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Mahabharata ff part 31

The epi starts wid Yudhishtira having lost everything. Yudi says now over lost everything.. So is d game over? I’ve nothing to kip on stake. Duryodhan says no. U should kip ur brothers on stake. My brother Vikarna n ur bro Sahdev. Everyone gets shocked. Yudi says no I wont kip brothers on stake. The game is for things.. Material objects. My brothers r not any mere object, they’re persons. Not to stake away. Enough of ur…..

Duryodhan says Samrat gt afraid again..if ur brothers r ur proud, they’re ur prestige, then… Put them at bet. Evry1 gt shocked.. What stubborn kinda person Duryodhan is¿?? He says if u put ur bro at stake n win, u’ll get back ur empire.. Yudi agrees. Off this news reached Panchali who gt extremely shocked that Yudi has decided to put his beloved bro at stake, jus to make him a servant the hands of Duryodhan ¿? She gt extremely annoyed knowing d strategy of Duryodhan n Yudi, n determines to prtct her husband. She tells Kunti if she wont stop the injustice happening, I’ll hv to go. Kunti tells her against it. U shouldn’t… She turns to see Panchali gone away.. Sahdev lso isn’t content wid dis decision of Yudi. Bt that’s been a bit late.. Yudhishtira is abt to gamble away his bro wen Draupadi comes there. STOP!! Duryodhan Luks on furiously. He orders the soldiers too stop Draupadi. No female allowed in Sabha. Soldiers stop her.. Bt determined she says, who r u to stop a queen? Duryodhan argues. Wen there’s no empire nw whose queen u r? Draupadi angrily tells d soldier that he’ll see Kali in frnt of him if he stopped her. Soldier lets her enter.


She sees Duryodhan laughing,. N tells Yudi nt to loose his brother in greed fr d empire.. Yudi says what if I won? Draupadi says wat if u loose? U’ll loose ur prestige fr wanting to save ur empire. Remember the thing, if u’ll loose ur brother, u’ll loose ur wife. I won’t b ur wife anymore if u lose him. Decision is yours. U better NT do this injustice. Otherwise dharma Putra will be called adharmi forever!¡!¡ N duryodhan, if you’ll use this mind of yours u’ll get the wealth widout having to do adharm.. She goes, Thinking that yudi will gt sum sense. Bt to her dismay, Duryodhan manages to coax Yudi, yelling n telling him that he cn win dis tym.. N sadly he loses his beloved brother, making him a servant in the hands of Duryodhan.

Duryodhan tells Yudi to bet off Nakul… N nakul too ends up becoming a puppet of Duryodhan.. Duryodhan takes his weapons n sends him to servants area.. Duryodhan next stakes Arjun with karna.. Yudi throws the dice n loses again. Draupadi n the mothers r furious. Karna happily takes Arjun’s Gandiv. Next is d turn of Bheem, who upon gettin lost by Yudi, doesn’t agree to give off his weapons.. I’m neither nakul nr Sahdev to fall prey to ur trap Duryodhan.. He picks his mace . I’ll kill u Duryodhan!! How dare u….? Yudhishtira asks bheem to do as Duryodhan says. Bheem gets shocked. Duryodhan kicks him off to the servant’s area. He laughs..

Precap-Dusshashan asks Draupadi to go to the sabha. She refuses. He pulls her hair n drags her…

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