..
Hai dil ki ye khwaahish
Ki sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe woh ho ho…..
Ho ho…

(Manik sang looking at nandini’s eyes..he walked around & stand behind her..then he went a bit far from Nandini & finished his song looking at her..nandini’s back were facing him..)

After finishing the song manik called nandini…
Nandini turned & amazed to watch the scene..many fireflies were flying & glowing there…she happily ran & looked at the fireflies…they were shining brightly in the open sky.. They were shining so brightly that anyone could say that they were also celebrating manan’s love making their moments more perfect..

Nandini turned to manik..
Nandini : manik..it’s so…

Nandini was again startled watching manik..he was kneeling down in front of her with a ring on his hand..

Nandini : manik..this ring..
Manik : I bought it the day I proposed u..thought if u say yes then I’ll make u wear it..but u said no..from then I always carried it my pocket…

Nandini was lyk awwee on him..she gave her hand & manik put it in her finger…then manik stood up & both hugged each other..

Nandini : I love you manik..
Manik : I love you too nandini..

Then both stayed there for a while & talked & did some romance with each other…then they both left for home as it was going late…

So it was chapter 21..hope u guyz lyk it..do share ur feedbacks.. Suggestions r also welcome.. Till then

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