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Mahek 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Its morning, Mansi serves tea to Jeevan and Kanta. Mansi comes to Ravi and says Kanta is eyeing us, he says avoid it. Kanta says to Jeevan that see them, Jeevan says why angry on me? Kanta says talk to them, Jeevan says yes. Jeevan calls Ravi and says we should discuss everything, Ravi says what? Kanta says we are talking about Mahek’s wedding and money needed for it, Ravi says i dont have money, Jeevan says you opened shop like me but where were you today? Ravi says i dont need to explain you, Kanta says you have to contribute money for wedding, Ravi says dont tell me what to do, i fulfill my duties for this house, Kanta says think about Mahek, Mansi says we care about Mahek too, Ravi says enough, Jeevan says why didnt you open shop? we have to contribute money, Ravi shouts that i


dont want to give my money. Mahek listens it. Kanta says nobody likes to give money, we have a son, we can only think about him and dont think about Mahek but Mahek is our daughter, Mansi says we know, you dont need to tell, Kanta says if we dont contribute then who will? Mahek comes there and ask them to stop, she is in tears and fold hands, she says dont fight because of my wedding, all leave, Mahek cries and says please.
Mahek is serving food to family. She points something to Mohit and Nehal. Kanta asks why she is not eating? Balwant asks why they fought? Ravi says Jeevan is always at his throat, Balwant asks Jeevan why he always fight with Ravi? Jeevan says stop believing Ravi for everything, 12years back he opened clothes shop infront of mine because of your support, Pd says he didnt open it, this Balwant plotted it, Balwant says i opened it so that buyers go to one of these shops, Jeevan says he doesnt open shop, Ravi says you keep blaming me, Jeevan and Ravi starts bickering again. Mahek takes Nehal and Mohit from there.
Nehal says we are hungry, why did you call us? Mahek says think about something else other than food, Nehal sys you are saying this? Mohit says you are useless yourself. Mohit and Nehal starts fighting, Mohit says you are witch, Nehal says you are jealous that i am cool, all family members come there and tries to stop them, Mohit says Mahek asked her to help but she is acting haughty, Kanta asks Mohit to not tell anything to Nehal, Nehal hugs Jeevan, Mansi says see her ego, Ravi says you fight like this being siblings, you have any respect for each other or not? atleast think something before fighting your sibling, Mahek, Nehal and Mohit starts laughing and says to Jeevan and Ravi that think something, siblings fight like this? Kanta holds Mohit’s ear and asks him to not do drama, Mansi says dont hurt him, its all Nehal’s fault, Kanta says dont hurt it, Mansi says you have spoilt her, Ravi says sorry to Jeevan and hugs him. Kanta says its all Mahek behind it, Mansi and Kanta both pull Mahek’s ears, they all hug Mahek and says Mahek says now lets go for dinner, they all laugh and go to eat.
At dinner table, all are happily eating and smiling. Kanta and Mansi are busy talking. Balwant is happy to see Jeevan and Ravi talking. PD says this is love of Mahek that bind us together. Mahek brings sweet dish there. All savour it, Kanta says you wont eat it, she takes it from Mahek, Mahek pouts.

Scene 2
Its night, Mahek is looking at her some papers. Sonal brings tea for her. Sonal asks what you are reading? Mahek says in class ten miss asked me write lines on dowry, i wrote this, Sonal asks her to read. Mahek reads her poetry which means that i have lived in this house, dont insult me by sending me with dowry. Sonal feels sad for her and asks if she is alright? Mahek says chachas fought because of me for first time, there was so much tension, Kanta chachi says that they have to increase my wedding amount but Ravi chacha is against it, i dont have problem with marriage but i cant marry with this dowry thing and with my family fighting over it, Sonal says why dont talk with Kanta? Mahek says she wont understand, she think Ajay and his family is best for me. She asks Sonal if she knows full meaning of dowry? sonal says no. Mahek says D for donkey, O for of highest order, W for who cant stand on their feet, R for rely on their wise will, Y for yet shameless. It means that they cant stand on their feet and spend wife’s money, sonal says wow lady dabang, Sonal says i am going for sleep, she leaves.
Mahek is searching food on laptop. She writes to Shaurya. Shaurya is busy on phone and doesnt see he message. Mahek waits. Shaurya turns off his laptop. Mahek says he might be busy, maybe sometime later.

Scene 3
Its morning, Kanta asks Jeevan to take tea, he takes it. Jeevan says you know me so well, Kanta says why Pammi is not taking my call? its limit, cant see my miscalls, there is no courtesy, Jeevan says she is not interested, i think we can find another boy for Mahek, Kanta says like we have line of boys for Mahek, Jeevan says you always get angry, Kanta says i will call Pammi from your number. Kanta calls Pammi, Pammi takes call and asks who? Kanta says its me Kanta, calling from husband’s phone, can we come today? Pammi says i am busy today, she ends call. Kanta says she is avoiding me, what she thinks i am? jeevan says clingy, Kanta says i know Surindar likes Mahek, this Pammi is in way, i will take Mahek to their house today.
Sheetal is talking on call. Sonal asks Sonu who mom is calling and giving so much respect? Sonu says i feel like its your inlaws and they must be saying that they dont like girl and want ring back, Sonal shoves him. Sheetal ends call and says to Sonal that baba has come to your inlaws house, he asked to go to Guradvarah today and we should make Mahek cook food, i said yes, Sonal says Kanta will not send her, Sheetal says i will talk.
Kanta says no to Sheetal, Sheetal says its good work to cook for poor, Kanta says not today, if she keep serving then when will she get married? Sonal says just for today, Kanta says i have to take her somewhere, Mahek says its about 2hours only, please let me go, Kanta says dont argue, she ask them to leave, Sheetal and Sonal leaves. PD says she was going to Guradvarah only, dont take Sheetal’s anger on her, Kanta says i really want to take Mahek somewhere, she asks Mahek to get ready and listen carefully that you are not going to Guradvarah.

PRECAP- Pammi says to Kanta that we liked Mahek from start, Ajay had some misunderstanding, but he will hold hand of any girl i ask him to but you people have to do my one work. Mahek writes to Shaurya that i have to help someone, like cheating, my work and her name, i dont want to but all will be happy. Shaurya asks and her? She says maybe yes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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