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Mahek 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Mahek is getting ready. She gets Sonal’s message to do something. PD comes and says how will you go? Mahek says Kanta has said no, PD says kids dont listen to mothers, you are going to serve poor, you go, Mahek says but Kanta chachi, PD says i am mother in law of her mother in law, you comeback in 2hours till then i will handle her, Mahek says okay and leaves.
Sheetal is in kitchen of Guradvarah. She is checking food and ask cooks to keep her respect. Sonal says inlaws will know that Mahek didnt cook it, Sheetal says they should not get idea, tell them that Mahek cooked it.
Vicky’s family comes to Guradvarah, they greet each other, Sonal smiles at vicky, Vicky’s father says mother has gone to backside.
Kanta comes to Mahek’s room and doesnt find

her, she says she must be in kitchen.
Sheetal is tensed that Vicky’s mother will be in kitchen and will know that Mahek is not there. Sheetal comes to kitchen and sees Mahek with Vicky’s mother, mother says this girl brings taste to food, all are praising her, Sheetal says before you came, sonal and Mahek cooked food. Vicky’s mother says i will go now, she leaves. Sheetal says thank God, she asks Mahek to cook. Mahek starts cooking in big pans all smiling.
Mansi says PD kanta is finding Mahek, Kanta asks where is Mahek? PD says she has gone to Guradvarah, its her friend’s wedding, let her have fn and flirt. Kanta says life is romantic film for you, i had to take Mahek to Pammi’s house.
All pray in Guradvarah. Mahek serves food to everyone, they pray to lord then start eating. sonal gives thumbs up to Mahek. Pammi is there too, she says food is really nice, other guest says this girl Mahek has cooked it. Pammi sees Mahek and says this girl? She says to Mahek that you are Sonal’s friend? she thinks something.
Kanta is angry. Mansi says to PD that you will have to save Mahek today. Mahek comes there, Kanta says you are not ashamed? Pammi comes there, and asks how are you Kanta? Kanta says Pammi? come and sit. Kanta asks Mahek to bring tea, Mahek goes. Pammi says we couldnt finish earlier but i met Mahek in Guradvarah so thought to come. Kanta say i was thinking to bring Mahek to your house today. Pammi says to Kanta that we liked Mahek from start, Ajay had some misunderstanding, but he will hold hand of any girl i ask him to but you people have to do my one work, Pammi says i mean if Mahek helps me. Kanta says she is your daughter, she doesnt even listen to me when it comes to help anyway. Pammi says there is Mrs. Dehli competition but Mrs. Chawla always win but if this year Mahek helps me then i will win. Mahek says you mean cheating? Pammi says its not, it just that you will cook and i will show face, Mrs. Chawla’s show Dehli heart will go off too, Kanta says she will help you, you talk to Ajay, Pammi says dont worry about her, she asks Mahek to rest, she leaves. Mahek says Pd this is wrong, Pd says you should have said no, Kanta says you want to help then why cant you do that for your would be daughter in law? i am giving you promise to help her tomorrow and go to your house peacefully, she leaves, Mahek sadly looks at PD.

Scene 2
Mahek says i couldnt get numbers because i cant cheat and here Chachi is making me do fraud. She sees Shaurya online and says he doesnt message so no use in saying hello. Mahek sends recipes on her timeline. Shaurya sees it, he caresses photo frame beside him. He messages Mahek “where did you learn to cook this Parsad? My mother used to cook it”, Mahek writes ” from my mother, last night i messaged you but, he writes ” busy weekend, difficult choices to make”, Mahek writes “seriously these choices”, Shaurya writes “if he can help her to choose?”, Mahek writes “thanks, leave it”, Shaurya says “self respect is it?”, Mahek writes to Shaurya that i have to help someone, like cheating, my work and her name, i dont want to but all will be happy. Shaurya asks and her? She writes maybe yes. He writes “in that case guilty conscience”, she writes yeah, Shaurya says the one who is cheating should feel it, you are just helping, its alright. Mahek smiles and writes thanks, you are sorted, you think clear. She writes “you didnt tell me your name”, Someone calls Shaurya, he goes offline. Mahek says he is offline again. shaurya comes back and says sorry, i had to go. Mahek says either you are rich or show off, like you are really busy being rich or try to show off that you are rich and busy. Shaurya writes take me as show off. She asks his name. He writes Karela king, she says real one, he writes sorry i dont reveal my real identity on facebook, she says are you celebrity or terrorist? you dont have one photo. He says you dont have photo too. Mahek says thats why you sent to request thinking that i am your friend then unfriended me. Shaurya says my friend’s name was Meera Sharma thats why i sent you request. Mahek says my mother’s name is Meera Sharma. He says so your name is not Meera Sharma? she says no i have dedicated this page to my mother. He asks her name. Mahek says sorry i dont share my real identity on Fb and i am not celebrity or terrorist. Nehal comes to Mahek and says i need laptop, Mahek says two minutes. Shaurya says i cant call you Meera then what to call? Mahek says you can call me MS, he says like MS Dhoni? She says like that, Nehal asks whom you are talking to? Mahek gets offline and says no one. Shaurya says she went offline without telling, weird girl.
Its morning, Mahek is cooking food. she is garnishing dishes and likes its aroma. Mahek comes to PD, Pd is busy in her phone and doesnt reply to her, Mahek says i am going to sleep.
Mahek sits on her bed, she smiles and goes to sleep. Someone screams, whole family wakes up. Mahek says its PD’s voice. All get worried.

PRECAP- Mrs. Dehli competition starts. Shaurya is coming there as chief gust. Mahek is there, she feels dizzy and falls unconscious infront of Shaurya. Shaurya forcefully makes her eat chocolate, she says eww.. he stares her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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